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    Hello campers! Let’s welcome the spookiest time of year with a whole month’s of in-game events! Week 1 - 10/2 - 10/9: 1.3 XP - ENDED Week 2 - 10/9 - 10/15: 1.7 XP - ENDED Week 3 - 10/16 - 10/22: Details on 10/16 - LIVE Week 4 - 10/23 - 10/31: Details on 10/23 Special Event - 10/12 - 10/31: 13 Days of Voorhees! https://gleam.io/r1EMb/13-days-of-voorhees
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    I ran into a newbie Jason kill squad last weekend. Boy were they upset when Tommy couldn't kill me with a machete because NO ONE got the sweater. It looked like a nature show after their error. Running in all directions.
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    Yup, there will be updates. We’re definitely feeling the “Jason feels weak” sentiment from everyone, and we’re looking at ways to address that. Some of what we’re looking at has been mentioned by the community, some of is hasn’t been. We aren’t ready to talk about the specifics of possible balance changes just yet, but the team at Black Tower is currently working on bug fixes as well.
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    In the end I think everyone is in agreement that some balance changes are needed. Obviously there's alot of disagreement as to how far those changes need to go. Overall I think Jason needs only a few minor changes to bring back some of the fear of him. 1) Fix quick block. 2) Bring back meat shielding. 3) Show the power box for the Tommy radio on Jason's map. 4) Double Jason's HP. These four changes would make all the difference in my opinion. I agree with @Tommy86 that we need to invest time to hone our skills, and tactics. At the same time Jason is supposed to be the power role, and should have the tools to be just that.
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    Wonder if they will take advantage of the October special xp month and get a new patch out. The legal case ruling has stirred up a bit of excitement around the game and I have seen some people pick the game back up again(played with @AldermachXI the other night a few times). New content may not be coming, but lets get the game right and fix remaining bugs and find a balance. Cant wait!
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    Thats good news. Because dispite being dissapointed at the lack of communication about the legal status of the game I am quite happy with it. I have a fondness of it one might have for a three legged one eyed shelter dog. You know there are some fundamental pieces missing but you love it all the same.
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    My friend shared some sort of social media post put out by Gun indicating bonus XP for this week. So @ShiftySamurai, should we not expect to see announcements from you on this forum?
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    I’m not spoiling the surprise, but there are some higher tier events as we get closer to the end of October.
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    Exactly. I don't understand the speculation about new content. The only thing stopping new content is Gun. The second they discovered an excuse to abandon the game that's exactly what they did and they never looked back. Has @GunMedia_Ben or @wes addressed any of these discussions? No, they don't give a shit. I'm sure they're happy as hell to be rid of this game. They're now hiding behind their new project. And when that game comes out, I hope you all will do what I will and pull a Gun Media: turn your backs and not give a shit.
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    something i do for fun some more here, not all horror related as alot are gaming related https://www.deviantart.com/jill-valentine666/gallery/
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    A press release was sent out today in regards to a shift in development partners for Friday the 13th: The Game. Black Tower Studios will take the lead to work on bugs and continue improving the overall player experience. As such, now that work on Dedicated Servers is complete, IllFonic will transition away from development of Friday the 13th: The Game, while Black Tower Studios will be picking it up. Black Tower Studios have worked with IllFonic for over a year on content and maps for Friday the 13th: The Game, and we are confident in their ability to continue supporting the game. Examples include assisting in the creation of Pinehurst and Jarvis House maps. IllFonic will be moving on to different projects that are better suited to a full team. About Black Tower Studios: Black Tower Studios is located in Tokyo, Japan. Comprised of industry veterans from around the world, developers at Black Tower Studios have worked on a variety of AAA titles across multiple publishers.
