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    This sums all of this up.
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    Even at this 0.0001% likelihood of anything positive coming out of this, I still remain so. I just have to say this is by far one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, adapted one of my favourite overall and horror favourite film franchises to a video game format. I have been off work and one night I clocked in at 8pm and played till 3.30am. I know there are many other players out there who have that addiction. One negative is that I haven’t seen any punk/goth girls with an ass like A.J Mason yet in real life, but like above I remain 0.0001% positive.
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    Just curious as to whether or not there’s been any news regarding this. I scanned the forums but didn’t find anything. Had a counselor last night behind the furniture on the vacation house porch. Normally it doesn’t bother me too much because I just knife the shit out of them. But this dude had 3 med sprays with a medic perk on. I ran out of knives on the map and he lived. This made me sad.
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    Not as much as you'd hope. Another way to minimize Jason killing is to have your counselors perks not transfer over to Tommy. Again it won't stop the killing but it'd sure make it harder. I hope that was just a glitch. It's already too easy to stun Jason. I don't know why they would give him block just to take away what little effectiveness it has left. On a side note I only killed 5 Jasons this weekend. My friends laughed when I told them I was trying to cut back. But the Jasons just wouldn't leave me alone and ultimately my need for vengeance prevailed...
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    I also give Halloween 2018 : 8/10 it was a very good movie with strong Halloween filled Moments and homages to all the films in the series which I thoroughly enjoyed! I also agree with @badassgixxer05 it needed a few more stalk/ chase elements... and easily could have ditched a couple of characters.... Ray, Karen’s irritating husband is one and lame do nothing Sheriff Baker is the other... this could have given us a couple of strong character building scenes for Karen.....who I felt was under used and would have benefited from being a single mom with scenes with Allyson that explained more about the life she had growing up with Laurie as her mom and how she didn’t want that for Her....( sorry went off on a tangent..lol.) Back to the extra stalk/ chase moments a perfect one would have been...right after Michael kills the sidekick dopey teenager on the fence in Mr Elrods backyard there should have been a chase scene as the shape stalks after Allyson through the neighborhood and that could have lead up to deputy Hawkins and Dr. Sartain searching the neighborhood and coming across Michael chasing Allyson and then hitting Michael with the car.....instead of picking her up at a neighbors house...and then running into Michael and hitting him with the car. I also really would have loved if the movie had included a POV scene of Michael escaping His restraints on the bus killing guards and other Patients alike....and then cutting away to the dinner scene. but I can’t complain too much it was a million times better than the shit fest that Zombies movies were, Resurrection was and I enjoyed it more than H20 and Halloween 5..... if I were to rank them from my favorites it would go : Halloween 1978 Halloween II 1981 Halloween 4 Halloween 6 Halloween 2018 Halloween H20 Halloween 5 Halloween 3 zombies films and then the giant Dump that is Resurrection. Happy Halloween
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    Either English is not OPs first language in which case their attempt is pretty good OR Camp Crystal Lakes English lessons have failed badly. Vote kick is a poor idea, given a minority of the community are trolls, nothing stopping them banding together and turfing people out.
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    This has been discussed before and majority if not almost all of the community agree it's a bad and negative concept to have in a video game like this.
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    As Jason, these “expert” players who leave the doors open are easy to deal with. When a counselor is hiding in a cabin, I tend to break the doors in the adjacent cabins before I attack them. People who leave the doors open make them much faster to break. By the time I get shift, I’m shifting into cabins rights after them.
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    Halloween 2018 8/10 I thought it was pretty good, but wish it had more stalk/chase elements. Those were the things that made the old slashers sooo good. This one was a little too modern for my taste, but was still enjoyable. Was great to see Michael on the big screen again!
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    The great white whale hunter already said what I wanted to say, I would add that I feel the game is best balanced when there is a high percentage of repair characters, that unfortunately means some of them die. If more of the people who played the stronger, faster characters made it a priority to protect them, we’d have an entirely different game. To go off on a bit of a tangent about the meta, I’ve been thinking lately that it should have been more divided, that different Counselor should have had a specific meta like Jenny’s no fear build. There should have been a more team valuable meta that should have risen to the top. If they ever do design another game they should consider this from the start, people are going to play into an obvious meta, maybe it could be used to encourage team play. Actually backstory reasons could be used as well to reinforce certain protective behaviour or team work between specific characters. Welcome to the forum, and thanks, now I have something to think about.
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    There are still some people using these exploits now and again, but I don't see it happen much anymore. As to how they get up there... I do not know... and nor should it be posted, it would be used as a guide for those that do not already know how to use it... then suddenly, all kinds of people are dancing on rooftops again... We wouldn't want that all to start happening in almost every match again now would we.
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    This, 100%. The balance doesn't need to go too far in the way of Jason players looking for a handout.
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    Yes, I was being silly. But I also think that it's kinda silly to support a game based solely on a license, especially given the generally poor quality of movie-license-based games over the years. I thought the game looked like a buy when it was Summer Camp, and the adding of the license sweetened it for me, since I like the film series.
