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    Apparently the outdated client issue is somewhat region based. It seems to be affecting northern and eastern europe, somewhere around central europe; atleast in some regions in the UK. Also in some parts of South America. Don't know about Asia or North America (some regions with problems?), though atleast to my knowledge the US-servers seem to working fine. A very shitty and frustrating situation. I will keep on addressing this issue until it gets fixed. Still pissed off...
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    When the time comes where an offline backup is necessary, the team will ensure we protect the players' purchases and unlocks, of course. That is not where we are with F13 as of now, however. So it's not a top priority at this time.
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    Since it’s a slow time on the forums,I think I’ll start one of these up. Which Jason has the best theme/nearby music?(As in the music that plays when he’s near you.) i prefer Part 9’s or Retro Jasons electronic sounding one,but let my know yours.
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    Well you don't really need communication to get the kill if both parties know what to do. That said, he is too easy to kill.
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    Alright, back on topic please.
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    We appreciate the effort of the translation. 😎
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    Thanks @Sinisterslither and @ZorroEUand everyone else who have informed us/the devs of this problem. More and more people seem to be coming out. Keep vocal, keep feeding info and keep the preasure on!! This really is a huge issue and it is starting to eat the already diminishing playerbase. Also, it's not good pr.. Hurry up devs, get it fixed.
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    I'm a big fan of pt 5. I also agree that you should hear that jason's music when chasing someone.
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    Thanks for your answer. I'm in France, Digital copy, All DLC installed, Version 1.30. Thanks again !
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    I can guarantee we do read those. If you don't mind, make sure you have let us know some key details: Region Game Type (Physical or Digital) Any Installed DLC Game Version Number The team is collating all this info trying to track down what is happening, as this issue does not have a lot of common factors so far to go on. The info asked for here can help us identify those common denominators.
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    To be honest, I don't really have a favorite theme because I think they're all good in their own way. I like that they used the actual movie soundtracks for Jasons part 2, 3, 4, and Roy from part 5. I wish they could have gotten the rest of the Jasons their movie themes as well, but their themes are still good. Besides those however, my favorites are probably part 8, part 9, Savini Jason, and NES Jason's themes.
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    I think that’s why it still makes me jump, even knowing he’s the killer from the cut scene, I still feel unprepared when he Morphs in out of the blue and the music hits. Man, I wish I could hear it while playing him, that would be awesome.
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    It's both a shame and quite glorious at the same time. It's a shame I don't get to hear it that often because I can't hear it when I'm playing SJ, and there aren't that many around anymore (besides the odd eBay Jasons, which are easy to spot because their achievement dates don't back up the dates for owning him), and also somewhat glorious because it's rare and when it does come on, it retains its spooky qualities more-so than songs I've heard a lot before.
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    Savini Jason's music is my favorite. It sounds very menacing
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    Thanks, I´ll tag @mattshotcha for this additional info on the outdated client -issue.
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    That's a comment right there.
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    I suggest submitting this to http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/. Include as much detail as you can - which region you live in, what time(s) you have tried this, what version of PS4 software you're using (can they even be differen't? Haven't owned a console since my old Xbox 360), even stuff like the type of internet connection you have. @mattshotcha has mentioned they're looking into this issue but have been having trouble nailing down the exact cause, so the more detail you can give the more likely they are to find what's happening.
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    😄 Same thing happened in a game last time and I really love his reaction :
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    This is true, but at the time it was released what the hell did any of us know about screen-accurate toys? We were young and foolish back then.
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    So you're saying that you and everyone else here finds me to be the object of sexual desire? *sigh*...I leave a trail of broken hearts wherever I go. It's not easy being me.
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    Not to twist the knife even further...but I have the best BT package also.
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    This month we'll have news on the patch, with fix and balance details. We'll also have the exact patch date by end of month. But that doesn't mean it won't be pushed out of January by a bit. Naturally, we want to be careful that we are submitting a solid patch, and that means not confirming a launch until we have it locked up as tight as possible. But the details of this patch will be available by month's end.
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    Yes. If you are a 5 or 7 trap Jason then you can definitely spare a trap or 2 for non objective placements. It's incredibly rewarding to catch someone with a surprise trap.
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    I had this child who was playing whispering down the microphone about how we are all f****ts and he will kill us all, there was moaning in the background which either means he was watching some dirt or he’s listening to his parents pitchin’ woo. It was like a really twisted ASMR YouTube video. I’ve never been more thankful of the mute button.
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    Placing traps, as Jason, anywhere but objectives is a waste and should never be done. Tommy power box the only exception, but I consider that almost an objective anyway. Any trap you place not at an objective is a trap wasted and a free pass for people to escape. It's bad enough you got people running medic and thick skin who can take two of your traps before spraying when they're on an objective, now you can't even put two on an objective because you're trapping a random stairway or doorway or map stand. And why would you ever bother placing a trap in front of a hiding spot? Just kill them right away.
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    @mattshotcha, this is a subject that a lot of folks on here would like more info about. Client Side saves were asked about back when Shifty was still community manager. It was said that it was being looked into, but at the time dedicated servers were their major focus. Can you see if this is still going to be a possibility?
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    What’s up Matt quick question if u don’t mind me asking are offline saves for our Jason’s kills and skins ever going to happen?
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    Bugs and balance, yes. Perks might not make it into this patch. But what I did confirm was that we still are evaluating perks. We haven't scrapped the plans to work on the perk system.
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    thats funny because me and many of my buddies on ps4 cant play because matchmaking isnt working at all.
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    I do try to plan out kills. I use stalk a lot because it's true to form, and it gives people a good jump. I like listening to the chatter among players, too. I almost always wait for it to replenish. Late last night, I had an entire lobby laughing hysterically because I stalk shifted into a house, waited for a Bugsy to make a run for it, and nabbed him around the doorway. The game is about the chase to me. I set up cabins just for this purpose. I can't tell you how many times I catch people in traps under the window by main objectives and at the stairs of Packanack on both sides. It makes me smile everytime.
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    ...not to mention fixing the f**king outdated client shit Yes Sir, I am going to bring this up all the time untill it's fixed. This is not some random irritating bug, but a game-breaking one because YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT PLAY.
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    ps4 europe servers haven't been working since the last update, You haven't fixed it for 40 days , r u kidding?
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    Agree. These counselors who "committed suicide" aren't dead because they just decided they didn't want to live anymore. They committed suicide BECAUSE OF JASON. Because of YOU (the player) as Jason. Therefore, YOU (the player) as Jason should get the kill credit for suicides. @ShiftySamurai - what's the devs' official stance on why Jason currently doesn't get credit for counselor suicides (even though he drove them to it)? At worst, it's a terrible way for someone to troll by denying Jason's kill XP. Has the subject been discussed internally that you can talk about?
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    I love watching the poor little things kill themselves. Bless their little hearts.
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