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    @Friday_Queen In earlier posts you had mentioned that the "point of the game" was to kill Jason. Now you're saying the "point of the game" is to help yourself and other counselors survive and escape. You are correct in the second statement. Your objective as a counselor is to work with other counselors for the common goal of survival. The point you are failing to understand is that this is NOT a given. Everything that you are asking for is based on your choices and play style. You are literally asking to be catered to so that you can have a cakewalk of a game. If you are choosing to spend the game fighting Jason, you have to deal with the consequences when that fails. The game does not need to be changed to accommodate you and your boyfriend. You have literally asked for the game to be made easier so that you and he can always escape if you fail at fighting Jason for the kill. That is the absolute most self centered thing I have ever read. If you aren't willing to adapt or change your priorities in the game, you just have to deal with what happens.
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    Exactly. Besides, first half of the game... nothing has changed, except the fact that mostly all objectives are being pushed more aggressively. Second half depends on the group youre playing against. Some Jasons are monsters regardless. The game had been catered to the counselors for so long that a little shift was definitely needed. I mean, many seem to complain on the fact that they are not getting free easy escapes or Jason gangrapes. Really? Jason should be op, though even with these little buffs he is still not.
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    No. My dog reads my posts and barks in Morse code so I know what is said.
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    +1 just cuz of Shelly's placement lol.
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    Honestly, Counselors are getting burnt out by this non stunnable Jason since we can’t even regain stamina by stunning him anymore. RIP the counselor stun meta, it’s basically unbalanced now. Hopefully Black Tower games reverts this change or something, because the game isn’t even fun anymore for counselors.
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    Today I made my own tier list for the counselors. I know Tommy isn’t considered a counselor but added him to the list anyways. My list is based on personal opinion. I would like to see your guys’ tier lists as well if you have the time to make one. S tier Tommy- Best of the best Vanessa- She can deliver parts to objectives quickly, get the sweater, fight Jason, get the mask off, and she is good at distracting Jason. Only negative I see with her is low stealth. A tier Tiffany- I know many will disagree but I main her and I think she’s being slept on. She can get the sweater quickly and quietly, put up a fight against Jason, deliver parts to objectives fast, I’ve knocked off jasons mask as her, and she can survive the night with her high stamina stat. Fox- Decent runner, can repair, can take the mask off quickly, can get the sweater, she is probably the most well rounded character who can do about everything Deborah- If your goal is repair she is your absolute best bet. She will out do other repair characters in other aspects making her a better choice. For example, she can put up a better fight against Jason compared to AJ. And she can run better than Lachappa. B tier Adam- He can fight and repair while being okay at running. A.J.- She can repair going unnoticed with her high stealth and composure. She is very good to use if your goal is to avoid Jason and repair. She can’t fight for shit though. C tier Buggzy- He is good at running and can get Jasons mask off quick. Mainly good to use when trying to kill Jason. Chad- He is pretty much best for the first part of the game where Jason is not in rage mode. He can distract and stun Jason while others get objectives done. His quick speed also allows him to easily juke a shift grab. But when Jason hits rage he is kind of useless. Victoria- She is a okay character to use. She Is good at running. Can put up a fight against Jason, and is decent at repair. D tier Jenny- She could take Jason to stun city but that’s about it. She isn’t good at running, can’t repair, and isn’t that stealthy. She used to be good but now she won’t last long against a raged Jason. Mitch- He can repair, that’s about it to him Kenny- Just a average joe who doesn’t excel in anything. Average across the board. F tier Lachappa- Not the best choice in a repair character due to how bad he is at running and his stealth isn’t as good as A.J. and Deborah. Shelly- He just sucks
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    If Jason in a rage and the mask is not removed from him, he can be stunned with any well-stun weapon.
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    I just get stuck loading in twitch for some stupid reason, really wish they’d post them to YouTube for us olds.
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    You're just expected to know what the glitches are and avoid triggering them.
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    That's mostly what they are doing. Hiding for no real reason. When I play a repair counselor my only goal is to fix things. If I get found I always know my escape route. If Jason desides to tunnel me down after he has found me he can enjoy those 5 minutes I'm going to waste.
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    With every patch that comes with this game, things change. Learn to adapt. If things can't be done the way you are used to, it's time to change tactics. To quote you from a previous post you made: "Suck it up soldier!" 😎
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    hey, what's wrong with pie eaters! that's what people where i'm from are known as! haha🤣
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    Matt said they are considering maybe uploading past episodes to youtube but for now, here's a twitch link where you can find past broadcasts: https://www.twitch.tv/gunmedia/videos
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    It is if you're not very good at it. I'm not very good at repairing, so it helps to have someone like AJ or LaChappa or Deborah.