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    I have never seen anyone using such exploits but once I've seen a guy on the Packanack roof. How the hell did they go up there?
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    Nerves of steel is still good to run on any counselor if you end up driving the car or boat. Losing that mini map along with Jason's position on it is murder in these situations.
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    If we want to get technical about it... SPOILERS AHEAD! … He only really died in Part 4. In Part 2 he was merely stopped, and got away... in Part 3 they thought he was dead and took him to the morgue (always check for a pulse!)… But he was buried after Part 4 for years. Part 6 and 7 he was just held under the lake... as he was undead at this point, breathing would no longer be a requirement. The strangeness of the toxic waste ending in part 8 is mind boggling, but he was not "killed." Part9 he was dragged to hell while still struggling... and even Jason X the ending was a tad ambiguous. In Feddy vs Jason, he was "alive" (if you can call it that) and "well" at the end. Not to mention how a story is actually structured when it is not guaranteed you will be making a sequel... and non of these movies were ever guaranteed to have a sequel when they were made... just like almost every other movie ever made.
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    Oh I get that. I'm just giving out a alternate idea for a broken window buff. I'm in favor of any small buff to Jason while also giving a reason to want to actively smash windows (because now, I don't care to.)
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    If anything, this just confirms money matters more than legacy really. I'd rather know my franchise is in good hands than worry about money I'm never gonna need really. I doubt this guy has many hardships unless he's a gambling/drug addict.
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    Way to go Horror Inc. Thanks for messing up any chance of this franchise getting back on track anytime in the near future. This was also posted about it: http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/10/horror-inc-files-appeal-in-lawsuit-loss.html?m=1
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    Not to mention waiting to close and barricade the door when Jason is in hot pursuit often gets you hurt if you are still in the process of barricading the door when he starts to attack it.
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    The new players are a bit spoiled lol.
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    That doesn't make any sense and it's not true. If you close doors you can use windows and Jason not. The cons on leaving the doors open in a Jason chasing scenario are too many. I hope you don't give this a try in a lobby where I play
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    Before the salt mines... a great number of people would quit the game when cornered by Jason... as soon as they went into a wounded state near Jason and had no med spray... right after Jason grabs them... during the kill animation.... and so on. For the most part, the salt mines has solved this problem... it is now rare to see people quitting in these situations. Unless of course, they are new... and salty... and don't yet know about the salt mines.... From what I have seen, the salt mine are working just fine. People leaving for the above reasons (or other reasons I did not think to list) made for a rather annoying game. Players on consoles were at the mercy of the host before dedicated servers were implemented not so long ago... Before the servers went live, if the host quit... the match ended. And a great many hosts quit for the above reasons... or simply because they were killed and had no desire to actually allow the other players still in the match to complete their game. This was, as you can imagine... very frustrating for these players. As to enforcing teamers... unless they actually are dumb enough to admit they are teaming with Jason while you (or someone else) is recording, you cannot prove they were teaming. I have seen a great many people call out "teamer!" or "hacker!" with literally no reason behind it other than the fact they do not understand how the game works, Jason found them and they died. We can imagine the number of reports they had to sift through that had no actual teamers in them are were just issued by people that were sure the others were teaming for the simple reason that Jason found and killed them (being sure does not make one correct)... which is not hard to do when playing Jason and you know how to do it. Just imagine for one moment how much time this wasted (and time is money, the people looking at these reports need to be paid) by reports sent in that had no hacking... and no actual teaming, or at least no real proof of it. And people wonder why teaming is not a ban worthy offence anymore. Everyone dies fairly often in this game... and most of these deaths are not due to "teamers." Even the best of us die in this game fairly often... and even the best counselor players can still die first in a match in which no one was teaming with Jason. You have the right to leave whenever you want... no one is stopping you. If you wait until after you die (or escape) and are now in the afterlife club, you can leave the game with no penalty. If you think players are teaming... play with another lobby of people.
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    You can play as "Jason" all day long as many times as you want on offline bots and single player challenges.
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    Looks amazing man! (sell it for a high price and make some money!)
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    Good stuff. That's my biggest missed opportunity from this game, not getting Savini Jason. I backed the game on Kickstarter in 2015 and neglected to pay the extra money. Kudos to you for being a Good Samaritan for the less fortunate and creating these videos!
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    GJ, amd here if a purple achievement trophy for you!
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    Thanks for posting this. Tagged to watch later.
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    Nice, I just finished them on my PC copy today, too. My laptop is not a gaming laptop in the slightest, so i have to run it on low settings, window mode and 50% detail scaling. Also, because my pc can't handle it, I couldn't use shift at all during them either (challenge 9 getting Deborah was a real bitch). I'll have to do challenge 6,7,8,and 10 again when I have parts 8 and 4 unlocked (I'm only level 10on that version).
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    I haven't watched them, I will later but wanted to say thanks ahead of time.
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