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    Haven’t read the thread but just replying to the tag. Anyone who says there was boat start-up at launch is full of it. @malloymk I can actually provide proof as I still have clips from that time, I remember this discussion from a while back and checking my clips just for that reason. It is complete and utter BS that a “glitch” prevented it from being heard in the past. It was simply never there to begin with. Devs must’ve been high af when they made this change tbh. I will find those clips this weekend and post them so this topic can finally be put to rest. I also don’t believe anyone had a rogue sound file, only a rogue memory in their brain. Think about it - to put in a boat start-up sound completely defies the reason to go for boat obj in the first place. The whole reason was always that it had a silent start-up, but you were virtually screwed if / when it was seen on the map. A trade off. I guess a year later the devs simply forgot what the obj was all about. 😄
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    Bumping for @xllxENIGMAxllx Read the thread and watch the video. If you can provide proof there was a boat noise at launch, then you'll be the first to do so (including the developers).
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    The moral of this story is that Jason gets stunned way to much.
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    The devs aren’t doing shit about this people are going on the roof because they know the devs aren’t doing shit, I just tried playing a game 10 minutes ago, and some idiot kid was on the roof again (this crap is happening 9 out of 10 times a match) I just learned how to get up there, but I didn’t bother, I told the punk kid up,there that I took the screen shot and sent it in(I did) and he laughed saying nobody has ever done anything , and you know what? .... I believe him, I’m not bothering anymore , I’m going to do what I just did, is turn the game off.
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    IMO, I like Roy the way he is. I think it’s a nice tribute to have Roy be literally identical to Jason. It makes him more scary than as if he was just a “human”. Also, I really like the “Jason’s spirit takes over Roy’s body” theory. It kinda would explain why he was able to take a good amount of damage, rage through a door, be everywhere at once, etc.
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    Lol. I wasn’t even going to acknowledge him. Not only because he was wrong, but because he reactivated a year old post just to be a douche.
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    Hacks and exploits can eventually be patched out. Assholes who want to ruin the game for everyone by quitting cannot. Keep the dedicated servers, patch the exploits out and save the P2P until it is needed (servers go offline).
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    We discussed this with @malloymk back then. I also was convinced that the boat could have been heard by Jason back whenever. I remember a long time ago my kid saying that "wtf, the boat escaped, didn't hear it". I was also surprised because I could have sworn that it was heard at some point. Well, Malloy convinced me. It was a long way back and the times I thought I heard the boat start, I was probably near the boat. Or it could have been a temporary host-based sound-glitch between patches (wouldn't be surprised about that...). Or I just missremember this, nothing unusual about that. Anywho, I trust this bunch, so no further debate from me.
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    @mattshotcha confirmed the the next patch would contain some quality of life changes for Jason. He also hinted we'd be pretty happy with them. But no details as of yet.
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    Kinda like how it use to be with the host only hearing certain audio cues like weapons or items getting dropped, right? That was annoying.
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    All Jason needs to do to see the boat is in play is look at his map. It takes 5 seconds or less. Localized sound might work, but when I was Jason the only time people got away in the boat is when I wasn't looking at the map. If they were moving in the boat at the time I looked at the map, they didn't get away unless I was a slow water Jason. If it's normal water speed or better, with boat sound notification, the boat's done. Kaput. Out of play. No one's escaping with it. The car however can still avoid even high shift Jasons. Big difference with the boat. In the boat you cannot avoid normal and fast water Jasons, at all. And you get drowned instantly in the water. Death trap. Revert it back to the way it was and just make Jason more effective in his normal gameplay. Get rid of chain stuns, fix weapon stun ratings, speed up certain animations, etc. Like I say, rather than negate escape methods for counselors and just make Jason better in his own side of the gameplay.
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    The boat making a sound is hand-holding Jason to win. I know Jason needed buffs, but this is simply negating a method of escape. Imagine if you were playing hide-and-seek with your friends, every time you hide they say "you can't hide there," and you have to tell the seeker where you are hiding, because the seeker is a 5-year-old that hates losing and pitches a fit when he can't find you and his mother told you that you have to let him win. In other words, rather than negate win conditions for counselors, just make Jason better at seeking and killing, etc. That would be the best route to take.
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    Jason is not quite balanced enough in qp. Nobody ever said anything about making him un killable. It just shouldn't be as easy as it is. Difficulty settings won't work because you're further dividing a dwindling player base. I am a Jason killer and I find it way too easy considering I can knock Jason's mask off in one or two hits. But I also play as Jason a lot.
