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    I'd like to direct a huge "HA! Suck it!" to all the people who insisted dedicated servers were not coming.
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    I concur. It's not too far off 2 years since the very first time I got to play F13. I've definitely noticed throughout my entire playtime that Jason is not effective enough at dealing with groups. He just isn't, there's no two ways about it. I play a strong Jason (don't mean to toot my own horn too loudly there) and haven't been defeated once, despite being rather ruthless when I play. It's not often groups get the opportunity to gang up on me, but when they do it's far more work than it should be to disperse the crowd. Balance can be a bit tough to gauge in this instance. Jason is perfect for fighting individual counsellors, it's just groups. Catching people who run all game isn't an issue because knives and stalk make short work of them. So, we have to think "how can we make Jason stronger against groups without making him a nightmare for single players". We can't buff knife or melee damage because everyone would be getting crippled every two minutes. We can't give him any more traps because they're already balanced between each playable Jason. We just need to balance it against groups. So that narrows down what things can be changed; powers and charge times, animations, item spawns/durability, max Jason health (before demask) and damage/stuns inflicted by counsellors. Based on that, my suggestions would be either one of or multiple of the following: #1 - Add a function that lets you flick the thumb stick/click the mouse whilst in combat stance to change your target lock on. Maybe even a little hockey mask icon above them so you can see who you're targeting. Make holding R2 perform the standard weapon attack (one you do when not in combat stance) and make tapping R2 perform the move you usually do in combat stance. Make it so that knives can be thrown whilst in combat stance and decrease all damage taken whilst in combat stance, even when not blocking. Good thing about this is that counsellors can still run or still try and surprise him with sneaky attacks, but it will dissuade people from wanting to attack him when he knows you're coming because he'll move slower but be harder to demask in combat stance. These changes let Jason fight more effectively in groups and shouldn't cause any issues for the copyright suit that's on going. Just change some values and reuse the hockey mask icon from the private lobby when someone is picked as Jason before the match starts. #2 - Remove the ability to chain stun (it seriously needs to go anyway) and add diminishing returns on stuns. This has been suggested before and seems like a good idea to me. Simply give Jason 3 seconds of immunity when he stands up and for every time he's stunned again within a short time frame after (say 1 minute), he's on the ground for a shorter period of time with an extra second added on to his stun immunity when standing. After a few minutes of no stuns, his resistance returns to normal. #3 - Increase the amount of stamina needed to attack Jason whilst at full fear. When grouped up, counsellor fear levels tend to reach maximum fairly quickly in a long fight with Jason due to being around him. To dissuade people from ganging up and relentlessly beating you, make melee attacks cost more stamina as your fear rises, and maybe make them less effective at higher fear too. This dissuades people from being around Jason because their stamina will run out very quick if they try to fight him, but they can still run just as effectively. Players will have a higher chance of demasking him when they're not standing around trying to bash him, which should dissuade gangs from looking for you. A good thing about this suggestion is that it will stop counsellors taking lots of swings and will reduce the effectiveness of groups. Say there's 5 people attacking Jason. After a minute or two, they're all at full fear. Say it takes 75% stamina to swing your weapon in this state. You get 1 good swing and probably 5-10 seconds after, you get another. If you miss, you still have a little bit of stamina to try and run away. This stops loads of attacks being made at Jason and will encourage players to manage their fear before fighting him. Make it so that when you're at full fear, your combat effectiveness goes way down. You get a good few moments to stand toe to toe with him in the beginning but at full fear, running away is a better option. It'll reduce group effectiveness without overpowering or underpowering individual counsellors. #4 - Last but not least, make Jason more fearsome during rage. Keep everything the same but double/triple his mask health, slightly increase his melee and knife damage and make him take only tiny, tiny amounts of damage whilst blocking. This makes it so that Jason can go about his business until he gets rage, and then he when he does he'll kick a group's ass, but won't be too overpowered for any single players to deal with. They can still run away, but players need to be very heavily dissuaded from attacking him when he has rage. When he gets rage, people should be genuinely afraid to fight him. These are a few of my suggestions that could be added without causing issues with the copyright lawsuit. No new assets require making and only some parameters need changing. I had considered other things like an area attack for Jason, but that would mean a new animation would have to be added, and that can't be done.
