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    I’m going to put this to rest right now. There has never been a boat start up alert from across the map for Jason. Not at launch, not ever. The only time Jason would hear the boat start is if he was right near it. I am a day 1 player as well, but unlike those purely depending on their memory, I decided to go through some of the earliest videos from May 2017 to confirm whether there 100% was or wasn’t a start up noise. Here is one video you can watch for yourself. Skip to about 23:00, where the boat is still stationary. It is moving 1-2 mins after that, yet there was no start up alert within that time at all. I remind you this is from May 2017, as early as it gets - Make no mistake, what they have added in this latest patch is new. It is also thoughtless and misguided since the way the boat was balanced is that it potentially allowed for a quiet escape, with high risk of death if Jason noticed it moving on the map. Now, it is just a death trap.
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    Adding a sound is not a positive. The whole point of taking the boat is a stealth escape. In exchange for that stealth you risk nearly certain death if caught. By adding a sound you make it so only a complete fool would bother with the boat.
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    Why would you add a sound for the boat starting? You already were taking a huge risk with the boat. Now the boat is useless.
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    Here is a boat alert noise for Jason. Yeah yeah, apparently this is a bug that's been in the game even though these guys have gone on record saying it was meant to be silent. Do these developers even play this game?
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    There is, it's rated M... It's just parents just don't give a shit about the ratings, which is why there're so many kids playing this game unfortunately...
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    Hey, just want to give a shout out and praise for the newest patch. I no longer have to recreate groups over and over just to play with my Steam "friends." The boat sound does balance things I feel as it makes it easier to know when the boat is being used just like the cars. And YES, people STILL get away on the boat, just like the cars. There is still an interaction glitch sometimes but you'll get to it... eventually. I really like the direction you all are taking this game with the limits you are allowed. It is a shame we'll never get Jason X or any new content BUT these patches are making that easier to deal with. Keep up the good work. And ignore the sissies on Steam that are bitching about the new boat noise or that you all ruined that game somehow. They're just idiots and morons that are never truly satisfied.
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    Things like this have been this game's undoing. Ignoring actual issues to implement changes that literally no one asked for.
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    Fair points, but I disagree with the fact that there should be an alert. On the car if you get stopped you can run out, in the water you're dead. Of course this isn't taking rubberbanding into account either. Also, I'm all for Jason being stronger, objectives being made virtually obsolete is not how I woukd go about doing that
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    I totally knew someone would do this Kind of topic….I should have made a bet…..I could have been 10 bucks richer now…..
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    Just thought of an idea that could have worked if there wasn't this unknown of officially off-limits game changes as of now, but as a trade-off to this whole complaint, if ANY skill checks are missed for ANY vehicle while repairing, then a sound cue for starting up happens. If there are NO MISSED checks during repairs, a vehicle can silently start up. Fair?
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    That is the risk of taking the boat. More direct and less obstructions to the exit, yet vulnerable if caught. I don't see the problem. I want this to be a HORROR game, so anything to make that faux feeling of survival a bit more intense I'm all for. Just like the movies (aside from hearing his prox music in the game) it emphasizes that Jason could potentially be ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. I LOVE THAT! An objective item in the bottom of the lake or glitched into the terrain makes the objectives obsolete. A sound cue just makes you (as a counselor) a much more favorable target, but not a 100% guaranteed death (dependant on the Jason players skill/ attention/ intention). Again, a non-issue that only bothers people who want to "win" (as in (and not to say YOU sspecifically) playing in the mindset of a FPS, needing to win because anything less is a strike against your game skills AND your social standing in real life (for fucks sake, I hate social media)) . I want to survive by the "Skin O' My Teeth" or BRUTALLY die trying. @malloymk (Keep in mind, this isn't an angry tag.) I won't keep this up. I wouldn't be able to convince you this is a positive just as you can't convince me it's a negative. Agree to disagree & that's that, I guess.
