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    A bunch of scripted BS sound bites and a big lie. Horror Inc. has not been tying to “reach out,” they’ve been trying to undermine and blame Miller for the entire lawsuit when it was Horror Inc. who sued Miller and halted development of this game. This is probably the 6th or 7th time I’ve seen someone surrounding Horror Inc. intentionally downplaying their lawsuit acting like Victor Miller is holding the IP hostage. It’s clear that Gun was told to keep this narrative alive as long as possible. Friday, Gun, and all the names could be switched out and it would read like any vague corporate email or press release. “Clarity,” “reaching out,” “working with our partners” are all bullshit code. I work in both the corporate world and in academia and am very familiar with these filler phrases used by parties to shift the blame. Bye!
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    Hey Campers, Long time no see, I hope you're well. Been a crazy few months, huh? I know there's a lot of questions you all have about the game, future content, legal, etc, etc. We rounded up the most frequently asked questions from the community and worked with the license holders to answer them. Everything we put out or say publicly (including this very forum post) must be approved by the license holders. Some of you will have more questions after reading this below, however, we are not currently able to answer them. Please do not think this is me, or anyone from Gun ignoring you. Please understand the sensitivity and seriousness that the entire F13 IP is currently tangled up in. I spent the last few weeks with legal and the license holders getting these answers. When we know more and can share it, we will. Q: Does this mean you (Gun Media) can create new DLC now? A: We cannot currently add new DLC or Content to the game and it is unclear if this can ever happen. We can only perform maintenance, balance, QoL fixes and bug fixes. Q: Why won’t/when will Gun Media add Uber Jason/Grendel/Clothing DLC? A: The entire license is currently under a legal microscope. We wish this was a more clear-cut, black and white scenario, but it is not. There is a lot of gray. We hope that in the near future more legal clarity will occur, but this is not Gun’s call. As mentioned previously, at this time we can not add any new content, regardless of where the content falls within the F13 canon (Uber Jason for example). While Uber Jason appeared to be close to being finished, there was still remaining work that needs to be completed in order to finish him. When we got word to stop, we stopped. There were clothing packs and kill packs that were also nearly complete. However, the Grendel map still had months of work to go. When this content was leaked, we were under 50% complete. It is not likely that Grendel will ever see the light of day. Q: Why did you (Gun Media) decide to stop making content? A: The decision was made for us to stop making content due to the sensitivity of the legal process. Gun does not own rights to Friday the 13th: The Game. We continue to work with our partners at Horror, Inc. as more information unfolds. Gun wants to release content, as do our partners at Horror. Until more clarity is provided, we can not add new content. Q: Why won’t you (Gun Media) settle with/pay Victor Miller to create content? A: Gun is not a part of the legal issues surrounding the license. It is not our call to “settle” or “pay” anyone as it relates to the legal issues. Our partners at Horror, Inc have reached out a few times in an effort to settle with Mr. Miller. However, we were informed that this communication was ignored. We hope that all parties can come together in the future, so we can add some new content, but it’s not likely, nor should it be expected. Q: Why won’t Horror Inc. settle with Miller so you can create content? A: As mentioned previously, this has been attempted in the past with no progress. Our partners at Horror, Inc will continue to reach out to Mr. Miller, but until communication lines are opened up, there is very little we, or our partners can do at this time. -Wes Keltner
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    Yea, kinda the reason why I don't play Jenny as much anymore, since I also want to be able to demask practically. Jenny is still my bae though, and I'm reminded why I miss her everytime I'm screwed by stumbling...
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    Just curious as to whether or not there’s been any news regarding this. I scanned the forums but didn’t find anything. Had a counselor last night behind the furniture on the vacation house porch. Normally it doesn’t bother me too much because I just knife the shit out of them. But this dude had 3 med sprays with a medic perk on. I ran out of knives on the map and he lived. This made me sad.