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    Well, my custom Savini Jason is finally finished. It's basically a NECA Part 4 Jason base with lots and lots of dremeling and painting. The actual joints aren't painted however, as the original plastic colors (dark green and brown) blend well with the painted areas around them, so the figure remains pretty much as posable as before (as opposed to a gloried statue). The chains weren't hard to get on, although I procrastinated for ages before doing so because I feared they would be. It's currently missing the spiky things on the exposed shoulder because I haven't found pieces that I could use at that scale that I considered acceptable, but if I do I will update the figure and post new photos (I have some ideas). Also, I didn't put the random strips of flesh over the mouth simply because I have no fucking idea how to do so (I don't do sculpting). I'm detailed oriented, but even I know when to give up, lol. I also debated doing something to the eye holes of the mask to make the glowing effect more prominent (as opposed to just relying on the yellow eyes on the head underneath), but in the end I decided to be more subtle. But since it's otherwise finished, I figured I'd share it with you all. I hope you dig it...I put a lot of work into it, but it was a lot of fun and I'm really happy with the result. Plus, it was something I HAD to do knowing that we'll never get a legit Savini out of NECA due to the game's licensing issues forbidding actual merchandise being made. Here's a little something to listen to while viewing... Pic heavy! Enjoy!
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    I know the developerd can't add additional content not so much as a tree, but i'm really hoping they can do something about groups or scratch that, entire lobbies attempting to kill me. It is the most demoralising and un fun thing that i've had to deal with; even moreso, than these dedicated server issues. I've just had a game and honestly inside i'm raging but, yes i've had a game and pretty much from the word go, they we're hunting me and it sucks. Does Jason want to run away of course not, but the instinct to survive is there, for EVERYONE. Anyway it sucks, 7 counselors all in a group dancing outside packanack lodge, waiting for poor old lil jason to show himself. There must be a way to challenge this kind of behaviour in the game. Dev's please do something, i have 2 ideas a mix up of them could help...one jason's damage output and a reduction based on how many counselors are within a certain range of him and two at the very least make it so counselors can't enter his shack until at least i don't know 4 of them have died. It's just too damn easy for a group of 7 to kick his ass!
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    Had something similar last night, with a couple of extra satisfying kills thrown in. I was having a tough time with a group of 3-4 counselors on Jarvis House who were doing hit and runs with Vanessas and Buggzys, and doing a good job of communicating and protecting each other. Instead of playing the usual game I decided to say screw it and did some hit and runs of my own once it became apparent they were hoping to get a kill. So I morphed back and forth between the shack and wherever they were. Eventually they got my mask off and started making their way to the shack. I had a trap in front, hit stalk and waited for them to come to me. I gave them a great jump scare when they finally showed up. They almost got the kill (they managed to get in, get the sweater and stun me during the fight) but screwed it up and I was able to kill Tommy. A couple of them later escaped (they'd called the cops while I was waiting in the shack), but it felt pretty good to outsmart them and avoid the kill. Same round, two Vanessas were doing the Jarvis House porch exploit. I only had a couple of knives, so I had to go to the side and slash them down in combat stance. It was difficult because they kept moving around, hitting me back for stuns, and they also sprayed themselves a couple of times each. They must have had Thick Skin and Medic loaded up, because it took forever to finish them off. Finally killed the last one in the final seconds of the match. That was satisfying to take them out when they thought they were safe and cool by using the exploit.
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    After battling for control of the phone house (good group of counselors), decided to hide inside the bathroom, hit Stalk and wait. Sure enough, Tommy fixed the phone then stood guard by the main doors while Tiffany started to make the call. I was Part 7, walked out and grab-killed Tiff. Doesn’t happen often, but feels awesome when you can pull it off.
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    You must be playing the Earth-35 multiverse version.
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    A very specific question, that provides enough key words to start a rumour ie. ‘this year’, ‘October’. Hopeful our dialog will stop that from happening.
