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    Would you prefer getting slashed to death instead? Because that's what you're asking for.
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    The game is more balanced now than ever... 1st half of the game: Counselor... 2nd Half: Jason... not just stun Jason over and over with a squad and think you're good.
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    So...counselors can no longer bully Jason once he's in Rage? Good.
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    Dude guru you sound like your a bit tired of jason its only just began man counselors had over a year of stun city now..umm..THE DEVELOPERS DID SAY JASON WILL NOT BE BULLIED NO MORE LOL they kept there word lol mad props gun media
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    Honestly, Counselors are getting burnt out by this non stunnable Jason since we can’t even regain stamina by stunning him anymore. RIP the counselor stun meta, it’s basically unbalanced now. Hopefully Black Tower games reverts this change or something, because the game isn’t even fun anymore for counselors.
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    After playing this most recent patch for a bit, I feel like there's still some room for tweaking to make Jason more of a threat for the whole game rather than just in a post-rage state. Here are three changes I believe deserve some thought. 1) The phone fuse box should be able to spawn at any house. Those of us who have been playing since day one know all the possible locations for the fuse box on every map. There are several maps where you can simply look at the cabin layout the second the match starts and determine which house has the fuse box. Having this information almost immediately available is extremely advantageous for counselors. Adding more randomness to the fuse box location means that counselors will have to spend more time looking for it. Add in the extra variance of there being a nonzero chance the first counselor who finds the box doesn't have a walkie-talkie yet, and you've inherently lengthened the game... which is to Jason's advantage. 2) Part distribution needs to be less forgiving. The Jarvis House and Pinehurst maps already do this well to a degree. But when it comes to the original three maps, we all know that parts are always near their respective objectives. It's time to change things up. Imagine a game on Higgins Haven where the fuse box is in Blair's Cove but the fuse itself is in the northernmost house in Evergreen Camp. This is an extreme example, perhaps, but it shows the potential of how such a change could impact game play. Simply put--it needs to take more effort for counselors to repair objectives and this is the simplest way to accomplish that. Experienced teams who know how to split Jason between objectives can have the phone/car repaired in 3-4 minutes on Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack. 3) Thick-skinned should only apply to combat damage. As things currently stand, traps are very weak. Counselors with thick-skinned and medic can tank them with absolutely no consequences. Once upon a time, traps were changed so that they put you in the limping state immediately, but thick-skinned gets around this. It's the same problem with window hopping. Jason can break all the windows in a cluster of houses, but if a counselor has thick-skinned and medic, they can effectively kite between cabins for several minutes--especially if one of them has the long table. Changing thick-skinned to only reduce combat damage eliminates both of these problems but still allows the perk to be useful for counselors who want to get in the mix for the kill, or those who want to antagonize Jason pre-rage so that others can complete objectives. The best thing about all of these changes is that they all help Jason to some degree, but you don't have to make any change to Jason himself to implement them. I was able to get attention from @wes during the stream about the fuse box change and he seemed to think it was a good idea. Maybe @mattshotcha can help these other suggestions get some traction and see what the powers that be think of them?
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    I'll leave that for those who use it regularly. 😎
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    Sounds good buddy I love meeting in the middle and or landing on common ground. I appreciate the apology and correcting your previous post and think we all want the best game possible. I know the new update has hit a nerve with many members and players....the best thing we can do is keep playing and posting our ideas as long as they are from the heart with real time put in game and tested and grounded in facts.... this change is only one of many the Developers have planned.... I for one am happy they are continuing to work on the game even if it is limited to working on only the things that are already in the game. “Roll those bug fixes out “
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    I don’t care if you edit your posts. The problem is in what the post or edited post says. you still even with editing are not grasping the one concept that is continuously explained to you over and over.... at no point in the match are weapons useless not the whole and certainly not at the half point either.... Jason can be stunned and injured and demasked and be hit when gripping counselors to release them and most importantly Killed .....prior to Rage mode.... Post Rage he can still be injured and demasked (actually a stun too...) and hit when gripping counselors to release them....oh and most importantly Killed. I fail to see how they are useless at any point sir.....the only thing that they are useless at Post Rage is making Jason look like a bitch in his game anymore.... which was the whole point of the patch. I will end with this if you haven’t watched the Gun Media Beyond stream on Twitch you should....it has a lot of info about the direction of the game and what the Developers intentions for it are, and will be in the future.