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    So regarding the statement by Horror Inc it sounds as if we can get new content but it will be very difficult to get specific things from the movies such as Jason X. This due to Horror Inc own the supernatural hockey masked killer while Victor Miller owns the name Jason Voorhees. I understand if Gun doesn't want to go through the hoops of getting the permission from both license holders consideringhow difficult it would be, so I have an alternative suggestion. New Original Killers. Now it could be more copy cat killers like Roy Burns or it could be a "Supernatural Hockey Masked Killer" who is Jason but we don't label him as Jason in the game, however his design will likely have to be completely original. Now I'm a little bit of an artist and designed a killer who wears a hockey mask, her name is Lucy Burns. She grew up in a rough home life, her parents had a meth lab that exploded which ended up ultimately killing her. But she, like Jason, was a revanant, she came back from the dead, horribly burned. She now haunts the snowy ground of Silver Hills Camp, soathing her burned skin with the snow and killing anyone in sight. Now one thing I think we can all agree on is there isnt much variety in threats. By that I mean every Jason is roughly the same with different passive cool downs so to set Lucy Burns apart from Jason at least a little, she throws bottles full of hallucinogenic gas instead of Throwing Knives. I'll post images of her in comments for you guys to see. If you have any thoughts on the character I'd love to hear it, I'd love to hear your ideas as well. But before you say anything I know this isn't likely, I just wanted to put the idea out there, also don't be mean, stay positive, stay nice.
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    Tiffany. Nerves of steel. Marathon. Restful.
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    Great to see someone using that perk so underrated.
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    On the plus side, at least people are considerate enough to keep people here in the loop. Not everyone deals with social media.
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    Lol firecracker perk name is Firecracker.
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    We are still waiting about Gun.
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    Ninguém sabe ainda. todos nós estamos esperando para descobrir
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    No fear build i see try lone wolf or teamwork.
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    This statement alone should put a lot of the bellyaching on the forums to rest.
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    Jenny. I use the (obvious) Epic Nerves of Steel and Preparedness, though my Preparedness is currently only 7%. ]: I haven't completely decided on my final perk, I'll probably never have one set in stone and change it depending on how I feel. Currently have a Rare Heavy Hitter set but I may switch it out for Marathon. When ever I roll one... ?
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    The issue with pamela’s laugh has been reported. I do not know yet if it will be addressed with the next update.
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    If the chance to stun was lowered, it would make it harder to kill Jason, not easier... Less stuns = less indefensible attacks. Even with the block slowed, I rarely lose my mask to anyone who is not using the indefensible strikes as Jason comes out of a stun... or door smashing... or kill animation. It would also make people think twice about having a piñata Jason party... they can't dance around Jason if he isn't stunned... and a Jason that isn't stunned so much can just keep slashing the groups. But it needs to be lowered a lot more than say... 10%, 1 in 10 is nothing... 50% would be more like it. People will cry when I say 50% reduction to stun chance, but when you look at the math, and the perks they are probably already using, it is just that... crying. With sucker punch a bat would still stun 75% of the time (or damned close to it)... leaving 3 out of 4 hits with a bat still stunning Jason instead of 19 out of 20 hits stunning him. And with the amount of people that would turn to sucker punch, I would say you are right... we would still need an extended stun immunity when he comes out of a stun. 3 out of 4 is still pretty much every hit causing a stun. Even 50% stun chance is WAY too much. Each stun still leaves him open for the indefensible hit... which also needs to go. Just coming out of a stun with block active would help way more than most people think... It would take actual skill to remove the mask... not just the patience to wait until one of Jason's indefensible animations is finished... Any idiot can do that... and if any idiot can do it, that makes it pretty simple for anyone that knows the most basic parts of the mechanics. It would also make attacking Jason more risky... putting the fear back into the counselors. Extending stun immunity will not help against Bugsy or Tommy running the perks you listed. They only need that one stun to get their free hit while there is ANY indefensible moments for Jason... and there is no shortage of stuns right now. Even with the chance of stunning I suggested, there would still be no shortage of stuns. One hit demasks happen a lot less often if you don't step in a bear trap and somehow avoid getting shot. Perhaps only sharp weapons should count towards demasking damage at all... no extra HP necessary... but blocking and meat shielding would still be very necessary. The slowed block needs to be reverted and meat shielding needs to be brought back... but the piñata Jason would still be a problem as it was before block was slowed and meat shielding was still in the game. If Jason was not stunned as much as he currently is being stunned... the piñata party goes out the window. Even coming out of a stun in block will not end the piñata party... it would just make demasking Jason require some actual skill. But 3 out of 4 hits stunning instead of 19 out of 20... that may just be enough to at least make people think twice.
