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    Disagree all you like. The piñata Jason problem... is a problem, whether you agree with it or not. Most of the community agrees with this... the only people that do not, are the people using Jason as a piñata. Each stun (and every animation he has) leads to an indefensible demasking hit... Not only is it frustrating to the Jason player to spend most of the match on his back or in a stun animation... it leads to an extraordinarily easy Jason kill... whether the block is functioning properly or not. It was the same before the grab was slowed. More health for Jason while this exists in the game will only prolong the inevitable, whether the block is fixed or not... Making something take longer to do is not helping Jason nor does it make it any harder to kill him, the clock is not on Jason's side... Even doubling Jason's health only doubles the 2 strike demasking... Oh no! We have to hit him an entire 4 times now to get his mask off! What so ever shall we do? Those "two players up above" are not going to post videos that make them look like crappy players (and even if they did, they would be few and far between, no one is going to post all of their worst games, they post their best games to feed their ego and make fools think they are better than they actually are) just like pretty much any other youtuber you.. or I... could name. Posting a video, or a hundred videos of Jason doing well proves nothing other than... yes, sometimes he can do alright, depending on who he is playing against and what he does in the match. Each game is different, based on the circumstances created by the players in that specific game... and playing against counselors that do stupid shit is pretty easy, even when Jason had "T-Rex Arms." And I don't need to study shit... I already have. I actually do my research, and I have played this game for a long time now, and know it VERY well, thank you. Everyone knows that the slowed block is a problem, but even before it was slowed.... the piñata Jason problem was still a problem... and so was the indefensible demasking hits I mentioned above. Fixing block would help, a little... but would not solve the issues here. As I said... these issues already existed when the block worked fine for all. You would already know this if you did your research. As far as it working fine for the host, exactly how many games per day as Jason (and as host) do you think the average player gets to play?... If you could do math, you would know that the odds are not good for this to happen, unless everyone else in the lobby has their preferences on counselor... which makes the point of block working work Jason as host almost completely irrelevant. The whole "learn to block" thing was made to look foolish a long time ago now, before the block was slowed... Once again, do your research. A smart counselor player is not going to waste a strike on a blocking Jason, they just back away and wait for him to come out of block while he is surrounded, which is pretty easy as Jason is far slower in combat stance than the slowest counselor... Do you have a 360 degree view around Jason? If not... these players will put you down as soon as you come out of block... or, you can just stay in block for the rest of the match while they circle you like vultures, this makes for such an exciting game for all involved. I do agree with you on one point, I like the new grab better than the old one. But most people here think it is too easy to punish, which it of course, is. Giving counselors a lower chance to stun will also make a missed grab much harder to punish... and more people would have less of a problem with the new grab.
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    And as before, I´d like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! May the year 2019 be a little bit better than the year 2018! All the best!
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    I still play regularly too, though I absolutely hate what has happened to the game: floods of trolls, on-going developmental incompetence, unpatched rampant glitching/exploiting, poor connections... Nevertheless, as already mentioned, this game may be a deformed shelter pet, but it is OUR deformed shelter pet. I will be here until the day comes that it is finally put to sleep.
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    As long as the game stays lopsided in their favor, counselors are happy. Jason needs a buff, pure and simple. Even something as small as making the Tommy house visible on the map would help, and it makes no sense NOT to. Tommy is an objective, the other objectives are shown, so why not this one?
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    It doesn´t matter if they don´t care and just don´t review or don´t have the time to do so. It´s a freaking joke. If you make a PvP you either have to make sure glitches and bugs are rare or you have to policy your game properly. Not months after. I have seen so many people bragging about how they exploit and never got banned it´s unreal.
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    Done that, been there, don't give a shit, it's killingtime. When Jason can't kill those pesky bugs, we gotta take a stand and help that retard out!