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    The update fixed one of the “real problems” with the game.... the ability to continually troll Jason players in a 1v1 or 1v7 situation.... just because you didn’t experience it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a thing the developers witnessed it firsthand which is why the patch was implemented. They can’t remove a DLC that consumers paid for..... but they did add in the next best thing......a Rage mode that ends...... stun dance party’s..... Jason will no longer be bullied, that broken mechanics is now retired. I am confused did the patch make it easier for Jason players or counselors because in a later post you say don’t give kills to cry babies but in this one say Jason is easier to kill.... Submit to Jason kills bugs.com they have a long list to go through they have admitted to that much. This is already the case rage mode doesn’t change anything about skill... a newer Jason will not get kills or will be killed by more experienced players......hell even experienced players are being killed as well. the only change is he won’t be on his back the entire match anymore forcing players to play different avenues to escape, kill him or survive. If you haven’t watched the Gun Media Beyond streams you should it will give you a lot of info as to why the developers felt the changes were necessary and what their next changes will focus on.... the perks are on the list. Some interesting ideas here, the perks For Jason maybe boardline new content....but definitely interesting....
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    @Fair Play, my thoughts exactly. I’m glad you found a way to say it without using the word soon, lol.
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    I agree with most of your posts keep up the good work
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    It appears that registration is disabled for a little while. I'm sure it will open back up after a while.
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    Scratches head in confusion.... “but wait there’s more....” internal monologue. “An edit has occurred?”..... “Is it still a troll post?!”.... internal monologue continued Look, you seemed to have misinterpreted the fundamental fact that this is a horror game and that Jason isn’t the victim. I want the most enjoyable play on both sides of the fence and prefer Counselor play if that makes you feel better. I main Mitch, and have no problem escaping half the time. It would be higher but I try and save people if I can. I’m happy every time I get to be Jason, just to be clear but Counselor play is generally more exciting. The post rage partial stun immunity isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t change my Jason experience as far as I can tell other than, the behaviour of Counselors in the early part of the game. Some of them actually try and escape. As for killing the big guy it’s just as easy or easier now, so it isn’t that, that’s bothering you so much about the patch. Why is it you need to hit him again? How was it impressive to do to him, before the patch if it was an easy thing to do? You want a challenge then escape or kill him. It doesn’t seem like you want either to me, it only seems like you want to solo beat a weaker opponent. Who should be strong enough to 1v7 the whole lobby if they’re foolish enough to attack him. Did you never play tag, the Counselors are supposed to run away, not go after the person who is ‘it’. Look I’m not interested in going back and forth about nothing so unless you have something meaningful to say, don’t bother.
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    There are ways to balance game and stay with in lawsuit, but not sure what its gonna take for them to listen, we have all that extra CP and nothing to do with it , give Jason perks like stun ability 20% less , spawn with more traps ,more knives , stalk ability builds 20% faster , morph 20% faster shift builds 20% faster , pulls out pocket knives 20 % faster you see where I'm going with this , give counselors better perks too , along with that and getting the bugs out of the game this game could be close to perfect and make people put the time in and gameplay in to being a good Jason or counselor , dont just hand it to these people because they cry because they getting beat on every round oh if your a little kid on this game then you got bad parents and should have your own lobby's so your not beat on by grown ups who take there game play seriously. Please make game good again thanks
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    I don’t know what a Jason main is? I know people who main a specific Jason, I main Savini currently but as for just a Jason main that makes no sense as everyone plays Counselors most of the time. I can’t think of anyone complaining it’s too hard but the new members. People did complain that that the mechanics of the grab could be exploited to keep Jason essentially useless. There’s actually a whole 30 some odd page thread about buffing Jason that was basically ignored in favour for the stun immunity in rage. The only thing from that thread that was added to Jason, was the ability to hit multiple Counselors. The Pubs/Devs chose to put an end to the piñata parties, that’s it. If you want to win, escape. If that’s not exciting, save people who can’t save themselves. Endless repeating you can’t do the thing you used to do isn’t constructive. Make legitimate suggestions to improve the balance or game play instead and no I don’t consider making it an on/off feature a legitimate solution. Then trolls will just kite till it’s gone and then troll some more. I don’t take any more exception to you, than anyone else making false claims or simply being a nuisance by saying things like weapons don’t work. Clearly they do as people are killing Jason just fine, what they’re not doing is trolling him.
