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    Playing right now on PS4. Full lobbies. You sure you know what the definition of dead is?
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    I was playing earlier. It still seems alive and well from what I saw.
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    Not in my experience but then again, you could be on another server. People shouldn’t assume their experience is the only one.
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    I would at least like to know what all we were getting. They still to this day haven't told us. I think we as a fan base at least deserve to know. All they'd have to do is make a bulleted list or something. It wouldn't take that long. I know we were supposed to get Paranoia, Uber Jason, and Grendel, but what else? The findable photos? That's it? Just those four things and maybe the cruise ship from part 8?
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    I don't think we'll ever see any changes to window kills, and I don't really view them as cheap. One could argue that grabbing someone next to any environmental kill and spamming A/X (doors in particular) is cheap, but I don't think it is. Jason decides how and when players die, it's your job as a counselor to try your best to avoid it.
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    You’ve been in good lobbies. I’ve been in a lot recently when nothing gets done even if Jason tunnels me for the first several minutes.
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    Ive noticed recently that window kills are getting a lot of attention for being cheap or unfair, as unless the window is closed and not broken, its most likely the only way you'd die. Windows that are open shouldn't be enough to kill you, and their pretty glitchy, and broken windows shouldn't be enough either. Should window kills be altered like doors? where theyd only be a kill location if their in the doors case open?
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    That was actually really fascinating to watch. I did watch the second one at double speed, though
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    Tommy86: Alright this topic is now solved. My theory from last time proved to be correct, and now I have the exact numbers. I will just write this out quickly - Clip 1 - Repeat of base Def tanking 10 traps again for demask. With 100 health, each trap can do no less than 10 dmg. Clip 2 - Test to see if traps could do anything more than 10. Base Def tanks 9, then requires 2 bat stuns to get demasked. If each trap did even just 11 dmg instead of 10, that would be 99 dmg after 9 traps meaning even if bat stun theoretically did just 1 dmg, he would be already demasked after the first stun. So now we can be certain that a bear trap does an exact 10 dmg. Clip 3 - Base Def taking 1 heavy hit machete from 10 Str + 2 traps + 1 bat stun to demask. Without Slugger, this is the minimum dmg he must take to lose the mask. Now to find exact base dmg of machete... Clip 4 - 1 heavy machete + 6% Slugger + 2 traps = demasked. Clip 5 - 1 heavy machete + 4% Slugger + 2 traps = NOT demasked. I did not have a 5% Slugger to try, but it is negligble. Since we know 4% will not demask, we know the minimum % increase with Slugger required to demask will be either 5% or 6%. Since we know 2 traps do exactly 20, that means the heavy hit machete killed 80 health on its own. So then we subtract the 6% Slugger from 80 which = 75.2, or alternatively subtract 5% from 80 which = 76. We can now place the base dmg of heavy hit machete from 10 Str at exactly 75-76 dmg. Which means that without Slugger, we can place the extra bat stun at minimum 5 dmg since machete (75) + 2 traps (20) = 95 + 5 dmg minimum from bat stun. Clip 6 - Completing the test on -Def Health. We saw last time that he took 9 traps to demask, however 9 of them were not actually needed. As this clip shows, only 8 traps (80) + 1 bat stun (5) are required. Which places us at 85 health for -Def, however just to make sure he is not a little under that...(edited) Clip 7 - 8 traps + 2 cooking pan stuns are required to demask -Def. We know from the previous test that 2 cooking pan stuns are roughly equivalent to 1 bat stun. We can place them at minimum 3 dmg each, and since -Def was not demasked after the first cooking pan stun, it means his health cannot be less than 85. This is why at minimum a 14% Slugger is needed to one shot demask a -Def, as 75 machete + 14% = 85.5. For a base Def, you will require a 75 machete + 15% Slugger + 16% Potent Ranger to one shot demask with Tommy. Conclusion Heavy machete hit from 10 Str is 75 dmg, -Def Health is 85. We can also disqualify weapon variance in these tests as everything was tested several times producing the same result, especially when we factor in the video before this. These methods and results can also help determine the dmg values of other weapons, however I will not be doing more tests on this topic. Anyone who is curious can use the tests shown here to guide them with it. Also after more testing I found I am incorrect about heavy hit never causing block anims. What I actually found is that it simply depends on distance This is easily the most fucking boring vid I've ever made But it is proof all the same If you don't want to watch 6 mins, just believe me when I say the only difference between normal def and -def is 10 health Otherwise go on and torture yourself It was painful for me even while I was testing lol Can't incur stun while blocking, and can't incur any more than block damage That's it Block chance actually doesn't exist at all The first clip with machete is missing one hit so don't let that change your mind 4 Buggzys / 3 + Tommy with 1 machete each = you are demasked in SECONDS even if blocking No escape Pathetic Jason health
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    Sounds like you enjoy running your mouth about people you don't know. We didn't want it getting out because the Devs for this game have a track record of causing more problems than they fix, and there is a very real possibility of them patching Jason's way of getting up there but not the counselors, which would be another step backwards for a game that's already running the wrong way on the treadmill. But of course by all means, continue talking out of your ass about your baseless suspicions.
