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    Nope. It's the best idea the Devs have had since they thought about making the game to begin with. If you have to "rely" on stunning Jason to survive, well I guess you won't be surviving anymore will you? If people will play the game as intended (I.E. escape at the first opportunity and stop trying to troll/bully Jason) they'll see very little has changed. If they want to hang around and dance, well then they're gonna fuckin' die... and I love that.
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    Hey, you guys who are complaining that Jason is "too OP:" Watch a Friday the 13th movie sometime. When you do, you'll see teenagers getting killed. Lots of them. What you don't see are fearless teens talking smack to Jason and beating him constantly while he is unable to defend himself. Those of us who love the franchise wanted a game where escaping Jason was difficult, and would require cunning, teamwork, and luck. It SHOULD be hard, it SHOULD be scary. And it was, at launch. It looks like the devs are finally putting things right. @mattshotcha, the stream was awesome and much appreciated. The only thing I didn't see addressed that has been discussed here was the perk rolling. Are there changes coming to it in a future patch still?
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    You are playing F13 to relax? Do you read yourself? For relaxing, go get Tetris Effect or Everybody´s Golf. We want our F13 to be thrilling, not relaxing.
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    But that's exactly my point - you knew it could kill you, and yet you did it anyway on the chance you could avoid Jason. If you're that hurt then chances are you're going to die anyway. You have to weigh up the probability: do you want to risk killing yourself just to stay alive a little longer, or do you want to die and have a chance to come back as TJ?
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    Agreed 100%. Counselors trolling Jason is over. Sorry bitches!
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    In DbD if a killer is chasing one person for a period of time, the killer gains a "bloodlust" sort of perk where they move faster towards the survivor. Some of the buffs we are supposed to see may be a bit extreme(no stuns once in rage unless hit from a shotgun, making stun chance perks pointless, combat and strength characters useless, and firecrackers pointless halfway into the game). Instead to combat looping, if Jason has kept eyes on a particular counselor for an extended period of time, something like an increase of speed walking or increase in perks refreshing could help.
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    Interesting idea, maybe the developers will add Something like this in depending on the feedback they get after this patch.
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    I'll keep that in mind for my "off the books" operations... 😎
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    As you'll notice I didn't mention if some or all of the counselors would survive in my example, I'm talking about what it's like dealing with it. It is not fun. It's fun for the counselors to endlessly pummel Jason, I get it, it's just that now it has an expiration. There's a line that's been drawn. That's fair. As for the latter, those perks will remain useful as you defend a repair counselor that's helping you to escape. As far as perks and "time and effort" go, c'mon, it's a slot machine. We all know what getting perks takes.
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    Exactly, it is a very spoiled and entitled viewpoint.... this patch has just hit and it’s like the end of the world.... They are acting like drug addicts needing a fix or something...
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    you are probably correct about killing Jason, still doesn't solve how silly is the rage invincibility. I suggest you to try a match and see how unbalanced this is. It is harder than it ever was. Try and see. Good thing is that matchmaking is way faster, so props for that
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    I believe they said the kill process once the sweater is used will play out exactly as it did prior to this patch.... so a melee weapon “should” drop him to his knees once the sweater is activated... I will play test this tonight and post after... thanks for letting us know about the shotgun not working!
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    Not as silly as you joining 4 hours ago and claiming to have 300 Jason kills.
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    Hello team, I have been a player since week one and I own everything there is to own in the game, besides Savini. This rage invincibility will probably be the reason why I will stop playing. I think you have a chance to rethink this as you are effectively removing a big part of the game that is combat for almost half the match. Please rethink this, buff Jason but don't make him invincible. This is not DBD . thank you! as I said we are trying with the best damage team members we have Tommy plus 25% axe damage and +19% damage potent ranger and bugsy with 5% friendship buff with 4 counsellors around (so +20% damage) And so far, the masks comes off and rage is also present . And to be honest in a realistic game you wouldn't be able to do this because Jason doesn't stand there to be beaten by Tommy and Bugsy... this situation is severely compromised
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    who says so? I have been fighting Jason since week 1 when people said he was op, I always had a chance now I don't. If I have better combat skills and better timing, which is stuff that I had spent time training, I should be able to use it. If I wanted an invicible killer I would have played DBD, right now this game is unplayable for what I like that's because a good Jason never needed to be invincible to win. GG to you
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    This patch is getting better already. The Jason hunter gravy train just ran out of tracks..lol Well maybe if they didn't nerf Jasons grab radius and speed while breaking his block in the engine upgrade patch. Jason wouldn't need combat skills. Hes supposed to be Jason.. not the Shredder. Counselors should be trying to escape.. not trying to fight him.
