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    So...counselors can no longer bully Jason once he's in Rage? Good.
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    Exactly! @SouthernMan..... he always had it just watch Jason goes to Hell a copy of the Necronomicon is on a dresser in the Voorhees house....no lie.
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    Guru whining because without exploiting, he lacks true skill to survive without an army protecting him and a pile of resources. I've been surviving the night with Chappa, post patch... we all have to adapt. End of the day, GamePlayingGuru is a known exploiter and deserves 0 credibility. Far more people know me than that guy or know my involvement with the community and imo, this guy has to go.
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    Only in your own mind. You owe me a cookie. This isn't a competitive game.. Never was.. never will be. Sure people can try and play competitive, it doesn't change anything. I never insulted anyone in this topic.. hell. I haven't even gotten started yet.
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    Hmm sorry yeah I kind of do call the shots. As much as you hope it isn’t true. That isn’t being cocky either, it is just rooting for the players that really do put an effort into this game. And unfortunately you are not part of that group. If you can find a competitive group that doesn’t know my name, I will gift you a cookie.
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    Sorry, taking advantage of unintended game mechanics is not "tactics". It is CHEATING! It is no different than being a Packanack roof glitcher and deserves no praise. It's like a steroid user in sports doing it to gain an edge over everyone else. And just like steroid users, players like this deserve to be banned from the game they play!
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    That’s because he has earned that right. Guru is one of the best F13 players I’ve ever seen and I would back anything he says. If you know me, you know I would not say that lightly since I am critical of most players of this game.
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    Nope. Sorry, no training wheels available.
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    I see his point, but something had to be done about the chain stunning. Just be glad it's only in rage mode, which makes sense anyway. The solution for the counselors? Don't beat up Jason early in the game, because the more you do that, the quicker you get him to rage mode.
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    A good player? This guy? There's recent footage of him on youtube using exploits in quick play weeks before the update. I can only speak for me here but anybody using cheats and/or exploits in this game is not only far from a good player, his opinions also get zero credibility whatsoever in regards to the game's current state.
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    That is exactly how I read it... and yes... there is more than one way to play the game... But in failing the kill, if you do not stay in Jason's face and actually try to get away... you may still survive if other players were doing something constructive with their time. @Friday_Queen The Jason kill is easier now than it was before the patch, if you use your head. The reasons for this have been explained over and over again. It was already pretty damned easy before the patch and this was partly meant to make it harder to do... it failed on that point, but at least it cut down the piñata parties... Prepare yourself for the next attempt at balance to make it harder to kill Jason... which is what they are trying to do. Hopping or asking for something to make it easier while it is already incredibly easy to do is making me laugh. As far as grab spamming, that was a thing before this grab was put into the game with the engine upgrade... and people cried about it back then as if ANYONE should be instantly tired and have to rest between grabs because they missed one. I did not have a problem with it then, and I have even less of a problem with it now. The new grab is VERY easy to miss if it is not aimed properly and many people have a problem with this part of it. I do not... I actually like the grab as it is. Just the length of time it takes to perform the grab alone makes the "spamming grab" argument laughable, let alone how narrow the width of it is now. When he drops you... you may want to try and move to one side about a foot or so, that would be enough for a missed grab... or even backing out of his grab reach, which also works very well. There is ZERO reason why Jason should not be able to try and grab someone at the first available opportunity, whether it be after another grab, after a swing, after throwing a knife... or just out of the blue... and rage does not speed up his grab or the length of time between grab attempts. You will also note that Jason grabbing a counselor when there is another counselor right there actually gives you a free, indefensible hit towards demasking. Grabbing against groups is generally a waste of time and hurtful for Jason... A good Jason hunter is hoping to be grabbed when going for the kill... then their associate gets that free demasking hit... Everyone on these forums will freely admit that the grab is too easy to punish... but you want to make it even easier to punish it? Also... It is not hard to keep your stamina at a good level if you can actually manage your stamina. A great many players have absolutely no problem with it... although, I will admit that killing Jason is far easier than managing your stamina or managing your fear. Running around willy nilly is not how you manage your stamina. Having zero patience will not lead you to ever being able to manage your stamina. As I also mentioned, fear management is very important to how fast your stamina regenerates... so both really need to be done to be effective. If you love a challenge, then try doing something in the game that is actually difficult to achieve. Killing Jason does not qualify as a challenge... yet. Killing Jason is NOT the main point of the game. It is one of several points. It was also meant to be a rarity... 