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    It's a war of attrition. Did your perfect shift-grab get thwarted by a pocket knife? Fine, that's one gone. Did you get knocked down? Fine, that's one hit closer to breaking for that weapon. Be patient, and don't fret about killing every single counselor every single time. Get your kills, and pick some fun ones. MAKE THEM PAY!
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    I definitely don't want things to go back like they were when even the best Jason players were a complete joke, but the keyword is balance. Meaning for both sides. 99% of the Jason's I've killed didn't even trap their shack or show up when Ms. Voorhees alerted him I was getting the sweater, and no, buffs shouldn't be rolled out every patch until counselors are served to lazy Jasons on a silver platter, because then it gets to a place where there's not even a point in trying as a counselor, and before long you guys won't even have counselors left playing the game to kill. And this poll doesn't even have 40 votes, so I hope TOO much stock doesn't get put into the opinion of a loud minority. If anything, run a Twitter poll. But suggestions like stamina not regaining when Jason is on you? So first you guys don't want counselors fighting back which you have now when Jason's in rage, and now you don't want them to run from him either? Ooookay...
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    Actually you do. In fact, if all seven counselors survive/escape. There is XP given out for "Team Escape" ... Also, the XP being different is the same as stats in sports really. It's based on how much you've contributed to the team. If the New York Yankees win the World Series, the guy who hit 25 home runs is going to be front page. The guy who sat in the dugout the entire time and didn't play is still part of the winning team, but he is not going to get any accolades because he didn't do anything. Same logic here, if I repair the phone and the car while Johnny Sleeping Bag stood in a corner all game, no way should he receive the same reward that I do.
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    My guess? She and her BF want to continually knock each other out of Jason's grip as they skip to the police finish line. But yeah, if Jason is good enough to land a grab, good chance there may be a lost weapon, or another grab waiting. This is something that should be settled with player skill and not Jason being penalized via game mechanics.
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    I agree 100%. That's probably why Jason"s are getting the infinite grab. Why even bother to pick up your weapon? Unless it"s a shotgun, it"s pretty much useless post rage. As soon as you get dropped, sprint to the left or right. If you go side to side instead of straight out in front of Jason, you'll avoid the grab cone.
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    This patch was a counterbalance to what had been in place too long. The game already favored counselors heavily. This gave Jason a much needed buff. Unfortunately all the buff comes into play late in the game for Jason. My opinion is counselors could use a little something after Rage, and Jason needs more at the beginning. Especially in terms of combat
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    Yes I understood that sorry, it used to happen to me as well. I was just showing that the servers are up, so you may need to reinstall the game
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    Isn't this kind of the point? Are you upset that you can't walk hand-in-hand to the sunrise with your boyfriend? Wow... quick! Nerf Jason, NOW!
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    That I cannot answer. From my experiences with them, if it searches for longer than 2 minutes to find servers, I’m generally put in a p2p lobby. That is if I allow it to search for that long. If it hasn’t connected me to a server within 20 seconds, I cancel and search again. If it doesn’t work after 5 tries, I close the app and relaunch to start the process again.
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    Try doing objectives and escaping early, or find a partner to buddy up with. Sorry you’re having a hard time, I’m trying to be encouraging so don’t take it as get good or anything. Pinehurst is a good place to kill time, I’m rather fond of the Packanack main building too, lots of places to lose him for a bit.
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    If you're asking that, why not ask what the balance gave Jason in every patch, from the launch of game until last patch. Jason got nerfed more and more, while counselors got more and more boons. Jason goes from breaking windows with ease to having to wait for a counselor to move out of the way after a jump. Jason loses the ability to trap stack. Jason has to deal with small maps where all the parts can be found, and often put in before he gains a second morph. So on and forth. Counselors get parts shown on the map once they are picked up. They get a few months of pocketknives for everybody. They get legendary perks. So on and forth. All in all, this is a swing back to Jason being a monster, as he was in the first couple of months of the game.
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    Very common glitch. That’s exactly why I never ready up unless I’m in a full lobby. People joining during the loading screen causes this.
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    Lol, the “I take this game super serious,” crowd. This is the group the cries the most any time they lose. Whether there Jason doesn’t get 8 kills, or the counselor don’t kill Jason, someone is always salty. The most drama between players comes from this crowd because everyone likes to pretend they are the best, and being the best gives them some level of superiority. In reality these are the most toxic groups in the community in my opinion.
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    I think maybe a one second delay after drop would be good. You have time to run then. I know you can in theory run now but you better be on it. I've seen it happen right after the update. My friend was Jason. He just keep spam grabbing a Deborah while I kept hitting him.
