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    This game could be a money generating powerhouse if Gun Media and illfonic took the time to do things right. 1) Actually fix the game 2) Better communicate with your customers 3) Keep repeating steps 1 & 2 until you see significant change. (I know you're in here reading, Ben. No better time than now to start that communication thing. Jus sayin.) Edit: He left this thread without saying a word, just as I assumed he would. SMH.
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    lower it to (R)$13,99€ for single copy and offer a 4 pack for the current price (R)$36.99€ project zomboid has that pricing and it has like 3 times as many players on average and its a very niche game compared to this one. sad! im sure if the price was lowered forever like this (yall are not developing this anymore anyway so do that) and if its even cheaper than dbd people would actually bother to buy this game more and wed have a higher amount of players. + a four pack for the current single copy price would surely get even more players. i know some on my friendslist are fairly generous and if any of my real life friends were pc gamers id buy them a four pack as well. sadly 95% of pc players have incredibly low self esteem or else i would gift it to steam friends as well. (hint at anyone who isnt a fucking racist brony trans lgbtq+ genderfluid weirdo on steam. normal people are fucking hard to come by and when i got a gaming pc id love to have some friends who are literally just normal and have normal hobbies and like to play f13) i dont want you guys to consider this i want you guys to do this.? @wes
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    But it's icky. And it looks like what I leave behind in the toilet bowl the morning after Taco night, as far as aesthetics go.
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    I'm not sure where you are from exactly, but insults aren't a crime in the US unless it begins to escalates to harassment effecting personal lives. No harm buddy . I'm not looking to win anything here. I'm just tired of seeing grown adults get worked up about things that are essentially playground taunting. Nice video, I like it .
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    This one is on you, not me: Teabagging is part and parcel of playing any game online that has a "crouch" feature. Besides, it's not as if they're actually teabagging people unless I see a big ol' hairy sweaty leathery potatosack pop out (which, let's face it, half of the counselors don't even have), I just consider it someone too stupid to troll effectively and dismiss them altogether. Great, they know how to crouch over someone. Unless there's a pair of testicles involved, I fail to see the problem.
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    No... it’s the other thread where you admit to being in the Salt mines that I should have read first. That’s explains this whole thread as you are a troll with the other trolls where you belong. “Of course” ifs not your own fault you’re there. Who looks foolish? This entire thread including your responses to @Tommy86 and others shows who’s the fool. It IS a game not a life. ...and this thread continues foolishly. @Bropollocreed79.ROTFL!
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    Anybody else get tired of reading the same shit over and over?
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    We've all encountered them in their many shapes and forms in this game, but I think it's time we build a definitive guide to identifying and recognizing troll behavior. Some people seem to correlate trolling with having fun in-game and need help differentiating between the two, while others may be new to the game (surprising as that sounds) and may have trouble recognizing some of the more subtle and stealthy trolls. As always, your contributions are welcomed and very much appreciated. And be sure to share these with randoms you play with. Hopefully, if enough people learn how to spot a troll, the less effective they will be. 1.) Are they Level 80 or higher and use Vanessa as their main counselor? - This is quite possibly the easiest identifier in F13 troll-spotting. Vanessa is good for two things; speed-looting and hitting. So she's going to be hoarding all the sprays and/or pocketknives while skipping around the map from cabin to cabin, raiding drawers. Her repair is trash and she is the loudest character in the game next to Buggzy (another troll favorite), so she's not going to be sneaking around and calling the cops for you while you're getting chased down. If you see a Level 150 Vanessa and they aren't doing anything helpful, like running parts to objectives or rescuing people from Jason, you can safely assume that they are a troll. Particularly if they are wearing the Wonder Woman costume. If you can help it at all, DO NOT let them get the keys or find their way into the driver's seat, because there is a damn good chance they will either A.) run you over/drive off without you, B.) crash multiple times to get you killed by Jason, C.) get