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    Patch Notes - Friday the 13th: The Game - January 2019 Patch HOTFIX: The kill process for Jason UI Bug This hotfix has been submitted and is rolling out to platforms as soon as possible. INTERACTION LOCK - The team has fixed various interaction lock issues, including: Stumbling while dropping an item Entering Combat Stance while swinging weapon CONNECTIVITY AND CRASHES - Multiple connectivity/crash fixes including: Network Error after joining lobby in Quick Play “Need Updated Client” error ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Falling Animation Loop - Fixed various areas where players enter a falling animation and cannot continue, including: Firewood Logs on Pinehurst Map Cardboard Box on Packanack Map Coffee Table in Jarvis House Counselor Catch - Fixed various spots that could snag the counselors and make them unable to move, including: Cemetery fence on the Crystal Lake map. Safe Spots - Fixed various safe spots where the counselors are unreachable once entered, including: The cemetery in Higgin’s Haven Parking the car inside the barn on Pinehurst Fixed an issue where an invisible collision would occur at the barn fence on Pinehurst, causing the car to shift vertically after restarting the car. Fixed an exploit where counselors could use the car as a barricade at Jason’s shack, affecting several maps. Fixed an issue where the counselors could control their directional axis while climbing through windows, allowing them to reach unplayable areas of the maps. Fixed an issue where counselors are able to reach the rooftop of the Pinehurst Halfway House by escaping Jason's grab with a pocket knife. USER INTERFACE Fixed an issue disabling the “More Emotes” button. Fixed the Morph Cursor not showing on Xbox One. BALANCING AND TUNING Jason - Buffing Mother’s Special, Special Boy. Weapon Swing - Jason can now swing his equipped weapon to hit multiple targets at once. This will help Jason defend himself against bullies. Stun - It is no longer possible to Stun Jason while he is in Rage Mode unless using a shotgun or Pamela’s sweater. Rage Indicator will show on the minimap when Jason enters Rage Mode. Counselors - They should have been watching him. Tommy Jarvis - Players who kill themselves cannot come back as Tommy Jarvis. ****Killing Jason is unchanged.****
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    You have roughly the first 8-10 minutes of the match to make repairs to the cars and boat. Get a call off to the cops and allow the timer to start counting down. Everyone complaining about Jason be invincible after rage are more than likely the players that only want to knock Jason on his ass and dance. You can still do that for the first half of the match. Everyone saying it has broken the game for counselors obviously hasn’t been playing the game as it was intended to be played. Escape options are still there. After they fix the bug preventing Jason to be brought to his knees during the sweater stun, the kill option is still there. I’ve played over 15 matches since the update. Players have escaped in all but 3 matches that I have played, and two of those matches, we were all dead before rage. And as a side note, Jason needs to be a little OP in the grand scheme of things (although I don’t think he is in his current state). You are trespassing at his camp and he blames you for his mother’s death. Jason is the main character of Friday the 13th, and he’s a killer.
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    With all of the negativity floating around I wanted to take a moment of my day to thank anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this game. Im old in video game years this game was the soul reason I purchased a playstation and pay for ps plus. It has led me to rediscovering video games after what was about a 12 year hiatus. When I was a kid I used to hope and pray this game would get made. I am a huuuge fan of the franchise. This game exceeded my expectations. The details on the maps especially packanack are a thing of nostalgia that matched my highest hopes. The things we did not get were a part of the worst Friday the 13th film in the franchise(Jason X or manhattan take your pick) This is by far my favorite casual game on the ps4. I see so much whining and knitpicking every minute detail. Some of it is genuine, and some of it rings false. The sheer magnitude of the game for someone who loves the films is incredible. My father a 70 year old man loves it. This man loves nothing. So thank you to Gun Media, The development team(s), and anyone else involved in this game. You have 1 extremely satisfied fan. Heres to a part 2 on the next gen of consoles cheers.
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    Ok guys, I've read enough these days, even after the update, about the "unfairness" of Jason killing teams, and how try to stop them (which is, I remind you, a way to team with Jason) is justified as "killing Jason is too easy" and shit. Well, I've been a player since day 1. I am part of a Jason killing team, and I can assure you that 70% of times one of us spawns as Jarvis, Jason is dead meat. On the other hand, as the killer I've been put down like ONCE in the last 6 months. Keep in mind we play everyday, for hours, my spawning preference is put on "none" and I consider myself an average player and an average Jason. You wanna know what the problem is? It has nothing to do with "game mechanics", "how the game was intended to be played by the devs" or "naughty counselors teaming up and turning me in a pinata Jason :_( " The issue is simpler: 90% of Jason players are absolute simpletons who have to this day NO IDEA how to counter a Jason killing team, or a group hunting. The scenario I come across is almost everytime identical: - My team charges Jason so one of us will die and spawn as Jarvis, and maybe we'll unmask him too in the process. - Jason doesn't see through the obvious strategy granting us exactly what we wanted in the first place - As Jarvis spawns we go get the sweater, usually without bringing the mask so Jason can hear us, and the killer just mindlessly charges us EVEN IF UNMASKED and gets quickly killed. Guys you can get all the buffs you want, and last one was a big one, but if you just charge everything that moves like a raging bull, don't blame the devs or the "teams" if you die. As I told you, I'm a mediocre Jason but I got killed like once in the last 4-5 months because even If I'm no genius I'm smart enough to -disable and trap radio tower - ignore counselors who charge at me with an obvious deathwish until I'm sure I've put down 2-3 players who are not in their team. - Avoid taking groups until you are in rage mode. And even then COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! JEEEZ! - Avoid the classic "trap the phone, trap the cars" strategy, and instead save my traps for later in game. Again, I'm a mediocre player at best, but I play everyday and I just don't see all the issues you see. Maybe you are part of the problem, ever thought of that?
