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    You report the hate mail? What hate mail? You're quitting because YOU aren't filled with med sprays..You're gonna get called out for it.. And you report those messages like a little bitch. The entire point of playing as a counselor is to get killed by Jason or Escape. Not live forever because of med sprays and you wanting to beat Jason and dance. (Even tho you can use a perk to at least start with ONE med spray and have two uses) You're by far the WORST kind of player to play with.. Because you don't get the point or spirit of the game. You're a whiney try hard that hates Jason in a game about Jason killing people. The easiest map for Jason to play on is Pinehurst. Ain't no one one who loves playing as Jason, picking small maps. Not that it matters in PUBLIC games. And anyone who doesn't LIKE to play as Jason.. Shouldn't be playing this game.
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    I know i said farewell but i heard about this and needed to come in and share something. As many seem to be adament there was a boat alert sound for Jason a long time ago and was for whatever reason was suddenly gone and now placed back in, i wanted to clear this up. Here is a video of a match in which if you see at 9:24 you will see Jason Jason just killed a counselor and got the alert that the cops were called and looks at his map and the boat is stationary at it's spawn location at the boat house. He then morphs to the phone house He goes after that counselor and then at 10:05 he looks at his map and you see the boat is still stationary at it's spawn location. After killing the counselor he walks around a bit and at 10:33 he looks at his map and at this point the boat has already moved a good distance and at no point was there a boat alert sound. I have even loaded the audio of the video and analyzed it in my audio editing software to see if i could hear the boat noise and there wasn't once at all. This video was published on June 3rd 2017, one week after launch. So i can say 100% there was never a boat alert noise at any point from launch until them adding it in this patch.
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    I remember the boat sound effect. Lasted for maybe a week at best. It was taken out very very early and a thread was made when it happened where the devs explained then that the boat was NOT supposed to have a sound effect notification for Jason. And all of the reasons people have stated as to why this kills the boat are basically the EXACT same reasons that were given by the devs. I quite remember the long explanation and how the sound effect was only meant to be heard by counselors and not by Jason. The entire high risk/high reward breakdown. I think there were a total of 3 people who ever bitched about not having an alert for the boat but the entire community almost unanimously agreed that the boat alert was not needed for Jason and everyone played for over a year without it. I mean hell, think about that ... it was like the ONE thing everyone here agreed about in the entire span of this game and for some reason 15 months later we just suddenly have a boat sound that nobody asked for. I mean whatever. Doesn't matter to me, I have 100% completion. But anyone looking for boat achieves ... good luck.
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    They're not going to just randomly decide to revert back to beta level 16 months after releasing the game and make all the work they've done up to this point irrelevant.
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    Another counselor whining thread. It's still possible to escape.
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    "But i heard a boat alert noise sometime in the past. You're wrong" - some idiot
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    We must be playing a different game. Because this has nothing to do with Jasons brain cells. And more about Jason not being able to be everywhere at once or noticing the boat. The boat is low priority anyways. If someone repairs it without messing up, and the Jason in play is a slow swimmer. Its a guaranteed escape. Screw up the repair and Jason is a fast swimmer... Ain't no one escaping via the boat. If Jason focuses on the boat too much.. It gives other objectives an easy opening. Many times i've had to let the boat escape when playing as Jason. Not because i could not catch it, but because if i did, the car or phone would have got repaired. So it comes down to letting 1 or 2 escape to make sure everyone else doesn't.
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    So far I have tried to keep my calm about the Uber-Jason debacle. But since the reasons stated for him not being released despite seemingly being finished were MISSING SOUND EFFECTS during killing animations and MISSING MUSIC why didn't you roll him out before deadline and added existing effects - machete sounds from J7 e.g.- later on? The boat sfx seemed to not be causing legal trouble? I just have real trouble wrapping my head around this. And I know this is beating a dead horse, and I have accepted the fact that he is not getting a released, there is just this huge elephant in the room. For me at least. Since we are talking about weird priorities, why fixing sth no one considered a bug? You yourselves never did. Almost nobody in the community did. I'm sure a lot won't mind, but there are way more and heavier pressing issues than the boat sound. And this is precisely what grinds my gears. No matter what my stance on the boat sound may be, it's another case of a hard to comprehend shift in priorities.
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    I’m going to put this to rest right now. There has never been a boat start up alert from across the map for Jason. Not at launch, not ever. The only time Jason would hear the boat start is if he was right near it. I am a day 1 player as well, but unlike those purely depending on their memory, I decided to go through some of the earliest videos from May 2017 to confirm whether there 100% was or wasn’t a start up noise. Here is one video you can watch for yourself. Skip to about 23:00, where the boat is still stationary. It is moving 1-2 mins after that, yet there was no start up alert within that time at all. I remind you this is from May 2017, as early as it gets - Make no mistake, what they have added in this latest patch is new. It is also thoughtless and misguided since the way the boat was balanced is that it potentially allowed for a quiet escape, with high risk of death if Jason noticed it moving on the map. Now, it is just a death trap.
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    Why would you add a sound for the boat starting? You already were taking a huge risk with the boat. Now the boat is useless.
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    Here is a boat alert noise for Jason. Yeah yeah, apparently this is a bug that's been in the game even though these guys have gone on record saying it was meant to be silent. Do these developers even play this game?
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    While I'm up for any reasonable buff to the big J, "fixing" the boat start-up sound wasn't one of them. Not that I'd complain about it, even as a Jason player I'd rather have them given me something more meaningful, like the Tommy radio cabin instead. You're being too dramatic. Just wait for the car to get started then make off with the boat. Just have to be strategic about it now. What he says.
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    ^video removed by user Edit: Lol. Now It's working. Nice find.
