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    Thick Skin and Firecracker, + Sneaky, NoS or Grease Monkey. I play/main Mitch so that factors into my perk build. Just wanted to say, good topic by the way. I look forward to trying new builds after the revamp.
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    Never thought of it even if i did know that that fear reduce stamina regeneration speed. Gonna give it a try soon.
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    I’m assuming they are offering to make a game, a lot goes into that and development can be incredibly hard if your not following a preexisting plan. Using the current asymmetrical model would be fine but wouldn’t produce a Halloween game, just a generic game with Halloween marketing. The fact that Gun. has done Friday means they have already gone through the process once and any product can be more refined. A Halloween game needs to be more involved than asymmetrical horror has been up until this point. Michael is a Stalker, both Dbd and Last Year play in a much more frantic way than a Halloween game should, Michael needs to observe and then kill in efficient ways. The players who aren’t Michael will need to be more than just Counselors, Survivors or Victims. Yeah I might be wrong but I think that to make the game work you’ll need more than 3 or 4 generic Babysitters, although they will probably be a big part of the survivor side. In my mind it will probably need to have a population of bots to make it more interesting and to make it feel like a lived in world. Escape can’t be the primary objective for the Babysitters/Other PC’s. If it is then we’re just back to doing the last reel of the movie. I think that a Gun. could plan this out much more effectively if they’re working with Blumhouse and Blumhouse would benefit from Guns. experience. As for Michael’s objective, maybe it’s to only kill the other players, or maybe it’s to only kill a player after killing two bots or to kill in a specific order. There’s a lot of potential I can see from having a publishing partner, just knowing what will and won’t work at this time with current hardware is a big help. Add story and any innovation that Gun. may have in store, it seems like better than starting from scratch. I do get what you’re saying but a good publisher will care about the details and not just give us more of the same.
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    Is that a Duck recipe? Duck le a’ die snitch, sounds delicious, does your mom make it?
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    A cool Lachappa build, non meta. Nerves of steel, restful and marathon. That build is on my Chappa. NOS helps stamina regeneration when Jason is near, or your fear elevates. That set up is sweet, made some Jasons scratch their head on that one. "No way he got away" Lol, try it.
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    I think people might be missing my point here. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing exploiters getting their asses kicked as much as anybody else does and I like seeing Jason getting on the roof to smack some sense into them. However, it is by technical definition an exploit; a feature in the game that's not in there by design. What matters right now is what the developers and publishers think about it, it's not up to us to decide whether or not it should or shouldn't be fixed. It's about what they want to do about it. As for 'try to avoid using it', I said that to keep yourselves safe. If someone sends in video footage of you messing about on a part of the map you're not meant to access, what do you think the person analysing it will think? Whether or not we players agree on if it's an acceptable use of an exploit to benefit everyone in the game is irrelevant, it would be classified as exploiting and any form of exploiting would be liable to a potential ban. Just think about these things and be wary. Video footage means you can be banned if they decide it is appropriate, and it's something you won't be able to argue about. Again just to reiterate, I'm not saying anyone will be banned for sure for getting on the roof as Jason, I'm just saying that it's an exploit like counselors getting on the roof is. Perhaps @mattshotcha can share his thoughts on the matter.
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    Exactly!! These types of games were something that we only Day dreamed about..... now a reality and a good one to boot! I wouldn’t let a few bugs/ poor business dealings.....sour all the enjoyment I got and continue to get from F13 stop me! I would support them day one on a kickstarter ! A Halloween game, with Michael Myers where I don’t have to hang them on hooks...I am in...America !!Fuck yeah!!
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    I’d be with you on this. I missed out backing F13, but I’m in a position I would be able to back this one, and really would love to see it happen.
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    If a kickstarter for Halloween game dropped tomorrow, everyone on here would be backing it, even if pissed at how F13 has gone. Thats just how much potential exists with F13. Its a great game, frustrations with bugs and all. Id be all in on Halloween too. Just saying.. Lets do this Gun! (lets leave the bugs out of this one though, kindly please and thank you 😁)
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    I’d like to think they’re hints.
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    Yeah, you’d almost think he was dropping hints, or just a fan, one of the two.
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    I just logged into Steam again. Update no longer queued. Hmm. Your mom is clickbait.
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    Wes is watching the new Halloween tonight, on the date of its release on Blu-ray. Quite the coincidence!
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    I haven’t been on here in months, but when i used to be on here a lot I remember seeing you here all the time, do you think you will play the Halloween game if gun makes one?
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    So let me get this straight. You are playing Friday The 13th The Game starring Jason Voorhees the legendary antagonist of the classic slasher films of the 1980's. And yet you expect Jason not to slash? It's unfair to slash in a game based on slasher films............. Get Gud scrub.
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    Damn it now I want duck, maybe some nice cranberry sauce to go with it, lol. Definitely click bait, mmmm dead duck, delicious. 🤤
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    Lol. insightful answers coming from this forum? Obviously you haven't played a lot then. Talk to a Vanessa or Chad main and they'll claim that those are the "best" characters and speed-looting and claiming/wasting all of the finite resources is the "smart strategy"
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