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    Another week passed and still not a single update about this even after the cm was tagged. In total we are now at over six weeks of radio silence. This is just pure speculation, but it's really starting to look like those artbooks were not even close to being completed unlike what they told us.
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    Lol.... stay out of mine too @Somethin Cool.
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    The other night I played as Vanessa and I spawned near the same cabin as a Lachappa. Inside we found the battery so I told him that he should put it in because he is a far faster repairer. He refused so I grabbed it while basically scolding him. As I repaired the car he kept hitting me and then I was done he attempted to follow me. I said “Good luck trying to keep up” and left him in the dust. Found the gas in the barn at Higgins and the keys in the small cabin across the road. Circled back down to the car, repaired the car and drove off. Down by the road I picked up one counselor when all of a sudden I saw Lachappa running out of the barn and down the road at me. I then floored it and flattened him while laughing maniacally. In the lobby he gave me a TON of salt. I told him that that is what happens when you behave like a douchebag. TOTALLY worth the 0 XP for the round.
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    For what it is worth, I have never once complained in this or any other thread about people leaving doors open. I have merely been explaining why, from my POV, strategically speaking a closed door is better than an open one. Believe it or not you can actually have a discussion about this topic without all of the emotional theatrics about “saving councelors” and such bullshit.
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    "The consistency of these delicious pina coladas that we're enjoying while we're basking in the sun in Maui Maui is going to cause a slight delay in getting these art books out to you guys, sorry, LOL."
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    What a waste of potential is this game right now. I'm sorry for you. Hope they will make it easier for you to join some lobbys somehow.
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    You guys are never getting art books or soundtracks, sorry.
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    Stop making Jason stunned every single time a counselor hits him like a little bitch. Revert his grab back to the old one. Jason should be able to use counselors as a meat shield again until a kill can be activated. Currently, he's a sitting duck in a group if he grabs someone. Reduce the number of hits it takes for some weapons to break down a door. Some weapons, like the spear, take 6 hits, which is nuts. 4 hits for weaker weapons, 3 for stronger ones. I'm tempted to say 2 hits, but that's probably not fair.
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    Is he Cunning? No... A ham? Yes...
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    Hope your lungs are in good shape because you're going to be holding your breath for a very long time.
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    I love a good echo chamber. ? To the OP, I'm sure these will get fixed, eventually...
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    There's an echo from 365 days ago in the chambers of the forum!
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    Sounds like you're trying to circumvent every rule and dive through every loophole you can to allow yourself to act like a jackass in the game. If you and your friend are that bad at the game, that you need to take shortcuts whenever possible - don't play the game. Don't ruin it for others. Go and play a Sesame Street or Barney the Purple Dinosaur game or something that is more on you and your friend's level of ability.
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    I believe the number you get is based on your repair skill, luck, and fear level. I'm only speculating about the fear level but I've noticed I seem to get more skill checks with higher fear.
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    I wouldn't be sad if they made Summer Camp Slasher, created a number of generic killers and counselors and did it right from the get-go, with dedicated servers and minimal bugs. Heck, it might even be cooler. Like you said, time is a factor with FT13th game, too much time passes and it wouldn't make sense. If a deal works out and they plan on making a movie, tieing in the game with the movie would be smart for them and cool for us ... But again, it's a long shot, but it's fun to think about.
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    Truer words were never spoken.
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    Yeah the whole 3 seconds it takes to close and barricade a door is an extreme hardship. Maybe instead of me having to play like every door is open, you should just take the 3 seconds to think of your fellow teammates. I laid out the argument of why it's beneficial for all characters to barricade the door regardless of play style. There are zero benefits to not barricading, except on Packanack at the main lodge because Jason is gonna bust it down in one swipe or just open it all the same or if you've somehow found an unbarricaded cabin while Jason is in rage, but that cabin should have been barricaded long ago anyway.