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    He seems to have dubbed himself the definitive authority on competitive F13 play. I'll just leave this here...
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    Agreed!! Good suggestions! Jasons with negative traps definitely need a couple more. Maybe give them all neutral traps and switch their weakness...like you said. part 4 negative traps should be switched to negative defense.(he did let Trish put a machete between his fingers and slapped right in the face with that machete by Tommy.) part 7 negative traps should be switched to negative morph or negative stun resistance...( he was seen walking around a lot in the film..) ( and definitely got knocked around by Tina’s telekinesis.....in all fairness so would anyone.) part 9 negative traps should be negative water speed. (he wasn’t in any water through out the whole film.) Part 2 definitely can hold his own with objectives.... All Jasons should be able to control objectives early game.... Unfortunately counselors perks make Jasons traps especially negative trap Jasons practically useless. @Friday_Queen Definitely can’t see limiting the amount of times Jason is able to grab......The developers will definitely address the loop grabs if they feel it’s really become a problem.
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    The exception that proves the rule, he’s the only Jason with real objective control early in the match. As it’s one of his strengths, I don’t think it’s unreasonable but maybe he could be given a new weakness. Or start with a trap already in play on the shack.
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    We can only wait and see what they do with the new perks system... I hope they do something good with it. I do not think it will be a massive change to the whole system, more like small adjustments here and there. But they know how everyone feels about the current "rolling for perks" system and I am thinking that will be something that will have changes made to it... hopefully for the better. My biggest hope for the perk overhaul is that it does not throw overall balance to the winds in either direction. To much of a buff to perks would be just as bad as too much of a nerf to perks... just in a different way. But I have learned over the years not to keep hopes or expectations too high... it reduces the disappointment when reality sets in.
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    There’s a perk re-work happening, no promises that it will do what you want but there is hope. I also would like to ask that you, edit your previous post rather than double posting, our Mods have to merge them and it makes more work for them than is necessary, they don’t get payed and do it out of love for the game. If you want someone’s attention you can tag them by typing @ plus their name, no space. A little list will pop up as you’re typing and you just select the person you want to tag. No problem, glad we’re all talking about this constructively. To me it seems pretty clear that things need little tweaks, a few things to give Counselors the chance of possible success in that last final chase or run to the cops. Each Jason should definitely have two more traps regardless, even if he only gets them at rage or has to pick them up like the knives in the shack. Even if he could reset them, I’d still like him to get a bonus trap because traps move when they’re stepped in. (No one ever brings this up and it annoys me.)
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    According to all the comments on the video 🙄 There’s even a few comments saying that since it was him that posted the video, the devs would pay attention to it and revert the game back to the way it was before, lol. @thrawn3054, I understood what your issue was, I was just sharing my observations up to this point. But I do agree that if it is possible to perform an infinite grab loop, it should be looked into. I don’t really think that was something the devs intended to be possible, but I could be wrong.
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    But if guru posted that video, his comments MUST be the one reliable true point on which this thread must be made. Because reasons! Or should anyone just post other random videos to justify their personal opinions?
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    Very good topic @Friday_Queen I haven’t yet witnessed in a match anyone get caught in the endless grab loop, but do realize that would be a major concern and is in fact a game breaker. I have had success freeing other counselors from Jason’s grab and them running away before he could grab them again. Maybe if they were to add just a split second of hesitation after the drop, it would assure there could be no infinite grabbing?
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    Difference is, you can still run away from a slash. You'll get hit once and take damage but then can get a little distance. And if it's a group then a few people will take some damage and then get distance from Jason. With a grab, Jason will get hit to drop the counselor and as soon as the counselor hits the ground, they're being grabbed again. It's a process that will play out until whoever is the unlucky counselor to be grabbed is dead. There is zero time as a counselor caught in this loop to do anything. They just get grabbed, get knocked down, get grabbed, get knocked down until whoever is trying to help them has their weapon break and then they get grabbed and they die. There is no way to fix this though other than adding some kind of animation frames to Jason so he cannot instantly grab right after shrugging off a weapon hit. I will say the entire loop looks goofy so they should just make it so when Jason is in rage and has someone grabbed, the person cannot be knocked out of the grab unless by shotgun or sweater.