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    First of all if you can't beat Vanessa in 1 v 1 with Jason you may need to improve your combat skills. Jason wins 1v1 at the same level of skill, it simply turns away when slashing faster than any counselor. This is a fact. I literally ONLY fight Jason, and Jason has plenty of ways to defeat someone 1v1. Second: you are expressing your vision of the gam like THE TRUTH. I respect your opinion, but within the rules, anybody can have a different vision of the game. From my perspective of a player who likes to fight Jason in any way shape or form, this patch is the end of the game because it removes combat for a large part of the match.
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    Don’t you think you’re being a little disingenuous here? Counselors do try to tackle objectives at the beginning of the session. But isn’t it Jason’s objective to prevent that from happening? What do you think happens when Jason interrupts counselors trying to tackle objectives? Should counselors just run away with no means of defense? You are suggesting counselors not use weapons as a means of stamina recuperation, teamwork, and survival at the beginning of the game. Might as well eliminate all weapons because they won’t work during rage mode anyway.
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    I will take all the baseball shots, all the wrench shots, all the pot shots, all the 2x4 shots, all the frying pan shots at the beginning of a match now just to completely mess with everyone while under rage. Good luck counselors, you're all even more dead than before. Jason is back to OP.
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    I think Pam's head would make a great riding companion. She wouldn't eat much, and wouldn't be too much trouble to carry around. Don't forget potpourri. You've gotta have fun wherever you can find it.
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    So I just played two matches. The first match as a counselor I was able to repair a car (with Vanessa) and get it out before Jason went into rage. And then I played Jason and managed to get 8/8 before rage kicked in. So I have the feeling that players who were already adept at completing objectives and escaping won't be too affected by this patch, and Jasons who are above average (which is where I'm at, I'm not super great or anything) won't have to rely on rage as a crutch, either.
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    The game is made for you to adapt to different situations. I'm not trolling or trying to get you mad, but what you have described can be counted. 1: Vanessa is countered if you know how to do it correctly. She is designed to try to draw your attention away from stealthy, slow repair characters, you should save her to last. If it's a case of lobbies filled with a lot of Vanessa's, then you can easily kill them. if they jump through windows, hit them with a throwing knife, and smash windows so they will take damage if they climb through, regardless of their thick skinned, medic perks, they will eventually get hurt and if you're in rage, it will put more pressure on them, you just need to be smart about it. 2: Again as above, medic will help with the double spray but the more you use your weapons to their ability i.e throwing knifes, it will eventually wear them down, there's a ton of them around the map and a lot with Part 5 and Part 6 Jason's. I like to wear them down and keep pressure on them, eventually they will succumb to the pressure.. Heavy hitter is easy in that you don't get baited into being hit. I like to do the old 360 when they try to hit you or keep going after them until they lose stamina and try to get that stamina recharge bonus stun, it's all about being switched on and alert for when they try to stun you. 3: If you miss the grab then that is a skill error because you were baited or missed the grab. It's the same thing if a counselor tries to aimlessly swing at you and misses, Jason will grab you and kill you. A lot of players will bait you by pretending to run up to you as if they're trying to hit you, then back out to see if the Jason players try to reach which they miss and then get stunned. It's all about outplaying the counselors. It sounds like you were one of those Jason players who used to abuse the old grab animation of being able to reach non stop and do the old 360 quick grab that you can't do anymore. Stunning Jason is part of the game, that's why you have characters like Buggzy, Adam, Fox, Shelly, to protect the stealthy repair characters, with this new patch, Players like Buggzy will be useless because in rage, he won't be able to stun and trust me even with his athletic stats, his stamina depletes quickly and without being able to stun Jason, he serves no purpose and in rage, Jason can see everything so what happens if a really good Jason traps the phone, car, boat etc and people can't repair that because he morphs on them whenever the set a trap off? Those slow characters will be destroyed straight away and will make even more players rage quit. They made the stun time on Jason a lot quicker to snap out of it, i remember when sometimes it would take over 10 seconds to come out of a stun. It's obvious that you agree with this new patch because you're not able to kill Vanessa's and are juked around till the end of the game. Sounds like a lot of people who can't learn how to counter something, so they want the devs to patch things to make it easier, rather then adapt and learn how to counter something. While i agree that Vanessa's shouldn't be just trying to survive the 20 minutes (most lvl 150 players who think their op do it) the whole rage thing is way to OP for Jason and trust me, i prefer to play Jason and i mainly play Adam, Tiffany, Eric and then others if i'm with friends for a laugh. And you can also get into lobbies with people who are new and have no idea what they're doing or players who team up with Jason, so that will be fun when he gets rage and you can't do anything about it. I'd rather the door stun when you walk through as opposed to the stupid stun through windows stun through an locked door thing that used to be in the game (you can still stun Jason if his close enough to a window though).
