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    As it stands the Tommy selection process is (as far as I can tell anyway) random. I feel this is a bad system. I think it should be based around how much you've achieved in a match. For each repair part you find you'd get a point. Make a repair you get a point. Whoever has the most points after enough people have died/escaped gets to be Tommy. I'm not sure how to work it out but I'd also like to give points for successful hits and kiting as well. After all you are contributing by keeping Jason bussy. I think the values would need to be lower for hits and kiting. Maybe half a point per hit with a cap of 2 points. Same for kiting but instead half a point per minute. Anyway that's my rough idea on how to make it work. Let me know what you guys think.
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    You are not alone in your thinking process.
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    No he can't. His speed is even with a jogging 3 speed counselor.
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    How is slashing unfair exactly? How is it in ANY way unacceptable? I can think of a great many reasons to 'slash' any given player.... just an example... ANYONE that complains in ANY way about 'slashing' is getting 'slashed'... to death... Every time. If you do not like 'dying' in a game... then this game is not for you... I suggest checkers.
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    Lately this is how ive been getting selected as Tommy everytime. everyone seems to leave right away after death and im the only one sticking around. 1 out of 1 chance for the big dog sweepstakes! I like my odds.. 😁
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    I enjoyed it. Not many complaints if any, definitely none for anything outright egregious. Don't get me started on the Nightmare remake. Among many grievances, whoever decided to make Freddy's face CG should be taken out back and shot. There's no excuse for that.
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    I see where you're coming from, but I disagree that Tommy should be selected out of players who did the most. Yes, that would encourage people to play proactively, but it also a) unfairly rewards repair characters while doing nothing for support characters, and b) makes it suck even worse when you happen to die in the first minutes of the game. You then spend the next 10-15 minutes watching everyone else get to play the game. I say keep it random as it is now, with an added caveat: if you suicide, you should not be able to come back as Tommy, nor does your death count towards the minimum deaths/escapes required to spawn Tommy. (Not my idea - someone posted it a few days ago but I forget who.) Part of the reason Tommy exists is to give players the chance at a second wind if they didn't get much of a chance to play already.
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    Even if Tommy selection was delayed until four Counselors had died or left the match, it wouldn’t drastically change the end game and if it did it would be in a positive way because then hunting parties would rush objectives. The pros out way the single con you have listed, Tommy won’t be fixing objectives early, frankly he doesn’t now, so really waiting till someone who does, is Tommy is probably the best solution to that too. You have a point but I don’t think it would out weigh the motivation to get things done for the players who want to be Tommy.
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    Every backers should check their email box, I just received this from Gun Media 5 mins ago: Soundtrack and Artbooks are Shipping! Good news everyone! The long-awaited Art books and Soundtracks for Friday the 13th: The Game are currently being shipped by our partners at Limited Run Games, just in time for the holidays! It has been a long process for everyone here at Gun Media, but the team is happy to announce that our fulfillment of these backer rewards signifies the completion of our promised rewards to you backers who helped make this game a reality. We thank you for your support, your patience and your understanding through all of this. While things were certainly not the smoothest, our team has remained committed to providing for our backers through it all. Those who backed physical versions should start to receive your items over the next few days, potentially weeks given location (international shipping does generally take longer), while those of you who have backed for digital versions of the art book or soundtrack can begin to download your rewards straight from Backerkit now! We hope you enjoy these last reward items from our crowd-funding campaign! Thanks again, Gun Media
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    Sometimes, value changes are just enough to fix certain balance problems. Some reworks in the right spots would do a bit more for others. I'll take care of the dead horse smell. I'm on my way to the store as we speak. Sad to say, but some people would chance the hit, stun or no stun, because that's how some people are. I agree on the fear system. It needs a bit of TLC to get things back on track.
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    Jeez, some of the responses towards the OP here are uncalled for.
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    What's your point here? To whine? Really, this game is not nearly as fucked up as before. Yeah, it's far from perfect. But, there are many of us still playing and enjoying our time. Thanks for your opinion, duly forgotten. NEXT!
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    This is my life.. lmfao! Last night I came back and saw I was Jason on screen. So sweet! go to grab controller and bam, booted from match., So what if them horny bastards had a 2min start, I was still going to murder all for mommy!
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