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    You guys just saved me the trouble of entering a tournament with someone like GPG (well, not someone, him outright). If someone is exploiting/glitching in a QP match, I have ZERO confidence that they'd put a hold on it for actual, physical prizes. I'll happily play against others who actually play the game, not those who are playing for "viewers" (and most of them play exactly the same).
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    This leans more on Jason being a good player or not. Jason being able to kill everyone was a staple, but then the cat-and-mouse was what you're talking about and it's "alien" to people who haven't played this game since launch. Here are some tips for Jason players who are struggling: -Counselors cannot START with a pocket knife. If the round has just started, grabbing a solo counselor is a good idea. -Equip the Choke grab to one of your kills. It's not fancy, it's not elaborate, but it requires very little room and can be done almost anywhere. There are few things as frustrating as running down a counselor and finally catching them, only to be unable to do ANY kills because you're not near a kill spot and/or are on weird terrain. Sometimes you need someone dead, this is what you use at those times. -Trap the phone first then WALK to the next objective you intend to trap. I've lost count of how many times I've trapped the phone then Morphed away, only for the "CLANK" sound to go off as soon as I'm gone. Even as Part 2, it takes too long for you to get back to that trap as the counselor is long gone. Therefore, simply run to the next objective and let your morph charge so that if someone steps in your trap right away, you can snap back there and off-them while they are down on HP and/or items. -Don't be afraid to slash. Slashing is now super viable against several opponents at once. It'll be up to you if you just want to slash until they die, or if you want to slash until they limp then risk grabbing them. Some players will have a pocket knife AND a health spray, so you run the risk of missing out on an outright kill if you go for a grab. Basically, I suggest slashing if you're in late game or in Rage. -Throwing knives. Grab every single one you see. Even if it means breaking off a chase to do so. Throwing knives can go away super fast, but they are invaluable for closing the gap, especially in late game. Combine it with slashing and you'll reap salt in excess. -Check your map regularly. Not just for morphing, but to check on your traps. While it may be common for people to step in traps to undo them, using a pocket knife will result in a silent disarming of the trap and YOU won't hear it, however your map will show the trap has been sprung. While part 7 and 9 have a harder time due to only 3 traps, this is still invaluable for knowing what objective the counselors are focusing on and what objective YOU should focus on protecting. -Stalk stalk stalk! When Stalk is active, you might spam it. Use it before you morph, use it before you shift, and remember that stalk takes FOREVER to drain if you're just standing still. Counselors will NOT get the static of you using your powers and will not get any music. Using it before a morph or a shift will result in you just "popping" in front of them, axe swinging or suddenly grabbing. Nothing will throw off a counselor's day than a Jason who has no warning signals when he's coming. -Rage. Due to the tweek of rage, don't bother grabbing anymore once it activates. Become slasher Jason as the only things that can stun you now are pocket knives, shotguns, beartraps, and the sweater. You remove one of those items from the list if you choose to only slash, and by this point, MOST of the counselors will likely have pocket knives on them. Practice all this and you'll know exactly how Mother wants you to take care of them.
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    Ah, so now we’ve finally gotten the part of the conversation where it’s about saving people. Rather than trolling Jason with stuns.... nope still about wanting to stun Jason needlessly, shit I was hoping for something useful, not pleas for the Pubs/Devs to right it. As much as I respect the youtuber’s who publish content and guides, there’s definitely something off putting about the language that Guru chose to use in his video. He didn’t discuss it from a stand point of improving things after the intro, he could have discussed something, like the save mechanics or made any suggestions that aren’t already being discussed. Instead he criticized the whole patch, while at the same time praising how it initially made him feel. The patch isn’t really meant to improve things for great Jason’s, just less skilled ones. Let’s see so far the people who like the buff have shown support for either firecrackers or flare guns or both still working. They’ve also suggested delaying the arrival of rage, at least if your not being bullied with stuns, that should still make it happen early. I think most of us are looking forward to the chance that the perk re-work will balance the scales a bit in the late game. Still not sure what the other side wants done other than a return to the piñata party. If you play in tournaments then the simply fix is to require Jason, to enter combat stance and block after every save. This returns combat to a state more like it was in the past without damaging the patchs effectiveness in QP. It isn’t any different than a stun as far as healing goes, run a few steps and heal while Jason does his little shuffle dance to block then game on.
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    I've seen plenty of players survive the night against good Jason's post patch. You just have to be a little smarter with your stamina usage, which btw, can still be replenished with a hit on Jason, just without the stun. Other than that, it's no different than before, just no cheap stuns as Jason rages through a door.
