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    By some, that means me. There's nobody else on the mod team who's as blunt as I am. I'm not hostile, but I do get tired of repeating myself dozens of times and each time, less sugar coating comes on my responses. People paint me to look hostile by talking when I'm not around, like they're doing on Reddit. Think I'm toxic or hostile? Go see what they decided to say about me there and tell me I'm the bad guy. I'll just say it straight. Some people got too pissed off for their own good with the no more content announcement and that's when the forums started going down hill. Just because of that announcement, certain users thought the rules no longer applies to them. Then it escalated until they got themselves banned. To reiterate once more: I'm not hostile, but I'm blunt and straight up about things. Sorry if you think I'm mean or nasty, but I'm not. When we used to play on Xbox, nobody had anything bad to say about me. Now that we've been made to look the bad guys, nobody is interested in playing anymore and half of them I haven't even said anything to. I'll let you judge on what's fair here, people should judge me based on their own opinion and not base it on what some other people are insisting I am. By the way, I used to spend hours making free animated signatures for forum users. If I were mean or hostile, I wouldn't have made a single one. (Not aimed for you personally @Slasher_Clone, this is just a general statement to whomever reads it)
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    That statement was annoying and childish. They tried to Make Victor the bad guy, and gave no definite answer about "certain" content for the game.
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    Seems pretty obvious, you have to rage through closed doors once it's unlocked and you can't block because of this so it needs to be tweaked, hope these new devs can get some needed fixes in an expeditious fashion.
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    There are two instances where people agree 100% of the time. 1. The person you are agreeing with really knows what the hell they are talking about, and can back it up with solid facts. 2. People are mindless sheep. The toxicity seems to stem from a few sources. 1. People are upset about feeling deceived/lied to/strung along/disappointed. 2. People have a sense of entitlement and feel "Because I'm so and so, I deserve such and such". 3. People have really bad anger issues and need some professional help. At the end of the day, a few people here need to check their attitudes before they login and type. As Gun has a new project they are working on, I don't anticipate them giving this game the focus they once did. That's why I'm part of team "it is what it is".
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    Tbh this tweet mildly annoyed me, it came across as a rather trite and obnoxious attempt at an answer. ? What i mean to say is rather than clarifying things like, "We'll give you guys an update once we've personally managed to work things out" or "Right now we're just as unsure of what this might mean for the game as you are" they go for the usual. Personally, i'm not getting my hopes up, since Miller winning the first round i've believed that GUN wouldn't go back to this game. A bit maudlin i know, but i've no real hopes for seeing new content or the existing content being released
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    Pretty much. I haven't had any issues with the mods personally (disagreed with some of their decisions, but when do you agree with somebody 100% of the time). So much of the toxic behavior has, at least in part come from the feeling that we keep being lied to. A good portion of the people I've interacted with here would have done whatever they could to help this game and community grow. But how many times can you be lied to or misled before you no longer have that kind of good will? Lack of communication and being misled when there is communication has done alot of damage. Not saying that there weren't any toxic people here but those two things certainly didn't help.
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    Almost as easy as adding Muffin.
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    ?This statement is dead on. No info on this will continue to upset the community until it devolves into the mess of negativity/attacks on the developers it was during the no new content posts. If Gun is unable to respond to the officially “Grey” Horror INC statement /or unable to produce new content based on the other films or just completely unwilling to..... just let us know clearly......
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    Some of us oldies are still here. But I agree, Gun neglicated this community until it became a dumpster fire and their solution to put it out was to add gasoline. Agreed. Horror Inc could always try something new until everything is finalized in the suit. I would like to see a Roy/Joey sequel now. Joey needs to come back and avenge Roy's death. Reggie better lookout
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    Badly placed traps. People are either leaving them open exactly where they found them or lying right in the middle of the floor where you wouldn’t expect them to be. Also, a lot more people hiding in closets and under beds. I just act like I can’t hear them breathing and save them for later. Too easy. Also, a lot of people running around thinking they can hurt each other. I had one noob chasing me around and trying to hit me and missing. This was on the Pinehurst map so I went to the barn and grabbed the gun out of the closet, aimed it directly at his head for about ten seconds. The guy actually stopped and he went away. Too funny!
