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    There is so much in this post to unpack...but it’s like a reverse Christmas present 🎁 once you’ve opened it you wished you could rewrap it and give it back.
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    Or he is just not thinking... or he has a really bad memory... or he is trying to justify his viewpoint and forgetting that most of the people on these forums are actually pretty knowledgeable concerning this game, and a great many other things. There have been quite a few new people since the patch dropped that seem to be trying to justify their love of the old piñata parties and why it should be allowed... Some of them are more eloquent speakers than others... but there is no argument that can justify this. Jason is supposed to be a monster, he is supposed to be feared... and no one is scared of ANYTHING that can be so easily turned into a piñata... No one is meant to survive every match they play... But as we can see with many of these complaints, people are beginning to show concern about their counselor's safety when in the presence of Jason... or they would not be making these specific complaints. It is a good start towards the end goal of people fearing Jason. The game does allow any player to be resourceful when alone. There are many players that do very well with the "lone wolf" gameplay style, even after this patch... When you have several players like this in one match, it can lead to both cars starting to move very early in a match while the boat has already started on its merry way, and then you here the warning that the cops are on their way. I have seen several "lone wolf" players do better than a team of players that actually works well together... but each match is its own bag of entrails. Those lone wolves can be quite the challenge to stop... particularly when there is more than one of them... They do not even work as a team, yet multiple objectives keep getting completed and players keep escaping. We all have to adjust to any change, but some of us have less adjusting to do than others... I almost never take a swing at the big guy, so this "no stunning in rage" thingy does not affect my playstyle in the least... I do have to agree with @Vaderspupil as I have been seeing the same thing... Players are escaping in droves... Players are still surviving the night... Jason is still falling to Tommy's mighty axe... There are still matches in which Jason will get everybody... but there are also matches that excellent Jason players are getting very low kill counts.
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    I see, my bad, I misunderstood. Let me add this to the feedback pool. The team has evaluating to do, so no promises, but I can make the interest heard.
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    I think you guys have tipped me past the line. I'll work on uploads/playlists today. I didn't want to flood the YouTube with things found elsewhere, but if enough folks would prefer to view there, I'm not about to limit people from viewing our content due to platform alone. I'll edit this once the playlists are done. EDIT: TALES from the STREAM Playlist BEYOND Playlist I'll add episode 2 of Beyond tomorrow morning as I don't want to be too aggressive with our subscribers.
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    No one cares about being more 'skillfull' when it comes to grabbing counselors as Jason. If Jason is close enough to grab someone, grab should be simple. I mean.. its a grab not a 3 point shot. Lean forward, swipe and grab. Its a basic function and should act like it. Its on counselors to avoid it.
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    Incorrect. Once Jason has Rage he is immune to all melee-weapon stuns UNLESS the melee attack succeeds in demasking him (in this case he will be stunned for a couple of seconds). That aside, only the sweater and shotgun will be able to stun him once Rage activates. Edit: OCT the only players that have been significantly effected by the patch are the ones who didn't want to escape in the first place (obviously, I'm referring to the ones that just want to turn Jason into a pinyata). Thankfully, this was severely reduced after the patch dropped and the ones doing it realized that they couldn't chain-stun Jason the whole round anymore.
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    Isn't this kind of the point? Are you upset that you can't walk hand-in-hand to the sunrise with your boyfriend? Wow... quick! Nerf Jason, NOW!
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    Exactly. Besides, first half of the game... nothing has changed, except the fact that mostly all objectives are being pushed more aggressively. Second half depends on the group youre playing against. Some Jasons are monsters regardless. The game had been catered to the counselors for so long that a little shift was definitely needed. I mean, many seem to complain on the fact that they are not getting free easy escapes or Jason gangrapes. Really? Jason should be op, though even with these little buffs he is still not.
