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    Well now with this new release statement from horror inc everyone can see what many of us members were saying at the beginning of the whole lawsuit no dlc crap. I’m waiting to hear what @wes has to say now and whose fault it is that we did not get the promised content. Gun should make good on their promises even if they have to wait to make more money from project ME LIES. Many people have offered to help financially including myself and we proved that the community would be willing to help out. Was the whole #savecrystallake hash tag for nothing?i know that gun love this game but I think that pride is in the way. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you failed and asking for help. Hell I started this endeavour by donating over 600 dollars to a guy named @Randygbk that I never met but I believed in what he was saying. I was very scared about giving up this money to trust a little Kickstarter campaign by a company named @GunMedia it I had faith in what they wanted to do and of what they promised they would try to do. As the years went on and the game finally started to show me things like the virtual cabin. I started to get more and more excited and then release came. Still awesome, but as the game started crashing and breaking more and more with each update guns attitude started to change towards us blind backers and the new people that bought the game. They got quiet and started to focus on other things and finally announced that there will be no more dlc because of the lawsuit. Now that we know the lawsuit never did affect the game and they have never proved that they received a C&D order. Blaming horror inc or victor miller does not work. Own up and be truthful with us. I know you guys care about this franchise you can see it in all the details. I just think they lost their love for making the game from all the set backs that they have had.
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    A toxic community created by ignoring the legitimate complaints of the most active members being disregarded and then mocked. When I joined ten months or so ago, I bumped heads with those long time community members BoB in particular. The pubs were actively hostile to his attempts at improving the game, so much so that he became hostile to new members who were no different than him six months before I joined. The community lead, doesn’t seem to know how to do his job and has left the forums to grow wild. Some of the mods have been actively hostile to other long time members to the point where they quit. All these things are what make this place or community toxic, I think you should place at least some of the blame at Guns feet.
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    This is such a BS tweet. Why not OFFICIALLY state that you don't have prepared your own statement yet? There may be GRAAAAAAAAY regarding the legal stuff, but this doesn't apply to the non-existant level of communication... At this point it is just insulting.
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    Couldn't agree more. All it's done is cause confusion across all social media platforms. It was a highly ambiguous statement. How difficult is it just to clear up a few frequently asked questions on the matter? People would just appreciate some transparency and honesty. Yes, we heard no new content in May - but not all the playerbase are copyright lawyers or directly involved in the case...so this ruling seems to have made new content for things not pertaining to Victor Miller's ownership possible... i.e. the use of "certain content" in the statement. Even Horror Inc said they will be moving forward aggressively with new projects that don't pertain to elements from the original screenplay themselves. All it's done is muddy the waters. No one's expecting @wes or @ShiftySamurai to give us an indepth case study of the legalities of the case, just some more clarification from their side of things in relation to recent events i.e. why a clothing pack or kill pack can no longer be released? Even DLC counselors? All of this comes from a genuine place of passion for the game - from everybody. It's not a Gun Media witchhunt. People just want to hear from the developers they've become familiar with over the last three years.
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    Until we get a crystal clear yes or no, theories will run rampant. This needs resolution.
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    Here's the latest tweet from Wes for those who missed it: As for what that means your guess is as good as mine.
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    Yep, cannot believe Gun or Shifty think that childish statement is sufficient.
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    The horror inc statement still says "certain" content not all content, which still leaves me scratching my head about uber jason... ?
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    So once again, the company neglects the people who were at the forefront of making their game successful. We all knew what the "announcement" would be; it's not the content of the message that is disappointing. It's that after several rounds of "no, we promise we're going to communicate better from now on; seriously this time," we're right back to relying on forum members to find second-hand information. Seriously Gun, if you hate the forum so much, shut it down. You've made it clear for a while now that your backers and early adopters are a nuisance to you.
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    This round made me laugh. I was in a lobby with a bunch of randoms the other day with nobody on the mic. Nothing special there. I didn’t spawn near anybody but the first cabin I came to had the propeller so I went to the dock (it was the Jarvis map) and set it down to look for the gas, and also in the hope that someone would see it on the map and bring it. Gas was found but they took it to the car and escaped. Good for them. I continued searching for the other gas in kind of a futile attempt but what the hell. Eventually Jason finds me in what turns out to be the fuse house. He goes into stalk but I know he’s there. He enters the room I shoot him, unfortunately stupid me I did it in the door way so I cannot escape because there are shutters on the window. I grab a pot from the stove. Jason starts slashing me and while this happens I see a Bugzy run by in the hallway but he doesn’t help. Jason misses a slash and I get the opportunity to run past him and escape to the main house. As I am halfway there I hear the fuse box being messed up. A few seconds later Bugzy jumps into the window and heals himself. He then turns on the mic and lays into me out of nowhere: “YOU ASSHOLE! I HAD THE FUSE AND YOU DIDN’T HELP YADDA YADDA YADDA I HATE THIS GAME THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING YADDA YADDA YADDA” I turned on my mic and said to him “I don’t care about the fuse box”. He was practically crying as this point. Seriously. “NOW WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!” (The guy was clearly an adult by the sound of his voice which made it even more pathetic) ”Calm down dude, it’s JUST a game!” He raved for a bit longer until I pointed out that, hey, he didn’t turn the mic on until AFTER his plan tanked so how should I have known he had the fuse and needed help with his “master plan”? He grumbled a bit but that killed the conversation because obviously there was no real comeback to that one. I wanted to add a few more things to say but let it go once he shut up: #1) I wanted to fix the boat, too. Sometimes our plans don’t work out. #2) It’s not as if he helped me escape Jason back in the fuse house. #3) Perhaps most importantly, if you want things fixed that badly, DON’T choose Bugzy! lol!