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    @ButterMuffin Offline bots can help you a lot. For Jason, it is good for target practice with the throwing knives at the very least. Learning how to do a quick throw with bots is much easier than against real people. First, aim a knife with Jason... focus your eyes on the area of the screen where his crosshairs are and burn that into your memory. When chasing behind any counselor, line them up in the spot where your crosshairs come up and tap and release the button to throw the knife. When you get good at that, it will help a lot... But like anything else in life, it takes practice. It is also good for finding the spawn points for Jason's throwing knives... they tend to change from match to match, but not much. Know where your knives are. While you are holding a counselor in your grip anywhere on the map, you will see tiny white circles... these are environment kills (some of the best kills in the game). Walk up to these small white circles with someone in your grip and press the prompted button to perform the environment kill... they are much easier to find in offline bots and they are generally in the same spots on each map fairly consistently. If you know where they are, it makes it easier to grab someone closer to them so they cannot break free before you get them to it. It is also great for learning the basic mechanics of Jason's abilities and earning XP and CP faster than playing games as a counselor. You can learn a bit for counselor play with offline bots too. The fuse box for the phone is marked on Jason's map, as are the power boxes that you smash to turn the lights out and raise counselor's fear levels. These spawn in different places each time a map is loaded up as well, but their spawn points are very limited for each map. Knowing the spawn points for these can be a great help to any player... even if you cannot fix things with the counselor you have, you can at least communicate this knowledge to the other members of the team. Communication with the team helps a lot... as long as the people you are communicating with are actually team players. Combat is the sticky mechanic... offline bots will not help you learn combat much.. if at all. This is one that you have to practice against real people to get good at and this can be frustrating against players with more experience at it. Using combat stance and block can be invaluable, but getting into block has been slowed down a bit and has not yet been reverted back. One thing about block I do not see used often is the fact that counselors can block a knife thrown by Jason with a small cost of stamina. Jason's throwing knives are limited. Combat stance is still very clunky, but it has its uses for Jason and counselors. Striking Jason as a counselor will give you a good portion of stamina back as well... but playing the game in Jason's face is very dangerous. As to finding repair parts... I have seen many players search a cabin and miss the battery and gas so many times... The propeller for the boat is VERY easy to miss as well, particularly if you have never seen it before. After you die as a counselor... and IF you have some experienced players still alive in game... cycle through and see what they are up to. I learned a lot early on from spectate mode. Have some popcorn handy. You get a lot more experience if you do not leave the game before it is over... The waiting time can suck, but you will not die early on in every game. There is also a "How to Play" in the main menu of the game that I found helpful when I bought the game. On youtube there are a great many videos of gameplay, of which I found videos of counselors hiding in plain view to be a big help when playing as Jason. There are quiet a few spots on all the maps where you can hide almost literally in plain view (in cabins at least) and many Jason players will walk right by you, particularly if they killed the power and the lights are off. Jason's sense may show that you are in a house, but not where in the house. I find people using spots like this quite often. The links that @Slasher_Clone posted above are invaluable to new players as well.
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    Month long events! I love it!.... @ShiftySamurai Thanks for posting... I am still hoping for increased frequency of legendary perks and Tommy tapes.
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    John Carpenter's Halloween, John Carpenter's The Thing, the original Alien, the original Evil Dead, the first six Friday the 13ths, the original Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw 1, New Nightmare, The Shining, original Psycho, original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the first Scream. You're welcome
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    Yeah it seems they can release content that doesn't have to do with pam or kid jason, they could make up entirely new maps, kills and counselors to keep the game fresh without breaching the lawsuit stuff right?
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    @thrawn3054 I agree with all of your suggestions... except the doubling of Jason's HP. As long as counselors get a free hit to demask when he comes out of a stun animation, this really won't do much. The chance to stun needs to be brought down... If this was implemented, only quick block and meat shielding would need the fix. After all, its not even so much the stunning of Jason that is the problem, its the indefensible demasking hit they get at the end of the stun animation. Reduce the stunning chance significantly, or allow him to have an active block coming out of a stun animation and when raging through doors or walls would be enough to solve this and Jason would need no extra HP. Knowing where the power box for Tommy would be unnecessary if Jason could properly defend himself.
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    Nerves of steel is still the only legendary perk I have that I actually use... but it is useful on everyone.
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    The Kenny cop outfit broke the link... ?
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    obviously, but their own website seems like the appropriate place to roll out information, no? also, the forum seems to get overlooked the majority of the time... or the news is brought here from other members. I'm not one of those members that spend their time bashing every move gun makes but i think this stuff just causes needless irritation among the most, er, rabid sect of their fanbase?