the car stuck in an unmovable position, or D.) just straight up drive into the fucking lake. *this goes for Level 80+ Tiffanies too (especially the Devil costumed ones) 2.) Are they Level 80 or higher and use Chad as their main counselor? - Pretty much the same as Vanessa. Yes, Chad has better stealth, but he's "The Douchebag" character and thus makes the perfect troll avatar. If you see a Level 150 Chad, they will mostly likely be dancing, flexing, hiding, bullying Jason...anything but helping their fellow counselors escape. Be sure to show them the same courtesy. *(Speedo Chads are almost always trolls) 3.) Are they intentionally committing suicide to come back as Tommy? - This is a newer tactic I've seen. They'll find a bear trap in two minutes and step in it twice. Then they'll either sit out the rest of the match or get Tommy and take one of the cars for themselves, after all the repairs have been done. Unless they feel like running everyone over, in which case, get ready to play The Purge Goes to Camp! 4.) Are they crashing on purpose when driving the car? - With the game's car physics, nobody is perfect behind the wheel, and we all accidentally crash into a tree, or a bridge, or a Jason from time to time. But then there are those counselors that start the car and drive into every possible tree and post and rock they can find along the road. If you're in the passenger seat and they crash more than twice and you're somehow not dead yet, get the hell out of there because you're not escaping in that car. 5.) Are you ten minutes into a match on a Small Map and the fuse/keys/gas/battery hasn't been found yet? - It's a good bet there's a troll holding onto it...watch to see who dies and what falls out of their pockets. Or if someone escapes by their self and it winds up on the shore. Sure, it could be a n00b who just simply can't find their way around, but always be vigilant. 6.) How often do they click their flashlight? - Using the flashlight for communication is great. But if you see someone just running around clicking it like some spastic spidermonkey on Colombian snowflake, stay away from them. That's all I've got for now! Again, I want this to be an organic and eclectic list, so feel free to submit your own entries. Happy spotting!
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    Tiffany Cox... If you answered "Yes", then you have just won the Crazy Ralph's Emporium Super Secret Random Lottery! You have won this exclusive Phantom Phanny Pack, for that extra needed space to keep your survival supplies while on the go. Now, get out there and... Oh... I'm dreadfully sorry... (moment of silence)... Now, let's find our next contestant, whaddaya say?
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    It's a success if the dev's were trying to kill their own game because according to steam charts Friday The 13Th the game is on it's last leg these day's player base is down 97% in just the last 30 days the last time I checked full rooms are getting harder and harder to come by and the people are starting to move on with their lives to new games and new adventures. I predict that the servers will shut down early next year if not by the end of this year and it's sad but with no new content it's bound to happen people get bored of the same old glitches and trolling after awhile and with nothing new to look forward to the people have grew bored of this broken ass game it's a shame there wasn't a better company to have made this game because if it had been i honestly believe the outcome would have been very different. What is your prediction when the servers will close and how do you feel about the game being on it's last leg? steam charts in the link provided >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://steamcharts.com/app/438740
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    thats more of a thing if ur a slasher fan vs a general fan of games. im a slasher fan which is why this game got me good in the first place and ill forever have fun with this even in its buggiest state ill enjoy this more than dbd. dbd is so damn repitive its just not any fun at all. slash someone til theyre on the ground, pick em up, put em on a meathook and wait for a huge spider demon to escort them into another deminsion. its fucking lame. not even any blood effects besides the blood pooling when youre wounded. a lot of people here have stronger love for f13 no matter what because as it is right now, its the pretty much only true slasher game in the market. its the only game thats fun, simple, casual, and true to its slasher roots- fun gory kills asymetric mp gameplay and realistic varied fun objectives with a campy stereotypical cast of teen counselors. fix a car or a boat and get the fuck out or call the cops and get escorted by them or try and hide til the timer is out other than dbd where the only way to win is to fix a bunch of generators. dbd can be as polished and fun as anybody wants, im here for a slasher game and dbd simply isnt a slasher game. its lovecraft kinda horror at its best, but not good lovecraft and not really good horror either.