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    Hate to be pessimistic but enjoy it while it last. This might be the swan song in terms of player count. No where left to go after giving the game way for free.
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    All I’m saying is they ruled that Jason the supernatural killer in the hockey mask is NOT in anyway tied to the ruling in favor of Mr. Miller, who in my opinion deservedly won. That said to me means that Uber Jason and Grendel should not be off the table as they are not part of the original film.
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    I've noticed that about every other game ends early because the Jason has a tantrum at not being able to catch anyone and quits ? However, that might have something to do with me leading him all over the map just out of reach, occasionally booping his snoot with a baseball bat for shits and giggles. Even though Jason seems to waste all of his time tunnelling me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING gets done by the other players.
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    That statement was before the ruling. They didn't want to take any chances because no one had any idea on how it could go. After latest news, in my previous post, I asked a question about what could the devs possibly do now...
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    And the other kill packs for part 6 and 8....and Grendel map and really puts into question the whole can’t add a bush or a tree ? statement since that “certain” content has nothing to do with The original f13 movie. I hope that is the case but someone ....(hint hint @ShiftySamurai )could come on to the forum and say that! you know a post that says “we are still investigating all potential avenues as to the new ruling..... stay tuned as we work through the new legal red tape.”
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    Check out this video: https://youtu.be/kb5zOTIEDY0 thanks SleevedBiker for some insight.
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    If it gets locked, so be it. Eventually the truth will come out.
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    That’s what I don’t get. How do you release a “official statement” that’s open to so many different perceptions without having someone from Gun come here and explain it? Depending on how you read the statement, it could mean zero new content or new content that doesn’t pertain to the original work of Miller. I’m still on the side of there will be no new content, but this statement hasn’t done anything more than cause unnecessary confusion. @ShiftySamurai, can we at least get someone from Gun in here to end the confusion and say no more new content one more time?
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    Funny that Cunningham would "reach out" for a settlement, seeing as how he was the one that sued Miller in the first place... Sounds like he's just trying to throw shade...
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    For real, when solo, it's really going to depend on the Jason. Size up Jason's player first, to get an idea of what you can get away with. Some Jasons aren't a threat, I can get stamina from him anytime I want. Against better Jasons, landing a clean hit isn't free, so low-risk kiting is the better choice until you need to think about landing a hit. You going to have think though, condition, and wear down his reactions, because once a bad swing is made, you WILL BE PUNISHED.
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    Thanks man, lots of us appreciate when other members of the community take the time to post things here, it’s us or no one apparently.
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    Who is this NOONE. If he has played the game as much as you is he any good? Why does he spell his name in all caps? Is he aware that noon isn't spelled with an e?
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    Apparently the PS+ Free game of the month has worked wonders in increasing interest in the game. With the multiplayer aspect and tons of people getting into it, Friday is alive and thriving! Today we hit a record viewing on my stream with 379 active people and it felt so good to see Friday thriving. There have been good and bad moments, but moments like these help give the game some life + hope. So many people are looking for insight and interested, it is a really nice feeling with being a diehard of the game.
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    Yeah same here database login failure. Kind of ridiculous games getting worse and worse
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    We all know that they could shut things down at any time. I just feel that it's gonna be a while. I'm not talking 10 or 15 years, but I'd like to believe at least a year or so. Rather than throw a pity party, I'm gonna enjoy the game. I encourage others to do the same. As far as offline console saves, I'd holding out hope that it will be a thing. I'm not gonna hound the developers about if and when. If it comes, I'll be happy. If not, then I'd cope with it.
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    Lol i ended up being Jason in a lobby with FIVE noob Vanessas. I thought to myself.. oh lawdy, revenge is gonna be sweet. Then chopped them all up
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    It’s free as long as you add it to your library and you are a ps plus subscriber. I think the game will always have a hardcore player base. I just don’t see many new players coming in after October
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    From the F13 Twitter account: We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
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    Correct, they just posted that they determined what the issue is, and are working on it as we speak. They said it's something that's degrading server performance.
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    Yes, I have this issue as well. Apparently everyone is experiencing this right now. On their Twitter page, they said that they are aware of the issue, and are working to fix it.
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    sounds like they are looking for answers as much as we are...
