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    They're bored with the game, so trolling is their only real source of fun. Those two sound like nominees for the "asshole of the century" award. I had a humorous match a couple nights ago. A pair of jerks (Chad and Vanessa) were playing on the roof as well. As Jason, I gave everyone else the option of escaping. I was unaware at the time, that the other 4 players wanted to get even with the pair for holding the match hostage. Two of the four had escaped (LaChappa and Adam), with one becoming Tommy. A third (Jenny) went and grabbed the sweater. The fourth (Mitch) I believe was fixing objectives. The Tommy player asked the two on the roof to help kill Jason. Surprisingly, they agreed. Both came off of the roof, and rendezvous with Tommy. Jenny was behind me somewhere. Mitch is nearby parking the four seater. Tommy and the cheaters start attacking me. My mask eventually gets knocked off. One of the cheaters calls for Jenny to use the sweater on me. The funny thing is, Jenny is nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, a car rides past me, and hits the cheater Vanessa head on. She's down and out, and pretty pissed. The Chad realizes that it is a setup, and tries to make it back on the roof. A counselor's trap (I'm guessing Mitch) ruins that for him. He gets grabbed, and roasted on a campfire. Never had I heard such anger and vulgarity after a match. The fun for two trolls was ruined, and a good time was had by the others.
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    Depends how long you have to hide. If you're in a good spot in a house, like the Jarvis basement, Jason can easily spend several minutes tearing the place apart before he realizes you might be down there. And even if the house is lighting up on Sense it could still take a couple of minutes to thoroughly check the house, do a second scan of all the hiding places, and then a third more careful sweep of all the rooms to see someone hiding in a corner. If the player can be sneaky and find two good spots in there, it's even worse. You might still need to evade Jason eventually, but you can bleed A LOT of time off the clock and frustrate him.
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    Deb with Hypo, Preparedness, and Marathon, which I sometimes switch out with legendary MDAC because it reduces police arrival time to about 3:40 instead of 5:00.
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    I want to try variety as the devs is gonna rework some perks i want to know what non-meta perks you are using (No Medic , swift attacker , hypochondriac etc...)
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    Have any of you found any hiding spots that you swear by? I have one for sure, and I have proven that it works time and time again. It's so stupid too but results don't lie. I forget which map right off hand, but it's the one that has the 2 large houses close to each other. One house has like this rear shed/basement that you can walk into. Only one way in and one way out (Not the house that has stairs that lead down to a basement, the other one). When you go in there I think there's like appliances and stuff around. Anyways, in the middle of the basement is like a support beam for the roof and I think a refrigerator sitting up against it. I'm not kidding, sometimes I will just go stand behind the fridge, and angle my pov so I can see around it and still see the door. But whoever comes into that doorway looking into the room can't see me standing behind the fridge. On multiple occasions have I witnessed Jasons freaking out as time widdled down and they frantically searched the house above me. Sometimes even coming down to the basement 2 or 3 times and looking in, then leaving again. The only potential problem is if another counselor decides to come down there and stand next to you and completely give away your position. I realize hiding isn't the ideal way to win but it IS a fair way to win, and when you're the last person left on a large map and surely doomed, do what you can. Share yours!
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    I love MDAC. Used to run it all the time.
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    MDAC is underated even with his nerf he is still a very powerful perk.
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    It still does. And it's why it's a good place to hide. I'm not saying to stand there all match long, but long enough to see/hear Jason enter the house and take off to somewhere else.
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    I did something similar to this last night on Higgin's Haven. After a while Jason just stood there confused, and I snuck up behind him and nabbed him in the back with the baseball bat. I lost it, and just cracked up laughing for the rest of the match. Laughing pissed the Jason player off, but I couldn't help it. It was sooo stupid. The game is fun to play and watch if you make it that way.
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    Please don't '100% confirm' something that you can't confirm; the only people who can judge the use of exploits are the developers/publishers. We don't want users to start thinking it is acceptable to do questionable things. @NytmereZ, to be honest you wouldn't know if they got banned or not anyway. You can't expect to know everything that happens after sending in reports.