1 game in 75 was a number I heard thrown around in interviews way back when I first heard about this game. It was NEVER meant to be common or easy to achieve... And hopefully, one day... it may actually be made harder to achieve. And the river of tears from Jason hunters that will ensue is just as predictable as were the overly exaggerated complaints about this latest update. @Risinggrave I fully agree... nothing needs to be done about slowing his grab or slashing attacks... The delay between throwing knives is laughable to me, I could put three knives into a target in that time myself... but I understand why it is there and would never ask for it to be changed. I am still up in the air on whether firecrackers or the flare gun should stun him after rage... neither ever made sense to me in the first place... But the flare in the eye does look cool... I will admit that firecrackers are very loud and oh so shiny... so they just might work if he is easily distracted by shiny things. I thought... just for a moment... that some players might even begin to use the flare gun for spotting purposes after this update... Firing it into the air still works for spotting him on the map if he is nearby, without him necessarily knowing that he is showing on the mini maps... I have not seen anyone besides me do this since the update though. Most players would still take the med spray over the firecrackers anyway... or their medic perk would be useless to them. @HuDawg I don't think a delay in grab is even justified after being freed. I have had absolutely no problem with not being grabbed again immediately after being freed... However, I am smart enough to take a few steps back from him... so maybe that is why it never happens to me. This could explain why I survive so often. You did ask me to let you know if I ran into anyone in game that had a complaint about the update... A random was trying to stun Jason coming through a door and beat on Jason after he went into rage last night... after he died I told him about the changes. He said... and I quote... "That sucks." and quit. Does that count?... It is the only thing close enough to a complaint about the patch that I have heard in game yet. Also... juked a Part 8 around the bridge on Pinehurst yesterday. Saw him going to the right, so I went left. He was caught on the other side of the support under the bridge for a moment. I hung a left... if the exit was another yard further away, he would have got us... But even a +Water Speed Jason can only catch up to you so quickly if they are behind you. If he would have just stayed on the other side of the bridge and waited for us, he would have had us. This escape was about 3 minutes into the match. I convinced a friend to come back to the game after telling him about the update... He was one of those people that put the game down due to frustration with the piñata Jason issue. He has not played in months... and I watched him run out the clock. This was the same match with the boat escape I described above... I got to watch most of the match and tend to watch whoever Jason is after at the time. The Jason player easily killed everyone else in the game except him, myself and the noob passenger I had with me in the boat. The new guy was very excited with the boat escape... he thought that was the coolest thing ever... But my friend, even rusty as he thought he was... managed to run down the clock... on Pinehurst. Which according to so many of the people complaining... should be impossible now, yet somehow it is not.
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    Lol, the “I take this game super serious,” crowd. This is the group the cries the most any time they lose. Whether there Jason doesn’t get 8 kills, or the counselor don’t kill Jason, someone is always salty. The most drama between players comes from this crowd because everyone likes to pretend they are the best, and being the best gives them some level of superiority. In reality these are the most toxic groups in the community in my opinion.
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    Awesome, no doubt. I had one of my friends wives dead to rights and she was like "Come on Red, don't hurt me." Ugh, morph. 15 seconds later the cops are called and I'm like "You bitch..." Lol!
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    And enjoy the whining that follows because someone had 2 pocket-knives and didn't get a chance to use them.
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    This is me lol I'm probably the chillest and nicest person you'll ever meet in-game. 😅
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    I was going to say be patient but as that’s been covered along with traps and honing your skills against bots. Instead I’ll suggest learning to read sound blips, this is most useful when you know where your shack is relative to your position on the map. You can keep an eye on it whenever you have a second. Check your map, disabled traps have a small diamond in the centre, if you didn’t hear it go off then there’s one less Pk (pocket knife) in the match. Don’t chase the Counselors who want to be chased, Jason decides when people die not them. Don’t waste five minutes you don’t have to, save that person for last. They’ll find it a lot harder to get away after you’ve smashed half the doors and windows.
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    It's hard for any asymmetrical horror game to be considered competitive, but competition is embedded in our DNA, so like anything F13 can be played with various competitive scoring formats. But on a whole, HuDawg is right. This is a party game for 95% of the F13 community. Until/unless Gun wants to put out an official scoring system, you're really only going to have the same 12 or so teams that compete. Also, there is no money involved in these Tourneys. The guy that ran our tourney gave out some nice prizes. So I'm not shitting on him. But since there is no money involved a 20 team tourney dwindles into a 14 team tourney. Teams drop all the time. Don't like the rules. Drop. Oh sorry, I can't find anytime on Saturday or Sunday to play. Drop. If there were entry fees, teams would be held accountable to actually play on a set time with set rules. Anyway. That's my thought on that. And no, I did not get the little action figure to go with the trophy.