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    @NthnButAGoodTime Great list... you should put the fanboy goggles on more often.
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    You want to know why this patch is so great? Because I am so tired of seeing people escape/run out the timer from doing the following: 1. Play as Vanessa 2. Run the Heavy Hitter Perk and Medic Perk 3. Arm yourself with a baseball bat 4. Take advantage of a missed Jason grab attempt (due to the animation lock on the grab, not due to a lack of skill from the Jason player), by waiting for a missed grab and then stunning Jason with the bat 5. Rinse, repeat for the last 8 minutes of the round, re-arming with a new bat when necessary, healing if Jason is lucky enough to land a knife throw Nothing will be give me more pleasure than seeing people unable to do that anymore. You should be trying to hit Jason with something as an absolute last resort, not purposely kiting him to take advantage of a bad grab mechanic. Now, the correct thing will happen. When a 125 pound woman tries to hit Jason with a wooden bat while he is enraged, he will grab her and split her in two. As it should be. Sorry all you Vanessa players, trolling Jason for the last 8 minutes of a match is no more. Better actually try to play the game correctly, escape sooner, or don’t go out of your way to fight him earlier in the match, so rage mode takes longer. Also, Jason being able to be stunned when walking through doors was always one of the cheapest aspects of the game, so good riddance to that as well. This is the best change to the game in months. My ONLY gripe is that I do believe that fire crackers should still stun him while in rage mode (but not the flare gun).
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    There's a couple of things they could tweak with the sweater: 1) Make it transferrable, where you can drop it and pick it up like an item or weapons. Or after the sweater girl is killed it falls to the ground and can be picked up by another female character. 2) Give it an extra ability of a 50 percent chance of sense avoidance. With stealth characters and the right perks, that could give some characters as much as 80-90 percent avoidance and give them a fighting chance in a one-on-one endgame scenario. It would make dealing with a sweater-wearing Vanessa an absolute nightmare, though. 3) Or go the other way with it entirely and make it so that Jason can spot the sweater-wearer via Sense no matter where she is, similar to how you can spot anyone on the map once you get Rage. This would even make some storyline sense, since Jason has some sort of psychic connection to the sweater and his mother.
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    Nice tips, thanks for posting.
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    Damn this sounds like a bad idea. How is the lone survivor suppose to survive until the end of the match now? This means we can't stun him through the doors anymore when he rages through them. If you're out in the open and need to regain stamina while he's chasing you and you try to stun him most likely he'll grab and kill you now. Shift grabbing will be alot easier to do now seeing as the firecrackers can't stun him any longer while in rage. In order to balance this out they should have at least increased the amount of pocket knives again. All they really had to do to buff Jason was to bring back body blocking and make the swing hit multiple people but only in rage mode. In another words make the swing stronger in rage mode. That would have been a fair compromise.
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    For the 1st time in a while im actually excited to play this game again.. The change to rage punishes aggressive counselor players. And that's sounds great to me. It also will punish players who only focus on killing Jason. Seems like win/win. Jason got his balls back..
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    We won’t know till it happens, different times for all three platforms. PC will probably get it first thought, then PS4 and finally the Xbox crowd, at least if it follows the normal pattern for patch drops.
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    Lead foot works all the time, speed demon only when you are alone in the car. Here I find this helpful. https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Perks
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    100% true, Jason is a bitch and has been one for a long time, If they would have left him the way he was at launch people would have had to deal with it or leave...... kind of like what some are going to have to do now. No,I was NOT talking about you, Im a 150 level and have been since the 1st week it got extended to 150
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    You don’t see his point because he just joined this forum 4 hours ago, which tells me all,he does when he played this game is beat on Jason and do dance moves , I can’t wait to slash them, I’m off work tomorrow.... this is going to be a fun day killing trolls is always fun.
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    @mattshotcha I like this patch note. But what about cheaters on PC with: 1) an infinite shift for Jason? 2) fast break free, fast repair, teleport for counselor? Did you fix it? %)
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    I have only seen a knife flip the car in older YouTube videos and in the original launch of the game and never by my own knife throw... not that I would waste a knife on a car anyway....... Glad you feel the changes will not help Jason and still believe the ass beatings will continue... making your initial complaints empty and without merit.....and proved me correct with my initial Response about you being a toxic troll.
