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    Bullshit, on the no money part. There was a lot of money made, and promises to keep. Edit - Who’s confused...wait never mind, I don’t care.
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    Yeah. I havent been a lawyer for long. But all of this sounds pretty legit. If the rights were never theirs. Everything they did was in association with horror inc. Once they loss the case it is up to victor miller for them to continue on with anything involving Friday the 13th. Victor miller has to give horror inc permission who can then in turn give it to gun media. So if the game was called just Jason and didnt have camp crystal lake or his pam voorhees mother. It wouldnt be so bad. But this entire game involves the original movie in some way. Like most things involving jason. So they cant add or alter it until horror inc and victor miller come to an understanding in writting. Horror inc has likely reached out about their own rights with F13 along with Gun's. But if you were victor miller and you just got out of being sued by these people (horror inc) two minutes ago. Wouldnt you be a little salty. Or at least be slow with the responses. I mean they gave you the hardest time about something you felt was yours to begin with. Im not saying it is his or he was right. Im just saying thats how he likely feels. F13 is not bad of a game. Im sure one day if you guys keep playing gun media can add more. But if you stop playing. Why would they. Dont give up. Keep playing. The more people who play the more likely new content will come.
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    This video was just posted a few hours ago. Larry Zerner clears up some things. A lot of people claim on this forum that Horror Inc should be able to release anything not related to the first movie, he clears up why that is not an option. He also clarifies that Gun CAN NOT make a deal with Victor Miller. He clears up quite a lot in this one. Worth a watch for sure. Let's hear your thoughts, guys.
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    No new content is coming. It’s been stated over and over again. Yes...they are passionate about the game and want to add more content. Wanting to add new content or doing it, after the lawsuit...are two different things. No matter what the outcome is..updates only. No update has arrived yet. We shall see. I don’t mean to sound harsh...it is what it is.
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    The intresting thing about this game is Jason is powerful enough to beat 7 to one odds most of the time. However people think that Jason shouldn't be able to be strong enough to overcome 7 to 1 and call that proper balance. Too much Call of Duty/Battlefield style mentality. If one player isn't strong enough as the killer in an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game to wipe out the field the game is broken.
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    More random screenshots:
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    @thrawn3054 Finally another suggestion for aquanaut... although your suggestion for this one makes sense considering what the perk is... I don't think its enough for its considered use by many players. Your suggestions for 'Controlled Breathing'... no screaming or giving self away in a hiding spot... 'Night Owl'... no screaming when power is cut... are damned good ideas... but perhaps the scream cancelation should be included in some way with 'level headed' as well... it just fits with being 'level headed'... it also fits with 'Nerves of Steel' as well... I think it also fits for 'Ice Cold'. But I don't think it should be added to every fear resistance perk... just a few that it makes sense with by name at least. If it is a complete resistance to screaming in a hiding place or another specific situation, then they could stack with each other, giving complete screaming cancelation for more than one situation... Perhaps certain perks I mentioned above should have a good percentage chance to not cry out even at max fear in any situation that can stack with each other?... such as Level Headed and Nerves of Steel... or perhaps Ice Cold? Or perhaps these perks could give the scream cancelling to more than one situation at least? Total cancelling of screaming may be overpowered enough to cause a rush to sit out matches in hiding places... you have a good idea here and it should be considered in my opinion. Your suggestion for Speed Demon is interesting as well... increasing sprint speed of counselors by the given % instead of it applying to the car's speed. As the perks with percentage bonuses give the biggest bonus to the counselor with the highest stat that the perk effects... This one would be too much for Vanessa and perhaps Bugsy with their higher staminas considered as well. But... if the bonus worked in reverse... and gave the highest bonus to the slowest counselor instead of the fastest... the potential for abuse with Vanessa is greatly reduced. This would make it a desirable perk for slow counselors and fast counselors alike... they all get a bonus to sprint speed... without going too overboard on the faster counselors. I have an Epic Level Headed at 15% to completely avoid sense... Legendary Low Profile at 24% sense avoidance (It does not say the sense avoidance only works when crouching with this one)… Epic Heavy Sleeper at 24% sense avoidance... and Epic Home Body at 20% sense avoidance. Just with these, I can combine Level Headed, Low Profile and Home Body for a chance to avoid sense at 59% while indoors and 39% elsewhere... The best I can get using Heavy Sleeper is with Level Headed and Low Profile at 63% and that is only for inside the tent, elsewhere it is reduced to 39% once again. I do not know the max values for all of the legendary versions, but they would obviously be a bit higher than my epics. I will agree that 39% does not give you a very good chance to avoid sense... that is not much over one third. But too much of a buff here will make certain combinations here very overpowered. 