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    All the time. Especially when playing as Jenny or Jason Part 4. Once as Jason I cleared the field with the final kill coming after stopping the supposedly unstoppable backwards driving car. The Chad player called me a "trash player" then started making fun of Jenny. "Only a shitty player like you would use Jenny. She's only good for her bikini." He said. He chased me for fifteen minutes as Jason the next match. The cops were called. The boat was fixed and two people escaped. The four seat car got fixed and three people escaped. It was just me and two other players left. All the while I was moving from cabin to cabin. Making Jason taste as many weapons as I could. Generally flustrating the shit out of the kid. I danced, I cried, I waved, I gave him a two thumbs up and a Luke Skywalker shoulder brush off. I finally ran to the cops and found Tommy and Adam dancing and pointing near the exit. They covered my escape with the pocket knives and items they had stored up. At the end of the match the squeaker called me a "fa66ot ass ni66er motherfucker" and left. Best half hour ever spent.
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    In QP expect to die more often. If people are not playing as intended (fixing objectives, and either lone wolfing it, or being in communication) that is a player issue, not a game one. You just need to do your best. It might help to direct the new players. "You're a smart character. You might want to fix the car" Or "You're tough. Follow me. Hit Jason if he tries to kill me while I fix the phone." Beyond that, just try to slip out quietly if nobody wants to help. Also, expect to die more often in an uncoordinated lobby. If you're in a lobby with cheaters/teamers, find a new one. If I'm being chased by a Jason, I run for useless teammates. If you're 1. reasonably hard to catch and 2. there are other counselors to chase, most Jason's will go for the softer kill. Rage negating stealth is nothing new. Stealth is an approach that works good early game and loses it's luster as time goes on. Basically your buddy needs to realize that if he is running the stealth game, he needs to escape fast or realize it's gonna be hard to survive. Maybe trying other approaches will work better for him. I don't think a single trap should kill you. That's ridiculous. As far as medic, I have thought that it should be used for one can in the past. However with Jason's big new buff, I think it's reasonable where it's at. What's boring about it specifically? If you're finding the match too easy, have you considered playing "hard mode" Jason's? What about self imposed limits? "Once I hit rage, I'll quit using Shift." Also, while I've generally killed the lobby (or most of it) by the time rage kicks in, I don't find it to make my game easier. Most people run. I need to chase and deal with window loops and the like. The problem may be those brain dead counselors you speak of, not the mechanics. If Chad is still trying to fight you, it's on him, not the game. As far as your being ok with being bullied, nice. Good on you. I can tell you as a Jason who can deal with beatstick mobs, I've never found it fun. Being chain stunned got old fast. The patch is mostly for mid tier Jason's who need a bit of help, and for Jason's of any tier who find themselves dealing with trolls. Not everybody enjoys being bullied. As a matter of fact, a great many people didn't, and let Gun know. Since the premise is Jason being a monster, and not a helpless mentally handicapped man at the mercy of counselors lugging bats and wrenches, the patch did help push that concept through to even the densest trolls. Calling people hypocrites isn't going to help your cause. I disagree with the opinions of the closing point. If you and your six "pals" do fuckall to fix objectives, it's Jason's game. If you want to survive the night, you need to realize there is an equation to it. That is your skill level vs the skill level of the Jason and the x factor of the time left in game and the resources you hold. You can widow loop indefinitely if Jason isn't smart enough to break the windows. If he does, you only have so many times you can use them to juke before you need to expend health spray or go into a limp. Your best bet to survive the night is to play with counselors who run Jason long enough that the time he is chasing you isn't so long that your skill and resources come up short. Your better than best bet is to not expect to survive unless you're escaping. Out of curiosity, what counselor do you play?
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    If you’re on PS4, I’ll let you try and kill me... 😏
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    Couldn’t stop himself, he never can, lol. Don’t take it personally, even the group of us who like and support the patch have very different feelings about it or how it was dropped. There’s also a very long conversation we’ve had over months about balance and buffs, pro’s and con’s.
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    If you don’t like it in camp, leave... problem solved. Or stop acting like a troll and maybe do what @HaHaTrumpWon did and become a valuable member of the community. PS. To @HaHaTrumpWon, sorry for using you as an example, but I figured you’re the perfect one, as I think when you got here you were very much looking to troll us but then became involved in camp and one of my favourite posters, apologies if you’re offend brother. (Let me know if you want it edited out)
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    Dude, they already stated that they have their list of changes they intend to make but wanted to see how this one acted in the wild. It does matter want the players think but let me ask you, which players? Should they prioritize players who have been giving feedback in a positive way for a long period of time or the players who just showed up with gamer tags that read as mild attempts at trolling? Those 35 pages weren’t looked over, I’m sure that each idea that caught a team members eye, were at the very least discussed and even odds, that more than one will make an appearance in the next few months. At some point soon, you’re going to have to figure out wether you came here to troll, or wether you want to be a camper like the rest of us. If you’re a camper, pull up a seat by the fire and relax, things take time.
