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    Interesting interview but absolutley no new light shed on the subject.
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    I'll say this, i'm starting to like this new patch. I do feel it's easier in the role as Jason but, that might be because counselors aren't so willing to swing on Jason. I still feel combat should have a place at the end for the last person alive. I feel some players like surving the night, that's no different than players who try an kill Jason. Escaping should be encouraged but a variety of ways to win is never a bad thing. A Jason player shouldn't mind a little challenge at the end if a person is trying to survive.
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    This issue is known, but not a 100% repro. So despite it happening both times to you, it is not so easy to trace. But we are aware and will be investigating, as it comes up in priority. In the meantime, these videos should be going to JasonKillsBugs.com as well. Never hurts.
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    Best bet would be a setup where you can buy perks while you wait.
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    I'd try being nice to him. Never seen that before. Maybe he'd stop and hang out. Offer him some good food and cold beer. Trying to kill him is pretty fruitless it seems. Maybe unconditional kindness would neutralize his rage.
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    Right, I've tidied this thread up and it will be reopened. The multi posts have been cleaned up. New users: if some of our older members tell you that you're rule breaking, you should really go and read the rules properly. You don't want one of us to have to come and tell you instead. Also quoting excessively long posts is also against the rules, there is literally a rule for it in the rules section. If you want to quote something big, then you either address the person's points in the actual quote itself with a different font colour to show your responses, or you cut the quote out or shorten it. If your posts contain too many words for us to merge, they will be deleted. Multi posts won't stay simply because they're too big to merge.
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    @Big Daddy J If you weren't so angry and upset, you would see my last post i included all of the people i replied to, i'm a new member on here learning about the do's and don'ts, so again you're failing to see that i am learning not to spam posts. Calm down, relax and don't get so hot headed, it's not good for your health. @mike-hannigan That's why i asked if he was or not, and i've been on other forums where you were able to double post, as long as you didn't harass or abuse other members, maybe that forum is more easy going or this is one is a bit sensitive. That's why i am limiting it as best as i can as you can see by my last 2 posts. @Somethin Cool "Hardly anyone uses him for that anyway" Then why do i always see a lot of Buggzy in games then? Also, Not everyone who uses Vanessa and Tiffany go for the sweater. Buggzy is just as good as getting parts to the objectives as they are, it's only because they're female so the sweater thing is an advantage. The body blocking thing? No, they kept complaining not just because of that, but obviously the new grab and also they weren't good enough to adapt to how the trolls were playing, they just made it more skill based, those Jasons sound like the overwatch players who complained about hereos being too OP because they either died to them or couldn't kill them, same with F13, you can't counter something so you make excuses for your poor skill. Truth hurts and it's easy to blame something else. @Fair Play What do you think i am doing now? 1: Right now it is me vs "the world" because i am responding to people with different opinions. 2: Have a look at how some people have responded to me, not in a positive way, so i think you should be telling them to be more respectful (i dont care, because people get upset over the internet doesn't faze me) not me. 3: Like what exactly? Saying people are lazy? Or couldn't adapt, that's not offending if it's the truth, that would be like me saying "Well you guys were too F**king S**t to learn and play better". 4: Always do, thanks for asking. The reality is that whatever they choose to do will always please some and ruin it for others, you just have to hope that what they do impacts you in a positive way. Just because one person likes changes, doesn't mean others have to do and if they don't want to change the way they play, they don't have to play it, they can go to other games, which is what i have been doing..
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    To Sean Cunningham, PLEASE! SETTLE THIS! We do not want this freezing the Franchise! You will be losing money more than you are gaining! To GunMedia, PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF THE FANBASE ITSELF! Revoke this "No More DLC" claws! Please for the love of God some of us just want the promised content we desperately waited for!
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    Could you guys possibly look into allowing the choice to where Jason wears his mask or not before you start your game in offline bots only?
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    Yeah I'll post the link here when the video is on YT.
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    Maybe Victor Miller can answer that question when he is interviewed on AnthonyD's YT channel. The video should be released in a couple hours or tomorrow. Hopefully in a couple hours.
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    No one remembers how to take it down, 🤷‍♂️ 😆
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    You're going to be EXTREMELY disappointed then. Wes stated never on the stream yesterday and has stated that since the no content thing. You can delude yourself all you want but you really really need to move on from it. Think about it. Financially it just wouldn't make sense. Illfonic will not come back to work on it. They've moved on to more profitable ventures. Their newest dev won't be able to just pick up where they were left off. Also, Sean Cunningham has to give them permission to so. I guarantee he's already moved on and if there is a settlement he won't care about the game. The game is finished except for bug fixes. He would be concentrating on new licenses for movies, TV etc. But, keep on clinging to that false hope if it makes you feel better.
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    Yes and they were very close to doing it in the last patch but the code messed something else up so they wanted a little more time to nail it down completely. should be addressed in the next patch.
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    I like what you're saying. I still feel medic shouldn't be touched at all. I think stalk should be increased that would make the game more intense.