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    Most of the time, I leave my counselors with specific perk builds. Other times, I'll mix it up and experiment a bit. I set counselor to random most of the time, to keep things interesting. Whichever one I draw, I'll play the role.
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    No hiding spot is meant to last forever, and if you’re smart you’ll move. I don’t care if you’re a backer, you’re not going to be able to search every conceivable hiding spot in the game in the time allotted.
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    Jenny with Nerves of Steel, Level Headed and Heavy Sleeper. She will literally never come up on Sense when hiding in a tent.
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    I main Mitch, currently run Thick a Skin, Firecracker and NoS. I switch out NoS for Sneaky on window heavy maps or if I feel like playing with Jason. I’ve also run Preparedness, Flaregun, and Grease Monkey, depending on my goals at the time. Edit - Each Counselor has a unique build, I leave Thick Skin on all of them so I don’t tank a trap and end up limping when the random Counselor bug hits. I plan on testing more builds on various Counselors as soon as I can roll new perks. Looking forward to it, might find a new main as there’s a couple of Counselors I haven’t given a fair try.
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    All of mine are set up. I don't play on random personally. I switch my counselor based on the map, what the rest of the lobby are playing as, and my mood. I will also change up my perks a bit depending on the luck I've been having. If for some reason I'm having trouble finding stuff to defend myself with, I'll use the firecrackers perk. If I keep ending up near Jason I'll use nerves of steel.
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    I have a basic set up for all counselors, I also play random. Nerves of steel, and thick skin on everyone, then if they have a 7 or higher in stamina they get restful. Marathon for less than 7.
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    I keep all mine prepared based on their stats. Tiffany is my parts runner, Deb is my stealth repair girl, Buggzy and Chad are Jason pests, etc. Mostly got it like that because of this current bug that sometimes sets you to random. If it happens, at least I've got the emotes, clothes and perks set up for everyone
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    So glad I haven't been playing. Jesus Christ, the gameplay decisions to "fix" what didn't need to be fixed are utterly asinine. Just hand-holding bad players by negating that which rewards good players.
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    On Victoria I'm running Legendary Speed Demon, Legendary Lightfoot, Legendary Thickskin. I don't think I would ever need anything else for Victoria besides these perks. Well besides from a 1% Sprint Speed increase for my Speed Demon perk coming soon. I already rolled it twice hoping third time's the charm for the perfect version.
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    Yeah, fear affects stam regeneration. And Chappa gets scared pretty fast, Nerves of steel will help alot. And marathon shouldn't really help as much as it does, I mean 15% on what a 2 or something? But, it does. Alot! And with restful to keep that stamina topped off. That's my build on Chappa, Mitch and Deb. Used to use thickskin all the time, but now only against really good Jason players. And I'll drop restful for it on any counselor under a 7 stamina. But keep restful, and drop marathon for higher.
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    I can't speak for this game, but I've known of developers of games past leaving exploits in their games. The day all exploits in this game are gone, is the same day I'll buy every respectful member of our community a round of drinks. I've built up a tolerance to the poison of our precious community. Those knives are loaded with dark matter, with an outer coating of vibranium.
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    AJ with Epic Lightfoot (15), Preparedness and Restful. You are almost guaranteed to not be found in the first 10 minutes if you're not unlucky with other counselors or a repair and can thus get shit done. I've been thinking of replacing Restful with something to reduce fear once Jason has Rage but cabin-hopping is definitely an option for AJ with a good Restful perk. And there are times when I need to get from one side of a map to the other (item appears on the map for instance) and Restful is very helpful for a low stamina counselor in those instances.
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    Buggzy likes friendship slugger and legendary thrasher. Legendary thrasher is a decent alternative to thick skin because you can do more damage with an axe plus the legendary bonus let's you tank a trap without limping, take a few extra broken window hops, or an extra hit from Jason. I use that build on everyone with a strength stat of 7 or more. I only run medic thick skin and hypochondriac on Vanessa and Chad for obvious reasons. Deb and Chap get restful and marathon to fight their asthma. I run stealth builds on Tiff and AJ and everyone else gets sucker punch swift attacker and nerves of steel. I'm set to random on counselor and Jason and play to the strengths of whomever I'm dealt. Keeps it interesting...
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