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    No, I’m not against the Rage change. I’m making a suggestion to increase Jason’s Mask Hit-points, and give Jason some stun-protection after a stun-animation. What I mean by “stun-protection” is to give him immunity-frames to give Jason some breathing room and enough time to shift, block, or morph away to avoid damage, cause as of right now Jason’s only line of defense after getting Mask knocked off is either: 1. Turing into an fish 2. Accepting his defeat, or 3. Just leave the game. And none of those options are fun, IMHO. Here’s a good example of being stun-locked: Keep in mind that Jason takes a big chunk of damage from those hits from after a stun.
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    I was told I was being reported for cheating and exploiting because I shift grabbed someone and killed them.
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    Yeah perhaps, it may take some new strategizing once that happens. Sometimes you gotta a adjust to changes.
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    That's the fault of the lobby, not the game. If others aren't helping with objectives, then you just have to accept the the fact that you're pretty much screwed and hope you can find a better lobby after the match.
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    Yes, you're both right. The servers are actually up, but these issues are not always widespread. Thanks all for the info. I'm going to follow up with support and see what's what. I know the team is investigating these connectivity things since the latest patch and hotfix, but don't know where exactly we're at with it.
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    He did not rage quit... I told him about it in the lobby after the match... and he commented "that sucks" and left the lobby... He did not seem upset, nor enraged at all. But I would still count that as the first complaint I have heard in game. I actually played a frightening amount of hours on this game over the weekend... Just finished my last match tonight a little while ago. The person I spoke of above is still the only person that I have seen in game that had anything bad to say about it... But this is still just my experience... I am sure with all of the complaints I have read here on these forums... there must be a few people crying in the game somewhere. Surprisingly, a couple more friends are playing again that have not played in months. This game seems to be like riding a bike... once you learn, you never forget. They were all doing pretty well in game... one was reluctant to try Jason right away, but had a pretty good match when he did... Another does not even want to play Jason and seems to be satisfied playing counselor only for now... and another was giving me a hell of a time with those damned sense avoidance perks that so many people think are useless... but she is also very competent with the stealth system in game. What makes you think counselors need a counter balance? It is still ridiculously easy to kill Jason... Counselors are escaping in droves... And you think they need what exactly? "Almost invincible" Jason... That is the funniest thing I have read today. Thank you for the laugh. If anything, Jason needed more of a buff to make it harder to demask him so we could actually call it a challenge to kill him. @Risinggrave 's reply to your post said more than enough... and he could have kept going on. Well said Mr. Grave... well said.
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    @HaHaTrumpWon, @Vanessaismymain, Both of you are correct to an extent....and Vanessaismymain, I am glad you are still playing and finding the fun to be had in the game still! Jason has only been given two buffs in nearly 2 years one was a year ago that gave him a slight speed boast and two extra knives in his shack......Every other patch/ update since launch has been a buff to counselors players or a nerf to Jason gameplay.....minus a couple of nerfs to a few perks..... Because of players who thought Jason was too OP....there were a lot of players “complaining”....some enjoyed the op others didn’t so in came the nerfs ...To the grab, to the way Jason swung at windows, climbing in and out of windows, when and how Jason could hit or grab a counselor climbing in and out of said window, more items, items marked on the map, the removal of meat shielding, hit box shortened, grab cones shortening not once but 3 times and changes to how Jason could use traps. so with that I would definitely say Jason gameplay has been a consistent adaptation to get kills .... As his gameplay has changed the most since launch......while counselors gameplay was given more ways to succeed...... Those buff / updates...items and perks given to the counselors are the reason for players outcries for buffs to Jason..... so yes both sides have in there own ways “complained.” the reason the Pendulum was swung as far into Jasons side was because it was necessary to stop Jason from looking very weak and to add a much needed increased threat from his side of gameplay....could it have been done differently? Yes....has it changed the game for most players and especially Experienced players ? No....But it did eliminating the appearance of Jason being on his back for much of the game and made Jason feel more powerful when Rage is active ....which is a success in my book. I can’t wait to see what other changes the developers have in mind.....And as long as it stays in the spirit of how the developers original intended it will be a recipe for success.
