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    Haven't had any 150's rage explicitly at me that I can remember, but a 150 rage quit the moment I got past him with a car full of 4 right at the exit. It was a Savini Jason too, and he left the lobby a split second after I drove us all past him. Encountered a troll on Xbox as well who tried his best to pose as a girl, right down to the name he chose for his gamer tag, choice of picture for said gamer tag and how he talked down the microphone. I heard him speaking in the lobby as a 'girl' but I generally don't talk to randoms, so I just played the game as normal. He encountered me in the game and tried to team kill me with a weapon, then followed me round incessantly until Jason got him. He then said to his friend in his real teenager voice 'he (referring to me) got me killed' when he came back as Tommy, and I replied 'you got yourself killed you idiot'. He then tried to troll me by continuously saying my name wrong and talking to his friend about how I was X and Y. I ignored him completely until he and his friend left. His friend didn't seem to be like him, but did have some knowledge of what was going on so I thought 'guilty by association'. I then encountered them both again last night, and I waited a couple of minutes before he noticed I was in his lobby. "OH IT'S CRACKBING, HEY CRACKBING". I didn't respond because trolls get furious when you ignore them most of the time and they try their hardest to get a reaction out of you. "He's probably not gonna talk man, come back to party chat" says his friend. They already knew I wasn't a putz who'd respond to their nonsense so they didn't even try this time. Anyway, the game starts as normal. First game and I escape by police; the troll and his friend both die. Next game in the same lobby on Crystal Lake small, I manage to fix the four seater. I immediately spot the troll's friend who was playing as Tiffany, trying to grab a seat from the other players. Jason then turns up and chases him off, and I return to the car shortly after with the keys and get it started. I pick up 2 other players out of the 3 left alive (excluding me) and ignore the troll's friend. Funnily enough, he thinks he can get one of the remaining seats and then runs out into the road as I'm driving up. Usually I'd not bother teamkilling, but I had a good laugh as I plowed straight through him and drove off with the rest of the players The next game I escape by police again, and we're up to round 4. I was hoping each time I would get to play Jason so I could destroy the pair of them with ease, but unfortunately didn't get the chance. At the end of round 3, I notice that they both died yet again and I escaped again. I sent one message to the 'girl' troll, saying "Dead yet again? You guys aren't very good at this are you lol". He replies with something along the lines of "haha you're getting communications banned", and I sent one reply and one reply only: "Not without profanity I won't, try harder". Idiot then proceeds to send 3 more messages trying to get a rise out of me. He failed because I didn't respond after mocking him, and in the 4th and final round on Crystal Lake again, I got the four seater running as usual. I spotted him crouched in the corner near the tool shed, responding to the 'not without profanity' message I sent him. Just as I start the car, he finishes his message and gets up and comes running towards the car. I drove forward a bit to make sure he didn't get a seat, then full on reversed straight into him. It was a really satisfying clunk as I ran his ass over. I let two other non-troll players get in and there's a third nearby who seemed a bit hesitant, given that I'd just deliberately TK'd someone and was sat there honking at him. He doesn't bother getting in and Jason morphs over shortly after, so I just floored it straight out whilst giggling to myself about how rubbish the troll was at trolling. After that, they both quit. Found them once more in a later game but they both immediately quit out lol.
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    On Crystal Lake the cabin across from the mini parking lot, if it’s the fuse house, I do a back window. On Packanack large, the furthest cabin up the main drag, the back door leading to the round about. Lots of other places but those are the two that are most successful I think. Edit - @SirMang, you do you buddy, no need to spoil the fun this thread could be with blatant negativity. We aren’t discussing the best way to play but fun things to do, so no need to take it so seriously.
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    Sounds like traps need a buff or thick skin/medic need a nerf. Which should it be? 1. Jason can pick them up and put them down at will at no cost 2. Jason can reset each trap one time each, effectively giving each trap two uses before they break all together 3. Jason can pick them up and put them down at the cost of a knife (though knives would need to be buffed with a refill meter of sorts over time) Will traps be buffed? @mattshotcha To answer the question, if I have more traps. I like to use another trap at one of the phone house windows if applicable. I don't bother trapping the two sweater unless I have 5 traps or more or its Pinehurst/Jarvis.
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    I had this child who was playing whispering down the microphone about how we are all f****ts and he will kill us all, there was moaning in the background which either means he was watching some dirt or he’s listening to his parents pitchin’ woo. It was like a really twisted ASMR YouTube video. I’ve never been more thankful of the mute button.
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    There were these same 2-3 counselors in this lobby that glitched up to the roof every round (one of them was hosting and wouldn't use any map except Packanack). After 4 rounds of having to wait 10+ minutes so these losers could run around and hit each other, I decided to try blocking the window. It didn't really work like I wanted, but I DID get to laugh my ass off when I heard Jason killing the Kenny I blocked from climbing back into the room.
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    Gg @x OLd ScRatCh x you tried to kill me today and really made it intresting. As far as what you should do as Jason vs. a kill squad you observed my tactics. Hit, run repeat. Slash away and keep the pressure on.
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    I've only ever seen one PA movie and I don't believe this is connected, but I enjoy horror games and saw PA lost souls game on sale in the ps store. I loved playing VR resident evil but this absolute nearly gives me a heart attack. I've read the game is only short but at the moment I can only play in small bursts as it gets pretty tense. As you enter the huge house, the game does a great job at creating atmosphere and a feeling that some unseen evil presence is around you. I fully recommend it for horror fans who have a psvr.
