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    I'm hoping for more of this type of game. That being said it's been a month since I bothered playing. The bugs finally destroyed the experience for me. The developer of this title has to be one of the worst in the business.
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    Can anyone think of some good examples of any movies that turned out to be horror movies, but were marketed in a way that would make you think they weren't?
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    Any player can be outplayed. Doesn't matter the skill level, Jason against a few high-skilled counselors and the wrong things happening to him can be killed.
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    I would recommend checking out some Jason techniques on here if you want to Play as him. But in quick Play it's only hard if they are actually teaming up and try to kill you. In my opinion this game is far much more fun than DbD (and also F13 is true to the source material). If you are getting Problems with playing as him , you can also start a Topic on here for some tips , we got Pretty experienced after playing it for a Long time.
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    I like to see someone having so much fun with a game they actually semi play the role irl (you wearing the mask) keep having fun and good videos sir! 5 stars and a trophy!
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    You’re wasting your time trying to explain that to him, I already tried. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Good post though!
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    I have two of the scorpios and have not had this problem. Contact Xbox support 1-800-myxbox
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    Here's a couple. The mask thing was just for fun... plz don't judge lol?
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    So the answer you came up with is creating this thread and making this “possible exploit” to get around the salt mines public knowledge? You should of sent this to jasonkillsbugs instead of posting it publicly. Because now (true or not) you will only see more of this behavior, think before you post next time.
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    Yeah it was an awesome game I wish there was a remake for it that would be kick ass
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    Both games are fun I would say f13 a little more then dbd just because there's more to do in a match. This Right here
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    Then you aren't playing against the right counselors, but I'd be happy to introduce you to some to correct your mindset. Most important rule as Jason is never succumb to ego. Battling kill squads is the best way to rid yourself of it.
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    Yea I don’t mind that one at all, it’s doesn't effect play, they need to fix the door not falling when Jason rages though, I don’t understand how they think Jason being blind for at least 3 seconds wasn’t important, then again they have done a pretty good job of making Jason a laughing stock, so maybe they did it on purpose .
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    I am a backer and I have zero problem with them releasing savini Jason to everybody , it’s one of the only things that they can do to get people excited, that and making a hard mode where Jason starts with all his powers, that would mask some of how bad he is(like the original grab did) of course the game is still buggy as hell, , raging though a door and being blinded for a few seconds because it doesn’t fall down (more when you get stunned) there is allot they could do that are simple little things that could make people want to play this game for years, they are just to lazy. People like Neca are still releasing new Jason toys.. totally new product, the puzzle game gets updated almost every week, f13 the game? ... bug riddled, Jason stun o thon filled with 8 year old kids, trolls with cheat hacks, people dancing etc... add that it is obvious that there is Zero maintenance done to this game the memory leaks are evident in the way the game plays ..... if I would have known these people were so lazy I would have never backed it
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    This! This entirely! I can't say how bummed I was after that long wait, and then games ending abruptly. Car suicides, falling through maps. So many of our friends dropping off, and then to hear the devs say no new content while the F13 puzzle game got new shit? Enough!
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    So cool that Gun keeps deleting posts on here for no reason too. Maybe you should actually COMMUNICATE with us instead of just lurking on the forums and proving you never cared about this game.
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    Nice idea for a topic, here’s some trophies for you guys that posted details on the topic at hand!
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    Now I have to wait until late September to not buy this edition.
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    Maybe they are trying to have it land at the same time as dedicated servers.
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    Agreed I wish this game went to a better developer
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    I'm glad the consoles might be getting dedicated servers soon, but I have already stopped playing. It's super boring now because they cant add new content into the game.
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    They're not going to just randomly decide to revert back to beta level 16 months after releasing the game and make all the work they've done up to this point irrelevant.
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    Bring back early alpha/beta? What does that even mean? Also, I think the above image is photoshopped/fake. With the amount of heat this team has been taking for the last few months if they was truly adding dedicated servers with the next patch they would have surely announced it. #donotbelieve
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    From the video description: Gun Media, publisher of the award-winning Friday the 13th: The Game, today announced that it has entered into a publishing agreement with Bloober Team, developer of the critically acclaimed Layers of Fear franchise. Gun has acquired worldwide publishing and marketing rights to Bloober Team's next, currently untitled game. Bloober Team and Gun Media expect to announce more information about the game, including title and release date, at a later date.
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