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    i heard about this happening now i saw it happen
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    Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
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    It's a war of attrition. Did your perfect shift-grab get thwarted by a pocket knife? Fine, that's one gone. Did you get knocked down? Fine, that's one hit closer to breaking for that weapon. Be patient, and don't fret about killing every single counselor every single time. Get your kills, and pick some fun ones. MAKE THEM PAY!
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    @Friday_Queen In earlier posts you had mentioned that the "point of the game" was to kill Jason. Now you're saying the "point of the game" is to help yourself and other counselors survive and escape. You are correct in the second statement. Your objective as a counselor is to work with other counselors for the common goal of survival. The point you are failing to understand is that this is NOT a given. Everything that you are asking for is based on your choices and play style. You are literally asking to be catered to so that you can have a cakewalk of a game. If you are choosing to spend the game fighting Jason, you have to deal with the consequences when that fails. The game does not need to be changed to accommodate you and your boyfriend. You have literally asked for the game to be made easier so that you and he can always escape if you fail at fighting Jason for the kill. That is the absolute most self centered thing I have ever read. If you aren't willing to adapt or change your priorities in the game, you just have to deal with what happens.
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    My guess? She and her BF want to continually knock each other out of Jason's grip as they skip to the police finish line. But yeah, if Jason is good enough to land a grab, good chance there may be a lost weapon, or another grab waiting. This is something that should be settled with player skill and not Jason being penalized via game mechanics.
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    I agree 100%. That's probably why Jason"s are getting the infinite grab. Why even bother to pick up your weapon? Unless it"s a shotgun, it"s pretty much useless post rage. As soon as you get dropped, sprint to the left or right. If you go side to side instead of straight out in front of Jason, you'll avoid the grab cone.
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    Maybe don't pick up your weapon? Just run. If you're sticking around long enough to grab your bat, that's your decision, but if you're not skilled or lucky enough to do so and escape, maybe rethink your actions.
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    This is the thing I find most funny about the complaints. Most high tier Jason's were monsters anyway. This patch really helps low and mid tier Jason's who were being beatsticked by high tier counselors. High tier counselors can still escape more times than not, barring really bad luck or other counselors holding onto objective parts instead of installing them.
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    If you're asking that, why not ask what the balance gave Jason in every patch, from the launch of game until last patch. Jason got nerfed more and more, while counselors got more and more boons. Jason goes from breaking windows with ease to having to wait for a counselor to move out of the way after a jump. Jason loses the ability to trap stack. Jason has to deal with small maps where all the parts can be found, and often put in before he gains a second morph. So on and forth. Counselors get parts shown on the map once they are picked up. They get a few months of pocketknives for everybody. They get legendary perks. So on and forth. All in all, this is a swing back to Jason being a monster, as he was in the first couple of months of the game.
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    How is it a cheap move? I'll advised certainly. But there's nothing unfair about it. I don't bolt out the front in those cases. I wait to see how many traps they're willing to waste.
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    I get why, but knives are an expendable resource. so even if you killed somebody, it's only gonna be one or two. I also get why they have a delay, and I've made my peace with it. Firecrackers were useful in catching breath on the long trek to the police for me. Seems like every time I tossed them so I could start the car the damned things bounced over the hood and did nothing. As far pinata parties, it really has dropped the amount of Jason trolling I've seen as well.
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    Medic, Thick-skinned and Hypochondriac on Vanessa, cause I'm a sweaty tryhard.
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    Well go have a read now, plenty of more stuff now. Great insight. There are many many solutions too being presented now as more people are seeing the video as for guru exploiting in a public lobby cut the kid some slack, public lobbies are so boring for some, sometimes i wonder what goes on in the players minds in QP and i also just give up playing as it isn't rewarding at all. He was having fun, I'm sure he got killed or let Jason kill him in the end, its on the devs imo they should get rid of said exploits, people will always abuse game mechanics, doesn't make one a bad person now for being bored and "sliding", it's actually not as easy as it looks and requires a level of skill to perfect does sliding, and is a challenge in it self.