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    @ZorroEU for you maybe, but I get games pretty frequently. Me and my friends would play on a Friday night regularly and clean through at least 10 games with 3-5 minutes searching for a new lobby in between. Full sessions too.
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    This game is DEAD on PS4 !! DEAD !!!!
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    Part 7 should be looked at by the devs as the clearest example of how to make jasons unique. Since his balance fix, he has played PERFECTLY. I almost ALWAYS get 8/8 when playing skillfully, even against jason bully groups. @mattshotcha
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    Anybody seen this one before? This is only my second time encountering this glitch. Creepy, ain't it? Kiss me, baby!
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    Same here I would love to know, then again I don’t know how upset I will be if I find out all the great things they would add
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    I mean the rights issue for Michael is dissapointing, but at least the whole franchise isn’t in a lawsuit like Friday the 13th. I would most likely choose Michael from the first 5/6 movies over the rights for the others as the original Myers is simply the best
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    Tommy Doyle - with anchorman skin.. 😀
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    If I remember correctly, there's a rights issue for Michael Myers just like there is for Jason. There's one copyright that includes the first five movies, then there's a copyright that includes 6, 7, 8, and both Zombieweens. I'm not sure how those rights work but I imagine it would be one of those things where Gun would have to bite the bullet and pick one or the other. I think Curse of Michael Myers would be an exception since it was in association with Anchor Bay while still being made by Dimension. So basically, we could either have a game where we can play as the first six versions of Michael Myers, or one where we could play as the Michael from H20, Resurrection, both Zombieweens, and likely Blumhouse. Personally, I would be fine if it was the latter because you could compensate for classic Michael by having a clean skin for the Zombieween since a clean version of the mask exists in that movie and was also used in very early promotional art before they went with the scarred version I would see it going one of two ways: Using Anchor Bay License- H1- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skin- Bob disguise H2- . Weapon- Scalpel, Hammer . Alternate Skins- Blood Tears H4- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife; Metal Pipe . Alternate Skins- Bandaged H5- . Weapon- Scythe; Pitchfork . Alternate Skins- Car Disguise H6- . Weapon- Machete Dimension Films License H20- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skins- CGI Mask, H6 Mask H8- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skins- Burned RZH1 . Weapon- Kitchen Knife; 2x4 . Alternate Skins- Clean, Escape RZH2 . Weapon- Bowie Knife . Alternate Skins- Exposed (Hobo Myers, half mask) I feel like Blumhouse Myers would be in a weird spot where they could use it with either scenario. I'd say he'd just have a regular knife or maybe even a hammer. I'd imagine weapon swapping would be a thing from the get go. Another thought I had was since Michael from the neck down is practically identical in every movie, you could probably just make Michael's customization options more unique and like a Tony Hawk or Rockstar type customization (within reason) and just have it so Michael has pairs of clothes he can choose from, and you can pick a mask to go with it. Kinda like this- Outfits- Black Coveralls Spruce Green Coveralls Dark Brown Coveralls Escape Outfit Hospital Gown Masks- H1 H2 H2 (blood tears) Ben Tramer H4 Bandages H5 H5 (disguise) H6 H20 H20 (CGI variant) H8 H8 (burned) RZH1 RZH1 (clean) Escape mask RZH2 RZH2 (damaged mask with exposed face) Blumhouse Blumhouse (battle damaged) Scars/Damage (can turn on or off or mix and match) Blindness (one eye is blinded from coat hanger) Neck scar 3rd degree burns (from hospital fire, would be on hands and neck bullet holes missing fingers (from Laurie's shotgun wound) skull damage (from the bullet at the end of RZH1 Cosmetics: Short Hair (from H1 unmasking) Aged/Buzzed (buzzed grey hair from Blumhouse movie) Medium Hair (from H5 unmasking) Long Hair (from RZH1) Manged Hair- long hair, but more curly and unkempt from RZH2 Bald - a lot of people wouldn't like this but it would make sense if you wanted to role play as a Michael that maintained his burn damage from the hospital explosion Clean Shaven Beard Head- Head 1- Tony Moran Head 2- Don Shanks Head 3- Tyler Mane Head 4- James Courtney It would be controversial to some, but I think having the possibility to play as an unmasked Michael would be cool.
