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    i must be pretty lucky because finding games has been a breeze since the last update. I'm averaging about 40 seconds between rounds with the longest wait being just over a minute. it's still blowing my mind that I'm playing game after game without connection time outs or hosts quitting. i do agree the map checking change is a bit annoying though.
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    For me, the most satisfying kill I've ever gotten in this game happened last night. The round turned into a "Half of us will escape in the car, the half will kill Jason" party about halfway through. That plan went South and by the end, Tommy escaped in the car and everyone but one A.J. was dead. She spent several minutes kiting me in and out of Higgens lodge (sometimes stopping to dance like a fucktard) but finally ran out of pocketknives near the end of the match. Then just as time ran out, this happened: What kill did you find to be the most satisfying or (enjoyable)?
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    I suppose its the cliche train wreck syndrome where you should look away, but you can't help but watch. I'm around a lot less than usual and did once enjoy the game. I used to cling to hope that this game would be stabilized and working at the very least, lawsuit stuff aside even when people were clamoring for the existing mode to have additions to it, when the only addition they added was the body blocker mechanic and the item UI locator for counselor. Yet there have been things that have gone on for over a year now that lead the evidence to one conclusion...not happening. The 3 things you need to make any game work. 1. First...it should actually be stable and work with very little in the way of crashing 2. Next...it should be mostly bug free. Sure some bugs will always pop up from time to time, but gamebreaking bugs should be thoroughly fixed and fixed quickly...not over 6-8 months with no results in sight or results ending up being the playerbase left with even more bugs. 3. Third...in any PVP affair, the balance argument always has its merits, yet here where its 7vs1, the skill should be placed in the hands of the Counselor. Meaning Jason should be easier to use for anyone, since you know...he's the killer, the one experienced in you know...killing off people constantly. However its clear the devs either went for the 'balanced' approach like this were 7vs7 instead of 7vs1 or just went straight Counselor should be easier. Meaning Jason should be more skillful to not only kill the counselors, but freaking save himself from being killed by armies of counselors looking to kill him, stun him into oblivion. I realize playing Counselor can be a joyless experience if the Jason player is actually good or Jason tunnels you. However against even a decent pair of counselors. Jason has very little chance. Against 7 decent counselors, he has no chance and is not fun to play regardless of a top tier Jason or a weaker, challenging one. Shouldn't be that way and they've never really addressed it other than a phantom 'speed' increase for Jason, a couple more knives and a new grab that's made his grab much more vulnerable to be stunned. I mean composure doesn't even matter as a a weaker stat, so why play as any counselor not named Chad, Vanessa, etc when you can simply out move the killer at close or far range with no real downside? Especially when a pop from a weapon refills stamina? Tripping doesn't even matter as a real offset. Now if they fell to the ground...now we're talking but nah...too op for Jason if they could fall to the ground occasionally. Rather than... - Adding invincible frames for Jason after stun - Decreasing his stun time per time he's stunned - Making him much harder to stun when demasked as a buff, instead of just the recharge on ability/door wipe that leads to stuns - Making his melee have... 1. Longer range 2. Wider hit cone 3. Knock counselors back or do SOMETHING to them so they can't just swing through his swings...like it does now Nope none of the above stuff happened over the course of a year. I mean salute to those who still enjoy this experience a year after. To me its not. The only way I'd come back is if the general consensus is the game has improved, stabilized, etc. Yet from what we've gotten from the powers that be. This game is more or less hampered by both the lawsuit (can't add a rock or a tree, but a boat sound is legit) and by Illfonic's inability to fix the game without making more issues pop up. I mean no offense to you obviously. I have no personal issue with the devs. I've just decided im done until proven otherwise and I have a feeling unless im just in the mood for nostalgia sake. I won't be reinstalling.
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    Thanks for the kind words I intend to keep making guides in the future but there won’t be anymore for F13 after the next upload. Although I would like to make a compilation vid of my time with F13...there are just approx. 3000 clips to sort through ?
