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    As Jason everything is usually pretty dark, even more so if you cut the power. As a counselor, I am usually too busy running for my life or rifling through drawers to take in all the details. It's a shame there isn't a sandbox mode because the devs really put a lot of effort into replicating the film environments.
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    Hello Tell me some favorites about Friday the 13th tell me what u like and do not like tell me your fav people in the game like mine is jenny myers!
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    So over the weekend between me and my friend we saw Jason working with Councillors a ton. a couple times they fixed the car and worked on either running over people or having Jason after you if you tryed to hid in a pot the car couldn't get too. This is the very reason we need a ingame reporting system and working with Jason to ruin the game needs a harsh punishment. and Yes I know there is a way online but i'm not going to record every game onto my youtube channel just to report it via online site. and for those saying ingame reporting would be abused...every other damn online game has a report function. I call bullshit.
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    So on the video that I recorded both the survivor in the video and Jason was working together to hunt down the others surv .. the guy probally checked in the map where the others were and Jason followed him and killed them ( me included ) . Honestly I don't really care about dying because of that but I think players like these really mess up with the game of the others and runs the fun that was supposed to be in it.. well here's the link .. not the best quality but it was just to get something to prove my point in the end .. https://youtu.be/fQ3t2EsEMmo And I don't know what the devs or ppl behind the game see this kind of attituted but usually ppl get banned or punished right? I just don't want more matches like that for other ppl .. it's just unfair and not fun at all ..
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    One of my favorite little things I found was the broken boards on the bridge leading to the western exit on Higgins Haven.
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    Jason 8 is my favorite character from the game.
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    Favourite person from the game...probably Chad for the guys, Jenny & Tiffany for the girls.
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    I usually kill the Jason player who's pulling that crap. They're usually completely inept.
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    Ahab has pointed out that according to the current code of conduct teaming with Jason is not a offence anymore. Until Shifty or somebody with authority addresses this issue,you just have to deal with it for now unfortunately.
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    Savini Jason looks so amazing
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    Boarderland had a option for reporting people, Final fantasy 13 and 14, WOW, LoL, the call of duty games, and many many more fucking games. Yes I am a little mad because 90% of the games I end up in are with people teaming with fucking Jason. they either tell him/lead him to ware you are or Jason lets them fix the car and they try to run everyone down. it's tiring. Can't report it ro Sony as they say to use the ingame reporting which doesn't exist. I do not know of the xbox one has a reporting feature for in game behavior like the 360 did, which luckly wasn't tied to weather or not a game developer felt like adding a reporting system. If they don't want to make that system adding a block player works just as well. that's also a feature that can be and has been done in games. you block them and the match making service makes sure your not matched with that person in another game. also easy and would not violate the license lawsuit which is over the rights of the Friday the 13th movie (the first one) this is something Horror inc is well with in their rights to ok said block feature to be enabled on the match making service that's used. What would be nice is a official Response from Gun Media/Horror inc or the company they hired to continue support for this game. No matter what one or all of them say I will shut up about this once I have that.
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    That's so AMAZING keep up the amazing work and does asking can u maybe share your skills???
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    I have watched so many videos on AND I LOVE IT!? oh and thanks for telling me im offline not online and i do not have a copy I watched almost all the movies they are AMAZING!!! also question of the day what is your FAVORITE person from the game! I have now got a profile pick and its jason part 2 because he is my favorite!!
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    right the old lawsuit so we cant get anything bs... it should not in anyway effect putting in a reporting system. If the lawsuit was so damn strict this game would no longer be up for sale or allowed to be played. Gun is just a very lazy developer. using unreal engine a reporting system should be easy to add in. (spell check said to spell it the way I did.)
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    friend of mine had a good idea. instead of losing 1k points when killing someone you lose a level. so if you lose enough levels you lose access to costume colors and Jasons and counselors. a better incentive to not team with Jason or kill others with a car
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    Don’t feel bad, I thought the same thing.
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    This request goes all the way out to Crystal Lake and the senior class of Lakeview High.
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