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    And the developers did say jason will not be bullied no more and now here are the crys of the trolls....hes op lol sorry jason is not op im really enjoying the game as counselor lol RUN RUN ITS A BABY SLASHER LOL YOUR ALL DOOMED!!
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    Except that if Jason goes to grab again, and the counselor moves to the side, Jason is gonna miss when he charges forward. I guess it's a matter if Jason can guess right to swoop them back up. Edit: @Slasher_Clone said: Ugh. I forgot to multiquote when reading my responses. Insomnia for the win! You got some sense, man. I just ran into this thread and had to wade through twenty six pages of mostly foolishness. I was glad for the beacons of rational thought.
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    Really enjoying the Beyond streams! Love the back and forth and Q&A with you guys can’t wait for next week! And I will definitely check out Thursdays also !
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    I've been playing A.J. for a while now... it will soon be time to switch back to Mitch for a while... or maybe Jenny for a bit. If I use Adam for a while I tend to get used to that extra bit of speed and it screws me up when I switch back to slower counselors. I really do not play the others very much unless a random bug happens. One more thing that would be hilarious, but will never happen... Have a stream with special guest star... Tommy Chong playing Mitch in character from the old Cheech and Chong movies... But he would need his own "special" emote. That would be something to see... but I doubt the younger generations would even get the joke... The resemblance between Mitch and a young Tommy Chong is uncanny... which I think was intentional... There is no such thing as coincidence... there is only mitigating circumstances. Two max instead of five to one stat would seem more balanced. It would be fun to experiment with different builds on different counselors... Different strengths and weaknesses on Jason variants would also be interesting to play... as long as balance is not thrown to the wind. Is it new content if the devs shift the stats on counselors for say... an event?... Shifting stats around for whatever reason can be put to balance changes... Particularly if the "event" was meant to test out certain builds for various counselors for a possible permanent change? or even an attempt to balance something through stat changes? My only problem with it is the multitude of players that would instantly have the best perks in the game... the "all at once " part of it. Which would not be nearly as big of a problem if 80% used something other than medic and thick skin... It may not be as high as 80%... but we all know the number is still in the majority by far. This could be a much bigger change in balance than many realize, particularly after the perk rework is finished... and no one can make any real call on that until they know more about it. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the perks I use maxed out too... but we need to keep in mind the consequences. I am at 1118 hours as of right now according to my steam profile. There are many players with much more time in game than me. I have friends on steam with more than 2,000 hours (excellent players too). I am sure there are players with more than them too. We all agree that the current "rolling for perks" thingy is frustrating. Its a big part of the reason that they are getting a rework. I have a great medic perk already... but I never use it, so I cannot remember the exact stats on it. A perk that I use for the no fear build on certain counselors that I have I can remember without going into the game though... Epic preparedness: 9% fear resistance with no penalty to sprint speed. As far as I am concerned, if I rolled a legendary with any penalty... I would still keep my epic perk in this case. Unless the 1% penalty worked like it should... but I don't think it does... This is a problem with some other perks as well. I do have many perks without penalties... but I do not use many of them anyway. My own meta is the no fear build with marathon. It works great for me, what ever I am trying to do In game. I only change out marathon for something else once in a while. As far as rolling legendary perks as it stands now... I spent close to, or more than 1,000,000 CP so far on it. I have 14 legendary perks. The gap between rolling a legendary for me was often above 20,000 CP. Very rarely did I roll a legendary with 10,000 or less between two of them. I think it was up around 40,000CP between them at the highest that I saw. I also rolled quite a few doubles of the perks I already had, kept the better ones and sold the ones that were worse.... and Aquanaut... I got a legendary Aquanaut so many times its not funny. Needless to say, that is one of the few I do not keep. I cannot remember how many hours it took to roll perks with that much CP... but I just watched movies while doing it and it was not a big deal for me. It merely stopped me from reading a book while I watched movies... which was indeed... frustrating. A change for the better would be welcome. Its not terrible for you to have that perfect medic perk... nor is it terrible for anyone else to max it out... or any other perk for that matter. As I said above, its the "all at once have it immediately" part of it... Which is why I like your prestige points idea. Its fair... without being harsh on new players or on players that have been here since forever... or anyone in between. Would it be new content if you didn't change the name to prestige points... and still used CP to do it... but it must be earned above the amount you have at the time of the update? Or how about using 50-100 med sprays on other counselors bumps your medic perk up a level towards the best of the best. Using the map 1000-2000 times to level up preparedness? Taking 50-100 hits or traps for thick skin to up that perk a notch? And so on. This kind of thing is in game already for badges and achievements... we know it keeps track of these things already. The player highlight on the main page has not changed for a while... but it used to, and each time it did there were different stats from the game that it showed. Things are kept track of already. If it counts as an adjustment it could be done... if it can be done with existing in game assets that are finished... and within all the horrendous restrictions they have (99.99% of which we are all unaware of). The perk rework is a "balance adjustment" thingy... but we do not know what they are doing with it... or the ordeal it was to get it all o.k.ed. The biggest question is... if they could do this, how much hassle would it be to do it? How difficult is it to do? How much would it cost to do? Is it worth doing? Work takes time, and time is money and money is time... and you can take that to the bank.
