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    It’s possible both methods work but I’ve had Jason disappear from my mini-map after shooting him, if you spot him by shooting in the air it seems to last for a set amount of time. I don’t believe it has to land near him just go over him. When I use it I picture a spotlight pointed down, then pick a section of the map to shoot it over, like using a drone that only goes in a big arc. I might have it all wrong but it works surprisingly well if I do. To the OP I mostly use the flare to track Jason before moving an objective part, I preference the Flaregun over every other weapon, including the shotgun because it has a function I can use to give my slow ass Counselor an advantage, the afore mentioned obj. part. If I ditch whatever weapon I’ve been caring for an obj. part, without attempting to get that added info, I’d feel like I give up an underlining principal of war, know your enemy. Knowledge is power, as a Counselor and one who is quite comfortable saving myself while other people dance, I tend to just do me. I do team up with other people, if they are actually trying to escape but any advantage over Jason I can get is one I want. I’m not really a fan of the meta, yes it’s the best build for survival but it removes any individuality from the Counselors if they all run it. If you’re curious I currently run Mitch with Thick Skin, Firecracker and Sneaky. Sneaky replaced Flaregun because lately I’ve been playing to get drawers, I need two more Tommy tapes and it’s fun to come out and watch Jason break a door, lol. It reminds me of old cartoons when the character being chased pops in and out of a bunch of different places.
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    I would have loved to see the footage from a match like this. It sounds like you were at the top of your game and found a group that thought you'd bend over and take it for their audience. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Mother would be especially pleased with that one. It sounds like there were some serious butt hurt people that match.
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    They have announced the XP event has been extended until Monday, the 7th. It was originally supposed to end today. Grind some XP/CP everyone!!
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    That is a practice I had never done because the traps are too easy to walk around, but recently I had a looper that kept jumping from windows and going back inside so I gave it a shot. Placed two side to side in back by the campsite and then walked around the building. By the time I got to the other door one of the traps was sprung. Even shifting around the building he had managed to get himself free before I got there... but then he went and stepped in the other trap. That’s all, folks!
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    I do try to plan out kills. I use stalk a lot because it's true to form, and it gives people a good jump. I like listening to the chatter among players, too. I almost always wait for it to replenish. Late last night, I had an entire lobby laughing hysterically because I stalk shifted into a house, waited for a Bugsy to make a run for it, and nabbed him around the doorway. The game is about the chase to me. I set up cabins just for this purpose. I can't tell you how many times I catch people in traps under the window by main objectives and at the stairs of Packanack on both sides. It makes me smile everytime.
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    Order of powers. So instead of Morph, Sense, Shift, Stalk Someone could go with... Morph, Stalk, Shift, Sense Or Morph, Shift, Sense, Stalk Or something to consider for those garbage small maps Stalk, Shift, Sense, Morph or Shift, Stalk, Sense, Morph Other small quality of life ideas. If you wanna keep some Jasons with - Shift. That's fine, but lets be consistent with weaknesses. - Morph only gives off a longer cooldown, it doesn't slow down the actual Morph itself. -Shift should keep the same travel speed as Normal shift so Part 2 and Part 4 could actually viably catch decent car drivers, but it should still have the longer cooldown and less overall time travel attached to it. @mattshotcha
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    Really hope the next update gives Jason his balls back and puts counselors in their place.
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    @HaHaTrumpWon @DeadDuck You can see which car is on the beach in the opening cut scene on Crystal Lake Small. I only recently noticed it myself.
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    From what you described you did nothing wrong. As long as you keep working towards the kills you're play right. I'd go knife collecting next time though. There are only two ways to play that situation wrong in my opinion. Going for a swim. Or just aimlessly morphing away from them each time the get close to you.
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    To the poster above re: nudity. If you sexualize the violence by having naked people being axed between the legs etc, you automatically jump the rating up. It is to do with the Psychology behind it all and heightening arousal during graphic violence is a big no no. I'd like there to be some kind of customization but I think it will never happen. Heck we can't even put the bots in the costumes we paid for.
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    Excellent job! Thanks for sharing, both now and with NECA, making the Retro Jason figure happen.
