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    Jason's born in 1946, so: Part 2-3-4(1984): 38 From that point on he's dead, so it doesn't really matter, but: Part 5(dead, 1989): 43 Part 6(either same year as part 5 or one year later, 1990): 43-44 Part 7(Opening is shortly after Part 6, bulk of film is 10 years later): 53-54 Part 8(Either same year or 1 year later, 1999-2000): 54-55 Part 9 & FvJ(FvJ comic confirms FvJ took place in 2003 and Jason was revived about 2 weeks after he was sent to Hell): 57-58 Jason X(first few minutes is in 2010): 64-65
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    The point is their patches are shit and, as developers, it is a complete guessing game as to what they claim will be fixed and what will actually be fixed. And at this point there's literally nothing that justifies having an expectation greater than expecting nothing. Hope? Sure, be hopeful, but don't expect any competence. Spectator bug bug fixed? Great, it seems fixed. Party bug fixed? I don't know and don't care, I don't play in parties. The rest of it? Still there. And one thing that was randomly fixed, for me, has been undone. I've stopped playing the game anyways so personally it isn't getting in the way of my fun. Glad you're having fun but that doesn't negate the fact that the people responsible for this game are incompetent. They are. They put out a brilliant piece of work and it's had an obvious impact on what people now know an asymmetrical, online, multiplayer, survival horror could be. Could. But they've demonstrated, faithfully, that they are out of their depth and they've done an abysmal job in maintaining and fine-tuning this game.
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    Who the fuck knows? Continuity is not this series' strong suit.
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    I have to agree with OP here. Even Ben said in a thread that the boat is already high risk. There is no way to defend yourself after getting tipped over. When having the car stopped you get a small chance of fighting or fleeing at least. @The Wolf with that Toast, hearing the boat start is PC only. Well, currently. Consoles haven't gotten the latest update yet. To me, the fact they needed to add it says people must be complaining that Jason is underpowered. Work on the combat mechanics when fighting multiple counselors. Dont add the boat sound. And yes, the F13 vs DbD is definitely on taste. I prefer F13 by a mile, but at least in DbD I can finish my games.
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    Finally made an account on here to say this. It will ruin the of the balance it the game! The boat works as a high risk/high reward system. The boat is already the toughest escape option to go for depending on most circumstances. Either way, its a nice option for stealth players to take advantage of and easy enough for Jason to stop if he is constantly checking the progress of the boat. There is nothing broken about it. Please reconsider. Love you guys.
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    >Did you get an influx of players when Friday the 13th, they had to stop development? Lost their license? At that time, it didn't matter, really. They sold a lot of copies, but as far as I can tell… they didn't have a lot of active players. They just sold a lot of copies. So for us it didn't really matter, didn't really have an impact. It was irrelevant at the time. https://www.pcgamer.com/how-dead-by-daylight-proved-analysts-wrong-and-became-one-of-the-biggest-games-on-steam/
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    People placing traps under windows inside of a cabin. You know that shit is intentional. Jason ain't climbing through any windows.
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    How about the million times Jason’s hits pash though? Or whiffing on a grab when the person is standing right next to you, Jason’s combat and grab are pathetic, couslers shouldn’t even have combat, they aren’t marines, Jason needs all the help he can get
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    The game is about dancing counselors in stupid outfits that bully and teabag a mentally handicapped man child. Playing as Jason feels like I have 1 leg and no hands trying to play a bloody game of tag against annoying college hipsters.
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    a pocket knife, crackers and the keys! as far as weapons, gotta go with the bat. people really love the flare gun and the shotgun but those are one and done weapons. if you're not in close proximity to another cabin, the cabin doesn't have anything useful, the door's already been busted down or it's not already secured, you can find yourself in a really tough predicament.
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    I always start and start again the lobby research until I'm chosen as the host. I prefer to throw away 10-15, even 20 minutes before start playing but at least then I play properly, with proper ping, in the maps I like and no risk to have the match interrupted by some lowlife scam. Salt mines are a joke from the beginning and protect toxic players instead of punishing them.