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    BTW, I came across some black plastic toothpicks on ebay and ordered them. 300 for $4.95 shipped, lol. We'll see how they work as potential shoulder spikes once I get 'em.
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    Yeah, I didn't really take that into account the first time i played when dedicated dropped. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Oh wow, This came out amazing! Great job!
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    This is pretty freakin awesome man! You sure have some talent! ?
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    Except when you get those Level 150 Jason players who think they are THE shit yet when they are in the killing animation they leave. I don’t go for the kill every single match but it just seems as though higher level Jason players get their pride hurt when they get killed by counselors. I have only been killed one time but that was in a friend group ?
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    They spoke about EU servers being messed up on PS4 a while ago. Probably same situation. Report it to Gun.
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    I played from the first week and never got to see or use one. Makesme sad as the ridiculousness of it appeals to me.
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    I appreciate the very kind words, good sir. Thanks!! I would NEVER sell my Savini, as the work-in-process version was held by none other than Mr. Kane Hodder himself. HOWEVER, I did just pick up an extra Part 4 Jason and was mulling over the possibility of making a new Savini that I might be willing to sell. Just a word of warning, however...it won't be cheap. If anyone is 100% serious, PM me and we can discuss potential terms. If it works out and enough people are interested, I might be willing to make more than one. That was actually pretty simple! I just took a pitchfork from a DC Black Manta Figure and dry-brushed it black. I figured it looked close enough.
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    Ditto. Dedicated Servers are awesome! Not to mentioned host quitting doesn’t end the game anymore.
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    That's the reason we have popcorn... ?
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    Kodiak, you’ve presented a lot of great ideas in this thread. How do we get Gun to listen?
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    I agree with Kodiak for once without quoting his entire post. I’ve also been saying for a year that Jason should basically be invincible during rage. Stun Chance should be halved and his damage doubled, killing counselors in one swing (unless they have Thick Skin). Of course that’s already with an additional repair to up his melee damage from the start. I also believe that before rage, counselors should actually stand a chance to escape Jason’s grasp. This mechanic is still clunky and rarely does anyone organically escape, it’s usually a bug or small space that allows people to escape. You’d have to be Adam or Jenny with no fear build up to escape Jason’s grasp so why even have it as a mechanic as is? Lower the threshold to escape grab pre-rage and make escaping Jason’s grapes during rage impossible. You basically get 10 minutes to be able to escape his grip because once Jason has rage, the prompt doesn’t even come up. A PK should be the only way to escape a raging Jason. That’s how I always thought it should be. I know that the majority of players believe that dance parties at the cops, ganging up on Jason, and general tomfoolery that goes on during the second half of the match needs to end. This would really help. It it would make killing Jason much more difficult after rage. Furthermore, it’s really time that Gun take objective, realistic suggestions seriously and incorporate them into the game. Jason’s Sense power needs to be switched with Stalk. It makes absolutely no sense that Jason would need to be stealthy in the second half of the match when he’s raging. Jason should be stealthy in the first half of the match to sneak up on counselors and take them out just like in the films. The meta of counselors not being afraid of Jason needs to end. I want to see the best counselor main in the world still get theirs in an incredible, unbelievable sequence. That’s what Sean S Cunningham himself said he envisioned for the game when he offered the license so that’s the mindset the devs need to return to. Counselors are ganging up on Jason because they aren’t afraid due to their being limited consequences for going toe to toe with Jason. Can we please change that? Lastly, I still believe that once someone grabs the sweater, Jason would naturally become enraged, just like when his mask is knocked off. I just don’t understand why nobody has implemented these things to make Jason formidable. The grab has been adjusted over and over thinking that was the issue, it’s really not. The current grab could use a slightly wider cone and about 1 foot increase but that’s about it. The game has been out long enough that Gun needs to focus on reexamining some of the nuance in gameplay, especially since nothing can be added. What exists in the game needs to be reworked because the foundation of the game itself incredible.
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    Initially people would complain but there really does need to be a change with the frequency Jason gets killed these days. It's a drastic change but I don't think it'd be a bad one. People can still kill Jason, it's just sometimes the sweater won't be there. It'd encourage people to play objectives more.