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    Hey all! We've noticed that a few of you have been encountering issues while trying to connect to a Quickplay match on the new PS4 dedicated servers. We are currently looking into this problem and would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. In order to speed up this process, we would greatly appreciate your help with this! If you are having issues connecting to a dedicated server on the PS4, please send me a private message with the following form filled out: Gamertag: Region (Country/City): Internet Connection (Internet Provider/Speeds): Describe your issue with as much detail as possible(screenshots if you have them): Frequency of issue (Unable to connect at all/Can't connect sometimes): Does restarting your console resolve this issue?: Does restarting your router resolve this issue?: Additional Info:
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    Glad for Dedicated Servers, good job. BUT: 1) Jason stops the car and i exit. And Boom, interaction lock. I had to drop down my bat, pick it up again. 2) I usually check the map when i vault a window or calling jarvis/police/opening/barricade door or whatever. I can not see the map in these cases anymore and it was convenient for me. Why you removed that option? 3) Canceling session takes forever. I had to restart the game every time. Please fix this issues.
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    It’s not player skill, I hate to break for those who think itsJason got weaker yet again with this patch, stuns happen even more now(didn’t think it was possible) and now you are hitting the floor(instead of standing) 9 times out of 10, a chain stunning is even more easy now , knives are spawning houses right next to each other(I had 2 knives in under 1 minute multiple games, although I can confirm there are still 4 in the game, stil to many IMO bbut that is the only thing that is the same as it was at launch, cars are being repaired much faster(30 seconds is some cases and it happened at least 4 times) as the gas and battery are also spawning in houses across from each other, I know this as I am putting the cars together myself , because most of the time people just beat on Jason the whole game, Until he gets killed, which for me is so easy it’s got boring , this is just a short list of what I’ve noticed. Devs aren’t going to to do anything but cater to the majority of people who still play this game which are Jason hunters, the game geeks who love to troll and dance around Jason , and let’s not forget the 8 year old kids, so sad what gun and illfonic did to one of the most iconic killers in movie history.... SHAME ON YOU!
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    I deleted the game yesterday to make room for Spider-Man lol.
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    General Changes and Bugfixes [PS4/XB1] Note: These patch notes are for both the PS4 and XB1 The patch for the PS4 and XB1 are now both live! The PS4 patch will be the only platform receiving this update today. The XB1 patch is still undergoing the certification process and we hope to have this completed as soon as possible. We’ll let you all know when the XB1 patch is ready to go and update this page with the release! Console Dedicated Servers In this patch, we are releasing the long awaited dedicated servers for the PS4 and XB1! Head over to Quick Play and check it out! General Addressed several issues that were causing players to be interaction locked Jason Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s Shift Duration being lower than intended Sense is no longer automatically cancelled when Jason enters the water Jason’s pickaxe kill “Canopener” now appears as “Neck Twisted” instead of “Decapitated on the scoreboard Fixed an issue where window environment kills may temporarily become inaccessible if Jason grabs a counselor that is in the process of vaulting through the window Counselors Counselors that have been pulled out of a vehicle will now display the correct struggle animation Small items (medical sprays, firecrackers, etc.) are no longer usable for the counselor that is performing the sweater stun Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to become stuck if the player opened the map while vaulting through a window Vehicles Added additional countermeasures to prevent players from being able to stand on top of cars Made adjustments to the car escape volumes to prevent vehicles from falling off the map Starting a boat will once again alert Jason via sound effect Fixed an issue where the repair mini game prompt may temporarily not appear if the player is rapidly toggling the repair interact button repeatedly Fixed an issue that caused Jason to be able to walk through cars under certain conditions Fixed an issue where the reverse camera on the vehicles may sometimes not be working properly Maps General Addressed several counselor exploit locations The medical spray static spawns on the Crystal Lake Large map and the Packanack Large map will once again properly spawn medical sprays Note: The location of static spawners for medical sprays have been adjusted on each map (including Crystal Lake Large and Packanack Large) for this patch and the previous patch. Jarvis House Fixed an issue where a car battery may spawn in an unreachable location Pinehurst Fixed an issue where the boat may disappear upon exiting through any of the Pinehurst boat escape volumes Single Player Challenges Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck when activating a stalker point while entering combat stance at the same time
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    To point out how much Jason is a piñata I want everyone to start to count how many times you get stunned as Jason I’m getting stunned 10-15times per game at the minimum also not even 30 seconds apart , 4 knives, 3 shotguns, 5 flairs, tons of firecrackers then bats, axes, even pots and pans are stunning , lots of weapons put back in this patch as well as more sprays, now, I still kill the lobby, but it makes it not fun, you basically have to skip the cool kills. I’m at 10-15 depending on the group, blocking doesn’t work for Jason , I got blasted with AJ holding a machete while I was in combat block, it went right though and took off my mask in one shot, pretty sad.