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    Well I didn't blow the whistle on the one method (button combination). The method I use I learned from someone on Steam.I will continue to share my method in private to anyone wanting to know.TrumpWon can call me a narc or stool pigeon or whatever. I've been called worse. I don't know why he thinks these "tricks" should only be known by a certain "group". I suspect it's because he is guilty of using said tricks to troll others and doesn't want the devs to try and fix said tricks. If I come across a match with some teamers who want to waste time dancing on the roof with Jason,I'll just leave. CP and XP mean nothing to me anymore.
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    Window kills aren't as cheap as spamming choke or head punch, but that's an interesting argument that any [first story] windows would have to be closed to work as an environmental kill. Assuming it would be easy to implement, Gun Media might do that if enough people complained about it, and I've seen it brought up several times so far on the forum.
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    Oh, you've had that problem too, huh? How in the world 10 minutes can go by without even one car-part being installed is beyond me, but it happens.
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    @IcrazyKid855 All skins from every Halloween film for Michael Myers... Dr. Loomis - original and remake versions Laurie Strode original / 2018 look and remake versions Lynda -original Annie - original Jamie Lloyd - adult Daniel Harris version Rachel Carruthers Tina Kara strode Tommy Doyle - Grown up Lindsay Wallace - grown up version Ben Tramer - with mask and without Nurse Alves - nurse outfit and plain clothes Nurse Karen - nurse outfit and plain clothes Nurse Janet- nurse outfit and plain clothes Bud - ambulance outfit and plain clothes Jimmy - ambulance outfit and plain clothes Mr Garret Sheriff Bracket both original and remake Sheriff Meeker Kelly Meeker - Cops do it by the book shirt and regular clothing option. John Tate Allyson Strode - Laurie’s grand daughter Halloween 2018 Karen Strode - Laurie’s Daughter Halloween 2018 @Thatguyinktown I totally understand your frustration with the current state of F13 the Game it is very upsetting... one good thing to look forward to is Our new community lead has told us the next update/ patch will address the “weak Jason “ issues we have been experienced for quite a while now..... I agree that Gun perfectly captured the feel/ look of the Friday the 13th franchise...and have struggled with the asymmetrical balance for both sides..... Gun media and Illfonic did make something special though....and I feel could do the same for Halloween they are huge fans and it shows.... Both of these games are projects no AAA developer was going to do....and Gun did a lot right with the game.....it is still fun to play with the right people.... ( I agree the glitches /mechanics can be abused...and is the main issue I have with the game right now.) Would I like more in the game ? Hell yeah !!!! But I do feel I have definitely got my money’s worth from it as it stands. They did have a better balance for both sides Last year hopefully they can find It again. hopefully if Gun Media does a Halloween Game they would start by having learned a lesson about the player base and how the majority of us want an Op Horror Icon in the game!!
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    See the recommended posts in this thread: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25585-estimated-time-of-patch-changes/
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    Here’s a few examples of when Jason used to have invulnerability frames: This is one of the things that Jason needs. @mattshotcha
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    I can't speak for this game, but I've known of developers of games past leaving exploits in their games. The day all exploits in this game are gone, is the same day I'll buy every respectful member of our community a round of drinks. I've built up a tolerance to the poison of our precious community. Those knives are loaded with dark matter, with an outer coating of vibranium.
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    Damn, everyone! I feel a little embarrassed since I have NEVER had as much recognition as this by my peers! Thank you! As for @The Rain, I know full well these aren't 100% flawless match videos and I DO screw up a LOT, but I'll post a few here (videos are in reverse chronological order. Newest saved video first to one of my earliest matches as Jason last. Also included "A Proper Way to Use Stalk") : Edit: (Unrelated, but figured I'd use this space to make a shout out) Hey, @mattshotcha! Sent a friend request your way on PS4, so please...
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    After looking through multiple sources, it seems that if you have the right game versions, you could test out the Grendel map and get Jason x as a plaable character. Youd go into engine stuff and do coding stuff, im not advanced lol. The question is, would you try this out just to have a taste? or would you rather just leave it be?
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