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    Here's mine next to the SDCC one. In my opinion, they went a little off on the execution. The second version was better, but the color still wasn't quite right.
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    Here's my original. Next post, I'll do a side by side.
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    That is not what I am talking about at all, I am talking about the indefensible hits after every animation Jason has, such as pocket knives... stuns, kill animations, smashing through a door. Getting rid of the hits you are talking about would make him next to impossible to kill... that is not what any of us are after. Taking away the indefensible hits after his animations leaves only skill at combat to demask him, as it should be... I congratulate you on your skill if you do not use these hits to kill Jason. I have talked to a great many Jason hunters that claim they don't, right up until I see them play and they do it at every opportunity. Taking suicides out of the pool to become Tommy would make it incredibly easy to not be killed as Jason... All Jason has to do is just not kill anyone... until someone grabs the sweater, then he just starts with sweater girl and goes from there. The Jason hunters are usually pretty obvious about their intent, and not every match has Jason hunters... But that would make for an extremely boring game in my opinion... I could however, see some Jason players going down this dark path. I do agree that suicide is not the answer and should never be rewarded in any way. Not only should a suicide not be allowed to be Tommy, but they did kill a counselor after all... Perhaps they should getting the team killing penalty of -1000XP as well... or maybe not, some times it is accidental after all. @Slasher_Clone Square holes and round pegs... I can still make it fit. Or the triangular peg, or any other shape in any other hole. All you need is a big enough hammer and know how to swing it properly... a bit of muscle behind it does not hurt either. This of course does not mean the pegs will be in one piece when I am finished... but I can make it fit. Also... I don't know if you are old enough to remember "Weebles".... They were advertised as... "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.".... That is, until they met me. When I punched a Weeble, it fell down and stayed down. Now I feel old again...
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    Yeah, I got all of the challenges done which was a lot of fun and just finished the 1st virtual cabin. That was a real challenge. Still haven’t gone in again to see what else is in store since double XP kicked in, I have been grinding offline mode. I’m up to level 85. I have a good pace going. If Tommy pops in, I can get 1300 XP (2600 XP with double) per match. I haven’t figured out if I can get any higher than that offline. Ill be be sure to check out those links. Thanks all.
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    I tunnel bunnies, I can’t help it, I have a problem, I know.... but it’s wabbit season, 😝
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    I can see what you're trying to get to. If I'm playing as a counselor such as, idk, Buggzy and Jason morphs to me and tunnels me and the match started like 30 seconds ago, then yeah, I'd be pissed. But that in no way, shape or form is considered toxic. It's ensuring a kill so you can go for the others after you've killed them, despite an escape objective being fixed. Now, if I'm Jason, and I tunnel someone out of a group of chainstunners, and I'm considered 'toxic' or 'trash' for tunneling them, that's on them. It's their dumbass fault that they got killed. I'm not trying to be stunned at least 100 times and everyone gets to leave. Hell no! Ion play by that. Tunneling as Jason is somewhat fun though xD Just don't be a dick about it. [This is completely unrelated to the topic] I can still get a 7/7 or an 8/8 despite me not playing since September. Yes, I've gotten back on the game but I haven't played much. PS: I'm not bragging.
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    I will tunnel the fk out of any Deborah, La Chappa or AJ on the map. You can be Chad, stand right next to them, and I will ignore you. If I kill the repair characters, then good luck getting anything done to escape. Now, if I'm in a lobby with Jason kill squads, I will tunnel the fk out of any female character. Yes, that means I will completely ignore Chad to go kill a Tiffany. It's not trolling, it's called strategy. So again, how is tunneling, in and of itself, trolling?
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    Tunnelling is only 'trolling' when Jason is teaming with other counsellors. And then it's more of a problem with the teaming, rather than the strategy of tunnelling itself. Tunnelling as a strategy can work (by wearing down low-stamina counsellors), but it can also be detrimental if doing so lets other counsellors get stuff done. But then it's not trolling; it's just bad strategy.
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    Well Tiffany used to die in the beta intro. I suggest making it any counselor that wasn't selected from the lobby to be killed by Jason.
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    Just have a random playable counselor take turn dying. Each time its a different person.
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