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    Hey kids...first of all, I have no idea if this is the right section of the forum for such a question, so if I fucked up, mods please move this to the right place. That said, I'm currently working on a custom Savini Jason figure using a NECA Jason as a base. Most of Savini's coloring is pretty obvious...grey shirt and pants and lava-looking skin with lots of red, black and yellow. However, I'm getting conflicting info on the correct color for his mask. I've seen people who made custom Savini masks for cosplay and they're all completely black, but on the in-game model it looks more like a gunmetal grey to me...dark, but not actually black. I was wondering if one of the devs or someone in the know - or even anyone just looking to give an opinion - can tell me what color Savini's mask is actually supposed to be before I start painting. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone is curious, here's an early in-progress shot of what I have so far:
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    BTW, the Savini Jason is pretty much done...I added the spikey things on his chest/shoulder and the chains. I'll probably post pics this weekend. Very happy with how he came out.
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    The project isn't really stopped or dropped it's likely so the copyright problem won't be involved so hopyfully in the future the content will be released and finished for us players.
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    I guess I should have been more specific. Play the game the way it was meant to be played. You're not meant to be stuck in a chimney or on a rock where you can't be reached and objectives can't be accomplished the way they were intended. If you want to stand around and dance in a cabin, go for it.
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    This seems to be a european issue dude. Read my previous posts for more information
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    So, if they know that it takes forever for Microsoft to certify their patches, why don't they submit them to Microsoft a week early before the PS4 so we can all receive the updates at a similar time? So another two weeks then for the patch for Xbox?
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    Thanks for replying dude. Yes you are correct I live in the EU, the Netherlands to be exact. I have also tried searching on different times of the day, but in the morning, afternoon and evening all couldn’t find a match after a film hour of searching. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks for letting me know about it!
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    Hello , everyone as you know the game runs at 30 FPS on consoles and they don't seems to increase the framerate for multiplayer, why don't increase it for SPC and Offline bots.
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    i remember them talking about this and i thought it was an interesting idea at the time but i think ending the game is the better play. yeah, it's kind of annoying when you've got the sweater, a knife, crackers, a spray and the cops are on their way when jason bails, but at least you get the xp. people would whine constantly if they suddenly became jason... and it would probably end up being a shit show anyway. if the jason quit, he probably sucked so the new player is going to get thrown in to a fucking mess which is even more reason for people to complain.
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    She still talks but no laugh. I'm assuming this is a ps4 glitch because PC users haven't complained about this. I give the devs props for finally giving us dedicated servers but they really need to stop adding new glitches with each update. This should be a hot fix hopefully we don't have to wait 2 months from now to get a new update.
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    Thanks for the shout out, If we were on the same platform I'm sure we would get along If you put the effort into such a compilation, I'd watch it. I don't really keep recording of mine, so it be nice to have nice archive of play similar of mine after this game is long gone.
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    Picking a new Jason would never work. If I were a counselor and got picked to be the new Jason mid-game, the first thing I’d do is remember what people were doing before I got selected and intercept them. The game ending is the best result we can expect. It’s annoying, and for the life of me, I don’t know why people don’t take 30 seconds to change their preferences, but everyone remaining gets free points, so there’s not much to complain about.
