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    Trying to convince someone that DBD is a good game, when they dislike every apect of it.. Is like trying to convince a straight guy that BJs are fun to give to another dude. Its just not gonna happen..Unless you're into it. Theres nothing fun about DBD to me., No matter how many times a i look at it and play it. Its looks like a game made in 2008. And the core game play is hooks and gerators. While F13th looks recent and authentic.. And its core game play is murder and survival.
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    Hey guys , why spoil this thread when there are private messages ^^ Don't be afraid to use them , unlike our planet's resources , PMs are unlimited ;D . You can post there all your creative ideas and not only ^^ , you can set a whole playlist in there .
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    When playing "Quick Play". I've noticed there is far more trolling with people fucking about when playing early morning in the UK i.e. during what would be the American evening. When I play during British daytime (when Americans are in bed lol) with mainly people from the UK - people are working together, the game is played how it should be and it's very, very rare to see any trolling. I got sick of it late last night as it was just people playing music down the mic, people trolling with the car - squads of armed Jason hunters all bunched up in a cabin etc. It was the same crap in every single lobby I went to. I really can't stress how different it is. If you ever get the chance to play during a different time zone, do it - it's hilarious how very different the game is. *Disclaimer* No I'm not hating on Americans, love you guys Just pointing out a fact - and if you check it out yourselves...you'll see it for yourself. ?
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    It´s amazingly pathetic that there is not even the slightest info about bug fixing. Big silence about everything game related for ages but as soon as it is about bans someone hops in... Rather care about fixing your game and acting like a decent developer and you won´t have to deal with bans so much.
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    Speaking of the boat,... why the FUCK do Vanessa's, Jenny's, and other low-repair counselors insist on being the one to install parts?! Installing the gas is one thing, but the propeller makes a very distinct noise if you fail the skill-check. I'm standing right beside the boat (I generally use Debbie or AJ) frantically flashing my light at them in the hopes they'll stop and let me do it, they ignore me, fail 4 or 5 times, then SURPRISE! Jason shows up and flushes that escape down the toilet. Nice job assholes, we could be halfway out of the map by this time but NOOOOOOOO... Now Jason's going to watch the boat like a hawk for the rest of the game.
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    Must be my less frequent posts. You have nearly double the amount! ? Either way, its over. You could probably go to Vegas and bet the house on the next update (tied to the edition) being the last one. I won't just in case they troll the playerbase with one more update after, but still. Its almost safe I feel.
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    I gotta laugh at the idea that people want to see what they were allegedly going to release. There really isn't a lot of proof that this game was going to survive this year, lawsuit or not. Look at all the misfires that happened all last year that never ended up happening. Paranoia, NES standalone Jason, Uber/Grendel, culling kill packs in favor of emotes, the 400 emotes, clothing packs that made sense (Spring break made sense, but no camp outfits and instead lingerie next and Halloween previously). The playerbase was always dipping because of the state of the game, regardless of the content that came with it. The writing is on the wall. The game has maybe one more update around when the last bit of money can made from those that might actually buy the super duper collectors edition. When that thing drops, the updates comes out and its over one way or another. I'll be absolutely, positively shocked if this game recieves any kind of updates in November, December or next year. Even if the lawsuit settled, these guys have washed their hands clean so even Uber/Grendel/anything ain't happening and from what recent rumblings going out there, even outside companies have passed on the idea of defibbing the game.
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    Hey bro ^^ , i've finished posting , hurry up, now is your turn , make sure you don't stay too long cuz i gotta post some more ???
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    Magical Fetus and Rev_Bartholomew were banned as they were alternate accounts owned by you, @Freddie Mercury. This is something that is against forum rules, but I was giving you a break over it, as you can see in the PM I have already sent.
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    I don't want to say the devs abandoned the game, but...
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    Yes, entitled little shits who want an easy escape and a free pass to stun and troll Jason. It's reflective of the current state of our society and it's leftist mentality where the current generation wants free shit without earning it.