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    One strategy I've occasionally used that suddenly becomes more effective is hiding my Rage until the right moment. If you corner a counselor in a cabin while in Rage and they're waiting for you to come through the door, chop it down instead of busting through it. They go for the stun because they don't realize you're in Rage yet, the blow bounces off of you, and it's grab kill time.
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    The majority do! but apparently the guys who like to play Rock’em Sock’em Jason are already trying to start a pity party without even playing the new patch yet... @ExoticAsFxck your posts about hiding in safe spaces make you seem like the type of toxic troll players the Developers want to weed out.... give the patch a chance before assuming it is the most terrible thing in the world.... the so called “ Jason” players that “Cried“ and “Cried” have had to make changes to their play style since the very first patch and with everyone after nerfing Jason to make it easier for counselors play.... Nothing has been taken away from Counselors players Jason can still be stunned in rage mode just not how you are used to... it may require you to update or change your play style....welcome to the club...
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    Sounds good, i Believe all here wants a Hardcore Jason like past...
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    Excellent patch by the sounds of it, I'll actually take a break from spamming RE2 to play it I'm wondering though, can counselors be freed from Jason's grab by attacks when he has rage mode after tomorrow's patch?
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    Sorry but I don't think it's satisfactory when a counselor is literally so close to Jason, an inch apart from Jason, and when a swing is performed it visibly goes through his entire anatomy when it should definitely be a hit. It doesn't matter if it's been ongoing, I know it's been like this and I am sick and tired of it. Why should someone die when I am trying to save them and it always effectively looks like the victim should've been freed after I was right next to Jason? It's not right.
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    As a backer who still plays this game, and still remembers how fun it was to be Jason before the series of nerfs(almost every single patch) I welcome any change forward , not being able to,stun Jason in rage is going to help Jason the most, although it would have been nice for the counselors to find out the hard way, regardless I’ll take it. Thanks for the work, I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out tomorrow . Hit detection is and always has been aweful for Jason , while counselors don’t even have to swing in Jason’s direction and still stun him, your complant about not being able to hit Jason will fall on deaf ears because 99.9% Counselors have much better hit detection on Jason , it’s always been that way.
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    It's not necessarily only when Jason pulls someone out of the car into grab stance. I'm talking in general when he grabs someone. I see someone get grabbed on ground and it doesn't matter what weapons I use, I will swing right through Jason's body no matter how close I am or what side I'm attacking him from. It doesn't always swing through his body but like I said previously, although slight but not far off exaggeration, 8-9 out of 10 times my weapons swing through Jason. Even with Swift Attacker on! I have so many 10-20 second recordings of it happening in both private and public matches. There is something wrong with the hit detection because I have legitamitely had a friend playing as Jason grab another friend, and stand still while the counselor is being choked and I try almost every weapon in the game to disconnect the grab and weapons will go right through him a lot of the time. Counselors should always be able to hit Jason out of choking another counselor when the surrounding counselors are literally swinging a centimeter apart from Jason's back and his left and right sides.
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    New strategy: Don’t waste those shotguns. Save them for later in the game. Don’t make him enter rage faster than he has to. This is going to piss all of the right people off. I love it!
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    Looks good but what about the invisible wall under the stairs on Higgins Haven?
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    What could they possible announce if they can’t add any content? They better finally allow match customizations for every lobby and let the lobby host choose the options. I’d also like to see the damage from throwing knives restored and damage for meme increased. I’d also like to see Jason’s speed increased and shift regen slightly nerfed to compensate. Also, the window protection needs to be removed; if a counselor is in any part of the the window animation they should be able to be both grabbed and damaged sns. It’s been long enough.
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    You/We aren't getting ANYTHING NEW until Horror Inc. and Victor Miller finally get their differences worked out and that could take 2-3 more years with the appeal.We are only getting bug fixes and balance tweaks until that happens.
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    I feel you 110%. This is just not the way to go. They claim they tested this out for days but yet can't tell how unbalanced this is for the majority of the player base. Even as a Jason player there's no fun or challenge anymore when I know I'm going to kill everyone in the lobby. Mark my words this rage invincibility mistake is going to come back to bite them in the ass big time! Especially if they don't fix it I will eventually end up stop playing it altogether.
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    So you basically made the game EVEN EASIER for Jason! Lovely. Just lovely.
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    Be positive ! We are lucky that we can interact so openly with the developers. Edit: by interact I mean exchanging ideas of course.
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