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    Sir mang is actually correct with good facts, while your argument for that clip and the guy being 150 is garbage. Being a 150 obviously made him care free, a actual pro would not even attack Jason coming through the door especially with a low stun weapon..... Let alone trap himself in a inescapable house. People should never be grabbed, it just will waste Jason's time until he gets shift, all while all the counselors complete untrapped objectives. This is going off topic and your comments seem troll worthy with the amount of wrongness they have and shall be calling in a mod to stop this if you continue. This is not talking about balance and instead wasting words arguing against everyone here that actually know this subject better. Also I leant your not allowed to double post a reply if it can be helped, you need to try and quote them twice in the same original message. i think the only way around the rule is if someone posted a reply to you while you were completing your original message without knowing, prompting a double post? Because you can't edit in a quote to the original and would get too cluttered. I think if that's the case you announce that, but it isn't and you did it anyway. Now let's continue towards ideas and not fighting over how to play the start of the game a stupid way. No response is even needed to me as this is a reminder message to stop and don't plan on playing along.
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    Trouble with Packanack roof counselors did you guys say? I’m just going to leave this here...
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    Thats pretty hilarious because I was just in a match with the guy that started this thread and he used a glitch in the game to get onto the roof in Packanack lodge. Glitches can be fun and all, but dude, if you’re gonna complain about the need to make a more powerful Jason, how about playing the game without exploiting?
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    Still just as glitchy as i left it, firecrackers don’t work, glitched out kills when playing as jason, framerate issues, complete game failure, terrible perks (some of the best ones are awful), etc... But hey, at least we have dedicated servers after years of begging.
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    Jason seems fine to me.
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    Hope so man. I get the need to keep it entertaining because the game can be a little androgynous at times, but too many people exploiting stuff like that all the time ruins the whole experience of the game and is just one more reason a lot of people have stopped playing.
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    Another thing that should be considered is changing the amount of rage generated by each hit against Jason, either damage or stun. I also think that the rate of recharge on each power could be tied to the percentage of rage filled. With a greater amount going to any plus power the Jason has, negative powers should remain the same as its hard enough to move around the map with them. At twenty five percent it could increase regeneration to plus 5 to 10 percent, and at half it could jump to 20 to 25 percent faster. The trade off would be that when you do get rage it would cap out at whatever it is at now.
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    Thanks for info, and thank you very much for actively responding to other issues also. That means alot.
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    screamer, or scremmy as he's affectionately called, is an old bud of mine from saving NYC.
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    I’ve noticed it, and it isn’t just Tommy. I’ve heard different dialogue coming from the other counselors, too.
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    Not sure if it was mentioned, it used to come up a lot in relation to this topic. Jason should get full rage as soon as his mask comes off. If they wanted to expand on it, maybe let him recover his mask after one minute or off any body, resetting to half hit points when he puts it on.
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    😂 I have never seen a dedicated server in the UK so welcome back to getting kicked out of a game when the host leaves
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    This rule only explains that human sexuality is vast and terrifying, lol.
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    Im approaching 400hrs. i didnt buy until it was on sale in February. my biggest mistake ever as its def my fav game ive ever played by far bugs and all!
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    Guys, I know I take every opportunity to shit on Ill/Gun for the numerous fuck-ups they've made with this game, but I'm going to say this anyway: There are some times when I still, even with as long as this game has been out, have to put the controller down and just sit here thinking "I'm actually playing as Jason Voorhees in a Friday the 13th game.... this shit is awesome!" This game may be a deformed shelter pet, but it's OUR deformed shelter pet. If you dislike it that much, the Dead By Daylight Shelter is just down the road.
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    Jeez, some of the responses towards the OP here are uncalled for.
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