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    Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
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    As discussed on BEYOND, this patch is coming in as soon as it completes the process. The patch is rolling out to certification now and should be on it's way to players soon. Keep an eye out here for the date, or on our social media channels. EDIT 1: The patch is now live on Steam, rolling out on PS4, and on the way shortly on Xbox One. PATCH NOTES: GENERAL & FINE TUNING Various Quality of Life fixes implemented to the Virtual Cabin 2.0. Removed helium from various floating objects on all maps. Resolved an issue with environmental kills not displaying on Higgins Haven Small. Fixed an issue with the Emote user interface. Dance like nobody's watching… Various Quality of Life fixes for Menu items. ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach rooftops on all maps. Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach areas that Jason could not reach on all maps. Made areas where players were stuck less sticky. Fixed an issue where the Shift ability would allow Jason on rooftops. Cars no longer damage players through walls. Fixes applied to prevent counselors from parking the car and blocking Jason from reaching them. INTERACTION LOCKS Corrected several scenarios that caused players to suffer an interaction lock including: COUNSELOR: During bear trap deployment or interaction. While performing blocks. While weapon swapping. While weapon swapping and entering combat stance. During small item use. While dropping items. After using the map. After aiming the flare gun or shotgun. Dodging while dropping a weapon. JASON: When shifting and interacting with items, environment, or counselors. When shifting into water. (He really wasn’t a good swimmer.) JASON SPECIFIC CHANGES Using the sweater to stun Jason while he is already down will not activate the next phase of the kill progression, and will not allow players to kneel him directly from the down state. This was an unintended effect where players were able to stun a stunned Jason, leading to the Tommy Jarvis kill on Jason. Fixed an issue where Jason shifting to avoid the sweater stun animation still allowed counselors to bring him to his knees without the stun.
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    I feel bad for the idiots still posting on the official forums, about a game they think is a rip off. Seems a bit pathetic really.
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    Honestly, Counselors are getting burnt out by this non stunnable Jason since we can’t even regain stamina by stunning him anymore. RIP the counselor stun meta, it’s basically unbalanced now. Hopefully Black Tower games reverts this change or something, because the game isn’t even fun anymore for counselors.
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    Was wanting to share, just hit it after I spent over 4 million CP on Legendary Thick Skin. Motorboating ended the pursuit of all 30.
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    Hey gang, expect some news early next week. Tuesday most likely. I wanted to get you a status update before the weekend, but it's not firm enough right now to do so. We're working on sorting out what happened with this patch, but also some of our processes here so that we can minimize this happening again. As I said, news/status update early next week, fingers crossed with an ETA, but at the least, a status check in.
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    For all the Friday the 13th licence has done for the game it's brought it down just as much maybe even more. I can't speak for the entire player base but I will say that many of us want more content. We are not going to get it so it's time to dust off the original idea and put it into motion. I prefer Friday the 13th to Dead by Daylight for one simple reason. If Jason Voorhees catches you it's all over but the screaming unless you have a pocket knife. I have always appreciated this approach. Your not a killer in Dead by Daylight your a hooker. It's time to get creative and start putting "Summer Camp" into motion. As a player I want more! Ditch the licence and start working towards an original intellectual property. Keep the same style of gameplay. Include the multiple ways to win. Keep the if caught your dead killer gameplay. And stock it with original characters, maps and killers! If anyone can get this job done it's you guys at Gun Media. @wes @mattshotcha you have your fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema. You can make the camp great again you simply have to reinvent it. Sincerely Six
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    (This is not sarcasm or irony, I'm being genuine here) Teamwork. That is what's always grabbed my attention most about this game (other than murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). I've played a lot of online multiplayer games of many different genres, but I honestly think this is the one where teamwork comes the most naturally (assuming you're playing with decent teammates and not trolls). Even for very new players, no one has to tell them to hit Jason to free a teammate or cover a repair counselor while a repair is made. No one hesitates to spray a limping counselor if they have spare first aid, or drop surplus firecrackers or other supplies. Anytime I've ever played sweater-girl, I've always had players either give me spare PKs or med spray, or escort me around as a makeshift bodyguard. And I can't even count how many times I've been limping to the cops with Jason right behind me only to get saved at the last second by someone I didn't even know was there. Personally, I find this aspect one of the most rewarding parts of playing this game (again, aside from murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). It's a great feeling to escape/survive as a team, especially since technically, everybody could lone wolf it if they wanted to. You don't HAVE to work together, but most players do, and that's what makes the difference.