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    One of the things that the devs loved to brag about before launch and beta was the windows doing incremental damage to counselors if they went through them after they were broken to curve 'looping'. Of course in hindsight with the perks, this has become mostly a point of irrelevancy with med, thick skin, etc. With two door cabins, its always been a tricky one for me. Most often, it could be argued to be easier to just bust down both doors because its less in the way as Jason. However since busted doors don't do ANY DAMAGE to counselors, all it does is give counselors more time to run from cabin to cabin and avoid broken windows. However if they have closed both sets of doors and/or locked them. If you only destroy one set of doors, you can potentially trap them inside unless they have a window close by. The problem is if they escape via the window, now you have to bust down the door, go around, burn a morph or a shift, etc. Its more time consuming. Over time, some people adopted the strategy to just leave doors wide open so they can't be used as traps against them and because they can close the door in Jason's face with ample time. Not everybody does this, as its mostly just people looking to hunt, troll or fuck around with Jason. Likewise there are Jason players who have also adopted the strategy of NOT destroying windows, forcing counselors to open them the slow way as a risk or just dive through them. What this amounts to is I wonder if busted doors should've dealt damage to counselors over time the same way windows do? This would've made the long winded, loopathon style gameplay become more risk/reward over time, especially for trolololol faster counselors whose sole purpose is the hunt or troll. If every cabin is destroyed, doors and windows alike. Every time you run inside a cabin, you take some kind of incremental damage. Say the leftover wood from the doorframes cuts the counselors over time, just like the shards of glass from the windows. I kinda wonder in hindsight if broken doors should've dealt the same kind of damage as broken windows? The perks still would've made this irrelevant probably, but I feel like it would've made cabins much more risk/reward if every avenue of escape could deal damage if they were broken?
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    There are still some people using these exploits now and again, but I don't see it happen much anymore. As to how they get up there... I do not know... and nor should it be posted, it would be used as a guide for those that do not already know how to use it... then suddenly, all kinds of people are dancing on rooftops again... We wouldn't want that all to start happening in almost every match again now would we.
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    Taking damage through broken doors is a straight no from me. Changing the speeds of entering or exiting a broken window is a no also. I agree that the game should favour Jason more, it should always be roughly 70-30 but the environment shouldn’t completely F’ over the counsellors in a way that renders it that difficult because at some point the more changes to the game you do, you are rewarding the Jason players who suck. The game at the minute rewards the smart counsellors and rewards the strategist Jasons. Playing as a counsellor is fair, it depends on your luck of cabin item drops, your own skill and the skill of whoever’s playing Jason. In my opinion if you need to rely on doors damaging counsellors or window speed, you might need to work on playing as Jason more. Just my two cents worth!
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    I'm hoping whoever gets the rights to another franchise with an all-star killing machine (Freddy, Michael, etc.) has things on point from day one.
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    Oh I know. I'm just saying it can be even worse on the small maps.
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    Ahhh, ok. I figured it’d be needed. Thanks for the help!
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    It all depends on the player and their knowledge of the game. If you have multiple high repair counselors in a game, especially if they're spread out they can absolutely ruin Jason's day. On the small maps especially things can be repaired before Jason has shift. While having a counselor that Jason doesn't know the specific stats on would be cool I think it'd be easy to break as well.
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    Well, just as I thought... trash! ...But Gun told is it was Victor Miller that was responsible for the original lawsuit even though Horror Inc. is the plaintiff. ...But But Horror Inc. told us it was Victor Miller holding the IP hostage. Oh ok.
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    Probably the low luck/composure combination.
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    I do have Speed Demon, but it only works if I am alone and I like to get the 4 seater filled up and drive around for the rest of the match listening to whatever is on the radio. For that reason I prefer Lead Foot. It's a lot easier than trying to time Jason out by looping and fighting.
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    Or adjust the damage climbing though window. As Jason, I really don't bother breaking windows since the time investment isn't all that great when you consider the all the counselors with medic or thickedSkin. Unless its per-emptively next to something like the fuse or I'm on my last counselor, which I have a habit of drawing it out longer by cutting the power (if it wasn't already) and smashing windows and weaking doors on near-by cabins, I'd rather relentlessly pressure the counselor.