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    The best advice I could give Jason players beyond honing their skills in offline bot mode is this... Play lots of counselor matches. Playing Jason well is almost exclusively about predicting counselor behavior. -Is this Vanessa trying to bait me away from an objective? (Probably.) -I see a sound ping near the phone house; are they taking the fuse there? -This Buggzy with a machete seems eager to fight and isn't afraid to die... a telltale sign of a kill squad. (He's trying to get his licks in and die so he can come back as Tommy.) You have to understand what counselors are trying to do before you can become truly effective at stopping them. For less skilled counselors, this is relatively easy. But when you face more experienced players you're going to have to think critically and analyze their behavior...and that behavior is only going to make sense to you if you've played lots of counselor matches and have an idea of how they play. That's my .02 anyway.
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    Right, things appear to be getting personal in here. Knock it off with the bickering; consider this a verbal warning to those involved.
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    Lol look at all these experts. I'm sorry but if any of you play this game every day and claim fighting jason is trolling or claim to have never taken advantage of an exploit you're either a) full of shit b) you simply don't know how or c) you really enjoy some repetitive bullshit of escaping in a car every single match. Anybody that's ever used spray cancel, strafe shift, or destroyed an escaping car with a throwing knife has used an exploit. None of those are intended game mechanics. You can't criticize a tournament player for their play style if you've never played in one. That being said most of the reason they brought this patch out was because of tournament players bringing that style to QP. But I'm not going to sit here and criticize someone for voicing their opinion on how bad this patch is because honestly he has a point. I don't know whose idea this "no stun during rage" thing was but they are probably a shitty Jason. The only thing they accomplished with this update was to take chain stunning away for about half the match and reward mediocre Jason players for getting their asses beat down in the first place. The truth is Jason is weaker than ever, especially in QP where blocking and combat tactics are unheard of. He's never been easier to demask and kill. The sad part is that the players with advanced knowledge of the game know more about it than the devs do. It blows my mind that they don't know non stunning hits do more damage than hits that stun. Of course, had they listened to a lot of the suggestions in this thread, we wouldn't be splitting the player base right now. Jason would be stronger, scarier, but not too overpowered or boring for a good Jason player. But apparently they'd rather hand out participation awards for mediocrity. Soon enough all the good players will shift their strategy to a 20 minute defensive kite or simply go for the kill every match, and we'll be right back to letting people that don't know rat shit from Rice Krispies make decisions on how to "fix" the game...
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    So...counselors can no longer bully Jason once he's in Rage? Good.
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    Difference is, you can still run away from a slash. You'll get hit once and take damage but then can get a little distance. And if it's a group then a few people will take some damage and then get distance from Jason. With a grab, Jason will get hit to drop the counselor and as soon as the counselor hits the ground, they're being grabbed again. It's a process that will play out until whoever is the unlucky counselor to be grabbed is dead. There is zero time as a counselor caught in this loop to do anything. They just get grabbed, get knocked down, get grabbed, get knocked down until whoever is trying to help them has their weapon break and then they get grabbed and they die. There is no way to fix this though other than adding some kind of animation frames to Jason so he cannot instantly grab right after shrugging off a weapon hit. I will say the entire loop looks goofy so they should just make it so when Jason is in rage and has someone grabbed, the person cannot be knocked out of the grab unless by shotgun or sweater.
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    For the loopers, make their stamina drop gradually if: 1- They are in a close radius of Jason. 2- If their fear is at the max. 3- Add no stamina regen if they hit Jason. I guarantee that they will try to escape instead of looping next time.
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    I'm guilty of this.. I usually get on mic during end results screen and call Tommy garbage whenever a Tommy player aimlessly runs around the map not helping counselors or with objectives.
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    Got called trash by a few people the other day for being a slasher. Loved every minute of their salty tears. Stupid people need to learn to play smarter. I know they want to be grabbed because when they rush me it’s obvious that they have have at least one PK, that’s why I do it.
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    That means you've hacked savini Jason into you game. Smooth one ya script kiddie. XD
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