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    I told myself I wasn't going to respond but GODDAMNIT I fucking have to, because this post is just...UGH! You call him a hypocrite while doing the exact same thing you accused him of. Good job. Anyway, let's get to what I want to address. First of all. "Who were these terrible people who asked for god like powers ????" "Oh wait ....it wasn’t the player base? .It was the developers who wanted Jason to feel/seem more powerful in the game!......that’s an actual fact...no assumption.." "In all the time I have been on the forum I have never seen or read about anyone asking for God like/ insta- kill powers so.... I think you did that thing again with the assuming....😉" Are you blind? The devs did it because people were bitching and crying for months that Jason was too weak and that he got bullied by the counselors boo hoo hoo ;( I REALLY hope you're just playing ignorant but somehow I know you aren't. Next. "So then since you are such an epic Jason “main” player.... you didn’t need this “god like buff” and were already getting 7/7 or 8/8 kills huh?" "So what did the patch change for you then?" "I will tell you Nothing since you are a Jason “main” apparently And can Bulldozer these pathetic Counselor ”mains” and go 7/7 or 8/8 still hmmmm? Sounds like there is more to your issues with the patch than this..." The ISSUE with this patch, is that it makes it unfun for both parties, Jason AND Counselor. Nobody believes this apparently, but even before this buff it was EZ as piss to get 7/7 or 8/8 even with a Jason squad on your ass. But nobody wanted to actually learn how to play Jason, so the devs introduced this buff that REWARDS YOU for being bad. Gone are the days where Jason has to worry about being proficient at combat or even caring about dodging Counselor's blows. He WANTS you to hit him, so he can get rage faster and steamroll the lobby. If he hasn't steamrolled it already. This buff REWARDS JASON for being bad a combat and PUNISHES COUNSELORS for exploiting his lack of skill. I can see why so many of the whiners love this patch. It literally rewards you for being bad and punishes counselors for punishing you. It holds your hand and coddles you. And because of it, the counselors are less inclined to punish you, because it punishes them too. Which I feel is incredibly unfair and honestly stupid. It completely devalues being able to fight with Jason. There's no point in learning how to fight properly anymore when the game rewards you for losing. And because of this end game is VERY boring and just uneventful to watch. I'll get to that later though when I address another point you made. Anyways, next. "You have missed the entire purpose of this game and how it’s a love letter to The franchise and the character of Jason Voorhees....him getting beat up by teenager stereotypes is not...they aren’t the Stars of the Game." What Friday movies have you been watching? The ones I've seen either end with Jason getting his ass beat by a teenage girl or Tommy Jarvis. Everyone seems to have this deluded view of Jason, it's really weird it's like some fucking mandela effect. Everyone thinks Jason is some unstoppable god of death or something. I hate to burst your bubble but, Jason loses at the end of every movie. So, trying to bring the movies into this is a pretty terrible argument. If you want to go that route the counselors should win by default every game because that's how the movies go. Sure, some of them die, but one always wins in the end. Moreso, this patch also makes the game even LESS like the movies and I'll explain why. Remember those games before the patch where people would just ring Jason around as Vanessa without even trying to stun him? Remember how boring that was to watch? Well, now that's what you're inclined to do for the whole game, because you're punished for fighting Jason. And once he gets rage he can just M1 everyone with little resistance. (Seriously, I know alot of the community follows this dumb "No slashing" rule, but this buff makes slashing even more of a viable tactic. I never minded slashers myself but, I can't deny this update makes slashing even easier. Atleast before you could counter it by stunning Jason. Now though once he's got you stunlocked you're pretty much screwed since he can interrupt your heals and, well, if he's in rage you can't stun him. So you literally cannot stop him.) Now, this rage buff removes what I call the "Final Showdowns." You know how in the movies the movie usually ends with Jason having one final showdown with the last survivor? Ah yes, that was my favorite scene from Part 6. When Tommy ringed Jason around the table for 5 whole minutes. Best part of the movie. Or when Chris Higgins looped Jason through the main cabin multiple times. Jokes aside, those final showdowns were thrilling for me as both counselor and Jason. And this buff completely removes them. Gone are the adrenaline rushing final showdowns with Jason as the clock ticks down trying to hold out until the sun rises. Now its been replaced with just briskly jogging away from him for minutes on end. During those final showdowns I actually felt like I was the protagonist of a Friday movie having that epic final showdown with Jason. I FELT like I was actually in the movies. But now that feeling is completely gone, and it makes me sad. As for the Jason side, there's no satisfactions in it either. It's boring if my prey can't fight back AT ALL. Where's the sport in that? "Jason can still be stunned and Killed even in Rage so......" No, no he can't EXCEPT with a shotgun. I don't even need to go into how stupid that is. The only time you can stun him with any other weapon once he's in rage, is if you knock his mask off. Otherwise, yeah, hitting him does jack for shit. Overall, my main complaint is that this update needlessly removes options for counselors and devalues skill as Jason. Counselors no longer have the option of fight or flight, which makes for very boring games when the only option is to briskly jog away. As for Jason, what's the point of learning how to fight when they get punished for exploiting your lack of skill anyway? The game does it for you! I don't really have much else to say on the matter, I'll fully admit I am terrible at structuring posts but I just HAD to say something. Because this post bothered the shit out of me. Yes, it's sad and pathetic. And I probably shouldn't have even bothered typing it out but. Well, I already put the effort into it so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Too late now.