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    For the first time ever, we have a full 12 month view of Friday the 13th: The Game player numbers. These numbers give us a concrete, statistical answer as to whether the game is growing, or dying, and at what rate. These numbers only come from the Steam Chart analytics (https://steamcharts.com/app/438740). This means that while it doesn't exactly represent all three platforms, there is little evidence to demonstrate that the numbers are not similar (sales numbers for all platforms) and, absent any other data, these numbers can be applied universally to all 3 platforms. So lets dive in: 2017 in review: Before I can begin analysis of 2018, I think it's beneficial to recall what happened in the previous 6 months of 2017. For the first full month of being available, the game posted an average of 5566.8 players, with a peak of 10,640 players in June. After that, a large number of players dropped out, giving us averages in July 2017 of 2844.9 average players and 4924 peak players. With exceptions in October/Early November 2017 and 2018, the player numbers in both categories would continue to decline month over month. Boosts via sales gave temporary playerbase increases, but the gains made by these sales disappeared within a couple months. This gave us a final number of 1351.1 average players and 2773 peak players for the final month of December, a loss of 52.51% average users since July, and a loss of 75.73% since launch. 2018 in review With the playerbase losses in 2017 documented, I'll now pivot to the 2018 numbers. 2018 featured several changes to the game. These changes, with one exception, failed to both bring in new users and stop the erosion of the existing users. January's numbers of average and peak users, 1207.5 and 2519, respectively, continued the steady decline of around 10% month over month. This remains consistent with the numbers from 2017. However, January also provided a new factor in playerbase numbers, and that was the announcement of suspending release of new content while the game was upgraded to a new version of the Unreal Engine. This INCREASED the rate of playerbase losses from the previous rate around 10% month-to-month to an average of 15% (Highest number being a loss of 27.78% less users in March, lowest being 10.63% less users in January). In total, by the start of May 2018, the game had lost an additional 44.34% of its average players in just 3 months. This amounts to a 76.37% loss of average players in 9 months (since July 2017), and a staggering 87.92% loss of all players since June 2017. May finally saw the release of the new Unreal engine, along with other new content created in the previous 4 months. If Gun Media had hoped that the new release would bring back players to the game, they were right, albeit briefly and in a much smaller number. The game would post a meager addition to average users of 2.09% for May 2018 over April 2018. In reality, this meant just 14 more people were playing the game in May than in June. With the new engine released, players believed the game could finally receive regular new content. However, this belief was later dashed by the announcement in mid June that future content would never be released, as a result of elements of the Friday the 13th franchise being under a copyright dispute. In timing with this announcement, the game would continue losses around 17% per month in between June and September 2018. This amounted to further losses of 53.54% average players since May 2018, 73.6% loss in 9 months since 2018, 88.7% loss since July 2017, and 94.27% loss since June 2017. This means, by October 1, 2018, only 5 percent of people who purchased the game still play it. As was the case in 2017, October 2018 provided a statistically significant increase to the playerbase over the previous month. In addition to the Halloween holiday bump and the long advertised Dedicated Servers being released for all 3 platforms, the game was offered for free on Playstation, and steep discounts of 85% off led a drastic increase in average players. In fact, these factors led the game to have its best PEAK numbers since June 2017 of 5438. Septembers peak number was 643. The player increase was not just confined to October, the numbers carried over to the post-halloween weekend the first weekend in November. While playerbase numbers fell for the remaining 3 weeks of November 2018, the first week's numbers brought the whole month's average up to 1052.7 average players (the highest since February 2018) and 6,677 peak players (besting Octobers peak players, becoming the new highest peak number since June 2017). Finally, this leads us to December. The concept of what goes up must come down applied in December 2018 much the same as it did in December 2017. Average playerbase numbers were down 57.52% over November, which is a large number, but keep in mind that all of Novembers gains were Novembers first week. To put this in perspective, the 57.52% playerbase loss was not over the 4 weeks of November to December, but rather the 7 weeks between the end of December and beginning of November. While it still puts Decembers averages 447.2 players higher than the all time low of September's 318.7, this still implies that the game cannot maintain a solid playerbase, and any new players brought in by sales (85% off sale in October, permanent 50% off sale in December) do not stick around to move the average playerbase anywhere but down. Average Playerbase change 2018: 62.96% fewer players since January 2018 Average Playerbase change, lifetime of game: only 8.03% of players who bought the game still play it regularly, 91.96% playerbase gone. 2019 and Beyond With the playerbase continuing to decline, and sales delivering only short-term gains, in addition to the cost of maintaining the Dedicated Servers as well as quality of life updates, it isn't unreasonable to predict that the game will not survive to this point next year. While the developers have announced a willingness to look further into reworking existing game elements (perks, balance, etc.) as a way to keep the game fresh, there remains the question of whether that effort is worthwhile. Is it cost effective to make changes to a game that loses almost 2/3rds of its already small existing playerbase in a year, and that only retains 8% of people who bought it, in light of the cost of the dedicated servers? When will the game's losses make shutting down the servers and pulling the game from retail distributers Gun's only way to proceed? Without access to Gun's earning sheet, I can't say with confidence that this will be Friday the 13th: The Game's last year in operation. That being said, I don't see anything that shows the game going anywhere other than down, and how far it will continue to decline remains to be seen. Signed, Thatguyinktown, member of the 8.03% of Friday the 13th: The Game players who still play regularly. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740
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    I checked it out. This is gonna be REALLY cool when it releases.