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    Are you still going to keep up on your YouTube? You make great videos man! Sorry to hear you're leaving... You and Geneijin are my top two for information on here, whatever happens take care of yourself and I'll hopefully see more of your videos as you release them.
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    Tyrant666 your post is spot on, and I’m glad you also noticed the “speed increase “ or lack of LOL! , I still play the game, I am a HUGE fan of Friday the 13th movies(I’m a F13 nut, have all the box sets, toys, shirts, masks etc) this was the game I always wanted and at launch WAS the game I always wanted, all the nerfs done to Jason is just disgraceful, I am a very good Jason and will wipe the lobby out 8 times out of 10, but I go into it knowing that I’m going to get put on my ass , stunned, beat on for half the match. It takes the enjoyment out of being Jason , being Jason is a chore and to kill the whole lobby you have to sacrifice most of the good kill animations and go for the quick kill , I can’t say how many times I’ve had to quickly punch somebody head off because if I didn’t I would get stunned and drop the person I grabbed. Being a counselor is just to easy, I don’t even run perks or hit Jason anymore to try and make it more enjoyable, while the self proclaimed pros of this game, brag about how much skill they have(this game takes zero skill as a counselor)but run characters such as Vanessa , with all epic or legendary perks, seems everyone runs medsprays, sucker punch, thick skin, because they have “so much skill” LOL! We all know that they aren’t going to work on game mechanics for this game at this point, so why not give the players the option of playing a hard level, all they would have to do is let Jason start with all his powers, in no way would that be new content, maybe have 3 levels, normal, hard and very hard where Jason has all abilities at all times, I’ve played against cheaters who already hacked the game to have all powers at all times, this is something that could be easily done, but again , they won’t do It because it makes to much sense.
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    Are you nuts? Dedicated servers work really good for me and now we don’t Lag because of someone’s shitty internet connection! Maybe uninstall the game reinstall it adjust your modem connection use a Ethernet cat 6 cable instead of wi-fi
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    Why are you still on the forums if you don't like the game then?
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    PS4 here. Also forgot. I can not join or spectate friend's game anymore. Only via invite.
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    This post should be on every page of this thread.
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    Are you guys ever going to address the fact Jason is terrible to play currently and his grab is absolute trash? You fixed him and made him fun to play again previously then completely broke him again with the new engine update when you added the new grab animation. The animation is great but the grab mechanics are back to being broken. Counselors can run circles around you to troll you because if you're on even a slight arch to Jason when he makes his lunge, he misses. It's so easy to avoid and makes Jason frustrating for even good Jason's to play. And the boat change is absolutely mind boggling. Do you guys even play your own game? If Jason stops the car, you can still get out and escape. If you get grabbed as you get out, pocket knife or someone hitting him can get you free. You still have a CHANCE. With the boat, if Jason stops the boat, you're dead. You can't use a knife or attack in the water. You can't dodge him like a shift. It's a death trap. So the entire POINT of the boat not alerting Jason on startup was so you COULD potentially get out on it without him noticing. You guys even SAID YOURSELVES it has less parts to get to start it because it's high risk, high reward. If Jason sees it going, you're dead. But if he doesn't, free escape. That's the definition of high risk, high reward. Alerting Jason to the boat startup means anyone attempting the boat escape will die unless the Jason is a low water speed Jason like Savini and they suck. You guys just completely removed a means of escape. I don't get the logic in this at all. And then you guys get perplexed and frustrated at US when we complain about this stuff like we're the problem....
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    Jason being able to hear the boat start means the boat is a guaranteed death trap now. Getting thrown out of a boat by Jason is instant death, it needed a silent start to give the players a chance to escape. Who is still going to use the boat as a viable escape with this change?
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    Brother, I think you found the perfect woman that has ever walked the earth, and the counselors of Crystal Lake would be blessed if they did look like that.
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    I'm expecting only bugs. If dedicated servers are so difficult to implement that it has taken them ultimately nearly a year and a half after release date, then I would fully expect that they will be absolutely broken in every fun way imaginable.
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    This sums up the world today, yeah.
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    Wait. So you can’t stay in the same lobby anymore???!!!!
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