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    I agree, thought the same since launch. Jason is indeed too easy to kill. I remember when it was supposed to be something like 1 in 75 games, but that's not the case these days. Smart Jasons are tougher to take out but new players can't do much to protect themselves from it. To be honest, I'd be happy with the sweater being on a random spawn chance so it's not going to always be there.
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    I think it's too easy to demask Jason. It should require at least 5x the amount of damage than it actually require. Unfortunately if you are against 7 skilled and organized consuelors there is little you can actually do, even if you are a seasoned 150. I don't know how devs can address this without damaging the experience when the lobby is a mix between skilled and beginners.
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    Jason needs the tools to effectively fight. The councilors are better fighters at the moment and that needs to change.
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    Just Slash at them quickly and that's it.
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    Sweater + Tommy is Jason's kryptonite. This actually has less to do with actually bullying Jason and more to so that Counselors just gain so much control of the destiny of that match. The only real defence you can have is to prevent Tommy all together by cutting power to the Tommy radio and guard it like any other objective. Unfortunate for Jason, it's a race to who gets to it first, so you won't always be able to prevent it, but it's still worth making the attempt as keeping Jason "invincible" allows you to be more flexible of how to approach the match as well as reduce the threat posed by mobs/kill squads.
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    On Xbox, pitchfork because I'm like 20 levels off weapon swapping. On Steam, haven't played since weapon swapping came out but it would've been the machete
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    For me, BY FAR the most satisfying kill, or should I say, kills, were in a game I had a long while back. I was playing in a game as a counselor, and managed to escape. Meanwhile, me and everyone else who had either escaped or died were spectating the last group of counselors left alive. There were 3 of them, if I remember correctly, one of them was Tommy I believe, and one was a speedo Chad?. Anyway, the 3 of them were just taking turns stunning Jason while the other 2 would teabagging and dancing, waiting for Jason to stand back up, just to take their turn to stun him again. It was so hard to watch that I truly felt bad for the Jason player. Sadly, the game's time ran out, and the poor guy never got to kill any of them even though he did try. The very next game, I was chosen to be Jason, and believe me when I say, I went to town on all 3 of them. The first one was easy enough to my surprise, so I hunted down the second guy. It was speedo Chad. He ran into a cabin, and stared to shut the door, but I managed to shift inside right behind him just before he could, and smashed his head in the door. Man, it felt so good. Meanwhile, I decided to savor the moment by picking off everyone else to save the last guy all alone, just me and him, none of his troll buddies to help him out ? Guess where I found the little troll? Hiding like a coward in a closet. Needless to say he met his well deserved demise. I got all 8 that round, and I have never felt the same level of satisfaction that game gave me ever since. It felt like justice was served, and I was proud to be the one to serve it ?
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    i remember them talking about this and i thought it was an interesting idea at the time but i think ending the game is the better play. yeah, it's kind of annoying when you've got the sweater, a knife, crackers, a spray and the cops are on their way when jason bails, but at least you get the xp. people would whine constantly if they suddenly became jason... and it would probably end up being a shit show anyway. if the jason quit, he probably sucked so the new player is going to get thrown in to a fucking mess which is even more reason for people to complain.