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    The whole focus of ass has kinda been a calling card of the entire game's run even before the lawsuit. More focus on things like ass and silly ass emotes instead of...anything that matters. Part of the problem.
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    Honestly what happened to the playerbase? It’s literally the same couple hundred people in lobby after lobby every week. Every lobby when I’m checking levels and for teamers there’s someone or even multiple people I have blocked because they are a troll, teaming, etc. Playing now is basically me getting in lobbies with people I already had to block knowing they’re teaming, trolling, exploiting garbage. Some of you are on this very forum and know who you are. I’ve caught multiple ‘streamers’ and forum members doing shitty things like placing traps at windows and unlocked doors where there is one way in AKA Packanack kitchen, Packanack utility shack/office. Not to mention obvious teaming and tunneling of non-friend players and intentionally saving friends for last. I’ve seen such obvious teaming from forum members you should be ashamed and banned. Then there are the exploits. I’m not ‘allowed’ to name people but shame on you forum members and trash Redditors that intentionally exploit. Jasons who exploit window glitches with attacks knowing it might bug or create an interaction lock, throwing knives at counselors mid window knowing it might glitch them to climb outside and appear back on the inside, throwing knives at the car knowing it will glitch, sandbagging windows causing interaction lock or just blocking, exploiting/cheating to avoid getting killed by shifting mid stun or morphing away, turning to an object/wall. You trash exploiters know what you’re doing and I see you. This is an independent game and you taking advantage of that is worse than despicable. And then there are the counselors who troll with traps, hoard items, refuse to contribute to gameplay, glitch into the roofs, get into glitched spots and hold the game hostage. There are several forum members who engage in a combination of these behaviors and luxuriate in it. Multiple times I had to turn and counter-troll teamers just to survive. I’m getting in lobbies where it’s me and a party of five or six. That’s pathetic. Go play a private match. I’ve had dozens of lobbies where it was me and my friend versus a party of six doing everything they could to get us killed. This is nothing new. You used to be able to just quit and find a new lobby, now that’s all but impossible as I’ll get piped into the same lobby indefinitely it just get out in a similar lobby TEAMING with teamers and trolls on a mission. Is the playerbase that small and insufferable really? Apparently. The game has never been this disproportionately filled with trolls and exploiting garbage. Such a shame.
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    Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
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    I like the patch personally because I don't expect to survive every single game. I want a hard opponent, I want those narrow escapes and 'shit, I'm screwed now' moments. I want to be tested against Jason so I can bring out my best way to play; it's more fun when your bag of tricks is running low and nothing has worked. Escapes aren't guaranteed and shouldn't be. I haven't any interest in defeating Jason either; the only time I participate in it is when I see a group with the right bits for it. The best way to adapt to Jason's new rage buff is quite simply stop trying to kill him or run him around until the clock runs out, and actually go and fix an objective and help other players.
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    As some of you may have seen, the Gun Media team has revealed some of our streaming and content plans for 2019, in the form of a new streaming show "Gun Media presents: Beyond." The Beyond series will focus on all Gun Media's titles with news, updates, and interviews with the team here and we're kicking it off by revealing the latest patch for Friday the 13th: The Game. Tune in to the Gun Media Twitch or Mixer channels at 3PM ET Tuesday Jan. 29 to check out what we have coming to the game. Twitch.tv/GunMedia Mixer.com/GunMedia
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    Was in a group of three tonight for a few rounds and on the last match we were up against a Savini who was teaming with at least one of the counselors. This became evident when he conveniently showed up at the phone house despite me repairing it flawlessly. Jason was after one of my teammates at the time when suddenly he stopped mid-chase and morphed to my location as I was running in to make the call. I stunned him and began to flee the scene as he trapped the box and commenced to tunneling me for a couple mins. My buddy makes it to the phone house and before he's even half way through the animation of disarming the trap, Jason stops coming after me and morphs straight to him and kills him. Me and my other partner turned our focus to one of the cars as Jason was now camping the phone. Wouldn't you know it, before we even made it there with the gas he was on us. At this point I switched over to game chat and proceeded to tell this guy what a drizzling shit he must be if he needs Savini AND a spotter to play this game, while also pointing out that despite those advantages he still had only managed to get one of us half way into the round. As I was in the process of switching back over to party chat I could hear one of the counselors tell Jason "kill me so I'll get Tommy". Jason morphed away to presumably do just that. Problem was, they forgot (or never knew) the one other person Jason killed was one of us, who just so happened to get the magic Tommy token and came back. So now, the group is back together, and it's Adam (me), Vanessa, and Tommy, and we're like "F this asshole" and made a beeline for the shack. And since Jason's buddy was now dead he lost access to the map and couldn't quite tell right off hand where we were going simply by watching our screens. We made it to the shack and Vanessa runs in to grab the sweater. Jason shows up immediately where Tommy is waiting with eyes on the target; BOOM. Down he goes. I run in and grab the ax (Vanessa already had one). Jason gets up and I combat-stance attack; off comes the mask. Vanessa passes her ax to Tommy and prepares to activate the sweater when suddenly..........this paper Savini loses his macho balls and morphs away. He had been all hellfire and brimstone with relentless pursuit when his buddy was calling spots for him. Expecting him to sneak attack us with a shift, we all calmly strode back into the shack to reduce his open field advantage and commenced the dancing, flickered our flashlights, defiled Mama V's poor