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    Now this is what I'm talking about! Thank you Jolly!
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    That's an interesting perspective.
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    #LachappaFinallyGetsSomeLove I give my thumbs up of approval. And other single player challenges screenshots. Brought to you by Campfire Gold Edge Beer. So how exactly is the game rated M only for blood and gore, suggestive themes, strong language and intense violence when we see Adam and AJ upstairs having - um, I mean - securing political relations?
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    Heyy! I actually got a NEWWW Pt. 8 hood. It's silicone and it's made by the same guy who made the hood for Kane Hodder to wear for his in costume photo ops for conventions. Check this out!!!!
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    Totally agree with you on this! It is ridiculous that when you hit a counselor, there's no stun on them, they just keep swinging, and down you go.
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    @Ambiguously gay batman and @pApA^LeGBa it sounds like you two are having a misunderstanding. How about letting it go and agree to disagree? Let's agree that the game is not quite dead yet and play it as you can while you can. Let's agree that assuming makes an ass out of someone. Let's agree that some people have manners. (Some people still believe in please and thank you.) Let's agree that some people teabag, and some don't. (I personally don't, and I know others that feel the same way.) Let's agree that each of you is a sensible human being who has self-respect, and hopefully respect for your fellow players. Have a nice day. I guess whatever works for them... I guess if people take cheap shots at others, that's why posts get deleted around here. Getting back on topic, I"m sure that some bans are handed out, though it's hard to tell with so many things going on in game.
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    You’re applying a bit too much logic to it. Most low level Jason’s will begin slashing after the second knife due to frustration. Higher level ones if only to make sure they’re hobbled and can’t escape again just in case they DO have a third knife. I’ve seen it many times, especially when you have that one Vanessa that is extremely hard to pin down. Why take the chance that she’ll have a third one? It happens. Slash her!
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    I dunno about that. I've been playing the game regularly for nine months now and I think I remember getting three knives one time. That was back in the winter, before the patch that reduced the number of them floating around. If I'm Jason and grab someone and get knifed, I generally assume they don't have a second one since that's pretty rare, too. I sure as hell aren't figuring they have three in the bag. Even if they get on the mic and tell me they have another knife I'd assume they were playing head games with me. If anything, getting knifed twice is going to make me more confident in going for the grab.
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    The problem with this is if the match is that one player infects others unbeknownst to them, this is exactly what's going to happen: 1. Get your party on discord. Once the match starts everyone tells each other who is not infected. 2. Once everyone figures out who is the thing, they all gang up on that player and torch them to death. If Discord or party chat is not an option, then without a way to tell if someone is a thing, then the match will just devolve into scrambling to get the weapons and flamethrowers as fast as possible and kill every other player, be they infected or not. If they are infected, congrats! You just killed a thing. If they are not infected, CONGRATS! Now you have a bunch of sweet loot to pick up and increase your chances of survival. In short, a multi-player game based on the thing couldn't work. It could only work if things were clearly marked, in which case it would basically be Halo's Infection game mode. A single-player game based on the thing, perhaps with branching paths and narratives, like Dead Space meets TellTale's The Walking Dead, yeah that would be sweet. Otherwise it wouldn't really work.
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    Even with -Water Strength Jasons, its still risky if the player knows what they're doing and are aware of the boat. Spawning at the exit boat exit instead of at the boat itself can prevent councilors from leaving easily. All it takes is knowing the boat is on the water. It may be a small change but makes a a big change in gameplay. The boat is my favorite escape objective and its already hard enough.
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    I'm glad the consoles might be getting dedicated servers soon, but I have already stopped playing. It's super boring now because they cant add new content into the game.
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    I Suspect that will be released just before the Ultimate slash edition
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    I've lurked on here for a while, never posted before. I'm not here to argue over the internet with strangers, only post my experiences with the interaction lock.
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