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    I bumped Ben's post from last year, but people will still misremember a boat noise that hadn't existed since launch. I could have bet 10 bucks you'd be slobbering up an added dumb game mechanic and I would have been 10 bucks richer too.
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    EXACTLY. Which is why the boat has been my lone wolf go to escape method since launch. So if they add that sound to PS4 and Xbox, that’s NEW CONTENT.
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    @[IllFonic]Courier "Added a sound effect to starting the boat." Boat is a death trap now. Thanks. What made the boat escape balanced is that there was no sound effect. If Jason sees the boat moving on the map, it's game over. There is no way to escape Jason in the water, except maybe a slow water Jason in very select circumstances. If Jason knows the boat is in play, no one is escaping by boat unless say boat and car and phone are all repaired at once or something. Now if someone starts the boat alone, game over. Done. You're dead. You can't defend yourself in water and you can't outrun Jason in the boat if he has 1% common sense. Morph to the exit, catch the boat when it gets there, drown 1-2 people, that's it. Done. Game over. When Jason had to pay attention to the map there was a chance of failure and it was more thrilling for the counselors because you could never know for sure if Jason knew you were escaping via boat. Now because he gets notified, the boat is a non-option because he'll drown your ass in 2 seconds. If you are on PC don't bother hiding anywhere because hackers have ESP wallhacks that show the locations of every person and item on the map, and basically the entire PC player base that's left playing are hackers, like 90%. I played 1 match last month and I hid under a bed well before Jason showed up and Jason ran right to the exact bed I was in and killed me. Like out of 400 average players left about 350 are hackers that never get banned or circumvent bans with unlimited dupe accounts.
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    I definitely disagree with the boat alert. 1) Unlike the fuse and phone box, the propellor OR gas isn’t always in the general area of the boat. From my experience, one is and one isn’t. Usually, one component is clear across the map. 2) The propellor’s size often makes it difficult to find, and easy to overlook. 3) The boat only holds two. 4) Even Jason’s that are slow in the water can catch the boat if they morph to a strategic place. 5) It takes no skill to kill counselors in the water. Counselors are helpless if the boat overturns. A simple button tap gives Jason an insta-kill. And now Jason gets alerted when the boat starts? Why the hell would I even TRY to find both boat components? The boat can be tough to put together, but it’s rewarding as a stealthy escape if you managed to get it done. Now it’s not going to be worth the effort at all. UNLESS... you start the boat, immediately leave it, then try to come back to it when Jason’s busy. Overall though, it sounds too high risk/low reward to me. If I want to go skydiving, and the instructor tells me that 90% of the parachutes won’t open, I ain’t goin’.
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    So this doesn't look like it address the character swaping or the problem where Jason loads in a bunch of mismatched textures with part 3 abilities regardless of which one was selected. And since when did the boat ever make a starting noise to alert Jason? It's never made a sound since release. This is going to make it almost impossible to escape using this method.
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    AH! Okay. As far as I know, Roy's Shift is still "neutral." But Jason VII (my favorite and preferred) is now +Shift. I hope that answers your question.
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    Okay , guys I checked it and the Sound cue is extremely quiet , you can very easily overhear if you don't listen closely. If you didn't know it was changed , you wouldn't have noticed. Whoever gave me a laughing Emoji , I am serious it's really quiet. Atleast it was in my match.
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    The boat noise would be a nice addition, plus I have experienced the walking through cars, and the interaction locks on consoles. Some of the bugs appear to be the same. I hope interaction lock gets fixed soon. It's very hard to escape Jason when I can't jump through windows.
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    All people want to do is complain.
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    I know what the boat starting sound is, and I know what the skill check fail sounds like. I'm not mistaken what I heard. Why would I lie about this? What could I possibly gain or achieve from lying about what I heard? I heard it back in February, the sound eventually was patched out. That's all I know. I don't know if it was removed by mistake or on purpose, I really don't care. I would prefer the sound stay out of the game, but that is my opinion, and seems to be a popular one. In the future though, just because you don't agree with someone or have had a different experience with the game than someone else, it doesn't mean that they are ignorant dummies that has no idea what's going on and must be mistaken, or that their lying about what they have seen or heard.