decrepit head in what resembled a cult-circle tea-bagging, and all of us switched over to game chat and heckled this asswipe mercilessly for cheating, and like a typical bully, running like a little bitch when the tables were turned. We figured he'd quit, honestly. All his advantages had been neutralized and he was demasked. To our surprise, he came back. He set traps in front of the entrance to the shack (uh.....ok) and tried to melee us through the walls. When that didn't work he tried knives and couldn't hit us. We were still trolling our assess off both verbally and virtually through emotes/dancing/flashlights/teabags. Right around this time the two-minute warning sounded and he began to realize we weren't coming out, and if he wanted to end the fun he'd have to try his luck and enter. By now we had all stopped moving completely to try to lull him to a false state of security, and..................................... IT WORKED! He finally shifted into the main room with what I'd estimate to be about 50 seconds left in the round. We all simultaneously started to move, and he lunged for me and missed, and feverishly tried to get his big ass into the doorway when Vanessa struck; sweater time! Tommy lined up behind him and entered combat stance with the ax. He strikes and Savini hits his knees. Tommy then calmly, almost arrogantly strode around him and stood there for a second to let him think about it, then.....checkmate! I gotta tell you; I HATE Jason teamers. But, a damn Savini cheating? That's sacrilegious and downright nutless. Watching that bastard faceplant after it looked like he might eventually clear the room with the cowardice was so satisfying. We all cheered and laughed our asses off. Other players we hadn't heard from up till then also chimed in with laughter. One of them said something to the effect of "HAHA!! Killed that flaming dick!" 😄 Going in, we had said it was our last round. Damn fine way to end the night.
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    Yeah, sorry you had to come back at such a bad time Don. Unfortunately, Jason whiners are incapable of developing skill in any caliber whatsoever and instead desire victory to be handed to them on a silver platter. I've been steadily playing less and less F13 ever since the patch launched back in January. And let me tell you-- it's heavily killed the PC community. Before the update, the regular amount of consistent players for the game was 600. Now, it's dropped to a mere max of 200 - 250 players. Pretty awful numbers indeed, hmm? (May as well take the game off Steam.) As a Jason main myself, I understand the issues people were complaining about. For instance, the pinata parties were a problem...when the rare incident occurred in the first place. Counselors spawn separated from each other for a reason. (I'm aware it's not always the case) And if you've actually watched the movies, you'd know that Jason picks off his prey one victim at a time. Enough about that though. I'm not one of those people who went to the developers, peasantly begging for an overpowered buff. Instead, I, much like many others, adapted and played the game smart. In result, nearly 90% of my Jason matches have ended with 7/7s or 8/8s. And how? I kept good crowd control, actually moved out of the way when a counselor swung their weapon, (before grabbing naturally.) and best of all; didn't require stun immunity to pull two simple tasks off. Heck, there were some instances where I didn't activate rage at all. And finally, there's playing as a counselor in the game. (Unless you're that jerk who always leaves when the system doesn't choose you to be Jason.) While I did main Lachappa for a while, I eventually switched over to playing Vanessa for the purpose of playing a hero per se. For greater detail, performing selfless acts and ensuring other players escaping before worrying about myself. You know, acting like a team member! Now, once Jason hits rage, it's not so encouraging. And it's not even just that. I'm typically the last survivor due to everybody else being dead or escaped. And usually, there's no other method of escape depending on the scenario. I was content with this situation before the Rage update, given I could stun Jason and give a good chase in the process. Now, it's been reduced to a boring game of ring around the Rosie with a couch or table. Less exciting for both the players and ESPECIALLY the spectators. Quite honestly, I could excuse the godlike buff if the last counselor alive could be exempt from Jason's stun immunity. That's all I want at this point-- a chance to survive when every other player died because they dicked around too much. Give the veteran players who have stuck around your game for this long an opportunity to survive.
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    Who gives a shit about ass sculpting? There are far bigger problems needing attention.
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    Umm, no you haven’t.... You could claim to have covered the Paramount movies but even that would be an exaggeration. It’s minimizing like this, that turns fans toxic. Where’s....? Sandbox mode - It’s great I can play Jason single player but what about the other half of the game, Counselor play. Forest Green - map Tina’s Summer Home - map The Lazurus experience The Voorhees House - map Grendel You get a pass on the remake as the rights were never secured but saying that you covered it all, when each Jason doesn’t even have his own map is BS. When you can’t play as a a Counselor offline because reasons, I know you’ll say “a believable Jason AI is too hard” but who says we need one to enjoy just being a Counselor or visiting Camp. You actually make it harder for those of us who have spent time explaining things to people when you minimize this way, when anyone can point out the number of things that haven’t been completed, the broken promises and fact that you’re game is barely half done, but you’re only missing some small elements. Bugs, Glitches and toxic players can all be written off by those of us who get what Gun was trying to accomplish, being talked down to isn’t. Saying you covered everything but some small elements, reduces every suggestion that has ever been made to nothing. They’re all just small things not worth the time or effort. I genuinely mad that you would post such nonsense as the above quote. Guns not making a sequel, awesome because anyone who thinks that this game is in a finished state is a fucking moron. Go a head give me a warning/ban that would at least be a response to any of the things that I’ve brought up and exactly the type of fuck you I expect from a Community Lead who can’t do his job. Thanks for posting about the switch on the forums by the way, I appreciate you taking your responsibility to the community seriously. I don’t want another meaningless apology, so don’t bother.