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    There would be four primary game modes. One game mode would be a first person mode in the style of games like Until Dawn, Amnesia, etc. where you go around Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, etc. and sort of play detective and find clues. You would pick between one of two protagonists, one which is female and one which is male. The female would be based off Clay's missing sister from the remake and the male would be based off Clay. Depending on which gender scenario you pick, it plays out the same way with one looking for the other, and the choices you make throughout the game determines who lives, who dies, and whether or not you find said person. The game would also have multiple endings. The second game mode would be split into two versions. It would be like single player challenges and would be third person. The reason there would be two versions is because one is Jason's perspective (you play as Jason, obviously) and the other is the counselor's perspective. The third mode would be my take on quick play. The main difference would be rather than you picking a map, it's all interconnected as a big open world and it would be more like an explorative free roam mode with Jason in the midst. Instead of there being a timer, there would be areas you go to where there's totem poles that pushing a button to interact with would trigger events like in Red Dead Redemption. There would be three options, one would be to play a quick play match, where you have to stay in your area and attempt to escape and/ or kill Jason within twenty minutes. Based on how good or bad you do, etc, you get XP points and unlock things. Another accessible feature would be like land grab, where there's a team of counselors playing against Jason and you compete for claiming certain territories by doing damage to each other. For instance, if you're Jason, you could have ownership over a cabin or a strip of the map by killing a certain number of counselors, staying in that area undetected or undefeated for a certain time, etc. The third option would be a scavenger hunt, where for ten minutes, easter eggs such as Pamela tapes, Jarvis tapes, and photographs of young Pamela and young Jason are hidden in drawers, under rocks, next to camp fires, etc all across the interconnected maps and whoever finds the most in a certain amount of time wins. Like the perks in Gun Media's version of the game, in my version, these easter eggs you find would have different levels of rarity, from poor to common to epic to legendary, etc. You would also be able to find parts and combine them, which would be one of the more extremely rare feats. One thing you would be able to do during this ten minute blitz challenge is find different parts for a stronger car engine. If you find all the parts and manage to assemble it, you can now spawn into the game with a faster car speed and have a better change at evading Jason. Jason can play this game as well, and the fun thing for him is that it's inverted. Rather than Jason finding artifacts about himself, it's instead flip flopped and he finds stuff that pertains to characters from the movies, like Crazy Ralph's hat, finding bits and pieces of a guitar until you find all of it and make the pink guitar from Part VIII into a usable weapon, the spear gun from Part 3 (also with assembly required, that's the challenge), Tommy Jarvis's jacket from Part VI, the book of the occult from Part VI, and the rarest artifact for Jason to find would be the Necronomnicon, which would be in the Voorhees mansion portion of the open world, and finding it in the ten minute time frame would require doing a series of complicated steps that are kind of hard to pull off, but once it is located, Jason becomes temporarily unable to stun, has the same destruction strength as when in rage mode, and his abilities don't require a cool down. The counselor side of this would be finding the magic dagger, which would also be the rarest and complicated easter egg, and would also require several precise steps. By using it on Jason, he will be dragged to Hell and respond a minute and thirteen seconds later in his shack on the other side of the map, and whenever he respawns, he will temporarily be weaker (opposite of all the things I mentioned for when Jason finds the Necronomnicon.) There would be an easter egg game mode that's like a Friday the 13th equivalent of Frogger. You unlock it by doing the Konami cheat code pattern from Virtual Cabin in the main menu. In this game mode, you as a counselor attempt to make your way across the lake in round after round jumping across canoe to canoe, and at random times, kid Jason, or the zombie version of Pamela from Part 3 will pop up out of the water. As the rounds go on, the Jasons change to stronger ones that can catch you faster, and animals such as birds will also come at you, etc. This also includes a flipped version where you play as Jason and see how many counselors you can drown as kid Jason, and as the rounds go on, you eventually become stronger Jasons. Playable Jasons in my version: instead of doing weapon swapping, each Jason has a choice between two different weapons. Each Jason also has multiple unlockable skins. Part II- Weapons: Spear/Pitchfork Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Part III- Weapons: Machete/Axe Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Battle Damage (from axe and stab wound to leg, mask is also more scratched and less polished looking), Retro Jason Part IV- Weapons: Hammer/Pig Splitter Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Battle Damage (with neck wound from hammer and split hand from machete) Part V (Roy)- Weapons: Machete/Garden Shearers Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Green Coveralls Variant Part V (Dream Sequence)- Weapons: Machete/Axe (version 2) Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Part VI Weapons: Fence Stake/Bowie Knife Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Clean Variant (no bullet hole on the mask, no paintball markings) Part VII Weapons: Kitchen Knife/Tree Trimmer Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, No Chain Variant Part VIII Weapons: Fire Axe/Giant Wrench Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Toxic Waste Damage Part IX (The Coroner) Weapons: Surgical Probe/Road Sign Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Part IX (Jason) Weapons: Machete/Battle Axe Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Clean (chunk of mask isn't missing, no bullet holes in clothes) Pre-Uber Jason Weapons: Curved Machete/Log Chain Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Uber Jason Weapons: Futuristic Machete/Log Chain Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Freddy vs Jason Weapon: Huge Machete (couldn't think of a second weapon) Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Battle Damage (with claw marks on face) Reboot Version 1 (cornsack) Weapon: Machete/Axe Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Reboot Version 2 (hockey mask) Weapon: Bow and Arrow/Machete Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Never Hike Alone (Ghost Jason) Weapon: Machete Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood Mortal Kombat Jason Weapon: Machete Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Roy Burns Mask, Silver Mask Pamela Voorhees Weapons: Hunting Knife/Machete Unlockable Skins: Light Blood, Heavy Blood, Zombie Variant For counselors, there would be a create a counselor mode using the same engine as the create a character from the Tony Hawk series. Rated: Mature for Intense VIolence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Strong Suggestive Themes, Use of Drugs and Alcohol, Sexual Content, and Strong Partial Nudity Soundtrack: His Eyes by Pseudo Echo Teenage Frankenstein by Alice Cooper The Man Behind the Mask by Alice Cooper Friday the 13th by Misfits Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? by Misfits rest of the soundtrack would be like normal game Callable Heroes: In my version of the game, for the quick play option of free roam, you get to pick between four different heroes to call in, which would be as follows below Tommy Jarvis- Play as either the Part V version or the Thom Matthews version Weapon: Shotgun with three rounds Reggie the Reckless- An adult version of the character Weapon: These hands Tina Shepherd- for when you need to hit Jason in the face with a really thick hard back Bible from across the room, thus knocking him down a flight of stairs Weapon: Telekineses Creighton Duke- The Duke himself. Nuff said Weapon: Hunting Knife Maps: the maps the open world would consist of Camp Crystal Lake Higgins Haven Pacanack Lodge Jarvis Residence Pinehurst Shepherd Residence The Lazarus Voorhees Mansion Essex County (the diner, street corner, road into Crystal Lake, etc as seen in first movie) Police station from Jason Goes to Hell The Lazarus The Grendel
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    So with the recent dedicated server update on Xbox One my matchmaking seems to be broken. I keep being dumped in an empty lobby on the F13 Official AP servers. I wait for hours and no one seems to join. Before the update i was finding games after a long time of searching but now i can't find any games at all after hours of searching. However, for some reason, when I queue with my friends (4 of us) I find a game within 30 seconds or less in the F13 US servers. I did some testing by hosting the search party and we all ended up in an empty AP server. So I honestly have no clue whats going on because my friends only live a few miles away from me and we have the same internet provider and internet plan. To add to that, whenever we find a match my ping is lower than theirs mine being around 65ms and theirs being around 89ms. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution?
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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to fuck over bully counselors. As for teaming up with Jason, that is unacceptable, and so is trying to sabotage an escape. Before anyone asks "What's the difference between preventing a Jason kill and preventing a car escape?" Easy: Car and phone escapes were intended to happen. Not necessarily on a regular basis, but still far more often than a Jason-kill, which was also intended to happen RARELY. What wasn't intended was the constant pinata parties we see now. Jason was never meant to be a punching bag for a bunch of dancing retards, nor was he meant to be a toy for the counselors amusement. Jason was meant to be a fucking BEAST... Death personified (Call it corny, but I like to refer to him as the Angel of Death). Jason showing up should cause counselors to scatter and run like hell, not stand there and do idiotic emotes (which I blame the devs and their severe lack of balls for. IllFonic should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a thing to happen). Killing Jason is, and should remain, a win condition for counselors. But it should be an EXTREME win condition, along the lines of "I saw a roach in my home, so in order to kill it, I burned the house down". You killed the roach, but at what cost? That's the same reasoning that should have stayed in the game. Sure, you killed Jason, but almost everyone died in the attempt and even Tommy and SG barely survived. It is very possible to kill Jason without resorting to bully-tactics to do it (my Bunny Girls Revenge vids on YouTube show what I'm talking about better than I can explain it). If certain counselors would stop acting like a bunch of shit-heads, maybe they'd stop finding the sweater mysteriously missing when they try and take it.
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