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    Well now with this new release statement from horror inc everyone can see what many of us members were saying at the beginning of the whole lawsuit no dlc crap. I’m waiting to hear what @wes has to say now and whose fault it is that we did not get the promised content. Gun should make good on their promises even if they have to wait to make more money from project ME LIES. Many people have offered to help financially including myself and we proved that the community would be willing to help out. Was the whole #savecrystallake hash tag for nothing?i know that gun love this game but I think that pride is in the way. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you failed and asking for help. Hell I started this endeavour by donating over 600 dollars to a guy named @Randygbk that I never met but I believed in what he was saying. I was very scared about giving up this money to trust a little Kickstarter campaign by a company named @GunMedia it I had faith in what they wanted to do and of what they promised they would try to do. As the years went on and the game finally started to show me things like the virtual cabin. I started to get more and more excited and then release came. Still awesome, but as the game started crashing and breaking more and more with each update guns attitude started to change towards us blind backers and the new people that bought the game. They got quiet and started to focus on other things and finally announced that there will be no more dlc because of the lawsuit. Now that we know the lawsuit never did affect the game and they have never proved that they received a C&D order. Blaming horror inc or victor miller does not work. Own up and be truthful with us. I know you guys care about this franchise you can see it in all the details. I just think they lost their love for making the game from all the set backs that they have had.
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    A toxic community created by ignoring the legitimate complaints of the most active members being disregarded and then mocked. When I joined ten months or so ago, I bumped heads with those long time community members BoB in particular. The pubs were actively hostile to his attempts at improving the game, so much so that he became hostile to new members who were no different than him six months before I joined. The community lead, doesn’t seem to know how to do his job and has left the forums to grow wild. Some of the mods have been actively hostile to other long time members to the point where they quit. All these things are what make this place or community toxic, I think you should place at least some of the blame at Guns feet.
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    Right, after playing this game it made me confused. I can’t understand how a game can be soo broken and badly made. The killer is so over powered that the survivors might as well end themselves. Teleporting cross map and being able to see red outlines of players is about as retarded as it comes. You can’t choose what server to join and get forced into a US server. Meaning that everyone outside of the US lag like spazmoids. The wait times are incredible and that’s probably due to people not hating themselves enough to put themselves through this......game? As the killer is OP and the stupid US servers causing mass lag it makes the game hilarious as opposed to the scary strategic game I think you intended it to be. I was expecting a fun and thrilling game rather than a BTEC dead by daylight. When I watched the film, I don’t remember Jason being able to teleport and sence peoples location to the point he can literally see the characters cross map. Neither do I remember him being slapped about with a frying pan. It’s a shame you disgraced the movie. It really is. I can see the team tried their best. Unfortunately I won’t be opening this app again any time soon. Unless i need a good laugh in which case I will just load up the game to laugh at its many flaws. The graphics and textures are a let down, the emotes are pointless as by the time you have finished your emote. The killer would have teleported on you and hacked up your face. Why have hiding spots if Jason can see your every move?
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    Hey all. I have seen some people in Twitter saying there might be hope for new content now that the ruling is over and/or that the suit ONLY dealt with the first movie. But I can tell you, as much as I would LOVE for us to at least get Jason X, we won't. As Wes has stated, this game has been out of production for too long for it to be financially viable to start up production again. This isn't a matter of legality; it is a matter of business. Honestly it was bad business to prioritize an engine upgrade over new content.
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    Well it's hard to say if there is or isn't going to be. From the recent statements from Gun media it sounds like that they might change their mind and release content updates once they're allowed to again.
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    If you're talking about original Jason's, then FUCK YES. But other killers than Jason, ima have to say i disagree.
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    It was on their Facebook. Not sure if it was posted here. As to why such a low number I have no idea. I'd have thought they'd do the 2.3 times xp to encourage all the new people on PS4.
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    Hmm so the new game they are working on is Project Melies huh. Will make sure to tell everyone to avoid that.
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    This unintentionally mocks Horror Inc's stupidity ?
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    I'd even be fine with no music for him. I mean, after all, in space, no one can hear you scream. Especially if you have a machete lodged in your throat. But yes, when the eventual day comes that the servers are gone, I want my save to be offline and I want to be able to play as Uber.
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    And bless speed looters while we're at it.
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    Apparently the PS+ Free game of the month has worked wonders in increasing interest in the game. With the multiplayer aspect and tons of people getting into it, Friday is alive and thriving! Today we hit a record viewing on my stream with 379 active people and it felt so good to see Friday thriving. There have been good and bad moments, but moments like these help give the game some life + hope. So many people are looking for insight and interested, it is a really nice feeling with being a diehard of the game.
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    @Kodiak I pretty much agree with you. I think the biggest frustration comes from either the lack of info, or the lack of knowledge. Even I dont understand where we are at the moment therefore a simple clarification to a few issues would help alot.. 1. Victor owns the script for the first movie, including Crystal lake, Pamela and "baby"-Jason/Josh. If I understand correctly these are basically the only things that cannot be used without a settlement of somekind? 2. Horror inc. owns the title Friday the 13th, the adult hockeymasked killer and the surrounding "universe". Therefore what in the world is preventing the devs from creating new content around this scenario? I just dont understand..