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    I get what you're saying, but to me a competitive game is built around being competitive from the ground up. To me this is a casual party game. Sure you can try to play it competitively. But just because someone does play it competitively doesn't mean I take them any more seriously than someone who doesn't. This is why I always step on Tommyboys toes when he starts stomping around the place acting like he owns it.
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    Me too! I look at it like i'm saving lives. I really don't like killing Jason, survival is good. Escaping is good too, but putting the final Juke on J before hitting the exit to the cops is my favorite.
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    This video perfectly illustrates how a counselor is screwed once Jason is in rage and gets grabbed as I stated in a couple other threads. The entire process looks extremely goofy. It would be much better if a counselor, while Jason is in rage, gets grabbed and cannot be knocked off by another counselor. Instead of the grab, drop, grab, drop, grab, drop, grab drop weapon break, grab, dead gameplay that now exists end game.
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    I usually main a fixer like Deb. I love fixing the phone and calling the cops under Jason's nose even if I fail to get out myself.
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    Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Unless you are supporting megacasual HuDawg just throwing out insults left and right.
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    Right, things appear to be getting personal in here. Knock it off with the bickering; consider this a verbal warning to those involved.
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    Yeah I don’t get it. I lone wolf all over the place doing shit, or lead Jason on Merry chases so others can. I do it as Mitch. Then save as many ‘friends’ as I can or get out if they’re not interested or trolling. (Saving a lot more lately) I beat Jason by denying him the chance to kill my ‘friends’ and the only reason I do it alone the first half of the match is because I can tip toe around his sense and keep an eye on him all while doing other things. Hard to stalk a killer who can Sense you and see your sound blips but I’ve found it gets it done. (Stealth isn’t useless.) Don’t get me wrong, ideally I don’t want everyone to play their characters like I do. Each Counselor has a playstyle that benefits them if they view it as a team game. It doesn’t matter if they want to escape or kill Jason, the objectives all require teamwork, so clearly it’s a team game. Sorry about the rant. One last point, eight pawns don’t beat a knight, let alone a queen if they don’t work together.
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    This isn't a competitive game. There are many actual competitive games out there to play. F13th is about as competitive as Mario Party. Meh.. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Don't care either way.. I own all your ass's Don't care about challenges. This isn't a competitive game.. its a casual party game. Besides, You are not the GOD to this game and your word is not law. You don't call the shots. No matter how much you wish you did. We are all in the same shit pile together. Everyone can voice and argue their points.
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    Or d) even if you know how to do any of that shit, you never used any of it because believe it or not there's still some honest players on the online gaming scene. I'm no expert at this game, I'm average at best. But in over 700 hours of game time I never ever used an exploits, not even once. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I'm not the only one playing legit.
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    Dammit, I would never have subscribed to this thread if I knew that my inbox would be constantly flooded with all of this fucking bickering!!!!
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    Hey here’s an idea for your tiny brain. Face him, prove your point. Because until you do, you have no say in anything remotely related to this topic. HuDawg is already a well known meme in the F13 competitive circle (as much as you absolutely hate to think of it as a competitive game - yet it is).
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    Does that include the exploiting?
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    I'm not a fan of lock on either, but I think it would work a lot better if flicking the thumb stick left or right changed the target you're locked on to.
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    Yeah I was between running out the clock and killing Jason. It’s a hard one between those two for me. There’s so much suspense when it’s only me and a raged Jason running for 5+ minutes!