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    I wish there was a way we could choose which maps we did and didn't want to play, and be sent to a match with people who've picked the same preferences. Something like that. Unless I'm hosting the game myself, a good 80% of the matches I play are at Packanack Small, and I'm sure it's the same situation for most people. It's just no fun, playing the same map over and over, with all objectives being completed within minutes of the game starting. Doesn't make the game exciting or suspenseful for me any more. Just give it five minutes, and you're already able to escape. I honestly wish the small maps would go. No one else feel the same way?
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    So I find whenever I find myself in a full lobby, there's always a couple players who won't ready up. Sometimes they're even speaking on their mics but still won't ready up. Do you think it's selfish and inconsiderate to other players to make them wait? I find myself hitting x repeatedly just to get the morons to ready up and they still don't do it.
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    I am exhausted with pack small as well. Could these damn tryhards actually GIT GUD at the game and show off there skills on a big map.
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    I will never buy any game made by Illfonic, very bad programmers. Jason is part of POP culture and sells well, Gunmedia should sell this game to another company.
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    I try, but with the increasing frequency of Fatal Error crashes, I can't even get a half hour of playtime anymore. There are lots of other games that I can play for a half hour without crashes, and with the nothing burger / vaporware "fixes" I cannot imagine keeping it on my game rotation much longer. Best of luck, tho.
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    Holy shit, no wonder I never post here anymore. Only the dregs of humanity are left. That said, the fact that there hasn't been a patch yet is pathetic.
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    Stop worrying so much! It is what it is , enjoy the moments you have left in this game , and when it dies , it dies , that's it. We will get a sequel based on this game or maybe even better than this one , who knows ^^ And if not there will be other games with much more passion , like dying light 2 , resident evil 2 remake and so many more Don't worry , game producers will be the very last people to leave earth , they won't go far from their gold mines ^^
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    Hi guys! I read here all the time so I finally decided to register. Huge Jason fan since I 1st watched the original movie with my Gram when I was 5. ? I look forward to talking Jason with you all.
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    It seems like it's a Steam issue though because of the latest update. I get sometimes even invites to other games………..like...No man's sky….and that Person doesn't even have No man's sky…..and that game also doesn't have an online mode if I remember correctly. But it only happens like 1/10 and you still can join if the Person you want to invite Right clicks on your Name and joins the game. Embrace yourself for the conspiracy guys on here , who will say , Steam is teaming up with Gunfonic so the Servers shut down.
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    @The Wolf with that Toast, @Soggy biscuit, that's enough. The discussion is about the timing of readying up before a game, not whatever personal conflict you two have. The insults digs at each other stops now. @Freddie Mercury, your current avatar is BANANAS!
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    I definitely loved to Play through Black with it , sadly it's not that good competetively. My friend Always bashed me because I like a pokemon that is inspired by a Fetus , lol.
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    You don't want to Play with the russians…...I have Nothing against Russians don't get me wrong , I have some russian Friends but holy moly , the entire Lobby was silent (except one dude who can speak English), the eighth Player joins , speaks one Russian word and 5 other People begin to transform into Russians (including the one who could speak English) and another one Plays some horrible Music. The EU Servers are the literal Hell. And of Course , in match , that one Buggzy is a troll let's us all wait 20 minutes and tells him the dumbest shit ever and how much he sucks , then in the last Minute Jason suddenly speaks russian too but he talks really calm to him , like he is in love with him. And over there by the campfire is the speedhacker playing some horrible russian Music with a kid……….It's really bad. I am not kidding , this actually happened. And again , I am not racist. But do you know how you make Friends in the EU Servers? You just have to speak German and you get a friend request of someone who got (most likely) abused by other russians. Someone even screamed : OH MEIN GOOOOTT! EIN DEUTSCHER , YEAHHHHH! (translated = OH MY GOOOOOD! A GERMAN DUDE , YEAHHHHHH!) But at 0:00 I get to the US Servers and damn , they are so often really friendly. I even had a Jason , who got bullied and he still was happy and made some great one-liners. ( Like when the Vanessa said : Do you like that , Asshole! He responded with : Yes , indeed , I love Assholes [makes some licking noises]. That was probably the least best but I forgot everyother one.) And another time , after we killed Jason , he was like really proud and really respected us. I feel bad though for the good russian Players who can't speak English , they can barely ever Play with normal dudes.