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    I think a grab delay after being freed makes sense because. Only after being freed
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    After giving it some thought, I think a better piece of advice would be "Don't forget, it's just a game".
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    The best advice I could give Jason players beyond honing their skills in offline bot mode is this... Play lots of counselor matches. Playing Jason well is almost exclusively about predicting counselor behavior. -Is this Vanessa trying to bait me away from an objective? (Probably.) -I see a sound ping near the phone house; are they taking the fuse there? -This Buggzy with a machete seems eager to fight and isn't afraid to die... a telltale sign of a kill squad. (He's trying to get his licks in and die so he can come back as Tommy.) You have to understand what counselors are trying to do before you can become truly effective at stopping them. For less skilled counselors, this is relatively easy. But when you face more experienced players you're going to have to think critically and analyze their behavior...and that behavior is only going to make sense to you if you've played lots of counselor matches and have an idea of how they play. That's my .02 anyway.
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    traps are your best friend I set all my traps phone,car/s boat, before I even start pursuing counselors gives everyone a chance to get going and allows my special abilities to develop. I normally dont go after anyone till my shift pops up. If they happen across me Ill snatch them but I wont pursue them much.
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    And perhaps some not seeing it as a team game has always been part of the problem. It still amazes me how many people work alone, then complain when they die.
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    1v7.... sounds like a team game to me. It’s not 1v1x7 or 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1.
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    Or I want to have my cake and eat it too. The options are there for you to chose how to approach the game. You go for the kill and fail you should die. Plain and simple.
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    Stay as far from him as possible... other than that... most people can swing their arm to grab something for hours before their arm becomes so tired they need a rest before another attempt... and Jason is not like the rest of us. There is no reason for anything that would slow his grabbing down. The length of the grab animation and the fact it cannot be cancelled is more than enough time between grabs... and the simple fact of how easy it is too miss a grab... which is why many players do not like the current grab. Do not even try to fight Jason alone in rage. If he grabs you... the person that is hitting him gets a maximum damage hit towards demasking as opposed to the lesser damage it causes when the hit induces a stun. Manage your stamina better so you have more stamina when you need it. Manage your fear level so your stamina regeneration stays a maximum levels. Both of these are impossible to do if you remain in Jason's face trying to get a hit for a stamina boost. And staying in Jason's face will lead to your doom... as it should be. Open widows in the cabins you are in... you can use this to backtrack to an area that has windows you do not have to crash through. Jason does not have the time to smash every window... unless you stay in a cabin and give him a reason to do it. Hitting Jason was never required to run him around the map with ANY counselor... I do it often with the slowest of them and never take a swing at him... unless it is to help someone out of his grip. It is also not required for ANY method of escape... or I would never be escaping. Fighting Jason will often get you slashed... which he cannot do at all if you keep your distance. This is WAY too much of a buff to counselors who need NO more buffs. Anything you say before the word "but" is meaningless... as is evident by what you said after "but". Counselors need no boost... Hitting Jason, let alone stunning him is not a requirement for any method of escape. With more than one counselor, it is still easy to get his mask off in rage, even if he did not take a single hit before rage. I am seeing far lower kill counts for Jason players and easy picking for the Jason hunters… and escaping more often than before this patch... Yet some people are still saying it is impossible to kill him or escape... which is complete B.S. There was no need for a buff to counselors before this patch and there is still no need to buff them in any way now... and a buff counselors still would not be needed if they actually made it harder to kill Jason. It is supposed to be hard to kill him... and buffing them after making it harder to kill him would make the initial buff useless and bring it back to square one... the exact opposite of progress. You obviously were not around when we had seven pocket knives in EVERY match. It was not pretty then, and more pocket knives would not be pretty now either. We have been there done that... All it will lead to is entire lobbies being slashed and you will not be using your pocket knives anyway... No one will, unless it is on a trap... which makes even Part 2 trapping everything a complete waste of time. Four pocket knives are fine... not everyone needs a pocket knife... and when people actually use them on traps and complete objectives, it helps out everyone that can utilize that objective, not just one person that got grabbed. Asking for a buff because you do not want to change up your perks? Really? The piñata Jason issue was a problem. This patch went a long way towards solving that problem... But now it should be made easier for counselors? As I said, they did not need a buff before this patch and they do not need one now. It has been the same for counselors in the past. They already had buff after buff after buff... but those days are over. Just because they made one thing in the game harder to do, counselors should have their hands held again? If anything... Jason could use another dozen buffs to catch up to the amount the counselors already got... THAT would be fair. What was unfair is that a 6 year old could stun a very skilled Jason player into oblivion by his third match into the game... and then start going on about their skill at something incredibly easy to do while telling the Jason player they suck. And they still can... until Jason gets rage. The most difficult part of this game was to have two or even three counselors in Jason's face and NOT be stunned into oblivion... Stunning him is ridiculously easy, being good at ANYTHING that is easy is not a reason to brag or even be proud of one's self. Being good at something that is difficult... That is an actual accomplishment. This isn't about fair. This is seven vs one... and the one is supposed to be over powered. Everyone dies in this game a lot... as it should be... "BUT" now... lower kill counts for Jason... It is easier to kill Jason than it was before for "reasons"... and you want a buff to counselors? You will have to do a lot better for a justification of a buff to counselors than... I don't want to change my perks... or I am having a hard time doing something that this patch was meant to make more difficult. Proper use of the word "but"... To prove what you said before "but" is actually not true... or at least, no longer true.