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    Emphasis on "shouldn't". Also, this would be best suited ending with "but..." I've abandoned hope.
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    I never said Gun should do everything is customers suggest. I said Gun should communicate with it's customers. Disagree all you want but please don't confuse what I said. I'm right there with you when you say most people request stupid shit. I really like a lot of people here but I'm glad Gun doesn't listen to suggestions like Muffin the dog, Pamela Voorhees, Creighton Duke and the several suggestions to buff Jason or Counselors. Gun, however, SHOULD communicate with it's customers. Good customer relation only makes for better customer confidence.
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    They built Summer Camp Vol. 1 with very little manpower and it's looked so much better than the final product it became. It shouldn't take a team of 10-30 people to fix what's wrong with Friday the 13th. 1-2 people actually working could fix this game. Fix 1 bug, confirm it's fixed by actually playing the game and then release a the patch. Do this 20 times and it's a working game. It ain't fucking rocket science. Fortnite fixes shit like this all the time. They don't wait until 30 things are fucked up and then decide to release one huge patch. They fix shit 1 or 2 things at a time. That's how maintenance is done in the gaming world.
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    1) They probably have moved most of their people on to their next project. There may be 1 or 2 people working on this game at the moment. 2) They likely don't have much to say outside of "we're working on a number of bug fixes". And they'll be released "soon". 3) You and I are alike. I love the idea of #3 being a mix of continue repeating steps 1 and 2. Welcome back by the way.
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    No, I had no interest in a Johnny Depp film. It could have been called "Thrawn: a Star Wars Story" and I would have taken a hard pass if he was the headliner.
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    That was an awesome movie title. I mean more like "Mortdecai"...that Depp movie bombed simply because of the movie title. I, and admit it, you...had no interest in seeing a movie called Mortdecai. And that's the vibe I get when I see their weird ass game title. They might as well named it Project Mortdecai.
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    Everything you said is true. All of it. And yet:
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    It's better than getting punished for leaving the toilet seat up. Reason #1 why I have only made one exception to my "no digital copies of games" rule (the exception being BroForce on PS4). At least with a physical copy you can sell or trade for something. Phrasing. Maybe rephrase to sound less "incel"? The sentiment is valid, but the tone is just... ewww. I'm under a bridge, not in a salt mine. That may be the grossest thing I've ever seen from you. I literally needed to wash out my eyeballs with antiseptic mouthwash after reading this. DbD? I'd sooner sign up for a prostate exam from Edward Scissorhands. "#MeToo". Oh, wait, you're talking about the Salt Mines. Nope, never been there, but I probably only play online about once a week anymore (and certainly not this week with The Division's Assault Global Event going live earlier today).
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    You & @TheHansonGoons keep posting stuff here, so I hafta keep coming back to read it. Then I end up reading something that makes me wanna reply, so it's mostly y'all's fault. ?
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    Considering how this game consisting of only 2 small game modes, and is incredibly buggy, yeah I agree. I only bought this game because it was on sale for about 60% off at the time.
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    A price drop would probably even bring in a few more players. I seriously don't understand why this game is still 40 dollars lol.
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    I guess not a lot of people know about this since it's not exacly main stream music. The Death metal, Thrash, Grind crossover band Frightmare have 2 albums that's pretty much all about Friday the 13'th. Sure the albums are old: Midnight murder mania, is from 2003, and second Bringing back the bloodshed is from 2006. But the music is superior, I have been listenisng to this stuff since it came out, and I'm not bored yet. For fans like me it's very sad that Maniac Neil didn't continue with Frightmare. Anyway, they quote a lot of Friday 13'th stuff in their songs, and the music is catchy asf. So any one that like metal music should check it out, if they haven't already. This stuff is top notch metal, and i'm not just saying that. This music is better than most (if not all) other. Actually I dare you to find proper metal that is better than this.
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    The past two "hot fix" has been a month apart since the announcement of ceased development. Hopefully within a week of the next month, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy86 is right about until the "Slasher Edition" drops.