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    Jason need 10000% more life than he is op again
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    I think this video pretty much sums up the state of the game: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/66459405
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    Jason need lil buff Counselor need damage nerfe On dedicated serverJason vs 7 trhy is to 100 % dead when tommy is called
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    Try hards lol..no just damn good players
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    I think the biggest thing missing would have been Create a Counselor mode. That would have been fun to toy around with. It would have been interesting to see all the different designs people would have come up with instead of watching 4 A. J.s running around with 3 Vanessas. A variety of counselor models while playing would have been a lot more visually interesting instead of duplicates. I would have done it where after I create my counselor, next would be to select who's pre-made stats you'd want to play with. This would give Jason and other counselor no idea what their strengths and weaknesses are at the beginning. A little mystery goes a long way. Offline Counselor mode should have been there, but I heard it would have been difficult, but it still counts as it should have been there.
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    Are you serious let’s go through all the counselor mistakes in the first video and I’ll edit the second video later with more time. And Jason is no different in the way I play mostly. There’s is 2 differences I break doors differently looking left to stop my weapon from getting stuck and I don’t know how to have extended shift with the animation cancel. 1 a idiot jumps through the window not having it open and gets crippled. 2 another window jump fail from pushing their luck searching a drawer wasting time. 3 one was way away from the hurd at 6 mins and should not have died and pushed their luck fighting him. 4 what is everyone’s goal. It’s quite stupid people arnt just focusing killing him or calling the police. There’s for some reason people going for the 2 seater car activating the traps. If all 7 just stayed around him, surely he can be bullied. 5 why are people getting baited into hitting Jason? Why hit when there’s the possibility he can just turn away shift or high chance of 0 ping block. People should only hit after Jason is forced to swing. Everytime he swings he’s vulnable for a couple seconds enough for a counterattack, even if someone has to take a hit for the counter to be made. And do they even use swift attacker lmao 6 the car at 815 could have had a sense for his spawn point there in morph and if he wasn’t driving that fast he could have stopped in time and reversed. 7 11:20 he swings the other way and wastes his pocket knife and should have had stamina to make that not happen. 8 11:45 he slowly crawls out the window costing a life. And should have jumped as the door broke or not have been there in the first place. 9 everyone has shit ping.... from either a bad Jason host or just personal slow counselor internet for everyone. lets consider all this didn’t happen. Would the victory have still been flawless. I do admit counselors could still have the upper hand with beating Jason if Jason is host and this good, but the level of play and teamwork from counselors would have to be immense and it’s already quite hard for those people. I want competition for balance as I have stated before, but I wouldn’t mind it being left the way it is because of how difficult it is currently for even masters it appears. I want block fixed and grabbing after block with ping, if that’s not possible then all these other buffs people are giving ideas for will be needed in replace. Since grabbing is near useless I think that would need a buff somehow too. part 2 about the other video later maybe, i dont know if there’s more of a point. I don’t think they could play perfectly either.
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    This times 100.My recent submitted video of cheating has yet to be viewed on my YouTube channel in fact I don't think any of the ones I've submitted to JasonKillsBugs has been viewed either. I'm not buying the excuse on the recent one that it was 10 days before Xmas and they need time with their families,blah,blah. I only get Xmas eve and Xmas off work that's it .I work the other days before and after. I think I was the one that discovered JasonKillsBugs wasn't even working correctly, it was missing the submit icon to send it on its way. I even gave the YouTube link to 2 different moderators in private messages while the site was down. NOTHING was done and I explained the person did the exploit ON PURPOSE not by accident. The person as pApA described bragged in the lobby on their mic how they did it and that they have been reported numerous times but still are playing the game. Sorry for the Rant but from my experience so far, JasonKillsBugs is a total waste of time and very few people after the Dingus incident have been banned. I think even the guy who first hacked Uber is still playing the game.
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    Those who work to keep us all in the loop deserve a pat on the back. That goes double for those who keep us aware of the specifics of the game's mechanics.
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    @mattshotcha, this is the type of thing we expect to hear from our Community Lead. This is the communities biggest complaint, nothing is posted to the forums until a member bothers to do it, there are a ton of things I would like to say on the matter but they all come across as mean. I’d rather if we stayed on good terms to be honest so I’m going to show some restraint and I’m sure you can imagine our disappointment that yet another community rep. seems to have missed the memo. To the OP, thank you for opening a thread for this and thanks to @OCT 31 1978 for the picture, much appreciated.
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    With all the negativity here, nothing surprises me.
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    Yesterday I finally got a full p2p lobby. I was Jason and three dicks were camping on Packanack roof. Ok, I killed all the rest and I suffered it out. Next few rounds we got the car fixed and ran over all of those those fuckers everytime. It was, after a little dissapointment, fun.