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    Oh yeah, dont get me wrong, Ive met some really cool Americans when I lived overseas, nice friendly and great to hang out and have beers with, remember having a few crazy nights out in Laos and Thailand. What I meant in relation to the f13 experience, was its a bigger country, more people playing this game, bound to come across more toxic. If the UK was the same size, believe me you'd experience the same.
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    Funny how when I say similar things to what @tyrant666 says my comment gets deleted. Tyrant can say the devs don't care yet when I say it I get censored for some reason.
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    I would like to know this as well. I hardly call what i did hassling. Plus he was posting in a topic about patches and was ignoring it. He was more concerned with you being upset at you brother's account ban than actually saying anything relevant. It is pretty easy to post small updates on progress. Hey nothing new this week. Hey figured out rubberbanding issue. Hey fixed broken party system. Hey we are looking into ____ but haven't found a fix yet. Hey we fixed the issue this guy has had since November of last year. Hey are working dedicated servers but is halfway done. Hey we aren't updating this anymore, come support our new game here. They can feel free to copy and paste if typing it out is too much work.
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    It’s both, it’s funny how people still actually think dedicated servers are coming LOL!
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    @ShiftySamurai, @Slasher_Clone Yeah I know that now.... No Hard feelings Shifty? @ShaunAburame You're making a big deal out of something that doesn't matter... @MrBeefy I don't like the silence anymore than you, but if he doesn't have anything to share right know. Don't hassle him about it...
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    Posts occurring within a minute of each other, from the same device, on numerous occasions is pretty compelling evidence that it is the same person. Although there has been a forum rule about there being a one account per device policy for a long while.
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    If this is true and they'd rather sit in silence than get their shit together and be actual developers and buckle down to reach a deadline, that's fucking tragic.
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    How is the progress at the least? Surely you can give a reasonable time frame by now.
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    They're too busy banning forum members....
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    Lol, people are still expecting patches for a dead game.
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    Okay I have found the solution. I don't know if this will work for you but this fixed my problem. I called my internet provider and they told me that even tho my nat on PS4 was type 2, my Nat was actually strict. With this Nat I'm able to join but I'm unable to host (when you have strict Nat, only people with open Nat can join your host, but since most of the players use moderate, you always going to get an empty lobby). So, I asked if I could have an open Nat, and they told me that this wasn't possible bc the IP that I have, has this type of Nat, and I couldn't change it, I needed it to have a dynamic IP, so that the Nat that I have wouldn't be strict. (I'm not an expert in this topic so I'm just telling you what they told me). So after 2 hours of arguing with them on the phone, they told they were going to give the freaking dynamic IP. So they did, they open the ports in that IP. And guess what? Full lobby within 5 minutes. So I suggest you call you internet provider and tell them to open your Nat or give you a dynamic IP.
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    My bets on a new glitch when the next patch comes out literally making your console/PC explode That or Jason is somehow able to use Dance emotes
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    dont think i could sum my issues with dbd up any better at all. f13 hasnt had true content updates for ages, and has only one killer, is buggy as shit and wont recieve any more content updates and still remains on top in my opinion. again, the casuals may leave for free dbd but the actual slasher fans and f13 fans will stay with this game forever or atleast until someone releases a better slasher game. and those people really matter.
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    I think its definitely a troll tactic. Just another way to ruin others enjoyment by making them wait until the final 15 seconds. Even better when someone leaves and the timer restarts, until someone unreadys/readys to reset it. In terms of the customization. I do all that offline. I think it was a mistake for them to allow the players to do that in lobby. It should be stuff their forced to outside of lobbies. Course, the trade off is lobbies could be even smaller, but the way I see it. If you hit quick play, you should be READY to play.
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    He has three top strengths, and no bad weaknesses. Yes, he's objectively the best.
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    If a moron hits x repeatedly I refuse to ready up. Otherwise if the lobby is full, if not before it's full I will ready up.
