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    Your ban was for intentional bypass of anti-cheat measures.
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    @CuzImPata you have over 1000 hours played on Friday the 13th the game. Also your profile has had multiple bans on different games. Why would you cheat? You should know this game like the back of your hand. Good to know they are still banning blatant cheaters.
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    Hello campers! Let’s welcome the spookiest time of year with a whole month’s of in-game events! Week 1 - 10/2 - 10/9: 1.3 XP - ENDED Week 2 - 10/9 - 10/15: 1.7 XP - ENDED Week 3 - 10/16 - 10/22: Details on 10/16 - LIVE Week 4 - 10/23 - 10/31: Details on 10/23 Special Event - 10/12 - 10/31: 13 Days of Voorhees! https://gleam.io/r1EMb/13-days-of-voorhees
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    So, I think it should have been included in Jason's toolbox. Since the counselors have it, it's in the game right? Why not throw the big man a bone? Imagine if you could watch your back as Jason like you do when you're a counselor... What do you all think?
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    Anyone else notice it takes too long to find a game now? I didn't think they could fuck up dedicated servers but Gun Media and IllFonix manage to surpass expectations.
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    woah what were the devs thinking with that horrible outfit they made for victoria, i know the game is 80's themed but jesus christ, i was expecting way more than that especially for the max lvl required counselor in the game, and now knowing that there wont be any future content i know i won't be playing her very much, what a let down
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    I agree with you. Will it change...we can only hope. A lot of things need fixed...time will tell.
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    Hello! Well... I got banned today and I dont know why. Can someone help me?
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    Lol MULTIPLE GAME BANS ON ACCOUNT. -cries- I dnt no y i woz banned ? Yeah.. ok dude. Keep cheating and fucking things up for yourself. ?
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    That really sucks that PC is lifeless. Xbox or PS4 is a like a party that never ends. Theres always players, all the time.
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    People still pay for anti-virus programs???? Just use Avira, Avast or AVG for free. They all work fine.
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    I thought this was going to be another I want savini thread for a sec. ? After reading, how isn't this normal behavior? Black tower, please fix even though im still jealous of everyone of these Savini bastards.. ?
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    First off, welcome to the forums, you must be a new player. The only thing “broken” in this game is the fact that they listened to people that wanted counselors “buffed” because Jason was to OP. So now we have stun trains on Jason and dance parties. Keep playing the game, get experience in combat against Jason. After a little time, you will be able to hang with Jason to some extent. As for a map to start the game, roll perks until you get “preparedness.” That perk lets you start off each match with a map.
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    I can see how Med sprays can be annoying when used that way, but that really boils down to play style more than it is a game play mechanic issue.. ..... not everyone uses that crutch when playing the game... I wouldn’t want the developers to take away the ability to hold duplicate items. I have in the past needed to heal a fellow counselor and myself before and been grabbed twice while being body blocked by Jason in a tight spot and survived because of having 2 pockets knives.... and at least resources are limited they can’t heal forever....if you don’t kill them....tanking traps and looping broken windows will kill them eventually.... Melee combat/ blocking in combat stance and the grab cone is Jasons true enemy in this game.... not perks or pocket knives or med sprays those are just inconveniences.
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    Age means very little in today's times. I know younger people with an older mature mindset, and I know older people who act like children. That applies in everyday life, and here on the forums. I learned long ago not to assume of the people here, as your assumptions may be way off base. You know what they say about people who assume. The only assumption that holds true 100%, is that if you take cheap shots at other people, very few people will take anything you say seriously. Back on topic, something should be done about Jason being stunned. But as always, everyone isn't gonna agree on how to do it. Throw that on the pile of balance issues that need to be addressed at some point.
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    I stand by my words. While the game has issues, it is the attitude of the individual that decides to make lemonade from the lemons, or sit and complain, letting them rot. The choice is yours. I agree. The game still is far from ideal, but at least it's running a bit better. I still see bugs, but I make the most of them, and focus on the enjoyment I can get from the game. I encourage others to do the same.
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    Yup, there will be updates. We’re definitely feeling the “Jason feels weak” sentiment from everyone, and we’re looking at ways to address that. Some of what we’re looking at has been mentioned by the community, some of is hasn’t been. We aren’t ready to talk about the specifics of possible balance changes just yet, but the team at Black Tower is currently working on bug fixes as well.
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    We're planning for the update to go out on Xbox One at 11am Eastern today.
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    Campers, we’re rolling out Dedicated Servers on PS4 today. Please keep in mind that it will take time before the update reaches all players globally. The Xbox One Dedicated Server update is still moving through certification, but we’ll share information as we get it and will push the update live as soon as it is ready.
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    We've decided to make a couple wallpapers for you guys: Chad and Tiffany, full body and 'Just the Business' versions. Get them all here: https://imgur.com/a/3foQu
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    Seems an answer was given. No need for further dialogue.
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    The short answer is Victor Miller won, & Gun Media said they will make a statement sometime next week, but don’t get your hopes up because I’m willing to wager vital parts of my anatomy it will probably go something like this: “Congratulations to Victor Miller, we at Gun Media hope he got exactly what he has coming to him. That said, sadly we cannot continue making new content for the following reasons: 1) Until Sean Cunningham decides to either settle, or appeal we cannot continue making new content. 2) Now say that Sean & Victor come to a final decision, we still cannot complete the new content because Illfonic is no longer making it, & Dark Tower has only been brought on to fix bugs, on the final game, NOTHING MORE. 3) The work that was being done on the photos, the future kill packs, the pajama clothing packs, Uber Jason, & the Grendel stage have all been deleted, & that work cannot be started over We love you F13 fans, & your dedication to the movies, the characters, & importantly . . . The game, but from this point on the best advice we can give you is to move on(just as we have.) Believe me this is twice as painful for us as it is for you, but this time we’re are not going to continue working on Friday the 13th: The Game. Thank you for being such good campers, The team of Gun Media
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