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    I miss y'all (: We had such fun!
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    Because in this game i don't need to play everything in the most efficient way possible. I use different perks on all my counselors.. Infact if you saw my set up you would probably have a seizure. Bottom line is this.. The spatial awareness works to reduce stumbles. It good on slow/stumble prone counselors. Thats the truth..and its not any deeper than that.
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    I know there are a lot of us who are wishing for a Mean Girl counselor, so let us rally and brainstorm together in one place! There has been a few mean girls over the course of the movies, most notably Melissa from Part VII. FUN FACT: She has in popularity defeated characters that have somehow managed to slip into the game before her, here's a large poll as evidence. Mitch, Fox, and Shelly lost to her by a big difference. Now why would a Mean Girl be a good choice as a character? Personally I've always found them to be hilarious. It would be the perfect opportunity for a feisty girl that, combined with a few witty insults to provoke Jason (Or another counselors, wouldn't that be great?) could do for a fun character to play. When I think about how such a character would be, I can't help but to have Chanel Oberlin in my mind as inspiration, she is the perfect embodiment of a mean girl; ruthless, self-absorved, narcissistic, so very blonde and fasionable over all things. How would a Mean Girl look? I think most people would say that a long haired, blonde female is long overdue! However, over all things, she is meant to be fashionable. It would be a great opportunity for a counselor to wear for the very first time a dress, and heels. Once again, Chanel quickly comes to aid to inspire with her thousand outfits and looks. Now the best part...! The stats...! I've thought of a few archetypes, and I think this is my favourite, along with a name suggestion: I'm going to draw my own basic fashion sketches for fun! What do you guys think? Feel free to share and come up with your own thoughts! Her colour palette should be...! Tah-dah, white, and pastels. They are very girly; and when wore by a mean girl, something about it makes her extra-obnoxious. Melissa knows this very well! References: About the Melissa/Tamara blend, I combined the hairstyle and the dress of Tamara with Melissa's sophisticated taste. Unlike Tamara, Melissa knows that cold toned skins look so much better with pearls and silvery accessories/jewelry than gold. Suggested Halloween DLC, Marilyn Monroe's pink dress! An icon that endures through generations! More 80s fashion
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    I would swap the "stalk mute" with the jason music. would be more terrifying if Jason is stalking continiously and can activate terror music by himself when chasing the victim. Now you can hear Jason long time before he can interact with you, so you can prepare yourself easy. The stalk mode is too short to actually stalk a victim. this overall should change in my opinion, without loosing th ecomplete nice music. But I would swap this both music queue.
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    Of course you don’t fear Jason , I can bet my life you main Vanessa with the med perk, , I can also bet you are still unimployed and still a virgin.
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    Give old grab back with current animation and it's perfect. Original had broken animation. There would be fear in counselors again.
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    You and I usually tend to have the same mindset. The problem is that people want a cakewalk playing as Jason. You WILL have people escape from you and run out the clock sometimes. You will not always get 8/8 and you will not always survive. Why do you want your prey to lay down and die? A cheetah is only succesful about half the time during a chase, they won’t always kill their prey...same applies here. Some people are just more lucky or maybe they’re downright more skilled than you are, sorry not sorry.
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    I'm still not sure if I like the music stinger that now plays every time you grab someone. Jury is still out. Frankly, I'd be fine if they reverted everything back to pre-engine upstate status.
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    The perk is worth it.. Since it will simply reduce the chance of it happening. Its really not that deep. Stumble more or stumble less. Nothing needs to be 100%
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    It's not like they didn't have their reasons.....
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    Yeah, these forums used to be filled with punchlines, great ideas, and good friends. Feels like walking through Silent Hill anymore; dont know what you will come across but its probably not good. There are a lot of members I miss. Not just the riff raff, but some that contributed in different ways and positive ways but simply moved on.
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    The grab problem works both ways. If the counselor misses it opens them up to a free grab. I actually don’t have much problem with any of that honestly. But I do wish that it would be as easy to wound a counselor as it is to get stunned by one. Certain players seem to be able to get a stun 100% of the time no matter which weapon is used. Even with the right perks there should be a higher percentage of unsuccessful stuns than there currently is.
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    Yep, there should be something every month. When you've stretched your customers' patience as thin as Gun has, the least you could do is occasionally toss everyone a bone. But that would assume that there is even a shred of integrity and pride among the whole lot of them...might be too much to ask.
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    It'll happen when Godzilla appears in Tokyo and sets in motion the greatest Top Hat and Cane Dance Routine with Mothra the world has ever seen.
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    Not worth it. Stumble avoidance is something that would be only worthwhile if it 100% negated stumbles (such as No Fear Jenny build). The problem with the stumble mechanic is that it is designed completely wrong, in that a counselor who is running away from Jason is not going to be greatly disadvantaged by a stumble. While loss of character control is bad design, the stumble itself doesn’t slow you down. Where stumble really matters is in combat. In combat, a stumble can mean certain death. So even with less chance of stumbling with this perk, there is still the chance it can happen. And due to RNG, you will never know exactly when that is. That’s what makes this perk worthless because despite whatever % it decreases stumbles, it doesn’t eliminate them from happening entirely. It can still happen, and it can still fuck you at the worst moment. Basically, avoid any perks that don’t provide a consistent, guaranteed effect throughout the entire match.
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    Add it to the Mount Everest-looking pile of things that don't work as intended in this game.
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    Balance exists in all games. Even if it was something like 80/20 in killers favor, that would be the "balance", though a skewed one. The devs have to find a balance that would ensure fun for both sides. The balance isn't entirely bad, I'd say about 45/55 in counselor's favor, maybe at worst 40/60. The more exposing factor however is the average counselor play is better than the average Jason, which makes sense since we spent most of our time here playing counselor. Jason also is harder to play both in functionality and decisions to consider. The reasons we see Jason pinata is because they are more "basic" Jasons out there than good ones these days.
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    "fearthegun" turned out to be a fitting website title.
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    teabagging is not only funny but can be an effective strategy against really salty jasons. the saltier the jason, the more likely you are to either throw them off their game or get them to tunnel you so other people can get stuff done. for me, when i do it, it's less of a "you suck" and more of a "haha. i knocked you down" anyway. people need to stop being such uptight-asauruses. it's a friggin' video based off of a movie that had its fair share of cheese. have a sense of humor or just ignore it. i have no idea why it bothers some people so much.
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    Rip the fun times we had in the Suggestions/Feedback section. Kinda sucks it ended, and the same topics are always front page.
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