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    Thought I'd have some fun showing off Wes' New umbrella. Feel free join in. Template below. -----------------------------------------------------------------
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    I think I'll break the window and set a bear trap.
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    So, I've been playing again recently, frequently, and actually have Jason selected as my preference. I posted somewhere on here a long time ago that one of the biggest problems with Jason is his constantly being locked in to animations while being completely vulnerable to attacks. Hacking a door, walking through a door, grabbing a knife, breaking a power box, etc. It seems, and maybe my memory is off, that it's gotten worse. I couldn't count the times in the last week or two that I've performed an action as Jason and had a Chad come walking in to the frame in combat stance ready to knock me out. Between that, the awful grab (which I once supported), the swings, the distance a counselor can get from you when you fail - and come back to attack while you're still stumbling.... When you're Jason and literally being followed, there's something wrong. The game really has gotten to feel like, as Jason, you're trying to survive the counselors. I don't see counselors play cautiously - I don't think caution is rewarded. Most players just run about trying to complete their tasks with little thought as to Jason. If he shows up, we'll just beat his ass. Bear trap? Who cares I'm going to step in it and keep running. Straddle a broken window? I can do this all day. Throwing knife in my head? Funny, I don't feel a thing. There's a lot suggestions here that are good, although we can write off the "add X" ideas. I think I'll just contribute to the consensus that Jason is just too weak.
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    @NytmereZ yet people still play it devoutly. I truly believe if the people who post here didn’t care they’d stop playing.
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    They said they'll give us news regarding the new update towards the end of the month and guess what month is about to end already, we can expect news on the 31st I guess. 😅 Also hope they fix the dedicated server issue on PS4/XB1, it's a nightmare to find lobbies.
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    In my opinion, since it's the only one, it probably won't go anywhere until someone makes another one at some point. The game is obviously addictive which is a good thing for the game. Eventually an updated version (sequel) will be made (I hope) but until then all we can do is play this one. This game will always hold a special place and as long as it remains online I will probably revisit it from time to time forever. It's a game that you can put down and play others and then come back to it. I usually still play every day (even when playing something new) and I'm not stopping any time soon. I like to throw in maybe 3 rounds before starting any other games. Or I have an all F13 game day.
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    That would be amazing, and now wes has connections, a Halloween video game could possibly happen in the future
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    I don't condone team killing (unless justified in a public match or purely an accident in private games), but this was probably one of the funniest ends to a match I saw in a long time:
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    All Jason needs to do to see the boat is in play is look at his map. It takes 5 seconds or less. Localized sound might work, but when I was Jason the only time people got away in the boat is when I wasn't looking at the map. If they were moving in the boat at the time I looked at the map, they didn't get away unless I was a slow water Jason. If it's normal water speed or better, with boat sound notification, the boat's done. Kaput. Out of play. No one's escaping with it. The car however can still avoid even high shift Jasons. Big difference with the boat. In the boat you cannot avoid normal and fast water Jasons, at all. And you get drowned instantly in the water. Death trap. Revert it back to the way it was and just make Jason more effective in his normal gameplay. Get rid of chain stuns, fix weapon stun ratings, speed up certain animations, etc. Like I say, rather than negate escape methods for counselors and just make Jason better in his own side of the gameplay.
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    You can use the search button. I posted video from launch. There was no boat noise. You can swear up and down that there was, but there wasn't.
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    The boat is a death trap to any +water speed Jason. You're just not getting out now...period. It was crapshoot before against a +water speed because most of us use the map frequently. Busting down a door? Use the map. Walking to a power box? Use the map. Walking to the car from the morph point? Use the map. The sound just allows us to be a little bit lazy about paying attention to the map. Against a -water speed Jason, you better be getting out 9 times out of 10. There are times when a Part IV can play goalie very effectively though.
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    That almost never works against anybody other than noobs. Most Jasons will be camping it in stalk. I’ve seen virtually whole lobbies drowned over that bait.
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    I'm part of a troupe of upwards of 15 players who have played on PS4 since the very first day and we can all tell you that wasn't the case. You can ask @malloymk or @Redrum138 or @RustInPeace (all of whom are veteran PS4 players) or any other number of people on this forum. There was never, ever a boat sound until they patched it in.
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    No. You're the one clearly taking offence to things. I give no shits. You can reply, but I probably won't bother reading it. *yawn*
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    I miss y'all (: We had such fun!
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