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    IMO this would be the most organic next step in any coming changes.
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    Honestly, that is a fun idea. This would help people without mics figure out who to work with and/or try to get in the car. Even some people I play with in groups dont exactly communicate everything going on so it would be nice to have some indication. Not to mention all the time someone fixes everything in a car by themselves, you know who deserves it. I know this change will never be implemented, but its a cool idea imo. I can see arguments that it takes you out of the immersion of the atmosphere though. @tyrant666 I am with you on most of your post. However on the opposite side of the spectrum on toggling Sense. Instead I think Stalk should be a toggle as well. After all, whats the point of having stalk still going if you are hitting a door. I have made that same comment for over a year and others have agreed. Its a quick fix that affects a lot of gameplay. I also think it should be player'a choice where they want Sense and Stalk. Morph and Shift are perfect where they are, but having the choice to switch them would be cool.
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    There should be stealth messages that appear on the screen as soon as someone achieves a goal like for example "Slasher_Clone put the gas", "KenshiroHNK has repaired the phone box" We know who did what and who is deserving to survive.
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    Quick rage fixes: Make fireworks and flare stun. They are one time use items. Maybe let another weapon stun but if it does it will break. Make the stun long enough that you can actually do something. For example a knife does not give you enough time to start the car. Long term solutions: Adjust rage making it more of a weapon/defense instead of invincibility. Make it a talent. Rage happens when Jason takes multiple strikes in a short time-frame/something gets fixed (battery/gas/prop/fuse). Make it last 30s. This makes bullying dangerous. Also add full rage in the final 2m of the match OR Make rage an ability. Replace stalk or make it under the abilities menu and trigger or some unused combo. This way you can implement rage when needed. Imagine getting bullied and implementing rage, or going to the fuse where three people are attempting to fix with stalk/rage. Maybe add a perk that gives an additional 1-2 shotgun shells. Make it use stam when you interact/swing at Jason. Bullying will be harder since you will use stam swinging and may not be able to get away. As a good Jason the rage is terrible. As a counselor rage means unless something is done nothing will be. For me nothing is a challenge now and it sucks. I actually enjoy the challenge as Jason against a team or coordination. When playing on a team it just means get it done earlier and less scouting for sprays/knives, and if rage starts the game is immediately junk. Rage should be a talent aiding Jason, not a gimmick to help make it easier. GUN needs to make interacting with him dangerous, not a joke (first 10m) massacre (rage). Also, it's a game, stop saying "like the movies". It has to be balanced and fun for everyone. You have eight players, remember. Jason is also loaded. The average Jason has 4 abilities/5 traps/5+ knives~/block and there is a learning curve that is harder than most games. Once you get good at it the hunt is amazing, and fun for everyone.
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    Yes. His grab is still garbage!
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    It is very exaggerated to say that Jason is unstoppable. The counselors who want to make piñata party cries excessively lol
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    I took the time to put the battery and gas in the car and I ran all the way across the map to get keys. I go back to the car and I look at my map I see this dot going towards the car Im like, 'god not like this' and ofcourse this guy [player name removed by moderator] steals the car that I took the time to fill up. He didn't even stop for me either, damn near ran me over too. Ofcourse he gets away and then Jason kills me right after. I have my preference on random for counselor. I'll never be playing counselor again or doing anything useful for anybody
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    No. I’m a Jason guy. But if more counselors are escaping, that means his recent buff worked. And it’s forced people to actually work together to escape before dying. I’d rather have that type of match as Jason. Have counselors frantically scrambling to escape as fast as possible.