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    It isn't new content. It's all existing content being brought over to another format. There will not be anything in the Switch version that doesn't exist in other versions already released. EDIT: also, new code is not new content as long as it isn't coding in an element that didn't previously exist. This is the same manner in which we are allowed to make bug fixes and balancing changes.
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    https://www.captiongenerator.com/1298702/Hitler-cant-stun-Jason-in-Rage-anymore *Whistles innocently*
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    Jason dies and gets the shit kicked out of him at the end of every movie. The counselors even let him get drowned in the first movie. Using the movies to try to defend a non-combat nature of the game is just plain laughable. Even at the end of part 5 with Roy, Reggie and Pam weapon up to kill the bastard. To me, people defending the overkill of the patch are just plain trash Jasons. They needed viable game play taken away so they could compete without having to learn how to defend themselves. They call hitting Jason from around corners "cheap" even though it literally happens in the movies. It's just a waste of time talking about it here. The official Reddit forum for F13 has more mature and balanced discussions going on, which is a shame that it can't be done here.
  26. 7 points
    I'll just share my thoughts on this matter. Defeating Jason isn't the aim of the game; the aim is to survive however you can. If the opportunity is there to defeat Jason this round, then yes it's a valid way to achieve your victory condition. However, it is not meant to be the easiest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. If you're part of one of these 'Jason hunter' groups, then perhaps go and watch the most recent stream where Gun staff spoke about what they think of these 'kill groups' as they're sometimes dubbed. The creators of this game explicitly said that they never intended for Jason to be bullied by counselors, so if you piss him off then you better have what you need to stop him quickly or you better run. Being completely immune to all stuns except the shotgun and pocket knife when enraged is completely fair. It means you have 10 minutes to get the sweater, get a good Tommy into play, get Jason's mask off and get the weapons needed to defeat Jason if you intend to, or it'll get much harder after. Defeating Jason is not supposed to be easy; it is supposed to be the hardest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. You either escape by car/boat, with the police, defeat Jason or survive the night and surviving the night and defeating Jason are meant to be the 2 most unlikely scenarios. Remember when Gun once said that defeating Jason was supposed to be a "1 in 70 or so" occurrence? It was before the game came out; their vision when they made this game was that Jason is the one who's out to get you, not the other way around. Expecting them to cater to people's desires to make Jason an easy/easier kill is unfair and a fairly self-entitled viewpoint to hold. What do you think would happen if you got Jason mad? I don't recall any instances in the films where he's been full on furious, but if Savini Jason is capable of taking the Devil's Pitchfork from the Devil himself (non-canon I think but it implies his incredible strength and willpower) then what is a human counselor expected to do to him? Stun him with a baseball bat? Ridiculous. Angry Jason isn't going to be stopped by a makeshift weapon. This change to Jason is perfectly fair; just either play smarter if you want to kill him or try playing the game a different way. If you go out looking to kill him then you should expect to fail the majority of the time; defeating him should not be a majority occurrence in victory conditions.
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    @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, you want to talk about canon? Show me in a film where a group of counselors gathered around Jason and kept knocking him down over and over again. I understand in the movies that a select few hurt Jason or temporarily killed him. Once they patch the bug preventing that to happen, the kill option will be there again. The intent of the game was not to bully Jason. Jason should be a feared killer that once in rage shouldn’t be able to be hurt unless the counselors are able to pull off the kill. I also respect your opinions, and I know not all counselors hit Jason with the intent on dancing in front of him. But most of the ones crying about this update are infact the ones that are now handicapped because they can’t glitch or beat down Jason in groups.
  28. 7 points
    This could potentially be game breaking especially for Jason's like savini, part 3 part 4 etc. This mechanic could be completely abused by Jason's who do nothing but slash as counselors no longer have a defense against them. If a counselor runs out of stamina while Jason has rage there's practically no longer a way to escape. Combine this with the awful swing hit detection and it just makes the game less enjoyable now, especially as counselors
  29. 7 points
    Found this video, Jason needs a serious buff, lol!!
  30. 7 points
    I still play regularly too, though I absolutely hate what has happened to the game: floods of trolls, on-going developmental incompetence, unpatched rampant glitching/exploiting, poor connections... Nevertheless, as already mentioned, this game may be a deformed shelter pet, but it is OUR deformed shelter pet. I will be here until the day comes that it is finally put to sleep.
  31. 7 points
    Most of the time it’s trolls that want to stab Jason with their pocket knife and then dance in front of him that cry about slashing being unfair. Slashing is part of the game and an effective killing method. The only thing “unfair” in the game at this point is the glitchers that get in spots on maps that Jason cannot access. But then again, that would be trolls as well.