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    Lol look at all these experts. I'm sorry but if any of you play this game every day and claim fighting jason is trolling or claim to have never taken advantage of an exploit you're either a) full of shit b) you simply don't know how or c) you really enjoy some repetitive bullshit of escaping in a car every single match. Anybody that's ever used spray cancel, strafe shift, or destroyed an escaping car with a throwing knife has used an exploit. None of those are intended game mechanics. You can't criticize a tournament player for their play style if you've never played in one. That being said most of the reason they brought this patch out was because of tournament players bringing that style to QP. But I'm not going to sit here and criticize someone for voicing their opinion on how bad this patch is because honestly he has a point. I don't know whose idea this "no stun during rage" thing was but they are probably a shitty Jason. The only thing they accomplished with this update was to take chain stunning away for about half the match and reward mediocre Jason players for getting their asses beat down in the first place. The truth is Jason is weaker than ever, especially in QP where blocking and combat tactics are unheard of. He's never been easier to demask and kill. The sad part is that the players with advanced knowledge of the game know more about it than the devs do. It blows my mind that they don't know non stunning hits do more damage than hits that stun. Of course, had they listened to a lot of the suggestions in this thread, we wouldn't be splitting the player base right now. Jason would be stronger, scarier, but not too overpowered or boring for a good Jason player. But apparently they'd rather hand out participation awards for mediocrity. Soon enough all the good players will shift their strategy to a 20 minute defensive kite or simply go for the kill every match, and we'll be right back to letting people that don't know rat shit from Rice Krispies make decisions on how to "fix" the game...
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    Phoning the cops is always #1 on my list of things to do, because you have a failsafe if the car gets stopped. When I'm Jason it's my priority to stop the phone being repaired. You can stop the car, but when 5 counselors come running to the cops in a group, you aren't getting more than one of them.
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    I've seen people having issues with this all over the net, anyway from what I see... if you want the best and quickest odds to get a QP match. When you search, the search should be saying "Checking Session For Room" at the 13 second mark. Generally when it does this, it will land you a match within 3-30 seconds. If it goes beyond 33 seconds, restart the search. This is the best I have seen from testing it in Quick Play lobbies.
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    I have no preference. As long as I survive is all that matters...unless Jason shows up and kills me, which is ok too 😄
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    As long as the balance / counterbalance is based on the formula of 7 vs. 1, then I agree with you. 3 perk slots is enough. As much as players would like to have all of their weaknesses covered, you aren't meant to have it that way. In the same way that Jason was weaknesses, counselors do as well. I haven't noticed it either. I'm sure it's a problem for some players more than others. There's nothing wrong with playing to kill Jason. The only problem is expecting to kill Jason every match. Sometimes you have to cut and run if things go sideways. If the kill fails and there are multiple counselors at Jason's mercy, he can't kill everyone at once. You may survive, or you may not. Escaping or killing Jason isn't and shouldn't be 100% guaranteed. Planning ahead is a large part of survival.
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    The cops, sometimes Jason is in between you and the exit and you have to outsmart/outrun him. Beep beep ! I play AJ Mason so it's harder than with some other characters.
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    Or I want to have my cake and eat it too. The options are there for you to chose how to approach the game. You go for the kill and fail you should die. Plain and simple.
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    He seems to have dubbed himself the definitive authority on competitive F13 play. I'll just leave this here...
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    Stay as far from him as possible... other than that... most people can swing their arm to grab something for hours before their arm becomes so tired they need a rest before another attempt... and Jason is not like the rest of us. There is no reason for anything that would slow his grabbing down. The length of the grab animation and the fact it cannot be cancelled is more than enough time between grabs... and the simple fact of how easy it is too miss a grab... which is why many players do not like the current grab. Do not even try to fight Jason alone in rage. If he grabs you... the person that is hitting him gets a maximum damage hit towards demasking as opposed to the lesser damage it causes when the hit induces a stun. Manage your stamina better so you have more stamina when you need it. Manage your fear level so your stamina regeneration stays a maximum levels. Both of these are impossible to do if you remain in Jason's face trying to get a hit for a stamina boost. And staying in Jason's face will lead to your doom... as it should be. Open widows in the cabins you are in... you can use this to backtrack to an area that has windows you do not have to crash through. Jason does not have the time to smash every window... unless you stay in a cabin and give him a reason to do it. Hitting Jason was never required to run him around the map with ANY counselor... I do it often with the slowest of them and never take a swing at him... unless it is to help someone out of his grip. It is also not required for ANY method of escape... or I would never be escaping. Fighting Jason will often get you slashed... which he cannot do at all if you keep your distance. This is WAY too much of a buff to counselors who need NO more buffs. Anything you say before the word "but" is meaningless... as is evident by what you said after "but". Counselors need no boost... Hitting Jason, let alone stunning him is not a requirement for any method