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    I see the bad Jason hunters are already complaining. @Strigoi how are more machetes going to help against a Jason that's harder to stun? Machetes rarely stun now... There's already an easy mode. Play against a noob. Very easy to escape from, troll, or kill. That will only change as they get more experience. But my question is where's the fun in that? The game isn't called crappy hunter kills the Jason. You're supposed to earn the kill if that's what you want. It doesn't make you good just because you can chain stun a mask off while two of your buds suicide so you can say you killed Jason. Sounds like you'll figure that out with the next update...
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    Of course realistically it makes a sound. But by that logic the range should be limited. From a game play stand point I felt the boat was perfect before. You traded the stealth for the nearly certain death if caught.
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    My favorite boat-related shenanigans to engage in involve someone else starting the boat and Jason subsequently killing them, and then once the coast has cleared I'll slowly dog-paddle out to the now-abandoned and completely forgotten boat, hop in, and make my way to the exit. It doesn't happen much, but when it does it's immensely satisfying.
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    I'm part of a troupe of upwards of 15 players who have played on PS4 since the very first day and we can all tell you that wasn't the case. You can ask @malloymk or @Redrum138 or @RustInPeace (all of whom are veteran PS4 players) or any other number of people on this forum. There was never, ever a boat sound until they patched it in.
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    I wouldn't put it in the same boat as the counselors exploit. To me it's just a counter to an exploit. And honestly necessary at this point. Jason would have no reason to do it if not for the counselor being up there in the first place. It's not all black and white for me. Should I be able to get up there as Jason? Probably not. Am I glad I know how to if I need to? Yes I am. Does it feel amazing to beat the glitchers at their own game? You can bet your ass it does. I can tell you the one time I got to use it in QP felt amazing to choke the life out of the glitching bastard as he rage quit. I'd save it for the next patch. They've got real problems that need to be dealt with right now. Like being able to destroy a car with a throwing knife...
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    Lol. insightful answers coming from this forum? Obviously you haven't played a lot then. Talk to a Vanessa or Chad main and they'll claim that those are the "best" characters and speed-looting and claiming/wasting all of the finite resources is the "smart strategy"
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    Dude!Holy fuck,I saw your title and that’s the first one I thought of.Its the Jarvis house map and the basement under the actual Jarvis residence.All you gotta do is go behind the fridge and 3rd person peek and boom!Hidden.We should hide there together if you’re on PS4
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    Try this hiding place to see
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    Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.
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    It’s the Jarvis House map. I use that same location as a hiding spot while making a part run (taking propeller to the boat or gas to the car) if Jason gets near me. I’ll hide there until he leaves and then go on to the repair. The key is to shut the door behind you and don’t lock it. Locking the door will result in a thorough sweep of that room by Jason.
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    Thank you @Dragonfire82877. I think it has to do with (aside from watching objectives like a hawk or as best I can) just being relentless. I don't talk at all as Jason. I mute my mic but keep my earbud in so I hear people shouting their plans or listen to their "fake outs" trying to get me to morph away. I also tend to use Stalk properly (trick window hoppers, Stalk+Shift so people run to me, and various other scenarios). MOST of the time it works, but nothing in this game is 100% surefire at all times and I will sometimes miss a boat or 1 or 2 escapees at the cops if I was more worried about a full 4 seater getting away. I do NOT view myself as good at all, yet players and members here give me kudos, so I guess I'm doing something right.
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    I don't know of anyone in particular, but I do know that anytime I play a game as a counselor where the Jason player has already killed someone by the time I lock the door of the cabin I spawn next to, I know that's gotta be a good Jason player. Not always, but typically yes.
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    If you can buy Jason's kills why not perks for the counselors. Maybe they thought it would be fun, like a slot machine. Only it's not that fun after a while when you keep getting crap.
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    Exactly this...☝️ That’s how it should’ve been. The last time, that I rolled perks...I received the same perk, 4 different times/different variations...within 5 consistent rolls. It doesn’t matter what day, hour, whenever...that you choose to roll. The current system is a mess. Congrats @Methodicalize!
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    Still not a fan of the las vegas style perk system. Its one of the weakest areas of the game. I can see a lot of people (or realistically what's left of the old timers) get really pissed if they make it so you can simply purchase the best perks for the right CP, even though that's literally what it should've been in the first place. The incentive to play would've been better because it wouldn't have been random. You could purchase the perks you could afford with the right amount of cp. I'd trade it out for special abilities and perhaps ways to enhance them but that ship has long since sailed.
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    All people want to do is complain.
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