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    You keep saying players were too lazy/or not good enough to adapt to the gameplay when that is untrue..... In the First year of the games release and Jason was constantly Nerfed to Make counselors gameplay easier, do you think the players who complained about OP Jason should have adapted instead of changing his gameplay ????? To bad that didn’t happen huh ? Jason gameplay was changed hence having to adapt. In the second year of the games release more nerfs where introduced the Grab shortened and radius changed not once but twice.... counselors gameplay fixes to address troll behavior also came with buffs that made the game even easier....no more meat shielding made combat more heavily in favor to counselors gameplay.....epic and legendary perks introduced making demasking and getting the kill done even easier.... all things to adapt to for Jason...at what point was all this balanced? .....maybe with the slight speed boost and two extra knives.....Nope not then either. Here is some truth for you.....all these buffs/ changes amounted to Jason looking like a fool no matter the options Jason has to combat it. Standing there holding block unable to release it because players are ganged up behind you waiting to stun you to the ground....is not a fun mechanic...playing bait and switch with counselors is also not a fun mechanic...the games combat is simplistic because it was meant to be a last resort option not a full on fighting game..... the truth is this was a gameplay mechanic that evolved into something that never should have been in the game as something to adapt to in the first place. Your opinion of the Truth is wrong Adaptation has been a mainstay of Friday the 13th the game from the beginning.... more so for Jason gameplay than counselor gameplay.....so sorry you’re wrong and the “truth” you keep preaching about is false and invalid.... mechanics that gradually made Jason easier to be made a fool of is not a gameplay mechanic that needs to be learned how to adapt to.... it just shouldn’t be there in the first place....which it wasn’t at launch and now We are almost back to that with the new buffs to Jason and Rage mode.
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    They mentioned on the stream yesterday that they were considering opening up a spot for every perk that way you wouldn't have to worry about selling anything unless you got one that was higher level once you have them all. Im hoping for this as I never really know what to sell when i roll for new perks. Id like to get all legendary, but id get to a point where id be selling useful epics for crap legendary until i got legendary in the good ones. Did i mention i hate rolling period!? 😂
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    Beer and hookers! 60% of the time, it works everytime...
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    This also applies to Jason, I have a plethora of videos where Jason rage quits when almost dead. This is especially true for level 150 Jasons. In both cases, counselors and Jasons, the animation should finish and the XP be awarded anyway even if you quit. I am not sure how technically difficult this is but in DBD when the killer disconnects you get your victory BP, at least on PC
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    LOL. You keep saying I'm angry. I'm not. My health is great. Just follow the rules. Kay? Great, thanks.
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    I would blow his immortal leg off with a shotgun. Then I would proceed to hack his body into bite size pieces. After that I would burn those pieces and stay away from Crystal Lake. He will be back.
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    A lot of us enjoy a good debate, myself included. You seem to have an issue understanding the rules of posting. Let's simplify this for you. What you are doing is this: Your post, Poster X's post, Poster Y's post, Poster Z's post, Your reply to poster X, Your reply to poster Y, Your reply to poster Z If you want to reply to multiple people at one time you should do it like so: Your post, Poster X's post, Poster Y's post, Poster Z's post, Your replies to posters X/Y/Z (all in one post) I admire your passion in debating. Here are a few words of advice that could help your stay at camp be a bit more smooth. 1. Don't use the "me vs. the world" mindset when you reply to people. Reply one on one, and your words will get through better. 2. All of us here do not agree with each other all the time, but I'd like to think that most of us here have respect for one another and their opinions. We all have a shared passion for this game. We're all in this together. 3. When you make comparisons to this game, don't use examples that would potentially offend a group of people. 4. Think long and hard before you hit the "submit" button for each and every post that you write. We all want what's best for this game: An ideal balance between Jason and the counselors who wandered into his camp for whatever reason.
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    I hope they fix the audio across the board, it’s a shame to not hear it as intended. The level of work that when into it in the first place, is awesome but it does jar to hear it out of sync. Here’s hoping it’s not a complex problem.
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    Nope, sorry. That's not how it works. You make one post in a row. Those are the rules. You put all the replies in one post, you wait until other people post, or you don't reply. Period. @Kodiak can we please get some moderation in here? This guy refuses to follow the easiest rule in the book.
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    if you think i am so good in this pic so you are wrong 😃 . i just took it in google
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    @Thunder Did you seriously just post 7 times in a row? KNOCK. IT. OFF.
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    Nope your good, leaving them limping is a legit strategy.
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    Great way to reduce my stress and and have fun. Just like living in another world guys 😋
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    I don't like squeakers either. That's why I almost never plug in my headset anymore.
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    Omg the blatant exaggeration. Something you don’t like is not GAMEBREAKING. Smh. You can tell who isn’t educated because they overuse hyperbole to make a point and it only backfired because they’re virtually lying. The GAMEBREAKING stun immunity. If that’s how you feel, then bye, get outta here!!! How you feel doesn’t change the fact of the matter that the patch fixed a near 2-year issues with trolls going toe to toe with mediocre/ new Jason players and dragging matches out as well as shameful veterans on Jason hunting parties getting easy kills. Those days are over, it’s not GAMEBREAKING it’s just heartbreaking for you bye.
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    That explained what happened to me in a gameplay some days ago. I was wondering how the hell they did that to me when I was playing Jason. They knocked the mask off with one hit and suddenly he was down like this instantly. I could really care less if players do that to me when I'm playing Jason as long as they are playing fairly but I honestly think this Jason takedown thing needs to go all together. It's all people want to do since it's so easy now and very rarely do you run into players that want to focus on the gameplay of escaping and helping as a team. The Dancing Emotes were already ridiculous enough but now this. They need to change this whole formula because trolls are still running around exploiting glitches in the system and running free with no threat of being banned.
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