59% is only 4% away from 63%.. which is VERY close to two thirds. My point here is...with these numbers we have to ask ourselves... at what % bonus is does sense avoidance become overpowered? Luck of the draw is a big factor when dealing with random number generators, even considering the not so random patterns they create... you can get a great many low numbers in a row (which will make even a low percentage seem overpowered), just as you can get a great many high numbers in a row (which can make a pretty high percentage seem underpowered)... You can also get results at opposite ends of the scale for each try, which can make even a very low bonus seem more like 50%. My own answer to the question... two thirds (or 66% we don't need the decimal places here) is a pretty high percentage for something like these perks. If it ever got as high as 75%... in most matches... Jason would not have much of a chance to find a player running these at all... and both sides need a chance... throwing it too far to one side for anything is throwing balance to the wind. As I think I have mentioned elsewhere... Teamwork can be very overpowered already when used properly. For Jason hunters that travel in packs... with a 5% bonus per counselor other than yourself... we can quickly get a very large bonus to damage. Imagine a team of players that want to use Jason as a piñata, say five of them in a match, all running this perk with medic and thick skin... All five would have a 20% bonus to damage at 5% bonus on the perk. This can also be combined with a perk like Thrasher to give a much higher damage bonus to the player if he uses an axe. This perk is already a short road to a quick demasking as it is... all it requires is "teamwork" between the players. I am glad that the players that travel in packs think this one is useless. You have quite a few good suggestions in there... and I have so little time right now... I will be back... again... "soonish."
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    I almost always kill them all, I don’t like to disappoint Mother. I make an exception for really arrogant trolls, then everyone but the troll get to escape and I toy with them. The way I look at it, Mother would want me to punish the wicked over the others, so it’s ok.
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    @lostshadowz Although I used to play call of duty... it got boring many years ago. The other games you listed happen to be games I don't play. But, all of the games you listed are made by WAY bigger companies than the one dealing with this game... Bigger companies have more money and can therefore do things that smaller companies cannot. I understand your frustration... and anger. I hate the teamers as much as the next person... but its not worth bursting a blood vessel in your brain over it. Your idea to block players from entering a game you are in is not a bad idea... I am all for it. Probably a lot more to doing that than we would think too though. Also... if its not completed and already live in game before the end of content notice... it counts as new content. I doubt they could put this in either as it is not in the game already... unless it uses something to accomplish this that is already in the game and would count as an adjustment. @HaHaTrumpWon I will let polite players go at times if they ask nicely as well... but I give no guarantee that I will not kill them if I see them doing something I don't like. When I get picked as Jason twice in a row I just don't have it in me to slay so many bunny wabbits in a row. I see nothing wrong with letting anyone go on a whim... for whatever reason you choose. It is after all, up to the Jason player if he wants to kill everyone or let anyone go. But... other players will get salty about it and call you a teamer... which has more than likely led to a great many reports of teamers with zero evidence... because there was no teaming for there to be any evidence... I hate teamers so much... if a counselor even attempts to tell me where another player is, I will go after the rat until I get him... I will let everyone else in the game live if that is what it takes to get the rat... and the player that he ratted out now has a get out of Camp Crystal Lake free card.
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    Ha! So it is true that a vampire is compelled to count things... and I thought that only worked if you threw coins on the floor in front of them. I respect your diligence... and the level of patience that only an immortal bloodsucker can have. It was actually a pretty good guess... but a silly thing to be arguing about. Its not like I am going to go back and count them to make sure... I come from a world before twitter... when humanity realized that for anyone to understand your point, you need context... and more than one or two sentences. Just sayin'. But I did not actually make you count... that is simply a little know weakness of vampires... Actually, the only time I can remember it even mentioned was in the original Dracula novel. I don't think it is part of the old folk tales... but I could be wrong. There is so much vampire propaganda out there, most people think sunlight either kills them, or makes them sparkle... but we know the truth... don't we.
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    Most QP Lobbies now are no different than playing against the bots to me when I'm Jason. I want to try to help in the lobby after with tips, hints, explanations but half of the people in these lobbies quit before the match ends.
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    Yeah no, Jason teamers are already a constant problem with this game as it is. Just fix the car and run counselors over if you really want to ruin the game for other players. ?