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    i will never understand why news doesn't originate HERE and get dispersed from there.
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    It can for sure spawn two tapes. Last December on Jarvis map I found a Pamela and a Tommy Tape. Since then I’ve completed my collection but I was shocked that it spawned both tapes in the same match.
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    No problem. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't intentional. You know some of us are on edge about not getting information...especially those of us who are too old and grumpy to mess with social media!
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    I said that Jason was Super-nerfed. I never said anything about his grab specifically. Jason's super-nerf includes, but is not limited to, his grab mechanic. Jason's overall stun resistance was also nerfed, which is incidentally germane to the thread topic. I referred to him as "Force-grab Jason," because that what all the whiners called him at the time. The irony is that when the game was at its best, people complained incessantly to have Jason downgraded so that they'd seem to be better at it. Now, those same players are telling others to learn to play the game. A textbook definition of irony. My gripe is that the game was fine pre-Nov. 2017. The devs decided to make unnecessary changes anyway, resulting in a net negative effect to the game, which is the real reason we all complained about Jason being nerfed in the 1st place. People loved calling us "Jason mains," and didn't realize that some of us, like me, were complaining about Jason's nerf from a counselor's perspective as well. I loved the NES Friday the 13th game, so a challenge is the last thing I'm running from in a F13 game. lol Fast forward, and now there's constant rebalance suggestions flying around that, if acted upon (however unlikely), would change the game almost entirely from what it was early on. None of this would've seem necessary if the devs had just stuck to their guns and defended their vision instead of chasing extra sales, which is also ironic, in that they lost more sales than they gained by nerfing Jason, imho.
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    Me too. Just 9 more to go. Just wish that the boat appeared on maps more often. It’s never on the small maps and only half of the time on the large ones unless you’re playing Jarvis or Pinehurst (which few people willingly select).
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    I hope not. The official game Twitter account blocked me for talking shit to Shifty when they weren't even tagged lmao, so if news isn't posted here I guess I'm SOL. ??‍♂️
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    Noob Trend #684: Setting a counselor beartrap EXACTLY where you picked it up. Noob Trend #685: Run into a large cabin, barricade the door, search nearby drawers, then jump out a window leaving the rest of the cabin unchecked/unlocked. Noob Trend #686: Start up a car, drive up to someone being pursued by Jason just a few feet away, and stop to let them in... RIGHT NEXT TO JASON!
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    Lets sum it up "in a nutshell" what we know or seem to know (or perhaps speculate). NOTE: Certain aspects have been either ignored, or summed up in the following statements... First off, F13 the game was a love-project with a huge fan base. It got alot of backers and support from evey angle, including the people behind the movies The game got finished, released, and everyone from the devs to the fans were ecstatic. The Launch though was overwhelming.. Servers couldn't handle the huge amount of players, but it was fixed relatively quick. Then a bunch of other glitches, bugs and what not were introduced that scared away some of the playerbase. The amount of bugs that needed fixing stressed the devs, who then couldn't consentrate on new content but bug fixes.. Apparently the inexperience of the devs (this is not meant as an insult, on the contrary) was one of the reasons why the game (and patches) was not properly tested for bugs, causing a huge amount of additional bugs and a huge uproar from the playerbase After this came the casual players/grieffers/counselors who wanted Jason nerfed. The devs got a little scared that this outrage will cause another loss within the playerbase, so the devs tried to cater everyone, including (and foremost) the grieffers. Unfortunately this Jason nerf lost yet again a huge amount of its playerbase. After this the conversation/debate went back and forth, yet even with these setbacks, the devs still continued working on new content, which mostly got released. As mentioned, we got alot of new content during the first year, and also alot of new bugs. The amount of bugs caused consern in the devs, which in case caused delay with new upcoming content, including uber and grendel. At the same time the devs were trying to get the dedicated servers online (for consoles), because quiting hosts was the single most anoying thing that caused the most of the negative feedback. Unfortunately the ds needed an engine upgrade, so this was the most important thing, that again causes the stall on upcoming content. Another unfortunate incident was that the engine upgrade (and Jason's grab) was not, shall we say, a success.. Poff! And again alot of players fled the crimescene.. Still the devs continued working on fixes and grendel / uber. Though they were not going to release another "new content" patch without testing it properly. Therefore, it was going to be delayed; they simply could not afford another subpar patch. Then along came the lawsuit.. The lawsuit included