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    “While the ruling does not prevent Gun from continuing to sell and operate the existing game, it may complicate adding certain content to the current game in the future.” This statement says it all, I understand it as Gun could have released more DLC before the ruling and now with the ruling it (key word here kids) MAY complicate adding certain content.
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    All perfectly reasonable, and good questions. Never heard of this person myself... Is this NOONE a forum member? Why does this person need their name repeated? How many hours does this person really have? and an even better question... Is this NOONE responsible for the somewhat suspicious deaths of Walder Frey and his entire family... or did they all drop dead from heart attacks within seconds of each other? I suspect we may never know the truth of these matters... but NOONE remains a suspect... at least in my opinion. @The Wolf with that Toast I think it already happened...
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    What makes you think quite a while? I'm more inclined to believe they're going to pull the plug as soon as sales from this PS Plus month and the slasher edition have spiked? I've asked about offline saving for unlocked content for months now and haven't ever received a response. So I'm sure they'll crap on us with that one. People won't forget. Got to agree that the tone changed drastically after the games release (and success) and then again this May, when no new DLC was announced. The backers always seemed like an afterthought after May 2017. This game would've been barebones without the millions of dollars generated from Kickstarter and Backer-kit.
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    Been away from the forum for awhile... yet after playing some matches today... One of the matches where I was the only one above lv 8 (I'm lv 150), in the lobby heard them all trash talking about how I 'cheated' to get my level that high and how if I was chosen to be Jason, they'd escape and laugh... two even said they were going to kill me and then asked... how can you kill Jason? RNGzeus was looking kindly on myself and Part 2 Jason stalked Packanack Lodge (Irony). Not ONE of them, locked doors... and I came across both gas cans and batteries, left alone in their cabins. What I heard over the mic when I was near them... "Where's the damn generator?". I am not kidding about that, I swear. As I have the Part 2 Pick Axe kill pack kills equipped, it was a beautiful sight to see (and hear the rage) while driving the point into them, that this is not Dead by Daylight. Sad thing is, after I killed one, they left the lobby... and the last screamed she was going to send a video of my cheating into Gun and get Sony to delete my account.. then she rage quit. Another match I joined as AJ... I saw a Part 7 Jason (Since the beginning of this month, I have seen this Jason more than any of the others...), surrounded by the rest of the lobby, all screaming "KILL HIM!! KILL THE F*****!!" I just calmly repaired the car and drove off, honked the horn... and two Brandons ran right in front of me. At the end of the match, I escaped... No Tommy called and was shouted at for 'cheating' because there is no counselor who could be invisible like I was (was running with a Legendary Sense avoidance and Stamina perks). Tried to tell them I had some pretty decent perks... was told there are no perks and I'm a 'filthy liar' and 'going to be reported for cheating/hacking'. So yeah... this game IS painfully awful, just like the @TheGameIsAJoke said. /Sarcasm
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    Agree. It’s also amusing reading some of the posts from new players on the F13 reddit, feels as though I’ve travelled back in time to May 2017.
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    Most likely a new player. N00bs prioritizes escaping where vets prefer to do whatever they want, live or die.
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    Obvious troll is painfully obvious
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    Nice for now and great for those on PS4 platform, (we had a similar uptick of new players when F13 was offered on Humble Bundle on Steam last month).
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    @Redrum138 Thanks a lot for the kind words man, very glad I’ve been able to help and you have a great attitude towards the game. It is the players such as yourself who I make the guides for, so it’s great you have found them helpful.
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    Damn @Methodicalize 379 active viewers? Congrats. I've been seeing some new players on the PC side as well. It's been a breath of fresh air.
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    Could you post a screen grab, ZillaMeister? @ShiftySamurai, just wondering if this was true? I thought we had turned over a new leaf on the whole posting to the forums thing. I would be incredibly disappointed in you, if you were avoiding your own forums. If you want to solve Guns. PR problems, this doesn’t seem to be a good way to go about it. Our patience shouldn’t be taken for granted.
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    Oh, according to the subreddit post, Shifty posted on discord that the horror inc. statement is also Gun's statement. Which is really stupid and at the same time disappointing.
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    This is what I think most folks are missing. Quite literally nothing has to be messed with. Pamela's head/sweater? Part 2 Adult Jason? Part 2 Hockey mask? Part 3 Basically the only Part 1 thing still in the game is the sequence in the virtual cabin when you get grabbed by Kid Jason and the museum exhibit of said kid Jason. Pamela didn't even have her name beyond "Mrs. Voorhes". This would mean we could still use Pamela, Adult Jason, basically anything we are using already.
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    The only thing that could top the quadruple facepalm is the Godzilla facepalm.... When it is bad enough for a Godzilla facepalm, the whole world facepalms with him.
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    Guys I’m gonna venture a guess and say the OP is likely a troll given his name, but I could wrong ?‍♂️.
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    While I'll admit that Savini is the strongest Jason, he isn't to the extent that make him significantly different from other Jasons. He still is a Jason, and he is weak to the same things plagued the others.
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