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    Perk Name Adrenaline Rush Stamina boost once per match when Jason closes into almost grab range. Aquanaut Jasons red light becomes much larger, or you get a free break away, with stamina boost if pulled under. Water PK equivalent. Controlled Breathing Decrease range of Counselors breathing and lower the chances of screams when hiding. Easy Listening Counselor starts with a ‘Walkman’, it regens stamina at half rate until they take any damage, then only camp radios work. Escape Artist The bar should start with a section already full but decrease with each grab. Rank of the perk determines quantity of white in the bar. Evasion One auto-dodge on a grab, Jason simply triggers the Evasion movement in a random direction moving the Counselor to safety. Firecracker Carry two Firecrackers per slot, you still have to collect them only the first ones free. Friendship See other Counselors in red like Jason does with sense, either the closest or once per Counselor, per match. Lasts for 5 to 9 seconds. Grease Monkey Start with a Wrench, is a special colour like blue has max in one weapon stat, random so you never know if it’s really good. Grinder New Counselors should be given this perk first for free, this perk isn’t very useful and I’m having a hard time coming up with anything. Heavy Hitter Plus one in the Strength stat, and it should decrease weapon durability instead of its current neg. stamina Regen. Heavy Mover If you spawn in a cabin, it’s already barricaded at the start of the match, plus an increased chance of spawning in a cabin. Heavy Sleeper Spawn in or near a campsite, chance to spawn in a tent maybe? Homebody Again we’re giving you a way to control your spawn, this let’s you start in a main building. Hypochondriac Stamina boost for avoiding dead bodies, basically if you stumble on a corpse you get a bonus to turn and run. Ice Cold Disappears from sense when near a dead body, countered by Rage. Bonus stamina for every item looted from a corpse. Lead Foot Increase chance to spawn near the gas or battery. Level Headed Decrease other Counselors fear within a radius of 15 feet or so. Light Foot Increased distance when preforming Evasive combat dodges. Less stamina penalty as well. Lone Wolf Extra stamina when transporting objective items by yourself. Low Profile Ability to crouch run, drains stamina at a faster rate. Smaller hit box agains throwing knives, could work as well. Man At Arms Start with a random weapon in hand at the start of the match, alternatively a breaking weapon guarantees a stun. Marathon Think I’ll skip this one. Medic This one too. Motor boating Delay on Jason hearing the boat start up sound, .5 to 1 second per perk rank. My Dads A Cop Fuse House spawn increase, you ran right for the phone when Rob was killed. Nerves of Steel This ones good, it has a solid bonus already. Night Owl Increase brightness levels in dark cabin maybe, you should be able to see better right? Potent Ranger Increase your chance to be Tommy, use tickets like Jason selection maybe. Preparedness This is also a solid perk, although it could be buffed by showing the fuse house. Psychic Make Objective items glow when close, like sense works for Jason. Pyro Can collect multiple Flare Guns, each is one shot. Quiet Swimmer Notification when Jason enters the water, or a directional sound que tied to Jasons red light. Restful If outside of Jason’s music range increase fear recovery. Scout Traps glow slightly, or start with a trap. Alternatively a hard skill check to disable Jason’s traps without a PK. Slugger A cool skin for the starting bat would be neat, but a weapon stat buff for just that bat would be better, say increased durability. Sneaky I feel this perk just needs a buff to the speed aspect it doesn’t feel that much faster. It could highlight locked doors at a greater distance. Spatial Awareness By legendary you should never trip, it could also get you a heads up when Jason shifts in your direction, danger sense like a shimmer or an audio que. Speed Demon Increase speed when driving backwards maybe, spawn near a car, as that’s were you’re likely to run. Sucker Punch Seems fine but other people might have an idea. Swift Attacker Another one that only needs to be rebalanced, lower rank ones don’t appear very useful. Teamwork Larger boxes in skill checks if you’re close to the team mate who’s doing the repair. Doesn’t effect your skill checks. Thick Skinned This one is fine, shrug, it’s meta. Thrasher Start with an ax, weapon regenerates durability over time could work too. Tinker Other’s have made a good suggestion for this one, larger boxes not more speed.
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    I do think Man At Arms could do with a slight buff, right now it only really benefits certain characters and that's really low Luck ones, on my perfect one I only get 1 hit with certain weapons as Adam which kinda makes it seem...really stupid to use as a perk.
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    You will never get them. They are unused icons for existing perks that were never removed from the roll. The crystal ball was for Psychic, the knife was for Man at Arms. Don't remember what the eye was for.
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