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    Medic, Thick-skinned and Hypochondriac on Vanessa, cause I'm a sweaty tryhard.
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    After giving it some thought, I think a better piece of advice would be "Don't forget, it's just a game".
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    I mean once was certainly enough for me.
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    That's a terrible idea. Why would you even suggest he watch that? Have you no soul behind those dead eyes of yours? You're a monster!
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    It's all in the description box, if anyone is interested, i suppose.
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    i've done both boat and car escapes within the 2:30 mark on a few occasions. also found the fuse in my first draw several times, with the phone being next house along. epic my dads a cop and we've had the whole lobby escape within 4:30 minutes
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    No, you’re not crazy, pretty sure I’ve been stunned twice post rage with no mask loss or post mask loss in the second case. It paid off that second time though as they came back to see if I was alright and I killed them, 😈.
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    I was initially very critical of the patch update and my initial experiences of it weren’t the best either but after doing all I can in Raccoon City decided last night to come back to Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas for a stroll, a swim and a hearty chuckle. Last night l came to the realisation, this patch update really makes no difference to me, my friends or our playstyles anymore. I escaped by the cops, the boat, the car and even survived the night, in fact we did the boat and survive the night the most. We also had games where we were utterly stomped by Jason which eh! Whatever can’t win em all right? I play AJ religiously so with the right luck (and sometimes not leaning us to have to STN) we were outta there in under 10 mins, under 5 mins etc. Did we come across Jason? Yeah we did we either ran like blue hell, firecrackers or if right a weapon the side of Jason’s head. Most games Jason’s mask was off in the first half too which let us see a few JV deaths which really got me thinking. Patch updates really make no difference if the player on the controller isn’t very good, which I think there is a healthy portion who aren’t, hell Im not even good, I’ve just played enough to get lucky. All in all in closer inspection this patch made a Kentucky f*cks worth of a difference to my enjoyment and my friends.
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    Don’t worry about trying to clear the board and just have fun.
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    @OCT 31 1978 was it better than Willow Creek? @OCT 31 1978 I agree on your thoughts on Willow Creek. The scariest part of the whole movie was that rotund woman's bush! All that build up for nothing!
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    Fastest escape I've ever had is 1:28 with the boat on Crystal Lake before the devs "fixed" the game to have a boat starting sound that never existed in the first place.
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    And enjoy the whining that follows because someone had 2 pocket-knives and didn't get a chance to use them.
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    @Shadesofjoe Some interesting ideas... 1: If the fuse box could spawn at any house or cabin on any map... but the fuse still spawned only two houses away... we still have the same issue. Even just forcing the fuse (or parts for that matter) to spawn a bit further away from the objective could help with this too. 2: I have also noticed that (sometimes) parts do seem to spawn further away on Jarvis and Pinehurst, but the fuse still tends to spawn pretty close to the phone house. More diversity to spawn points would be a good thing... at least one of the required parts has to spawn more than two cabins away from it? 3: I am not a fan of thick skin from either side of play... Nerf away, but expect a river of tears if any negative change is made. Also a great idea... but many will cry. Take away my no-fear build and I may even shed a tear for bygone days. Other builds would be utterly useless if blocked in this way as well... such as a sense avoidance build. Interesting… not against this at all. But beyond setting off firecrackers... is there anything else in game that would make sense to use as a distraction in this way? It cannot be done with something new. I know quite a few players that use the existing stealth system extremely well... They know how it works and have the patience to use it properly. They were always next to impossible to find before rage unless I lucked out and morphed within sense range of them. With sense avoidance perks, I also have a hell of a time finding them after rage... but at least it is still possible to find them. The biggest problem I see with stealth is Jason being put into rage early. Rage was always the biggest threat to a stealthy player with its increased sense range... and this has not changed with the new patch either... But a good stealthy player is escaping before rage anyway. Stealth was never meant to make you 100% undetectable, nor should we be able to use it consistently to run out the clock by hiding in a corner... Like any other aspect of the game... if you know how to use it properly then it can be a huge help... but nothing should be a guarantee. Stealth and sense avoidance perks not giving a guaranteed chance to run out the clock is why many players stop using them and ask for it to be buffed... Nothing should be guaranteed... Even a frickin' ninja has to work at going undetected to remain undetected and they can make mistakes too... and the counselors are not trained to be invisible ninjas from birth or at all for that matter... and no amount of perks should give them a guaranteed chance to hide in a corner and good completely unnoticed until the time runs out. Using stealth also takes patience... which VERY few people have much of. You cannot just run around willy nilly and expect that you will avoid detection until the time runs out... Also, Jason will sometimes get lucky... if he sees you... then being stealthy has failed. If he notices you are running sense avoidance perks by seeing you with sense on and you are not glowing... then you just made yourself a priority target.