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    What if Jason weren't a mass murderer, what would he do for a living, or to occupy his time? Top gigs for Jason in 2019: Bouncer Masseuse Personal Trainer Police target practice Archery instructor Neighborhood watch
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    Have game on both consoles, and have noticed that on PS4 since the playerbase has a lot of the freebie players, it's become kid/glitch/Jason teamer/car troll heaven. Basically, you can't sit on the roof and hold the match hostage if I can come up and kill you, and can't help Jason if you're dead. At the current time, I'd take dying to a gunshot from someone trying to shoot a Jason that's grabbed me, or the random smacks from a troll (who I can revenge kill). Agree, disagree?
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    Not to mention that this youtuber is also featured on the game's official webpage which looks like some sort of double standard from Gun. regarding deliberate use of glitches or exploits. They don't want people here asking or sharing info about these sort of things(which is the right thing to do anyway) but it looks like they have no problem giving visibility to someone doing the very same things on a youtube channel.
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    Hey when did I play with you!?.. lol jk. I never get mad at anyone. Dying is part of the game. Well unless someone is being a jerk, but i still just avoid rather then trying to start conflict, not worth it..
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    Ok, just some insight here. @lasse_hei is among my best online friends, and he is an honorable man. He is frustrated because of the issues with the EU servers not working as intended and has been patiently waiting for info on the new patch for quite some time now. The only way he gets games is if one of us who are on his friends list on the US servers will invite him over, otherwise the game in not playable. Please cut the guy some slack here, he's really a great guy and always plays a clean game within the rules and helps out his team in any way possible. We all appreciate the info that is being provided in this thread, and it's just his frustration talking here. Once again thank you to @mattshotcha for providing the info when possible on the much anticipated upcoming patch for the game that we're all crazy for!
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    I warch your gameplay your skill in F13 is Normal make 1v1 Jason vs you if you are so gooood
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    LOL, you do understand this is a video game correct? Put this on your job resume and tell me what happens . The guy had a legit question or gripe , get over yourself .
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    Placing traps, as Jason, anywhere but objectives is a waste and should never be done. Tommy power box the only exception, but I consider that almost an objective anyway. Any trap you place not at an objective is a trap wasted and a free pass for people to escape. It's bad enough you got people running medic and thick skin who can take two of your traps before spraying when they're on an objective, now you can't even put two on an objective because you're trapping a random stairway or doorway or map stand. And why would you ever bother placing a trap in front of a hiding spot? Just kill them right away.
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    When you know an important part is in a one-door cabin like one right in front of packanack, so you put a trap there so they're required to step in it or get rid of it. When you know someone is in a tent or outhouse, place a trap so they are at your leisure.
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    Agree. In the AU region, there aren't nearly enough players to reliably get a game in without posting in one of the Steam groups and organising a night of it. If you don't, there's a good chance you'll just get lumped in an AU server by yourself. Would be nice to hop around different servers if you just want to get a couple of quick games in without organising a whole group.
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    We've got some of the most mysterious bugs to ever exist in a game. It's a tough job, but thankfully he is here and doing the best he can with it.
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    That's exactly why they're having such problems nailing down the cause, and is exactly why they need as many reports as possible with as much detail as they can get. I'd be willing to bet it's some random bit of code somewhere that doesn't look like it should even have anything to do with server connections. Just how it happens sometimes! Also, kudos to @mattshotcha for being so insightful here. I don't know about everyone else, but I really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with the community.
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    Strongly disagree with team killing. As bad as it is with the Jason teamers and glitch exploiters, it would be that much worse if they could kill you. You would never be able to complete a match as a counselor. They need to patch the glitches so they cant be exploited, and go back to banning Jason teamers as long as there is undeniable proof.
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    Disagree, there is nothing stopping the trolls/teamers/glitchers from killing you first and then it’s just a death-match with Jason Voorhees added in. Someone on the Packanack roof with a shotgun having American Sniper flashbacks is not a good idea. Unless they’ve done it to escape teamers. Team killing is putting a lot of trust in the F13 community to not abuse it which with it being fairly toxic it doesn’t deserve. I just think of getting to the boat or car and having someone kill me so they can escape with their friend(s).
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    Tee-hee! Enjoy your context! If he wanted to be outed, I figured he should out himself. You're looking at a piece of history here, kids. If they ever make an F13 museum, this figure belongs in it. I still remember the day when you first posted this in the toy thread. Who knew?
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    I play on PC, exclusively on stream where we have Saturday nights specifically dedicated to this game. A few community members get tipsy. A few community members get into their roles on varying levels. This game has been a blessing for fun. The atmosphere it captures it like none other in the genre. Will take a look at the pinned posts. Been reading the posts regarding the current game state to answer questions and pass the information on to inquisitive views. Thanks all for the blood-warm welcome.
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    Yup! It sold pretty quickly and for a good price. I was actually encouraged enough by how well it went to make an additional two more Savinis to sell...your timing is funny, as I just posted the first one on ebay yesterday: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273625281721?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 The second Savini is sitting tight and will be posted once this one sells. I'm getting to the point now that I can kinda churn these things out while totally maintaining the quality.
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    @Bropollocreed79 do you hear this blasphemy of the good name LaChappa?? 😄 I like where you guys are going with the silly challenges. Get people to play out of their comfort zones and maybe encourage team play a bit more. If only they had created community badges to unlock by synching profiles and checking how many escapes as "x counselor"
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