  32. 7 points
    So let me get this straight. You are playing Friday The 13th The Game starring Jason Voorhees the legendary antagonist of the classic slasher films of the 1980's. And yet you expect Jason not to slash? It's unfair to slash in a game based on slasher films............. Get Gud scrub.
  33. 6 points
    UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week.
  34. 6 points
    Multiple atmosphere changes ended up ruining the gameplay in hindsight. Things like the longer door animations l etc. There are worse changes though I was thinking about. Being able to overadjust the gamma should have been removed immediately. We got people out here running 3 and 4 gamma looking like the middle of the afternoon because they “can’t see” AKA just want to run around. Sound pings were ruined at launch in favor of letting mediocre Jason players spam sense to find counselors continuously with no effort. This has made it harder for counselors to rightfully play stealthily and forced the meta to become nothing but counselors running around and speed looting leaving doors open and windows closed. Might as well, right? Instead of Jason having to legitimately hunt counselors, going toward the slightest ping, Jason just spams sense and crutch plays while counselors run around and scream over everything. The bad programming for counselor screaming has also added to it. When Jason is in stalk no counselors should be crying out, period. The game was initially designed, packaged, and promoted as a game that would force counselors to use stealth, walk and crouch around, and be very quiet otherwise they’ll create pings that Jason will see. Letting sense do all the work for Jason and not penalizing counselors enough for running has completely destroyed the intended dynamics of the game. The sense ability should be delayed or, as many have begged, replaced with stalk in order. Whatever Wes tried to explain-away about stalk being too powerful early on is BS. Jason is stealthy early in the films and should be stealthy, it’s SUPPOSED to be difficult to detect him. Sense being available so early AND being able to spam enablesJason players to abuse it as part of the game mechanics. Take this away and make Jason have to hunt better. I also propose a decrease in counselor speed and higher generation of pings. The ridiculous range in the music cue is already enough. To counter this, stalk and sense should both have a continuous duration and cool down, once used it works the intended duration and cannot be toggled off or spammed. This will force Jason to use his abilities more strategically and counselors will just have to get better at anticipating. Making gameplay more difficult for Jason and counselors makes for better matches. Sigh
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    I guess you could say it snuck in... through the back.
  36. 6 points
    We have another DOUBLE EVENT going on now! From today, April 11th and running until April 15th, get Double XP and CP! We'll even throw in tapes. Have at it, Counselors. EDIT: After the recent issues with servers, we're leaving the double event live for an extended period of time. We currently do not have an end date, but will update you all once we do.
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    Hello all, I know this has been discussed in the past but if you all could take the time to watch this video I’d appreciate it. This is a perfect example on why tommy should be allowed to stun! So, there has been discussion in the past about it and some people agree with it while others don’t agree with it. My defense is the people who play as tommy and actually act as a hero are very limited in resources when trying to save the other counselors. In this video, I do everything in my power to save these two deborahs trying to make it to the cops. There was absolutely nothing I could do. How is this considered a hero? Tommy is a special character in the game so he should have a special ability to stun Jason. And all I ask is let’s keep the arguments civil and respectful. Let me know your thoughts on this.
  38. 6 points
    Hi everone I quit playing the game for a while and when i came back to play the game, i relized that you can't stun jason or killing him in a rage mode. I find that unfair to the counselor since you make alot of effort to land the hit and that also making it harder and almost impossible to kill him. I've been playing the game since it came out and it gets boring and boring with every new update. Who is with me at this point? How can i reach gun media to suggest fixing this problem ? cause i don't feel playing the game any more
  39. 6 points
    They’re never going to see or care about your post. All you’re doing is venting pointlessly but it isn’t pointless, we all have to see your temper tantrum. I happen to like the game/forums and would rather if the forums didn’t descend into this toxic nonsense again. You hate the company, don’t play their product. Go write a review on GameStop or something, just do it elsewhere. You’re responsible for your emotions and the actions you take. Now I’ve said my piece and I’m going elsewhere in camp, if you’re calm behave that way. Start by editing the OP and making it clear what the hell you’re mad about. This isn’t a good topic, go fix it so it’s at least not toxic crap.
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    Little bit off-topic, but I finally ran into a bunch of pinata counselors last night (first time I've been danced on in quite some time). After reading through a certain somebody's hilariously un-informed assertions, I decided to ADAPT my gameplay so the developers wouldn't have to hold my hand to make up for my lack of skill as Jason.... Nah, just fucking with you guys. I let them beat on me till I got Rage, then R2'ed the whole lobby to death while they frantically threw firecrackers and swung baseball bats. They didn't ADAPT very well once they realized stuns weren't working anymore, but at least their in-game characters were able to ADAPT from dancing to being dead bodies fairly easily.
  41. 6 points
    Fear is so lowered that a bunch of weak human beings kill themselves because they are too afraid to fight back. Sounds about right. Everybody is constantly "Jason players need to be good" So do counselors. Counselors too stupid to realize that picking a fight with Jason won't end well is a problem with the player, not the game. A lone wolf with some brains and a dash of luck, or even better, a group of coordinated counselors will find escape very doable. At any rate, I guess we'll see if you're really gone or just pulling some emo drama. Bye, may your next game be better suited to your expectations.