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    ''But...But , he died in every movie , so he should die in every match too!'' -Citation of basically every counselor crybaby.
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    It's Jason.....you know the most overpowered character?.....like you know...he is meant to be overpowered?
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    Exactly. Most of the time I play with a friend of mine and were always in party chat. We never tell each other information when the other is Jason. We just enjoy bullshiting while playing.
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    Miller is not to blame in all of this actually it is his Legal right to do so and you would do the same if in his position. This is all about greed on both sides and yes us fan's are the ones that will continue to suffer for it. We all knew Horror Inc would appeal so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I had hope that they would come up with some agreement so we could get new content but as Wes stated that it was unlikely and not expected that we would. I still enjoy the game and as long as they continue maintenance on it then I'm good.
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    Yep, game over indeed. This will likely stretch it out another year at least, possibly up to 18 months. That pretty much rules out any new content, they can't hang around that long most likely. Screw both parties in this lawsuit, frankly.
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    I am seeing the blame getting thrown at Mr. Cunningham now. Stop throwing blame around!! Go back... watch every interview anyone involved with Part 1 ever did. You can find them all on youtube… at least the ones that count... the old interviews... when their memories were still fresh. Mr. Miller did not come up with this story on his own and try to have a movie made about it... if he did, I would be rooting for him. Just this fact alone forces me to take Mr. Cunningham's side of the argument... But there are many other factors involved... back to legal crap again. Either way... it is out of our hands... and non of our business. This is between them. If this means we will never have any more content... Well... that sucks, but it is what it is. Its not like anybody needed to be psychic to know Mr. Cunningham would appeal this decision. ANY one of you would do the same in his position. What really sucks is the fact that we may not be getting another movie in this franchise either. Most of us were already resigned to never having new content anyway... a distant glimmer of hope changed that opinion, but all of us should have known not to get our hopes up too high... and some of us didn't get our hopes up. We still play the game and hope for more fixes, optimization and hopefully some balance changes that will make it a better game.
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    Horror inc. Is the reason why this even went to court, look into what people in the industry say about Cunningham (it’s not good)and you will not be surprised he wants to drag this out further, I hope he loses more of a percentage, remember this is the man who wanted to “get rid of the damn hockey mask”
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    I knew about this a few days ago but didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. There's a reason Friday fans have never warmed to Sean S. Cuntingham in almost 40 years and why he isn't revered like John Carpenter is by Halloween fans. He's now killed the game. Of course, he didn't put any money into the game anyway (backers and investors financed it) so he won't be out of pocket. Victor Miller will wrongly take the brunt as usual - but it's only one man's greed whose actions in these sequence of events, has stopped production of this movie and game franchise.
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    Way to go Horror Inc. Thanks for messing up any chance of this franchise getting back on track anytime in the near future. This was also posted about it: http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/10/horror-inc-files-appeal-in-lawsuit-loss.html?m=1
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    This is a harsh way to put it but at the heart of the matter you’re right #6. @thallius To the OP, Friday has a different style of chase and what constitutes good team work is different too. As far as the chases go, you have not get caught, even a PK only delays the inevitable. Jason can be stunned to get stamina, shifts can be dodged but you need to know how and more importantly when. Two people can make Jason’s grab an almost negligible factor in any confrontation, team up with another Counselor, and use a mic, if you need to. Your primary goal in Friday is to run, when the chase is easier then take the time to read up on how to fight. If anything Jason is severely underpowered at the moment. Team work in Friday is based around completing objectives not unhooking players. I don’t know if you are a Dbd player but your suggestions do read like someone familiar with that games style. Try seeing Friday as a more complicated game Dbd is checkers, Friday is chess. Your interest in maps gives me hope for you, try and find a Counselor that suits how you want to play the game, each one plays differently and perks can make a difference. Try using the Preparedness Perk, it lowers your fear and starts you with a map. Try to see the map a a series of routes that you’re comfortable navigating, rotate through cabins based on where the other Counselor are and remember, Jason can only be in one place. There are multiple objectives, if Jason camps complete another. Try either Thick Skin or Medic as well, I prefer Thick Skin as I feel fragile without it but Medic can let you heal a teammate so it has its own value. If you run both you’re following the meta, as they are the two most powerful perks in the game. One last piece of advice, learn to just be still. Your stamina is the only thing giving you the time to get away, if you climb in a window, move a little away so he can’t hit you and just watch him, if he doesn’t break it and has to go all the way to the door you can loop him. Just pop back out the same window, if you think he’s the type to throw a knife stand just out of view but still use your camera to watch him. Oh, and welcome to the forums.