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    I could have sworn that at some point during the launch, back last spring/summer, Jason did hear the boat start. That changed pretty quick within some patch cause I seem to remember hearing it, then later talking out loud that how could that boat escape because I heard nothing... i could be wrong though.
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    The sound should have always been there, even if Big Bens opinion says otherwise. If Jason can hear a car start from any distance, it stands to reason that a boat will too. This is a non-issue that shouldn't upset anyone. More power to Jason and more of a challenge for counselors, EXACTLY how it should be. The alerts, to me, were never the problem... It was the Morph grid layout. A car or boat could easily escape if the game decided to put you some distance off the area you chose on the Morph map, and it happens a lot if you try getting ahead of the boat on Pinehurst near the bottleneck on the West between the exit and that nearest bridge. It won't put you between the exit and bridge, but instead will put you up on land away from the bridge or in the water some distance EAST of that Western bridge.
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    Since when did you guys start to believe what These guys say?
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    Nope. It was never there or meant to be there. Ben confirmed it a year ago.
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    1- No , I am serious , if I offended you , I am sorry , as I said , I am not here to have a bad time. I am not here to have some verbal fights. If you still don't believe me.....then I don't know man.....you should not take everything negative. 2-Okay , seems like it was there on PC , we don't know the whole truth yet , we Need some more more People backing it up. No , I like the devs because they brought me a game I love. I know that they fucked up so hard and often but as Long as I have fun with the game , I am happy. 3-We haven't heard yet if there is even a Sound cue now and even if it is , I don't care About it being there. But I can agree , that it is not the best choice they made. Holy moly , some People can get Angry very easily…...
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    Bump. See Ben's statement regarding the boat alert.
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    Same with ps4. There is a sound you could hear if you were near the dock that you would hear, but there was no alert if you were somewhere else on the map. And there shouldn't be.
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    The sound is supposed to be there, if they went on record prove it.
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    After playing a few matches last night it's been a mixed bag for me. I played 5 matches where the boat was present (Packanack, boat spawned at the common north location, Crystal lake one at the boathouse and one near the dock to the northeast, and one at the dock near Stillwater camp). Usually I target the boat first and have a general idea of where the parts are in relationship to the boat, I usually forgo stopping to search for weapons/items and will push the repair hard. 3 of out of 5 escapes where successful, the other two were causes by me screwing up the skill check. What I've noticed is that the boat is now very, very situational. The escape from Packanack and Crystal Lake boathouse are ok, and Higgens are ok. But when the boat spawns at the far locations it's going to be near impossible to escape. If the boat spawned in the canal on Higgens it was a tough escape because Jason usually sees you due to the location of the car spawns, and stops you before you hit open water. If there is now a sound, it's going to be impossible. The same is going to favor Pinehurst because of the narrow chokes everyone on the map. The car is also extremely difficult because the councelors have to cross Bridges and Jason can block the choke point. While it's tonight to escape Pinehurst the boat was the best method. I still haven't been able to hear the sound as Jason. Each time it was my turn it was either a shitty small map or no one attempted it. But I completely agree with your assessment above. @ShiftySamurai I appreciate the time and effort that the team puts in creating patches, but I really wish you guys would have asked for some feedback regarding the boat. This was never considered a broken mechanic as most people didn't think twice about the missing sound effects. Even from the comments of the veterans indicated that at this point in the game lifecycle it was perceived to be working as intended. It also seems that the soundless boat was also balanced with the design of the newer maps because escaping from Jarvis and PineHurst, along with the far spawning boat locations on the original maps seemed to account for this. This also leads to the question regarding the small maps. Leaving the boat out of the design had made sense, without the sound since it was an easy escape. If you guys are working on any more fix patches, you should consider rolling back the boat change if enough users vote for it. But just to sum it all up:
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    I'm not here to speak badly of the Devs, criticize the game, make fun of people, throw around falsehoods, or say "I could do a better job". I'm here because I'm honestly curious about the reason for the lack of communication. I feel that from a development standpoint, the respectable thing to do is update your playerbase and those that support or have supported you. I understand at this point in time further development of the game is off the table. I also understand that the Devs stated they would support their "labor of love" (provide bug fixes via patches). So why the complete lack of updating the community that has been here since Day 1? If the game has been abandoned, say that you're completely done with it and put it to rest. I know I'm not owed anything; I'm reaching here for any bit of an actual update. If I missed that update, it was an oversight on my behalf and I apologize. Anywho, do what you will with this topic.