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    That would be wonderful, I honestly Jason should be immune to most stun damage when in rage mode
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    All I’m saying is they ruled that Jason the supernatural killer in the hockey mask is NOT in anyway tied to the ruling in favor of Mr. Miller, who in my opinion deservedly won. That said to me means that Uber Jason and Grendel should not be off the table as they are not part of the original film.
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    This is what we've heard from the F13 game support twitter account so far: We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
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    I consider myself a survivor. I will do whatever it takes to survive the night, run, fight, hide, or escape. Especially with all the new players, I am always the final girl, giving the children a masterclass in how to play. You have to know when to run, when to turn and atrack, when to risk not healing til the last minute, which window to open quickly and whether or not to jump through or to just climb in, etc. lately I’ve been playing as a hero helper, saving everyone so at times I’ve been stalking Jason to make sure he’s not killing everyone. Keeping others alive keeps you alive. When everyone does in the first 4 minutes that’s a lot of pressure to survive for 15 minutes even against a mediocre Jason. I find that best counselors are well rounded and know they have to switch it up to live.
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    @OneSneakyBoi There are a few vids of Jason being killed with his mask still on, you can find them on youtube. Unless Jason regenerates all of his damage when he puts the mask back on, this would not help. You can still kill him with the mask on as long as enough damage has been done to remove it, if those last strikes were with weapons that cannot remove the mask (I am pretty sure this is how it was explained when these videos started to pop up)... unless this has been patched out without being added to any of the patch notes. Still... we all love the mask, it is how Jason makes himself indistinguishable from everyone else. Its not like there would be any harm done if he could put it back on... or maybe let him pick up a potato sack from one of the cabin so he can impersonate the Phantom killer like the good old days when Part 2 was made... But if Part VII (or later) Jasons put the eye hole in the wrong side, he might have trouble seeing things clearly.
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    This is such a BS tweet. Why not OFFICIALLY state that you don't have prepared your own statement yet? There may be GRAAAAAAAAY regarding the legal stuff, but this doesn't apply to the non-existant level of communication... At this point it is just insulting.
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    So once again, the company neglects the people who were at the forefront of making their game successful. We all knew what the "announcement" would be; it's not the content of the message that is disappointing. It's that after several rounds of "no, we promise we're going to communicate better from now on; seriously this time," we're right back to relying on forum members to find second-hand information. Seriously Gun, if you hate the forum so much, shut it down. You've made it clear for a while now that your backers and early adopters are a nuisance to you.
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    >>379 active people >>thriving Pick one.
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    Wouldn't that idea make it harder for Jason to stick to his prime objective: killing people? If he spent the entire round looking for a mask, then the counselors would win because he'd be more obsessed with finding the mask. Also, as if killing Jason wasn't hard enough already. I'd be too much to bare. Cool idea though.
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    Personally I'd be just fine with Pamela being removed IF it meant we get Uber Jason and The Grendel. We can't play as her anyway. Hell, I'll take just Uber. We all know he's finished other than his music, and I would be fine with them reusing the music of one of the other Jason versions. Probably never going to happen, sadly.
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    The short answer is Victor Miller won, & Gun Media said they will make a statement sometime next week, but don’t get your hopes up because I’m willing to wager vital parts of my anatomy it will probably go something like this: “Congratulations to Victor Miller, we at Gun Media hope he got exactly what he has coming to him. That said, sadly we cannot continue making new content for the following reasons: 1) Until Sean Cunningham decides to either settle, or appeal we cannot continue making new content. 2) Now say that Sean & Victor come to a final decision, we still cannot complete the new content because Illfonic is no longer making it, & Dark Tower has only been brought on to fix bugs, on the final game, NOTHING MORE. 3) The work that was being done on the photos, the future kill packs, the pajama clothing packs, Uber Jason, & the Grendel stage have all been deleted, & that work cannot be started over We love you F13 fans, & your dedication to the movies, the characters, & importantly . . . The game, but from this point on the best advice we can give you is to move on(just as we have.) Believe me this is twice as painful for us as it is for you, but this time we’re are not going to continue working on Friday the 13th: The Game. Thank you for being such good campers, The team of Gun Media
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    sorry, but no new content for this game
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    The next time you guys decide to make a game where the character you're controlling uses their hands.DO NOT bind left hand to right mouse button or right hand to left mouse button,that is idiotic and before someone says you can change them, you can but it screws up Morph and then you cant Morph
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