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    Actually we are wrong, the boat alert existed at launch
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    It's called strategic timing. Pay attention to Jason's Shift/Morph. Wait for him to be in hot pursuit of either someone who has annoyed him...or the car. It's not like Jason stands around waiting for notifications. Yes it may take a little more strategy, but it is very much doable.
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    You're supposed to keep it in the ash tray of your windowless utility van.
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    Marcus is just going to keep pushing his whole stupid "Jason is a Deadite" thing
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    @Tommy86 I posted that same video in the other thread. Its ludicrous how many people insist there was a boat noise at some point. It's also ludicrous how many people will just take the developers' word that this was some glitch fix. It's new content and it's completely misguided.
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    But there was NEVER a boat sound for Jason before. EVER. Not even at launch. Ben even said that was because it’s easier to catch the boat. So Jason didn’t get an alert when it was started. Why was this added now???
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    I'm afraid I need to lock this up, per management.
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    Yeah. Aside from the boat badges, the hiding place badge was one of the last for me to acquire. I literally had to go into matches and purposely jump in and out of closets just to earn the badge. Hiding was never really a thing for me in the game.
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    Yeah sure, so you have useless perks equipped in every game where no boat spawns? It´s pretty much like gambling now.
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    How should this even work with a starting sound? Jason has to be extra retarded or in the middle of beeing killed to make the boat escape possible. Another case of "Do they even play their own game?"
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    That is a horrible idea in my opinion.
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    On maps that have a boat I can now just sit back and kill the counselors one by one. I just have to go from phone to car, I play Jason 2 and with this sound effect I don't even have to worry about the boat anymore at all. As long as I can hear it I can tip it over. No one used to use it because it was so difficult to pull off now it is just impossible.
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    I think people are overreacting. Good groups use the boat to kite jasons (any non water speed jason that is) and waste time. That hasn’t really changed. Even without the boat noise, you are dead 99% of the time against a competent water speed jason. The noise barely matters.
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    Here is a video from the beginning and there is no boat sound on jasons side. And for the record this was posted june 2017
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    But this doesn’t make Jason “stronger”, per se. It just throws the method of escape out of balance so that even fewer people use the boat than they did before. Nobody has ever lamented how Jason needed help in the water. NOBODY. It’s a buff in an area that he didn’t need, simple as that.
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    Not really a badass moment but my favorite one for sure. Had killed everyone but like 3 people and they were running to the cop exit. As soon as I morphed in they shot me. While I’m down one of the guys tells the other 2 to escape, he has 2 pocket knifes so hes gonna have some fun. I promptly hit him with a knife and slash him to death. When we get to the lobby he started to cry about how I suck and slashed him. Im like your the dumbass that told me you had 2 pk’s, that would have been stupid for me to grab you. He left right after due to everyone laughing at him.
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    So people bitch non stop about how weak Jason is. But fix or add something to make it harder to escape and people loose their minds. So with everyones logic they should remove all sound cues right?? Yeah Im sure you guys would flip out if they removed car cues. Like Im a critical person of the game and call it how I see it but come on people.
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    Interaction lock is not fixed on PC even though they state it is. Happened several times to me as different counselors including Tommy. Usually it happened when I got slashed by Jason. Sometimes it would recover after a minute or so but one time I had to have Jason grab me to get back to normal. And the blue light special I saw was in the large cabin at Packanack Woodbury. I morphed as Jason at the back of the cabin right at the window you could see the fireplace and my entire screen went white and when I moved it turned to the glowing blue. So that is a new bug as I've never seen it at that cabin previously. Sigh.
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    I agree with you completely. He should have said something with meaning instead of 'you can still hear boat repairs' which leads me to believe that you could hear the boat start. Now you cannot and that's why he said you can STILL hear board repair mistakes. We have nothing to talk about anymore. We are talking about sounds that may or may not be there.
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    Adding a sound is not a positive. The whole point of taking the boat is a stealth escape. In exchange for that stealth you risk nearly certain death if caught. By adding a sound you make it so only a complete fool would bother with the boat.
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    All people want to do is complain.
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    Why does everyone care so much about this dang boat sound??? ?
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    proximity boat start noise would make sense to me. All the way across the map is kinda bogus...
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    They didn't fix the spectator bug.
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    You need put skip cutscene on Challenges
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    Boat Escapes are the most daring/dangerous of escapes.
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    As far as I know, the boat starting sound was something that worked properly in the early stages of the game and was always intended to be in the game.
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    So this doesn't look like it address the character swaping or the problem where Jason loads in a bunch of mismatched textures with part 3 abilities regardless of which one was selected. And since when did the boat ever make a starting noise to alert Jason? It's never made a sound since release. This is going to make it almost impossible to escape using this method.
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    I’ve been here since day one as well and it’s sad to see you go!
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    They weren't my accounts.... How many times do I have to say this?
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    I'm no expert in market share, metrics, or advanced algorithms, but I would have to think that the market has pretty much peaked for this game. I could be wrong, but the USE seems like it's more geared towards collectors and completionists, which means their larger market share on sales for that SKU is going to be double-dipping on folks who have already purchased the game in one form or another. It's also targeting the console market (unless there's a PC version coming out like that, which I haven't seen confirmation on and highly doubt will materialize). I suppose, considering that the current active user base is overwhelmingly on consoles as opposed to PC (going by the Steam numbers), this decision makes sense, but again, I just don't know whom they're targeting as a demographic or audience with this release. Expecting the current base to shell out for an additional copy of a game that we wouldn't feel conscionable giving away seems like a poor business model.
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    Exactly my feeling on music... and still people tell me I need to broaden my mind... while they listen to the one type of music I hate and complain about anything else that I put on.
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