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    I really don't understand how the dev made this decision. I understand when they changed mechanics because players complain about this, like Jason's grab range or teamkill. But who complain about boat starting alert?
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    Part 6 having khaki pants is accurate to a few scenes. besides, he was in the ground so you can forgive if his pants soaked up some dirt. His build should be more similar to part 5. Not quite that slim but slimmer than Kane, but they wanted to portray all the Jasons as if they were played by Kane. Hence why Part 2 Jason is a Mr. Olympia competitor despite being a feral wildman that lives in the woods and poops in a toilet with no plumbing. Mask should be kind of oval-diamond shaped rather than just plain oval shaped like the part 3 mask. The eye holes need to be kind of guitar pick shaped rather than those weird screwed up circles we got now.
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    Topic was probably already created, but not public. Now the patch has gone through certification, they have set it to public. Or time travelling. ?
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    Just a joke that went wrong.... @Slasher_Clone I am aware of the: "That you know of" theory.... There may even be something to this... Now I need a beer... fortunately, I have a dedicated beer cooler beside my chair. @Bropollocreed79 I wouldn't hold my breath either. But as far as PC goes... I have only played 4 games since the patch and had no problem getting in with friends.... one friend spawned as Tiffany without their consent... and I saw a savini Jason in the exit animation when the game had Roy in it... so far, that is it for the bugs... but it was only 4 games.
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    Right around the time I get my AARP card.
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    Bad parenting.. Funny cuz its actually how I got into F13 as a young lad myself.. hehe
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    Right. I'll believe it when I see it
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    Riiiight. Dedicated servers were “close to going live” last September too........
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    Yup! Original "Psychic" icon was a fortune teller, "Man at Arms" was once called "Weapon Expert" and was a hand with a knife, and "Spatial Awareness" was called "Snake Eyes" and was a snake eye. All of the images were left in the game, but are not possible to actually get. Pics (should be) attached.
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    It´s amazingly pathetic that there is not even the slightest info about bug fixing. Big silence about everything game related for ages but as soon as it is about bans someone hops in... Rather care about fixing your game and acting like a decent developer and you won´t have to deal with bans so much.
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    Yep, got three individual speakers just blaring away .
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    Morph...was foreshadowing for how this game would morph into a piece of crap, because they knew all of their developers suck and cannot even fix their own game. Shift...was foreshadowing GUN abandoning this project to work on another project.
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    It ain't worth $70... $70 for all the dlcs and a poster? Why would anyone buy this? You could just buy the base game and all the dlc for cheaper... Good, the current listings are not worth that hefty price. Edit: Just saw the updated listing, and. I don't know tbh... I sttill think there could be more, how's about a map of the full camp side(That includes crystal lake,Higgins Haven,Packanack,Jarvis House, and Pinehurst) ? Or maybe some crystal lake pocket knives? Just a few ideas.
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    Every backers should check their emails, I received an email a couple of hours ago with and update on the Artbook and soundtrack. The Artbook should contain over 100 pages and the soundtrack will include 2 discs of music from the game composed and performed by Harry Manfredini. They're roughly estimating around 6 to 8 weeks until we get those items in our hands. The digital versions of those items will be available through Backerkit when they begin to ship the physical items.
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    "I'm just a Musical Prostitute, my dear". -Freddie Mercury.
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