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    Ok, I'm a big fan of f13, been playing it since release day on ps4, not everyday of course but I played it quite a lot. Been lvl 150 for 4 months now, and have all tapes etc. I had my eye on dbd because it "seems" like a similar game, some of my friends are playing it a lot. I watched them play, and also watched some yt vids, and was not impressed so I stuck to f13. Now when it's free on ps4 I had to try it, free game is free game right. So after playing the tutorial for survivor and killer, and read through all the text tutorials I started my first match. Wow, that was boring asf. I kept on playing, match after match for 4-5 hours, and it didn't get more interesting. Sure, I'm a n00b at the game, and maybe it will be more fun when (if) I get more experience, but right now I doubt it. A good game pulls new players in so they want to continue playing, dbd did not. If I had payed money for it I would play so I could get something back for my cash, but now, no. Maybe I'll log in tomorrow and try another couple of matches, but seriously I'm not looking forward to it.
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    It's pack small because all the dance troll or wannabe Jason killers has it easy there. They are not interested in a challenge, they sole want to stack in their favor and call the Jason player trash.
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    It's all about strategy & I rarely have trouble escaping if I get the boat repaired. As mentioned above, staying low key & having someone help find the gas or knows how to search for the propeller is the way to go. Speed looters are notorious for missing it because as also mentioned, they are looking for pocket knives and/or a gun which is usually a foolish method in most cases against even a half brained Jason. One can be a lone wolf while working for the whole team and be a tremendous asset if done correctly and in any match not full of selfish baffoons who are afraid to die and believe a good time is gang banging Jason with virtual bats, balls and pussies.
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    I always go for the boat if possible. Most of the time Jason doesn't notice it leaving so it's usually worth the risk. Especially if you time it for when you know he'll be busy. As for people taking parts to the other car, yeah that sucks. If you found it near that car leave it at that car. Only reason not to is if the other car has the gas and just needs the battery or the reverse.
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    I go for the boat as often as possible... so often that the name "Pequod" should be painted on the bow. I escape more often than not, the speed of whichever Jason in the water is not an issue... It is whether or not the Jason player notices the boat is moving and where they choose to teleport to. Only a +Water speed can even catch up to you in the boat at all. If they are far enough behind you, they will not catch you anyway... If you can get any other Jason behind you, it is a non issue, you will escape. Only Part 2 has a short enough Morph regeneration to have a chance of getting in front of you again... As long as you are not in a narrow canal at this point, you can still work around them as Jason is visible on the mini map anyway. Many people pass by the propeller, either by accident or on purpose. I usually find it in a cabin that has been looted before I got there. The key to the boat escape is the sneakiness. If you advertise it over the walkie... four or five counselors show up before you can get it moving... all those sound pings in the same direction as the boat are how I usually notice it is about to start moving when someone tries for the boat. Make one mistake with that propeller, or even a mistake with the gas if there is only one car and Jason already saw someone put the gas in it.... and the Jason player knows to watch for it. I always try to convince someone to follow me to the boat without mentioning the boat... easier to accomplish if I am carrying the propeller, but I will leave alone in the boat if no one is around on my way to the boat with the final repair part. Ass I already said, a successful boat escape is dependent on the sneakiness. If he does not notice the boat is moving, or hears the engine... or has just used a morph... then you have a free ride out. It is always worth the risk. @tyrant666 I don't think there should be an option to turn the 2 seater into a four seater. Good teams can already get both cars moving before Jason gets his first shift. Its nice to still have at least one counselor to kill when this happens. If this was an option, even fewer people would try for the boat than the few that try now. But against a good Jason, fighting over the car only leads to three slashing kills and a grab kill for the last one... that never works out well for people that do that against me. They have a much better chance running away and circling back around to the car after it is stopped, particularly if they got it close to the exit.
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    Well stop dropping parts by the two seater and install them..... I install the parts as I find them and take them to the proper place. Now if only 4 people are left and the four seater needs a part I will take the two seaters part to it, but that's a numbers game. In quickplay I am more than happy to leave by myself in the two seater to watch everyone else die because they can't fix anything or call Jarvis.
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