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    I have some theories on that issue. 1. The helpers are like guide dogs for Jason. 2. Jason has possessed the counselors in some way and is working his agenda through them. 3. Jason has mastered necromancy, and has revived slain counselors to do his bidding. Regardless of which is the case, the overall outcome sucks.
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    Yes, and I hope his ass gets banned too. Shift was made so Jason can cover ground quickly, not teleport all over the place like hes Goku having a sugar-induced seizure.
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    Yep, with f13 the game being released 2 years ago, dead by daylight still alive, a scream game in the works to be released in 2021 and a potential Halloween game in the works....this is an exciting time to be a horror fan
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    If this game gets made, I really hope the make a forum for it, I’ve met a lot of amazing people on here and it would be great to have a forum if they make Halloween: The Game
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    I would like to see a sequel that can be similar to Halloween but with how the final girls and tommy are coping with a PTSD similar to Laurie Strode in Halloween and then Jason can return to camp and have a showdown with Ginny, Chris, Trish and Tommy and maybe even Alice from part 1 if they can give a relevant explanation to how she could have survived although it’s highly unlikely. It could mainly be about the events of 1-4 but still keep the others canon, just not going into too much detail of the events of 5 onwards. But at this point anything would please me as long as it’s not a remake
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    This would be amazing!!
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    Yes give me Nancy with her boobytrap book, a crumpled fedora to hold and a prop stair case she can struggle to climb.
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    @xllxENIGMAxllx Thank you for posting this! The forum members appreciate it! Being posted, on other social media page(s), with its own forum being uniformed...smh...the trend continues.
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    It's unfortunate but it's not that surprising when you think about it. Even with a new cm and/or admin it's safe to say it was only a matter of time before things would get back to normal around here: the "official" forums being the last place to get informed about an announcement, or like in this case right here getting the announcement by a member instead of someone officially in charge. Thanks to @xllxENIGMAxllx for taking the time to post the announcement here.
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    Not for the counselors. How are they suppose to survive if they can't cheat and glitch?
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    Here's another one I just remembered. Played a round as a counselor in which the entire lobby was under Lv 10. Didn't get to escape because I got killed trying to save a teammate (who then got killed anyway). Next round comes up and I'm Jason. We had a full lobby but lost two of them before I could even leave the shack. So you have five extremely new counselors against a Lv 150 Jason. Instead of getting easy kills, I decided to go have fun with them instead. I Morphed over to the lodge (Pcknk sm), strolled in, and started lumbering up to the drawers, pretending to loot them. Someone walks in, sees me, and ducks to try and stay out of sight. Lumbered (pt 6) right by her, "looted" the next room, then left and repeated at the next cabin, then the next, etc... Eventually they get the 4-seater repaired and as soon as the driver gets in, I Shifted over and stood by the passenger door as if claiming a seat. The other counselors rush over and get a little... confused... as to why Jason seems to think he's a counselor, but everyone eventually got a good laugh out of it. I wish I'd saved the footage, but there's always next time.
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    On Pinehurst I was Eric and found the gas at the top of the map, then went to fetch the propellor that somebody had dropped. Along the way I met up with a Vanessa that didn't have a mic and she started following. I normally hate that, but this time realized I could use it to my advantage. We got to the propellor and after some flashlight sign language she picked it up and off we went to the boat. On the way there, a Victoria started following us and I knew she was going to snipe a spot on the boat. After all the work we put in I wasn't about to let that happen. We'd damn well earned those spots. I fixed the boat, but tanked the propellor repair AND started squawking on the mic to another player being chased by Jason that we were fixing the boat, hoping Jason would overhear it. Sure enough, Jason comes along a moment later and scatters everybody. I was also letting Victoria and everyone else around know why I was doing it too. A minute or two later everyone has been chased away from the boat and is disorganized, so I start making a run back to it. What I didn't realize was that in the confusion earlier someone had actually started the boat, so when I hopped in and tried to crank it I just hopped back out again. That happened two or three times before I realized the problem, and in the meantime Victoria came running back to the boat. I was still pissed at her for trying to snipe a spot but no one else was around so I was going to let her on board. Jason was not far behind her, though. So in trying to pull away right as soon as she got in the boat I inadvertently left a second too early. She stepped off the dock and into the water and was drowned while I motored off and escaped. Total dick move on my end, even if accidentally, but the timing of it was so perfect that it was hilarious.
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    This is more memorable than funny but a while back I joined a lobby with two teamers and a four-counselor kill-squad. I don't remember the teamers names so I'll just call them Douchebag and Enema Nozzle. Douchebag is Jason and it becomes very obvious that Enema Nozzle is leading him to everyone else. We all die, he gets away in the car that Jason let him fix. Next round comes and Enema Nozzle is Jason. Everyone knows what to expect, so we try and keep away from Douchebag (side-note: they had Jason demasked before he even had Shift). The kill gets sabotaged by Douchebag, who then leads Jason right to us and spends the rest of the round fixing the phone and calling the cops. By now we're all pissed and the kill-squad is getting pretty hostile over the mic, which gave me an idea. After a few messages back and forth, we decided if I was Jason next round, I'd let everyone escape in exchange for them helping me find Douchebag and Enema Nozzle (I don't give free Jason-kills). I know the idea of Jason teaming up with a kill-squad just to kill other teamers is kinda WTF'ish, but fuck it, we all wanted them dead. Next round comes and by some unholy miracle Douchebag is Jason AGAIN. It all worked out though since I died, came back as Tommy, and killed Douchebag-Jason, after which everyone left alive had a congo-line dance party on his dead body because fuck that guy.
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    Same here, I miss getting excited when I used to wake up in the morning and check the thread to read peoples ideas but now it’s just a ghost town because of this stupid, selfish lawsuit
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    Just the other night on Higgins some kids ran up on a rock between where the car spawns and the boat spawns on the left side of the map. They must'e thought they were safe up there or something because they were laughing saying I couldn't walk up there as Jason. I honestly just walked up the side of the rock and choked one while the other ran away. Also....immediately after they patched out the roof bug on Packanack. Murdering people who were just crouching constantly and saying what the fuck was endless fun.
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    Was playing once got killed early so i was watching a guy playing Buggzy and he kept talking to Jason asking him not to kill him over and over he would be telling Jason why he shouldn't be killed and that he wold help Jason and all after awhile of this Jason caught back up to him later on at this point the Buggzy guy trusted Jason somewhat and was yet again telling Jason player all the perks in not killing him when all of a sudden out of the blue Jason dude just grabbed him said he was annoying and killed him instantly funny as hell cuz dude didn't expect it.
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    Shortly after the official launch and before the friendly fire removal from public lobbies; it was a strategy that if someone was sandbagging the counselors, you out em to Jason. I was playing part 6 and I could hear two guys talking about me and looking for me, so I wandered in (I have no mic) and they said "Wait wait wait. Look, if you kill this douche in this closet, we'll let you kill us." I stood there a moment, looking at one guy, then the other, then went past them to smash the door in. Commence the guys somewhat celebrating and calling out the douche for what he'd been doing (stealing car parts and dropping them in water, otherwise hindering them) while I chased after the guy. You might as well have had the Benny Hill theme playing while we were after him when I eventually caught him and shishkebabed him. I gave the other guys a chance to run off, but they wanted to be true to their word, so I killed them on the environment and many pats on the back were had in the lobby.
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