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    Figures. I don't do social media. I wish Gun didn't hate their own forum so much.
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    Was this announced on this forum? Because I can't find anything about it.
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    It’s for the Holidays !! Xmas and New Years! ends on the 4th
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    @lasse_hei Thank you sir! Have a Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and be safe!
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    Happy New Year to you as well. Have a great and safe time tonight everyone, be mindful if you have to travel.
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    Yeah, I cannot wait for them to change it, so I can finally spend my CP and get some legendaries. I just want to mess around too, lol.
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    Take it from me and listen when I tell you that I know for a fact they will ban players that are cheating. I've seen it myself multiple times. Just because they haven't got round to it yet, it doesn't mean they won't.
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    Interesting topic, I think I might come back with another idea later but off the top of my head, I’d go with this. The ability to hide a body for a jump scare, like in the movies. Jason would activate this power and the closest body on the ground would disappear, Jason would enter shift and have a 30 second window to move to a new location. This Shift is special, you can’t attack from it as when you appear, Jason sets up the body. If by a door, he nails it up like poor Crispin, by a window he drops it over the window blocking access. Either body can be pulled out of the way but they have hit boxes, so you either have to grab and drag them, or cut past them with a bladed weapon. This takes a short amount of time but also ups your Counselors fear by 50%. Your fire idea is cool, way OP but cool.
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    I didn't say that I thought boobs were more evil then murder. I'm saying part of that attitude is because of religion. Most western religions demonize sex and glorify killing (provided it's done for the "right" reasons). I don't agree with this mindset in the slightest. I just think it's at least a part of why societys are okay with such thinking. As a side note I also enjoyed hearing Christopher Hitchens speak.
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    That's really not an answer though... it would be a reason to justify any explanation of why a boob is bad but murder is alright... and any reason to justify that is a piss poor reason. The only thing worse than murder is multiple murders, and everything beyond that... right up to genocide. And yes @Fair Play, it is a double standard... that does not make it in any way correct... or morally right. I do not like double standards... I am more for... fair and equal treatment for ALL. People need to leave their religious views behind unless they are talking to like mind people... or it starts wars, with people calling out 'thou shalt not kill' while they kill someone. They can play with their toys all they like, as long as they are not forcing me... or others... to play with their toys under their rules... We live under democracy, not theocracy. Religion had their chance at ruling… we called it "the dark ages" for a great many reasons... the sun not shinning in the sky was not one of these reasons. There simply is no reason why anyone can justify a boob being worse than murder without sounding like a moron... and it is just one of a great many points that prove Christopher Hitchens was right when he said "Religion poisons everything".... He was a smart man, full of facts that most people didn't want to hear... and scotch... lots of scotch.
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    The most likely answer would be the effect religion has had on the world. There's more then a few examples of sex being seen as bad in western religion. Nudity while not the same as sex would be likely seen as an extension of the "morally wrong" view religion has imparted to society.
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    I am not looking for porn, if I was, I would not waste my time on a site that has no porn. I am neither for, nor against nudity in a game.... And by the way, nudity is not porn.... Otherwise, there would be a great many movies that would have a xxx ratting over the 'R' ratings that they do have.... which would be every single movie in which there is even a single boob shown for even a second.... let alone... god forbid... they show two boobs. That being said, I asked a question, one which apparently you cannot come up with an answer that makes any sense what so ever... but don't feel bad, there is no one out there that can answer the age old question of... Why are boobs are bad... but brutal murder is alright?... At least, no one can answer it in a way that does not make them sound like drooling morons... but you are welcome to try to answer it... instead of evading the question with a ridiculous assumption.
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    How in the world can anyone think boobs are bad? That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Boobs are awesome, lol
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    This is not even about 'sex'... it is simple nudity. There is a massive difference between the two. There is absolutely no justification for... Murder good... Boobs bad. When someone actually thinks boobs are worse than murder... this only proves they have not thought this through... or perhaps they are really... really... frickin' stupid.
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    Because Americans are fine with violence but God help you if it involves sex in anyway.
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    The game is rated "M" for mature... but kids will always find their way into such games... But... if I may ask... how is a boob, or even full on nudity a bad idea... and dismemberment is fine?... I think your priorities are completely backwards on that one.... Its o.k. for the kiddies to watch... or commit... brutal murders of teenagers in a game... But holy crap! There's a boob! We can't have the kiddies seeing that!
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    Sticking to your target without deviation, chasing someone until you catch them and ignoring everything else. tunneling isn't trolling.
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    How is that trolling...? So he saw you and was set on killing you, big deal. That's not trolling...
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