of escape. With more than one counselor, it is still easy to get his mask off in rage, even if he did not take a single hit before rage. I am seeing far lower kill counts for Jason players and easy picking for the Jason hunters… and escaping more often than before this patch... Yet some people are still saying it is impossible to kill him or escape... which is complete B.S. There was no need for a buff to counselors before this patch and there is still no need to buff them in any way now... and a buff counselors still would not be needed if they actually made it harder to kill Jason. It is supposed to be hard to kill him... and buffing them after making it harder to kill him would make the initial buff useless and bring it back to square one... the exact opposite of progress. You obviously were not around when we had seven pocket knives in EVERY match. It was not pretty then, and more pocket knives would not be pretty now either. We have been there done that... All it will lead to is entire lobbies being slashed and you will not be using your pocket knives anyway... No one will, unless it is on a trap... which makes even Part 2 trapping everything a complete waste of time. Four pocket knives are fine... not everyone needs a pocket knife... and when people actually use them on traps and complete objectives, it helps out everyone that can utilize that objective, not just one person that got grabbed. Asking for a buff because you do not want to change up your perks? Really? The piñata Jason issue was a problem. This patch went a long way towards solving that problem... But now it should be made easier for counselors? As I said, they did not need a buff before this patch and they do not need one now. It has been the same for counselors in the past. They already had buff after buff after buff... but those days are over. Just because they made one thing in the game harder to do, counselors should have their hands held again? If anything... Jason could use another dozen buffs to catch up to the amount the counselors already got... THAT would be fair. What was unfair is that a 6 year old could stun a very skilled Jason player into oblivion by his third match into the game... and then start going on about their skill at something incredibly easy to do while telling the Jason player they suck. And they still can... until Jason gets rage. The most difficult part of this game was to have two or even three counselors in Jason's face and NOT be stunned into oblivion... Stunning him is ridiculously easy, being good at ANYTHING that is easy is not a reason to brag or even be proud of one's self. Being good at something that is difficult... That is an actual accomplishment. This isn't about fair. This is seven vs one... and the one is supposed to be over powered. Everyone dies in this game a lot... as it should be... "BUT" now... lower kill counts for Jason... It is easier to kill Jason than it was before for "reasons"... and you want a buff to counselors? You will have to do a lot better for a justification of a buff to counselors than... I don't want to change my perks... or I am having a hard time doing something that this patch was meant to make more difficult. Proper use of the word "but"... To prove what you said before "but" is actually not true... or at least, no longer true.
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    There's your problem. Stop using sucker punch and man at arms. You insist on fighting, but fighting should be a last resort. Marathon, Restful and Nerves of Steel are more beneficial post patch.
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    You guys just saved me the trouble of entering a tournament with someone like GPG (well, not someone, him outright). If someone is exploiting/glitching in a QP match, I have ZERO confidence that they'd put a hold on it for actual, physical prizes. I'll happily play against others who actually play the game, not those who are playing for "viewers" (and most of them play exactly the same).
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    It was a good move on their part, though I do agree firecrackers and flareguns should still stun in Rage mode. Nonetheless, it was a much needed change that, no matter how much whining is done as a result, DID improve the game for both sides. Counselors now have a bigger incentive to cooperate and escape, while Jason benefits from the deterrent factor against bullying and chain-stunning. Counselors can still bully/dance/taunt/etc Jason if they want, but now it is with the understanding that once he hits Rage, they are probably going to die if there is no escape plan in the works.
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    So basically one of the main reasons of these complaints are "eventually when he gets to rage it's unlikely we'll regain stamina so we're pretty much screwed." GOOD. There's no reason to drag on a match any longer while wasting other players time in spectator mode. Especially if you're not playing the way it was intended. There are players that want to get into another round of a game, not watch a counselor do the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. By the way, I've seen others here using examples taken out of the films to support their arguments saying "well Jason always got stabbed, stunned, beat up and eventually killed in the final act." Here's the thing, the characters from the movies defending themselves were more innovative because they used anything at their disposal to try to get Jason off of them and most of the time they had a alternative plan to kill him. Overall, it made the final chase more interesting. What did the players make the characters do on the game mostly do before this patch? Group attack Jason, dance and marathon run until the timer runs out. WOW, very original. Seriously, these guys are so boring and bring nothing for the experience. Whether it's from the perspective of a Jason player, a spectator or a counselor who simply wants to on work objectives and escape with others. Can you imagine if Ginny, Chris, Trish or Tommy chain stun Jason and danced on top of him throughout the final moments of the film? I think the audience from the 80s would've walked out of the theater if that happened. If you're going to have a game that revolves and based on the final chase of a F13 film, we're definitely going to need particular changes that doesn't open a gateway for players to drag out a match while performing looney tune acts. Not sure why this a difficult concept to grasp for some users here.