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    I've been 150 for so long, I no longer care about the dumb counselors who think standing in the middle of the road is going to be a deterrent. I won't even slow down. LOL
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    There's no wisdom from the don't barricade side...sorry. We get an example of a counselor who doesn't barricade because he's more or less playing as if he was Tommy, distracting and battling, from the start. If you barricade the door, Jason has to full on announce his arrival to you. You wait next to the door and after he breaks it down, time his entry into the room and give him a nice bat to the face. You then run to the cabin next door and do it again. You've thoroughly wasted a ton of Jason's time in this process, to where either he stays on you or frustrated just gives up. Meanwhile, you leave the door open, he just shifts in and grabs you without your knowledge if he's skilled with his stalk. Or he's in stalk and just nicely opens the unlocked door, you don't hear it and he walks up and kills you. Barricading the door will stop this from ever happening to you. When Jason is in rage, then barricading doesn't matter because he's just gonna rage through it. But he gets stuck in a stupid animation and it's a free stun. Now that we've taken care of the role of the harasser counselor and why barricading is smart, let's go to the repairer. The repairer has less stamina, less speed, less strength. So when the repairer is in flight mode from Jason, they're looking for open windows to dive through to get away. If you ignorantly did not barricade the door, Jason will just walk right into the cabin and as said repairer counselor is getting up from their animation, Jason is on them and they're dead. So, as we can see, there is absolutely zero reason to not barricade doors regardless of your play style.
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    Hit this milestone on Halloween of all days. Wanted to share and show that Friday isn't dead! Thanks to anyone who has been part of the stream!
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    I posted my thoughts on the rate/review the last horror movie you watched/ saw section.... but since I am such a Halloween movie junky, I don’t mind giving my two cents here again: I give it an 8/10 it was very well done... I especially loved all the references to all the original movies in the series. the score was amazing and the Shape was definitely back in full form!! A predator/ cunning and brutal....A+ on his portrayal in the film. On to the critics/ changes I would have perfered.... these are minor changes to the over all film and in my opinion would have made the movie a perfect 10/10...and in my opinion could have made it the Best sequel to the Original film since Halloween 2 (1981). I feel that the film could have used at the LEAST one more stalk / chase scenes and could have easily gotten rid of a few characters that were completely useless and irritating Karen’s husband Ray and Sheriff Baker had scenes that were a waste of time and amounted to nothing when we should have a few more character building scenes for Karen and Allyson ... ( Karen was under used and what they gave us came off a little whiny instead of protective......she would have benefited more from being a single mom and had more scenes explaining/ exploring her life growing up with Laurie as her Mom and her lost childhood, and why she didn’t want that for Allyson .) I thought that when Michael appears to Allyson after killing her boyfriends goofy friend in Mr. Elrods backyard on the fence we were in for an epic chase/ stalk scene as The Shape would then chase her through the streets in a throwback to the originals chase from the Wallace house to the Doyle house... especially with that awesome score that starts up as she is running away from him..... yet the film instead has her go to a neighbors house and call the cops and Allyson is then picked up by Deputy Hawkins and Dr. Sartain who then run into Michael ( almost to coincidentally.) with his squad car.....( felt that this created an out of place slow down in the film.) I think Michael chasing Allyson through the neighborhood would have been more epic and could have lead up to a better transition into the same scene of Hawkins and Dr. Sartain Hitting Michael with the squad car as they come across him and Allyson .... on a finale note I really enjoyed the flipping of roles at the end as Laurie stalks after Michael.....overall like I said a great Halloween movie, if they can produce the same quality as this one they can keep them coming every year !!!!!
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    While true the bat wasn't a guaranteed stun, it does seem to have a higher failure rate now.
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    The next update will have the following thanks to Miller and Horror Inc. settling! - New Perk system - Uber Jason - Bug Fixes and balance changes - Grendel Xmas 2019 - NES Jason over Summer 2019 - Dr. Crews, Reggie the Reckless and Tina Shepherd (new hero) coming October 2019
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    @ShiftySamurai is there anyway to deliver digital copies until the physical copies arrive? It would be a good stop-gap, similar to the physical game when it was released.
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    Hey @ShiftySamurai, any chance you could get us some update about the whole Artbook+Soundtrack status? Last time we heard anything about it was 5 weeks and a half ago. I know we need to be patient but c'mon guys, this is getting ridiculous imo.
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    They should just release it as dlc now. many games do that. preorder or kickstarter backer items end up as payed dlc anyways. with no new content ever coming to this game other then patches they should release savini as a dlc. then no one would have to hack and they would make money too.
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    Last I heard was in an email dated July 13th....6 to 8 weeks to have the items in your hands. It would have been nice to have the soundtrack for Halloween... but been waiting since 2015, so I’m pretty much numb to this. Soon... my ass! Lol
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    Agreed. Still no art book in my mailbox. Sigh.
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    An update would be nice indeed, what's causing the delay this time?
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