everything in the universe of F13. So the devs (and everyone else) had no idea on how it would turn out, or how long the prossess would take. So naturaly all development was halted, excluding bug fixes and maintenance. So, everyone consurned in the development team were informed that "you may look for another gig, because we cant afford to pay anyone for just waiting around". This is the main reason why the devs informed us that "no new content, ever". They were playing it "safe". The lawsuit could have lasted for years, so it was just a smart business move, cashing in what to be cashed. Take their losses on the undeveloped content, and not pay anything else for material that might never be released. Now the situation has changed! The vedict came in faster than anyone expected, so the devs are in an interesting situation. Apparently Victor Miller only owns the rights for the original Camp Blood -script, including Pamela, Baby-Jason and Crystal lake. Horror inc. owns the rest. This changes the whole deal. Now the devs have a legitimate right to make make new content, that is not contradictory to Victor´s rights. The real questions are: 1. What kind of negotiations are held between horror inc and the dev team (if an appeal, then back to "no content ever" because the rights issue is open again), that could potentialy restrict the development of new content? 2. Do the devs see that recruiting a new team to work on the suspended content is worth the investment = Do they get their money back? So, final thought, I have never seen this as a situation where the devs have decieved or lied to us. I just see a group of people who love the game and the franchise, who are just calculating the finacial pro's and con's. Yes, there have been alot of mistakes, but I think the devs were just abit overwhelmed and perhaps a little inexperienced. Atleast they have learned alot during this experience, I love the game and I just hope that the pro's outweigh the con's.. Share your thoughts...
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    The more the weed he has smoked before, the more the wait.
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    In before this pointless thread gets locked. When the piece of the "corporate world" you come from is affected by a major lawsuit, tell us if you feel that's a good thing for you or not. We'll never have the numbers we once had, but the game is still being played by enough people. We've been out of bubbles for a while now. I'll pick up some on my way to work. For people who don't know the current state of the game, it'll get to them eventually. If you feel they are out of the loop, take a stroll over there and put it out there. They may appreciate your information, or not. I disagree. Many game companies make good money off their games, and have fun designing those games, while making that money. That's like comparing apples and hand grenades. The 2,374 was in reference to the number of posts @Slasher_Clone has made on the forums. $40 for a case of beer. That must be some pretty damn good beer. ??
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    What you do is get a car moving the next games and hunt them down every game after until they leave.
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    The irony of this post is entirely lost on its author. You know what's funny? Seeing people claim to be experts in this forum on the game in its diminished state. Especially when they themselves complained incessantly instead of learning to play the game. You know who really was expert at this? I was. Against the so-called 'force-grab' Jason, I managed a 100% (thats right) escape frequency and was well versed in kiting Jason (much more impressive a feat, then), and removing his mask; all in quick play. Jason was properly terrifying and the game was populated by MANY casual F13 fans including women. Tons of women used to play f13, at least on PS4. In fact, the only reason I started fighting so-called 'force-grab' Jason was because it became boring to always escape. Jason being open to attack after rage crushing a door made sense because a face to face with him then was suicide (as it should be). Even so, I was wildly successful. Then the scrubs incessantly complained and Jason was Super-nerfed. Now people hang around to kill Jason when the cops have been waiting for half the match. The game used to feel like a horror game. You used to feel compelled to escape or fight based on necessity, not troll Jason while you can escape because he has become too weak to properly defend himself against skilled counselors.
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    I don't remember asking you to teach me anything.... This comment is one of the reasons, that we end up arguing in a few threads. Do i seem like the type of person that ignores people? Besides, Giving advice or creating guides is not what i was calling you out for. If thats your thing, im not not knocking it. Its when you start acting like you're the KING of this game and no one should complain about certain aspects of the game. Is when i take issue with your comments.
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    All these were the same match, don’t know how to edit them together.
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    Didn’t get the kill, but was good for a “what the hell” moment, lol
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    Sales and the whining from the community/casuals that came in from elsewhere. Conspiracy theory: To fuck over the game as quickly as possible to accelerate the end of the game in order to cut and run with the money/ devs were secretly counselor fans. ???
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