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  43. 6 points
    So...counselors can no longer bully Jason once he's in Rage? Good.
  44. 6 points
    Anybody have any examples of karma/irony/revenge (Jason or counselor) to share? Doesn't have to be video, it can simply be stories if anyone has any.
  45. 6 points
    EDIT: Just under 30 minutes until the gang goes live! Join Wes, Dan, and Matt tomorrow for an all new episode of BEYOND. We'll be talking the latest update to F13, with a full round of Community Q/A. Gun Media on Twitch Gun Media on Mixer
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    I actually like it cause it adds more of a challenge. Also, Jason feels more menacing and like an ACTUAL threat because before the update, he was just easy to gang up on and even kill. The idea of him not being stunnable during Rage makes it more fun and the like, since you have to find new ways to get away and survive the night. Of course, there is a bug where Jason is invincible in Rage when it comes to Tommy and the sweater girl trying to kill him but that should be fixed soon. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. As someone who binges this game to hell and loves Friday the 13th with a passion, it is quite refreshing to see that Jason is now a force to be reckoned with. I've gotten away from Jason when he's in Rage and I was the last surviving player. I had Tommy Jarvis, but Tommy is overpowered if you know how to use him and that's pretty much one of the reasons I got to the cops when Jason was chasing me. Nonetheless, I've escaped from Jason and have survived since the new update. There is plenty of time to fix the car, boat or phone and also a myriad of ways to divert Jason's attention when it comes to distracting him so the other counselors can work on stuff. Other than being a counselor, being Jason since this update came out has been absolutely fun. I've come across a few oblivious trolls that tried to slow me down or annoy me. I remember getting Rage in one match and this Vanessa tried hitting me after I got it. She had 2 pocket knives but I caught her, lol. It's hilarious to see trolls haul ass when they realize they can't stun you anymore. Of course, if you try to troll Jason nowadays, you're just going to get his Rage up even faster which isn't a wise decision to say the least. I think he should only be hit when it's absolutely necessary. People can now enjoy themselves without the hassle of trolls getting in the way all the time, since Jason is no longer a punching bag for counselors. I think if I'm going to mess with Jason, I'm not going to hit him a bunch of times and only do it for a little bit if the Jason doesn't know what he's doing. What do you guys think? Do you love or hate the new update? Or are you just indifferent towards it?
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    Please leave the game as it is, no need to cater to people who think Jason is OP, HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE OP, set, traps behind doors(hardly anyone does this),save your knives, and shot guns, the game is fun again , Jason has been a joke for over a year, he is finally feared again, don’t nerf him again please.
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    The thing is with this new rage change, you get all the time in the game up until that point to escape and you still get time to escape afterwards as well. What it means is that if you've failed to escape by the time Jason gets rage or you're the final person alive, your chances are much slimmer. Think about it. You're left at Crystal Lake with no assistance and no way out and you're up against a horror movie killer who's literally immortal. You can only run for so long, and you only get so many chances to stun him and save yourself whilst running for your life. The final chase can go on for a certain amount of time, but it shouldn't be a guaranteed counselor kiting victory. If it's just you against Jason and he's enraged, how long realistically do you expect to live for? What do you expect to do against an immortal, supernatural killer? Knives, traps, a shotgun or a demasking will still buy you some time, but you're not expected to dodge Jason endlessly. There comes a point where he'll run you down because he doesn't tire and your character does. It's human vs inhuman. Some people seem to be keen on the idea of that final chase, but I'd ask users to see it from Gun's standpoint. As someone previously mentioned, this is an asymmetrical horror game - it isn't even; it's 7v1 or 1v7 (however you choose to look at it). When they were creating this game, do you think they envisioned this game with a 'keep jumping through windows until you run out of stamina or Jason gets bored' victory condition? I don't think so; I think that if you're the last person alive, you're kind of supposed to die. It should be a miracle at that point that keeps you alive, there was ample opportunity to get out before that point. It will be all the more satisfying and memorable when you actually manage to escape against seemingly impossible odds. I think Gun created the game with those "oh shit I better fucking run or I'm screwed" moments in mind, and rage has brought that tension and fear back with a Jason who is extremely difficult (but not 100% impossible) to stop. It just means cheap, overused tactics are less likely to work, an example being when you hide behind a door for him to rage through so you can bat stun him. For players like me, that wouldn't work anyway because I combat stance block around blind corners indoors and used to chop doors down when I knew someone was behind them instead of raging through them. Now you need a trap, a gun or a knife which are 3 things that would realistically slow him down. Not impossible, just harder.
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    This patch is extremely misguided, and seems like service to low skilled Jason players. A smarter patch would have: • reimplemented body blocking • a rage mode effect that reduces the durability of weapons to one use, and or significantly reduces stun time. Instead, we have a patch that allows Jason to become invulnerable just a few minutes into a session. How naive of some to believe Jason players won’t abuse this. Interestingly, in the films, Jason becomes more vulnerable - not more unstoppable - towards the end.
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    We'll have a live date for the patch. Hint: It's sooner than you think.
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