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    I have two huge pet peeves: 1. When someone takes the fuse and just carries it around for half the round until they finally die or escape. Then we have to call 10 minutes into the match when we could've called 5 minutes in. Asking on the mic for whoever has it to drop it doesn't work, I've tried it on multiple occasions. The fuse is always around the area it is found, so if you know you're gonna leave that area then drop it. 2. When Tommy hasn't been called and people walk right past the cabin with the radio, despite the fact that almost everyone is dead and Jason isn't even on them. What annoys you guys the most?
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    @barty1884 With all that you have tried already, I am not sure what else to suggest. Has the game run previously on the computer you are using? Are you sure your system specs are at least above the minimum?... you can try: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri That site will tell you if your system can run any game on their list.
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    I've never seen players get both cars done before I've had shift. As I've stated before if there's an experienced driver, doesn't matter how good you are as Jason, you're not stopping the car regardless of when it's in motion. So yeah I could get behind something that allows for Jason not to show on the mini-map or something that would remove the drivers mini-map for a short period of time.
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    @Ahab Yeah it makes sense. I think if this were to be done, making the bonus less effective the higher your base stat is the way to go.
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    I don’t recall if I’ve said this but I am in 100% agreement about the whole, no Legendary should be worst than it’s epic counter part, even if that meant removing the negatives from legendary perks entirely. I strongly agree with the idea that our perk library should be big enough to contain every perk, Ahab’s idea of plus 5 slots in the library is a good one. It would allow us to try different things out. We know that at least one build of the game has extra slots, we’ve seen screen shots, so it should be doable even if it only adds some slots. I probably have something else I’m forgetting but right now I’m still thinking about how to make Jason Perks with only what exists already in game.
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    Yep. On a mountain made of mistakes, choosing the engine upgrade over adding new content is certainly the apex.
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    I’ve never had a problem with the mines, and if you play correctly YOU won’t either.
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    You guys have no idea what Guns actual plans are until they chime in! They did say months ago that they would not do anymore content only bug fixes ... but now that the Lawsuit could possibly come to an agreement in a month, and a familiar team that worked on the Jarvis map that knows the “Code” Illfonic used maybe Gun has plans up their sleeves!!!
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    Bullshit, on the no money part. There was a lot of money made, and promises to keep. Edit - Who’s confused...wait never mind, I don’t care.
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    I'm an original backer with Savini Jason. If the inclusion of Savini Jason in the Ultimate edition meant more money in the coffers for this game to have a longer life - I'd be all for it. I'm sure 90% of backers would agree. These are extraordinary circumstances. "Desperate times call for Extreme measures" as the saying goes. Who cares if everyone who buys the ultimate edition has Savini? The longer this game lives... the better.
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    How about open sourcing the server protocol, dedicated server, and/or matching server code, so we can finish and maintain it after you give up and take the servers down? I play on PS4, but wouldn't be against picking up the PC version if I knew I could run my own server after the official ones go away.
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    Will there be a legendary perk event or will that count as extra content? Are you able to implement the credit roll in some aspect of single player either the challenges or virtual cabin?
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    @wesThank you for the information... I do have a pair of questions though: Why can you guys not push out things that you did, in fact, release in the game code? Uber Jason's model and kills are there and have been widely seen and used by hackers. The Pajama Pack DLC has been seen, and in fact partially used in the single player challenges for at least one of the characters. Why can't those be pushed out since they were technically already there? Secondly, what about the possibility of mods/mod community access? Not sure if people will take up that mantle, but opening the game up to the Workshop would potentially help it thrive. Thanks for all you do. Really wish this content wasn't stopping for sure, but I love this game.
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    I would like to know this as well.
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    Only reason it seems shady or people think you're trying to 'weasel out' is because their doesn't seem to be any push back comming from you. Like you're just accepting it, and thats the end. I understand theres two old dudes fighting over the rights to F13th. But do these guys even care if you add a new content to the game? Maybe pestering them both, you could make a deal that gets them off your ass. Theres always a way. Deals can always be made. Anyways, Thanks for at least telling everyone whats happening. Bad news is better then no news.
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    This I would like to know as well. Seconded. Edit - I am still out of bloody emotes, Can we have twenty or a faster refresh rate, please.
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    I've seen some discussions here, on social, youtube, etc, that describe this situation as "shady" or that we are trying to weasel out of the game. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But here's the thing... I love this franchise. I loved designing this game. I loved directing Kane in the motion capture. It was awesome working with him on kills that I knew fans would love. I loved working with 2D and 3D artists on characters, props, environments. I loved screensharing with the animation team when they took the aforementioned mo cap data, and started attaching data to the rig. Seeing the work we did in the motion capture studio a year prior, starting to come to life. I loved sitting with Manfredini, discussing music, stingers and stems that would later be connected to cinematic kills. To a creator, it's the holy grail to work on a subject that you love AND also have an audience that likes what you do. They like it so much, they give you money for it. That's the most amazing feeling, it's hard to describe. It's kinda euphoric. Not the money, that doesn't motivate me. It's the process and creative collaboration. The hard work and long hours to see something come to life. So when someone says "This is just an excuse for you to weasel out of this game." is dumbfounding to me. Why on earth would I want to stop doing the thing I love with my entire being? As a creator, why would I purposefully want to stop creating something that fulfills me more than anything I've ever done? If you have the opportunity in your life to do something you love, do it! Jump all over it with everything you have. Pour your soul into it and hold on as hard as you can. -W
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    Hope they fix balance in favor of Jason (grab, stun and rage) before the game will die, to stay on a good impression at the end.
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    @wes I guess the only question left that remains to be answered then, is what will become of the game once the inevitable day comes that all servers are shut down, regardless of when that may be? Others have asked, will there be some sort of patch when that day comes that will allow people to save their content/progress to their individual consoles/platform? That way, people could at least continue to play the single player challenges, and offline bots. Perhaps, maybe even have them continue to host their own private matches.
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    - Counselors that spend 5-10 minutes at the exit emote taunting Jason while 90% of the lobby is waiting for the game to end. It's not funny, and we don't think you're skilled. It's just annoying af and rude to be honest. -Players that blare loud, purposely annoying music into their mic/ players that still think racial/homophobic remarks from 1995 are funny. -Jason helpers -Players that purposely hold on to key items without helping Typing this out I've come to realize there aren't many troll-ish Jason players. Or maybe there just aren't many ways TO troll with Jason.
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    People who have no interest in killing jason ... they just want the easy escape. Again when jason is unmasked and I am wearing the sweater holding a baseball bat, I'm following tommy around so he gets the hint that I want to kill jason ... he then runs off to the police or the car ... This is why we need a new game mode because It's getting so boring
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    When the match barely starts and Jason decides to chase me 10 minutes into the match while everyone else has no objectives going during that time frame (but they sure do have plenty of pocket knives)
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