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    Personally.... I think barricading the doors early on is safer in the long run than leaving them unbarricaded and more beneficial to the team's well being... But if people leave the windows closed... it does not help much. I have been killed many times simply by doors being left open and Jason stalking or shifting inside before I can do anything about it... or through the door on the other side of the cabin that I did not even have time to check before he got in. If you are going to barricade a door... then all the windows in that cabin should be opened. This does take time to do, more time than most players will bother spending on it... but if Jason is chasing you... you simply do not have the time to barricade everything in many cases... it is simply better to do it when Jason is not on your ass, comparatively speaking as to when he is on your ass and you are pressed for time. The windows being open gives you (and others) safe entrance at times when stopping to open a window will get you killed... and for those of us who do not run thick skin... it saves us from being wounded by being forced to jump through the closed window. Jason cannot waste all of his time smashing windows... time is not on his side. From the start of a match, I am barricading all doors I encounter (except for doors that the big guy knocks down with one shot)... and setting traps on them if a trap is nearby. I also open all windows as I run around looting. When Jason finds me, it becomes a very long chase as I jump through windows, and move through the cabin an out another window... and on to the next cabin. Always moving keeps Jason on you and does not give him time to smash all the windows on each cabin or he will loose you. When I get to the end of my line of prepared cabins.... I turn the chase back around and head back down the line, using windows he has not yet smashed and denying him the time to finish smashing them by continuing to move from cabin to cabin... You would be amazed how long I can keep Jason busy just doing this... Jasons without the Destruction strength do not even have the time to finish bashing down a door if they are paying attention to where I am by using sense... or they will lose me. Leaving the doors open or unlocked can be very detrimental to the team as time marches on. After escaping or dying... I have also spectated a great many players that were very grateful for all of the windows I opened and doors I locked while they are being chased by... you know who. As Jason, I have gotten some of my best jump scares on counselors with the help of people that leave the doors open... or unlocked. There have even been quite a few screamers... but they are usually cursing the player that left the doors unlocked or wide open. I have also changed the minds of quite a few players as to why they should be locking doors and opening windows... by explaining why it was so easy to catch them. They may not care about barricading that cabin when speed looting, but when you find them and chase them back to that cabin... many times they wish they did barricade it while they had the time to do it. Even though I disagree with leaving doors open... as a Jason player, I do not mind it at all. This has been the bane of many players that I would have had a lot of trouble catching if someone did not leave that door open... as a counselor player, I am usually hoping to have escaped before the match gets to a point where this might cause a problem for me... but it does not always work out that way. In many matches I have been the only one barricading doors at all... but I was never the only one who benefitted from it. In the end, however... this is just playstyle... not written rules. We should not be telling others how to play the game.... If someone wants to leave the doors open... and windows closed, that is up to them. It will get them killed at times as well. It is always advisable to assume that no one locked any door right up to the moment that you see the locked icon on it... or not... This is one of those few times that assuming something can be a good thing. It is advisable and beneficial to barricade doors...but not a requirement. Meanwhile, I will continue to barricade doors... open windows... loot what I can... fix what I find... and try to help the team with whatever they are trying to do... Or maybe I will sneak away in the boat... perhaps even with a passenger. And if I am Jason that round... I will probably try to harm someone... and I will not feel bad if someone did not lock a few doors.
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    Stop making Jason stunned every single time a counselor hits him like a little bitch. Revert his grab back to the old one. Jason should be able to use counselors as a meat shield again until a kill can be activated. Currently, he's a sitting duck in a group if he grabs someone. Reduce the number of hits it takes for some weapons to break down a door. Some weapons, like the spear, take 6 hits, which is nuts. 4 hits for weaker weapons, 3 for stronger ones. I'm tempted to say 2 hits, but that's probably not fair.
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    Hey Campers! Since we are not allowed to add new content, we are focusing our attention on what we already have, and how we can make it better. With that in mind, let’s talk about our Perk system. It’s too grindy. You know it. We know it. It should be smarter and follow a player’s progression in the game. What we are proposing is that when you spend your hard earned CP to roll a perk, the system checks your current level, and then rolls perks that reflect your level. This way, higher level players should see a significantly higher percentage of rolling Epic and Legendary perks compared to the current system. This should reduce the chances of higher level players rolling perks that aren’t indicative of their level. That makes sense, right? To help wrap your head around this change, here’s a theoretical example. This is only to help explain our current thoughts, and will NOT be the exact change. When a player first starts out in the game, they’ll see perks around the Poor or Common tiers. As they progress into the 20s, they’ll see more Common and Uncommon perks. As players get to higher and higher levels, they’ll see the perk tiers that they roll becoming better and better, culminating with players typically rolling perks no worse than Rare, and with a better chance at Epic and Legendaries. So when can we expect this? We’ve got to finish designing it so it makes sense, then we’ve got to implement it. After that we’ll have a lot of testing that we need to do to ensure the new system is running smoothly and can’t be exploited. And then we need to get it through QA, and then through console certification. All of this takes time, so we ask for your patience. In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to roll out bug fixes and other Quality of Life improvements. But wait, there’s more. We’re aren’t happy with Legendary perks. We like that there’s a pro/con to Legendary perks, but we feel like some of the pros (on certain perks) don’t really feel like a “pro”. Or at least they don’t move the needle enough. So here’s where we open up the discussion to you: should all perks (Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) have a pro/con or just the Legendary perks? What perks do you think need a slight buff? What perks are overpowered? We’re here, and we’re listening. -W
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    It was 2. A bust and a cheap 3 dollar ebay plastic mask I modified. I originally had the ironman glowing eyes set up. But the power supplies were to strong and they burned out. So I made my own with mini led's. I had some inside the mask on my left cheek showing through also. I'll be wearing it to Megacon 2019. And I'll improve it for that. Btw my name is Jeff Czupta. If you have facebook, look me up there.