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    You try to tell people some stuff. This isnt Dead by Daylight this is Friday the 13th. If you want four possible chances to escape like in Dead by Daylight that isn't going to happen. When Jason gets you..........your dead if you don't have a pocket knife. The friday players like it that way.
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    Here is the response from the steam community. Interesting response. I really hope you guys do add content. In fact, where is my response for adding closed captioning to single player challenges for the deaf community? I feel discriminated here. I even sent an email and clearly, they can easily be sued Please add it! PLEASE!! Walker 9 hours ago "Our partners at Horror, Inc have reached out a few times in an effort to settle with Mr. Miller. However, we were informed that this communication was ignored. We hope that all parties can come together in the future, so we can add some new content, but it’s not likely, nor should it be expected. " This is a lie. They didnt reached out to him and Miller made it clear that he has no intention in hurting this game. The only reason that you can think of, why this game gets no new content is that Horro inc. wants to hurt Millers by not releasing new content which would lead to profit. A part of this profit they had to give to Millers. Thats it. The whole lawsuit is just because Horror inc didnt want to gave Miller percentage for his work, creating the first film. Last edited by Walker; 9 hours ago #1 Bo & Luke 6 hours ago That is the current conspiracy theory and it makes sense.They aren't allowing new content because they would probably have to give Victor a cut of any money made from said content. #2 Absinthe 1 hour ago Victor got nothing from the franchise he created other than a small amount for the first movie. He had no claim to royalties from any movie made after the first. He deserves his piece of the pie, and if Horror Inc doesn't want to give it to him then this game can die. #3 Showing 1-3 of 3 comments Per page: 15 30 50 REPLY Friday the 13th: The Game > General Discussions > Topic Details
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    @wes How about, “Why did you guys choose to waste three months on the engine “upgrade” when you knew complications from the lawsuit were inevitably going to prevent you from getting the new content out the door?” Seeing as the engine “upgrade” could most likely have been done AFTER the complications from the lawsuit took effect, your decision seems quite silly and/or an intentional “fuck you, thanks for the money.”
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    So as much as i would like to believe tye reasoning behind not releasing uber jason and grendal map i have a hard time believing muxh of anything reported to us. Before new engine was releases we were told uber Jason and grendal map were complete, and that you all just didnt want to releaae it till new servers came out so that everything would go smoothly when adding content. Now i am reading that grendal map isn't even close to being finished and uber isnt quite finished either. This a contradicting to what was said to us before. Seems like more smoke being blown. Hard to believe anything you all say anymore. Haven't kept your word on anything yet that im aware of. I love the game but don't trust the makers at all. To many false promises. I will continue to play game, but lost all faith in gun media illfonic, won't be purchacing any new game made by gunmedia illfonic. Just dont trust them.
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    Sounds like to me you just waited for the first excuse to drop the game. :/
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    Your ban was for intentional bypass of anti-cheat measures.
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    Completely agree. The cackling laugh was never heard in Parts 1 and 2. The cackling laugh only made an appearance in Freddy vs Jason. When Freddy Krueger had taken the form of Pamela in Jason's dream. First time I heard it, I was like - they've taken this from Freddy's interpretation of Mrs Voorhees. But that wasn't Mrs Voorhees...that was Freddy...and that's my supergeek moment of the day.
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