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    Solid feedback. I would need to check in on where these things stand with the content situation, but I can always raise these to the team. I've been answering as many pro and con replies as possible. I apologize if I missed your comment, but I am not playing sides. Community Development hinges on feedback and weighing all sides of every topic, and I'm a firm believer in hearing all sides out. Again, I apologize if I missed a comment of yours.
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    Escape before he gets raged. Problem solved. If he gets you, hard luck, try again next game. Feels more satisfying escaping by the skin of your teeth.
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    atleast give Jason the option to remove broken one and use remaining traps on same spot
  47. 1 point
    Honestly man they should just go back to the way it was before, but I guess the devs just had to pander to the demographic of terrible Jason players who always cried about getting stunned and never got good. I occasionally got stunned as Jason, but I never went to the extreme lengths of crying about it and asking for a buff.
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    Jason dies and gets the shit kicked out of him at the end of every movie. The counselors even let him get drowned in the first movie. Using the movies to try to defend a non-combat nature of the game is just plain laughable. Even at the end of part 5 with Roy, Reggie and Pam weapon up to kill the bastard. To me, people defending the overkill of the patch are just plain trash Jasons. They needed viable game play taken away so they could compete without having to learn how to defend themselves. They call hitting Jason from around corners "cheap" even though it literally happens in the movies. It's just a waste of time talking about it here. The official Reddit forum for F13 has more mature and balanced discussions going on, which is a shame that it can't be done here.
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    The thing is with this new rage change, you get all the time in the game up until that point to escape and you still get time to escape afterwards as well. What it means is that if you've failed to escape by the time Jason gets rage or you're the final person alive, your chances are much slimmer. Think about it. You're left at Crystal Lake with no assistance and no way out and you're up against a horror movie killer who's literally immortal. You can only run for so long, and you only get so many chances to stun him and save yourself whilst running for your life. The final chase can go on for a certain amount of time, but it shouldn't be a guaranteed counselor kiting victory. If it's just you against Jason and he's enraged, how long realistically do you expect to live for? What do you expect to do against an immortal, supernatural killer? Knives, traps, a shotgun or a demasking will still buy you some time, but you're not expected to dodge Jason endlessly. There comes a point where he'll run you down because he doesn't tire and your character does. It's human vs inhuman. Some people seem to be keen on the idea of that final chase, but I'd ask users to see it from Gun's standpoint. As someone previously mentioned, this is an asymmetrical horror game - it isn't even; it's 7v1 or 1v7 (however you choose to look at it). When they were creating this game, do you think they envisioned this game with a 'keep jumping through windows until you run out of stamina or Jason gets bored' victory condition? I don't think so; I think that if you're the last person alive, you're kind of supposed to die. It should be a miracle at that point that keeps you alive, there was ample opportunity to get out before that point. It will be all the more satisfying and memorable when you actually manage to escape against seemingly impossible odds. I think Gun created the game with those "oh shit I better fucking run or I'm screwed" moments in mind, and rage has brought that tension and fear back with a Jason who is extremely difficult (but not 100% impossible) to stop. It just means cheap, overused tactics are less likely to work, an example being when you hide behind a door for him to rage through so you can bat stun him. For players like me, that wouldn't work anyway because I combat stance block around blind corners indoors and used to chop doors down when I knew someone was behind them instead of raging through them. Now you need a trap, a gun or a knife which are 3 things that would realistically slow him down. Not impossible, just harder.
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    I think the issue we're seeing here is with a small minority who appear to be Jason hunters. Two of the four possible victory conditions have gotten harder, but there are still 2 other ways out. If escaping and surviving isn't good enough for you, then I have to ask: what's your problem? Why is escaping not an option for you? What I think it is, is that the people who hunt Jason like to do so for bragging rights or self-appreciation. "I've defeated Jason X/Y/Z amount of times, therefore I am good". If you want to truly be a good player, then rescue everyone else and help them get some XP. Help the lower level players out by using your skills to fix a car and pick them up. If these players don't have fun doing that and only want to defeat Jason every round they play, then that's their problem and their selfishness should cause their demise if they screw up. Everyone else who's playing suffers because they refuse to assist in objectives.
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