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    My Savini Jason costume I wore to Spooky Empire in Orlando. Alot of Led's and 4 power banks. Not very comfortable. But people loved it!
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    Hey guys, just joined the forums. Started playing F13 about 2 weeks ago and I am already a big fan of the game. nice to meet all of you
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    I am looking for anyone who has any updated fan made music videos to the game or cool fan compilations that you've made recently and would like to share here on the forms here is a link to a music video I made in honor of the game and I would love to see yours as well thanks. Just click this video to see the music video I made in honor of the game happy killing and thanks for watching and sharing. New video i just finished check it out all....
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    @Zoopta, I think you did a better job on your Savini than they did on Kane Hodder’s a few months back. It looks great. @Pazuzu, you and your wife did a great job too.
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    I had a Vanessa following my A.J. around the other night. She turned out to be a new player and was just learning the game. I asked her if she saw the battery when she searched a house while I barricaded and opened windows. She said no... but the battery was right beside her. It was at this moment that she learned what the battery was, and how you go about fixing the car as I installed it... Being I had put the gas in right before she showed up, and already found the keys... we took a ride around the camp and picked up two more counselors before escaping. She was very grateful for the ride. Trolls following you around trying to give away your position are annoying for sure... but sometimes it is just someone new that has no idea what to do. And we were all noobs at one time.
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    What's the issue? Only one I've run across is when the icon doesn't show on the map. Too small in the left to right sweep in your opinion too? Don't try to chain stun, first issue solved. Agreed that if Jason exits a shift in the stun radius he should be stunned. Leave them in the drawers. Problem solved. As it is, you don't have time in a grab to play fuck fuck games and decide if you want to use a pocket knife. Play higher composure counselors. If anything needs to be fixed it's counselors screaming without line of sight on Jason, not the screaming itself.
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    I will get around to it... I am just not in a hurry. I will probably wait for the DVD release.
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    First... I was born. My memory of this is a bit fuzzy, I was very young then. When I could barely walk... my training with swords and spears started. It is really difficult to mange a four foot long sword when you are barely two feet tall... and don't get me started on the spears. You would think the trainers could use child size weapons... but nooooo! After moving on to swimming lessons... which did not go well... I go under with a life jacket on... things took a turn for the worse. I lost a shoe in that lake that I will never find again... it was my third favorite shoe. Damned cursed lakes! The first lessons in stopping cars did not go well for me either. Those things are much harder to stop than the movies would have us believe... Why would Hollywood lie to us!?!? But, practice makes perfect... or so mother says... All jokes aside... I am trying to think of how to continue this in an amusing way... and drawing a blank. But there are no players that strictly play as Jason... the salt mines and the ticket system see to that... unless their true nemesis is a bot named Tommy. In the end, we are all counselor mains... but many of us have fun playing Jason as well... as often as possible. This thread could lead to some amusing stories...
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    This is commandment number one in this game. I'll give the other nine at a later date.
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    I was actually more or less referring to randoms in game complaining about finding open doors when Jason's not even around. I would totally get their argument and slightly understand their frustration if they were one of the poor souls getting picked off climbing through a window next to an open door or maybe more so if they get shift grabbed while closing a door that I left open. But usually they find one open door and mic up "with quit leaving the damn doors open. I don't know why anyone would do that." If you're spending so much time reading and replying to any comments I make, I'm assuming you are one of those people. Strategically speaking a locked door hasn't ever hurt anyone. That is unless it's a one hitter with a window in which case I've been hurt by stumbling across plenty of them at the wrong time. Another thing that hasn't hurt anyone is me blitzing a part to the car and installing it with Tiffany early in the match. Even when I mess up which I usually do at least I know Jason's thinking about me. Maybe he'll even waste a morph and go to the wrong car. Or me blitzing the phone house to tank the trap Jason just set and morphed away from. I don't leave every single cabin door open but when I do there's nothing wrong with it because I have a good reason. There's plenty of time mid game for fortifying cabins. And if I'm hunting Jason then time is of the essence and I won't waste even a second of it to fortify a cabin since I'll be dead soon anyway. Of course I will shift my style and play it safe when I come back as Tommy but that's a whole other story. As for the saving all counselors part by opening all the windows that was a counter to a point someone made earlier about the value of barricading every single door for the sake of all the other players. And i believe my counter point holds true to their logic. Unfortunately for me I'm stuck on two different forums arguing the same points and I never intended to drag either one out this long so I'm about done. Everyone has to be getting tired of reading this crap. I know I am. Edit: @Pazuzu I believe you're right about lowering the fear level. Plus you get points for the first one.
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    This is exactly how I see it right now. I also cannot wait to hear what the next excuse is going to be. Last time the delay was caused by something related to the UV gloss for the cover, maybe this time it will have to do with the thickness of the pages.
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    Okay, got a little update, here...first of all, I finally got around to upgrading my original Savini Jason (the one pictured in the gallery on page one of this thread). I added the shoulder spikes, adjusted the torso chains, and gave him a better pitchfork. I was happy with the figure before, but now I feel he's finally 100% complete. And I also finished work on Savini Jason #2, the one I intend to sell. It will be on ebay this weekend.
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    I'm excited for that perk system.. I just got a legendary perk that is worst than a epic one. Like, doesn't make sense...
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    This is cool, but Legendary perks should have no negative, I hate rolling a Legendary only to find out it has some stupid side effect.
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