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    There's your problem. Stop using sucker punch and man at arms. You insist on fighting, but fighting should be a last resort. Marathon, Restful and Nerves of Steel are more beneficial post patch.
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    Even after the recent patch? Are you getting any errors? Also, can I have your region, exact. Not like an address, lol, but country. Please send the report, but I want to be able to explore with the team and I'm curious of the region.
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    You’re telling me that we waited nearly 2 years to get dedicated servers and now you want to just go back to locally hosted lobbies? Ok.
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    I think the balance is going in the right direction... but tweaks are only needed until a proper balance is found. The problem is, everyone has different ideas about balance. You all know how I feel... Counselor play should be difficult... this is a horror survival game... If counselor play is too easy, then it is not a horror survival game... it is more of a no one dies game. For the horror survival feel... some players have to die. There are too many people that have an issue with dying in this type of game. We all should be dying in this game, just not necessarily in every match. Even the best players will die first sometimes and even the least skilled players will still survive in some matches. For the star of the game: 1: Jason should be feared... we are doing pretty good with that one at the moment. 2: Jason should be difficult to kill... one day... one day he just might be hard to kill. Jason's blocking is still too slow to get into it... It was a quick reaction to get into block at one time, and it helped then... but as it is now it is useless. Some say the block is fine if you are the host (the person choosing the map)… which is all fine and dandy if you are in this position. I am Jason and the person choosing the map so rarely, I have not even thought to compare the two to see the difference. The problem is, the Jason player is not this person in every match, not even close... and perhaps, there is the fix right there... Change the person that will be Jason in the next round (through normal selection methods) to the person selecting the map. But I am sure people will cry about this too... Wha! I want my Packanack small... Wha! His mask is still too easy to get off as well... but an indefensible hit after his animations is a guaranteed hit towards demasking at full damage during his very brief stun immunity after each stun animation. Solving these two problems would go a long way towards making the J-kill more difficult. 3: Jason should have a good chance of not walking away with a low kill count... but not necessarily wipe the lobby all the time... This is the hardest thing to balance in my opinion. Too many factors involved. Varying skill levels concerning all aspects of play on both sides... Parts spawning too close or too far away from objectives... and so on. 4: Loopers are a bit of an issue. Any idiot can run circles around a table and draw out a ring around the rosy match for quite some time. More throwing knives for Jason to pick up around the map would be a nice counter to this... knives are hit and miss in the first place and the time it takes to gather them are more than enough to balance out adding more to the map. For Counselors: 1: Indefensible cabins are in issue... by this I mean (in smaller cabins) the only useable window is so close to the door that even a walking Jason can be on top of you before you finish crawling through it or are able to begin moving after the jumping through the window animation. There is always the possibility to juke around Jason and get through the door in many cases... but a window far enough away from the door that you can begin moving before Jason is on top of you (without using shift) would be nice. Its not like Jason cannot break the windows any way. This is something I would really like to see in the game... but I will not keep my hopes up, nor complain if it never happens. 2: Counselors should have a chance to escape or kill Jason: By this I mean what I say... They should have a chance to do either and that chance does not need to be 90%. Nothing should be too easy... and there is a point where things can be too difficult. As the opposing point to #3 above... we begin to see why balance is so difficult. Both sides should have to work for it... but the Jason kill should be a rarity... If we are seeing one a night over the course of 6 matches... that is still pretty common... and common translates to easy in this instance... The only people who disagree with that need some lessons in math. 1 in 75 was a number I believe I heard before, and that would truly make it a rarity... but it would be impossible to achieve... too many factors involved once again. It merely needs to be made more difficult. How many matches does the average player have in one day or night?... I never really keep count on my own, but playing for four to six hours (or more) on many nights that I do play... I generally see a minimum of one, if not several J-kills. One in six on a regular basis does imply that it is not difficult... more than one in six seems to imply that it is pretty frickin' easy. Three in six is a flip of the coin at 50% 3: Counselors already have a lot of pluses to them... dropped parts show on the map... we can see Jason on the map quite a bit... there are plenty of weapons around the camp... Pocket knives seem to be in a good place, not too many, yet you still have a good chance to find one, and will still sometimes find two... A counselor can swing through another counselor to release their team mate from Jason's grip (that needs to go, Jason needs meat shielding back)... Perks, which are in the process of getting a "rework" are already very useful... It is too bad most people cannot move beyond medic and thick skin, but it is what it is... When more than half the lobby is using medic, this becomes a ridiculous number of med sprays in a match... and it is often more than half the lobby using medic. But when no one is using medic, the number of med sprays is fine in my opinion. I am sure there are things I am forgetting to mention for both sides... but it is not counselors that need any buff. They have not needed a buff for a long time... they are in a fairly good place. I am still escaping more since this patch than before it... but I am always working for it. Give me back firecracker and flare stuns during rage and let's make it even easier for me... Just kidding, I try to be gone before rage happens... with as many players as I can take with me... but I can still escape after rage hits just as easily as I do not go out of my way to fight him. I never understood the firecracker or flare stun in the first place. Perhaps Jason is distracted by loud shiny things?... and flares tend to bounce off things they are shot into, not stick into them and burn... But I understand why they do what they do in game... I am sometimes easily distracted by shiny things too. No. Backwards is the wrong direction for any endeavor. But I would not be against it if two tiny little things were done first... Take away the stamina boost for hitting Jason for the entire match OR give a realistic side effect to this "adrenaline rush".. When adrenaline wears off... it leaves you exhausted... with very little stamina and a longer time to recover from stamina loss... Exhaustion is a bitch... and realism makes things better. AND... to balance out all the stunning that would be going on again... Jason should have the ability to stun counselors... Fair is fair after all... and the only realistic part about any of it would be Jason stunning the counselors... Another instance where realism would make things better. It is a horror survival game, not a "see how often you can stun Jason" game. This would also let us see just how much these counselors that throw piñata parties like having it done to them... Not at all would be my guess. Any complaint given towards this one can be used back at you from the other side. In case you have not noticed... two or more counselors can still defend each other just fine. One person fighting Jason should never go well anyway. The counselors are not trained soldiers, they are teenagers.
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    Now you name the film that showed us all of the counselors getting together and taking turns beating up Jason and tea bagging him, over and over?
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    Unbalanced now?????? First, your objective should be to try and fix the car or call the police, not go try and beat up Jason. 2nd, this game was created and pitched to the backers as a O.P. Jason game. The original concept of this game was to follow the movies and have Jason kill almost everybody, with the off chance that you might survive, once in a blue moon. Shame on Gun Media for allowing this game to get so off track like it did, allowing survivors to bully Jason for as long as they have. So Im not blaming you, the player, for being upset. Hell its been part of the game so long you would think that the original idea was to beat the hell out of Jason. Now that they have made rage mode O.P., the only players that would have appreciated this, were the day 1 players, like me, who unfortunately do not play anymore. So for me, a Jason main, all I can say is about time. Its a shame ill never know what this change was like, because my playing this game days are long gone, but I do miss this game. SAD
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    I don’t think it should go back to how it was before. Jason was too weak. Too often counselors just grouped on him all match and put his ass down the entire time without getting any objectives done. This was annoying to me because I was trying to get objectives done while a lot of others were just grouping up on Jason. Making it not as much of a team effort. No doubt though I did have fun fighting Jason but there is more to the game then that. With this update people are running for their lives which is how the movies were.
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    Not true. Either get away before he hits rage which I still have no issues doing. And if he does get rage and no objectives are done. If tommy is there you better get sweater and get that mask off and go for the kill. I do agree there needs to be changes made but it is still a fun game. Just more challenging now
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    I don't condone team killing (unless justified in a public match or purely an accident in private games), but this was probably one of the funniest ends to a match I saw in a long time:
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    this is not correct, EU servers are up and running. It sometimes takes a bit of time to find a game but since the patch plus the hotfix, the situation has improved a lot See this for yourself, this game is after patch plus hotfix, please go to 1.06 to see EU official server
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    Honestly man they should just go back to the way it was before, but I guess the devs just had to pander to the demographic of terrible Jason players who always cried about getting stunned and never got good. I occasionally got stunned as Jason, but I never went to the extreme lengths of crying about it and asking for a buff.
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