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    No one is deleting criticism as long as it is within the forum rules. As for statements about the change, I'll echo what I've said to others: We're sourcing all feedback, but snap decisions are not going to help here. The change is based on community feedback and mixed with the original design plan and direction of the game. The feedback we pull in on the forums and social has to also be weighed against the design of the game, because after all, changes without the game's core design in mind are unfaithful to the project. If the community asked for random soccer matches to break out with Jason playing goal, adding that to the game would not be a great idea, even if a lot of people requested it. This is the role and importance of having core design. On that note, the core design was never to have counselors regularly all surviving. Survival/Escape should be difficult, and Jason should be feared, not toyed with. That said, we hear the community loud and clear and have been discussing the feedback and sentiment internally since the patch first was revealed.
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    Well, to be honest, this Jason kinda sucked. Match ended with zero kills. But still, people are claiming you don't need skill as Jason now as of this update, which is fucking laughable.
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    My point is if you think jasons weak you've never actually played against a skilled jason that is absolutely relentless in killing you. Jason isn't weak if you are good even against the best runners.
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    The best fun was if you are last counselor and jason is big tryh and you 1v1 him and try to stun him it was so much fun to survive but now to play vs tryh is not that much fun with only jogg
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    I have never seen so much truth in one short post. For almost two years, trolls have been frustrating new and veteran players alike with the whole piñata issue... If anything, that was the only part of this that broke any deal between the devs and "some" players. Jason has been a clown in a hockey mask for far too long... and he is still not invincible. Killing Jason is supposed to be difficult, I did it in the second day I played after purchase... how exactly was that difficult? Making the Jason kill harder was the point. It is still not impossible as you claim. The mask can be removed without getting Jason anywhere near rage. But now Tommy will not be given to suicides... Jason kill is now "harder" to accomplish... which means the patch is doing exactly what it was intended to do. Also, you keep mentioning the movies and how things went there... I have also had to point this out many times before... but here we go again... This is a game, not a movie. Not one of these movies were made knowing for sure that there would be a sequel... Story structure is a thing. There must be a resolution to each story, which means Jason has to be "stopped" or "killed" in every movie. Changing mediums means not everything can be translated to work the same way as it did in the original medium... this is just a reality that people need to understand.... Every match should not be ending with a Jason kill, nor should it be happening anywhere near as much as it was. And as far as the movies went... let us talk about the percentages of people in the movies that actually participated in "stopping" Jason... let's see... in the second movie... 2 people survived long enough to stop Jason and he got 10 kills. In the third movie, 1 person survived and he got 12 kills. In the fourth movie, 2 participated in "stopping" Jason once again and he got 13 kills... are we seeing a pattern here yet? If not, there is not much help for people that cannot do math. Well, I can do math. This makes forty people, five of which survived. That would be an 15% chance of survival... the odds were not too good, were they? If this patch is frustrating the trolls... then it is a job well done... and if you actually think no one expected backlash... then you were not thinking... at all. We all knew there would be backlash (its not like we needed to be psychics to see that coming), and we all knew exactly the type of players it would come from (also did not need to be psychic to see that one either)... which was the point of the patch. So once again, it is a job well done. @badassgixxer05 I keep strange hours for the most part... (I don't sleep much) and sometimes just have bad luck getting the timing right with invites... That was the first time @ConnectTheKings and I have got the timing down to get into a game together for quite a while, though not for lack of trying. Some of my friends I regularly invite just don't want to wait for people to finish their games... Mooky is very impatient. Last night was also the first time "Weapon G" only got one kill (at least that I have seen). He is an awesome Jason player. I will be on a bit more often again I think... I will keep an eye out for you. @Vanessaismymain If you had good intentions, you would not be saying that certain "Jason players" suck over any of this... let alone accusing me of being one of these Jasons. I am not the best Jason, and know MANY players that are far better at playing him than I am... but I am actually pretty good at it, thank you very much. Oh, and that was me being happy... not pissy… to use a line from an old TV show... "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." And lumping me in with "one of those Jasons you were talking about" is insulting. You need to stop contradicting yourself... an insult is a personal attack... But I do not require an apology, I expected nothing less from someone that named themselves Vanessaismymain.
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    That's no "O" face. That's a "wrong hole" face. And she thought Adam was a nice guy.....
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