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    It's the car for me. People tell me I'm a good driver https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/69010589
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    The best advice I could give Jason players beyond honing their skills in offline bot mode is this... Play lots of counselor matches. Playing Jason well is almost exclusively about predicting counselor behavior. -Is this Vanessa trying to bait me away from an objective? (Probably.) -I see a sound ping near the phone house; are they taking the fuse there? -This Buggzy with a machete seems eager to fight and isn't afraid to die... a telltale sign of a kill squad. (He's trying to get his licks in and die so he can come back as Tommy.) You have to understand what counselors are trying to do before you can become truly effective at stopping them. For less skilled counselors, this is relatively easy. But when you face more experienced players you're going to have to think critically and analyze their behavior...and that behavior is only going to make sense to you if you've played lots of counselor matches and have an idea of how they play. That's my .02 anyway.
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    I usually main a fixer like Deb. I love fixing the phone and calling the cops under Jason's nose even if I fail to get out myself.
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    Nope. Sorry, no training wheels available.
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    Black Tower is NOT going to revert the change, get this through your head. Un-stunnable (melee weapon only) Rage mode is not going to go away, it is here and it's staying here. You will adapt or you will quit, easy choice. If you cannot survive Jason without stunning him then you probably didn't do much surviving to begin with.
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    So basically one of the main reasons of these complaints are "eventually when he gets to rage it's unlikely we'll regain stamina so we're pretty much screwed." GOOD. There's no reason to drag on a match any longer while wasting other players time in spectator mode. Especially if you're not playing the way it was intended. There are players that want to get into another round of a game, not watch a counselor do the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. By the way, I've seen others here using examples taken out of the films to support their arguments saying "well Jason always got stabbed, stunned, beat up and eventually killed in the final act." Here's the thing, the characters from the movies defending themselves were more innovative because they used anything at their disposal to try to get Jason off of them and most of the time they had a alternative plan to kill him. Overall, it made the final chase more interesting. What did the players make the characters do on the game mostly do before this patch? Group attack Jason, dance and marathon run until the timer runs out. WOW, very original. Seriously, these guys are so boring and bring nothing for the experience. Whether it's from the perspective of a Jason player, a spectator or a counselor who simply wants to on work objectives and escape with others. Can you imagine if Ginny, Chris, Trish or Tommy chain stun Jason and danced on top of him throughout the final moments of the film? I think the audience from the 80s would've walked out of the theater if that happened. If you're going to have a game that revolves and based on the final chase of a F13 film, we're definitely going to need particular changes that doesn't open a gateway for players to drag out a match while performing looney tune acts. Not sure why this a difficult concept to grasp for some users here.
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    Ah, I've never been happier to see something die. Goodbye Pinata Jason meta, hello "holy shit it's Jason, run because he's actually a threat" meta.
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    Any time I see a sobbing post like this I just laugh because it's another troll outing himself because he's sad that he can't ruin the game for everyone else anymore. Sorry, no more treating Jason like a pinata! "I know you are but what am I?" lol
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    Trolls keep crying about “balance”. I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about a Friday the 13th game, is that it’s SUPPOSED TO BE UNBALANCED! In Jason’s favor! He is supposed to be an unstoppable monster. And now he’s finally becoming one in the game.
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    It isn’t impossible. It’s harder yes. You just gotta be able to manage stamina and juke. Utilizing the house as the final survivor is a good idea... and I have some good suggestions for the devs such as allowing fireworks to still stun in rage, more shotguns, and allowing only tommy to stun Jason in rage. I also seen someone had an idea to allow the final survivor to be able to stun which I loved the idea of. These ideas would create more balance
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    Im so sick of nerdy science leaning writers in horror that think science fiction and special effects are cooler than the original supernatural back story. The Childs Play movie IS RUINED because they took out The original supernatural back story of Charles Manson copy charachter Charles Lee Ray and they removed the occult voodoo supernatural back story . Everything has to be balanced and not offend anyone .Im tired of nut case science,atheist Liberal politics ruining Horror . Im soo tired of seeing pg 13 ratings on every movie. Why must we be balanced and keep religon like voodoo out of horror so that we dont offend anyone that practices voodoo .
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    Honestly man they should just go back to the way it was before, but I guess the devs just had to pander to the demographic of terrible Jason players who always cried about getting stunned and never got good. I occasionally got stunned as Jason, but I never went to the extreme lengths of crying about it and asking for a buff.
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