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    @GeneiJin There is a difference between hand-outs and not being an ass. There's never a reason to teabag anybody. It's just incredibly rude. Yes, it's an online game and that kind of garbage behavior is to be expected, but shouldn't be seen as anything other then a lousy person being lousy because they can be. Personally I just roll my eyes at the idiots and slaughter them, but it's still holds no purpose.
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    The concept of The Salt Mines seems counter productive when the game is hemorrhaging players. Sure, ps4 has a nice bump every time it goes on sale in the ps store, but I'd be willing to wager that the retention numbers for those folks aren't too impressive.
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    Oh no, it's in hospice on PS4, too. Edit: @HuDawg is correct. Fortnite is trash that remains popular because its ftp. If the base game cost ANYTHING, itd have a player base smaller than the number of women I dated before tricking Mrs. Creed into marrying me.
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    I am a friend of Alder's the same as you are a friend of Pappus. We need not judge based off company. I am judging you off the constant smugness you have displayed in the forums. A nearly dead video game forum at that. I appreciate your knowledge in tactics, but you treat other people and their opinions as garbage. There is no 1 way to play a game that is entirely based of RNG. What may work in 1 round, may be opposite the strategy to use the next. Ie, slashing works against some people I know always have a pocket knife, then again I know some people that are terrific at cabin hopping so slashing may not work against them since I cant let them get away and use their 4 health sprays. Let people play what way works for them best. Quit trying to come off as smug and the penultimate player. I guarantee I know people that would escape you or run you around for 11 minutes, if you had an Xbox. So say what you will, but since you know little of me and my opinions or strategies, talk shit. Your opinion means nothing to me. Feel free to reply. I will read it. Then move the fuck on with my life and not give one shit.
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    Great question for our community manager.....right ??????? @ShiftySamurai maybe an update on what is being looked at ? ”Bueller ? Bueller ? Bueller ?”
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    @Fair Play When I say bullying I mean distracting and hitting him as needed. If you're throwing in trash talking and generally being a dick that's when I feel you are crossing the line.
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    Speaking of situational trolling, I play with Luckisforlosers. He's @hu_soldier13 on here and I gotta say he has saved my ass with snarky comments and timely stuns on many occasions. I've snuck by an unsuspecting Jason as Mitch on many occasions because big J was so focused on killing that Cobra Kia Chad with the big mouth. Some players can really use "trolling" to benefit the team. Matter of fact, we had a guy come from Facebook saying he was gonna own our team. Kill us all, and he was streaming it too. We've been playing together for months, but ok. Challenge accepted! Myself and a friend escaped in the boat by the 2 minute mark, as I waited to get Tommy I watched Luck beat this poor guy in the middle of the road for about 2 mins as the cops were called and the 4 seater started. I came back as Tommy as everyone left, I escaped by the cops solo on him. All set-up by that Chad keeping him pissed off and busy.
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    Hey @GeneiJin, can you pass the popcorn while we observe @Tommy86's newest penis contest? It has to be the most amazing, average cock ever.
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    No I'm actually not. You are the most narcissistic self-absorbed member of these threads, and several former members will back me up on this. You don't seem to realize that I was lurking for over a year before I finally started posting. You are not omniscient, and I have no qualms in pointing that out to you. Also thanks for proving my point about you by derailing yet another thread.
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    Evidently not, since you think my ego is as fragile as yours.
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    That's just confirmation bias. It's a logical fallacy. But you already knew that right? You know everything after all...
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    But you'll never know, because I'm not going to be kited by your taunting.
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    You can call me whatever me you want. I do not care. @Tommy86 also likes to derail threads and turn them into his own personal shrines to himself. I don't need his respect or yours.
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    Nah, I think I'll stay on topic, thanks. Much like I won't be goaded into chasing the sweater girl in the first few minutes of a match, I also won't be goaded into meaningless ego-based challenges. I'm not as fragile as some of the more "senior" members here.
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    @RustInPeace, best post on the forums in probably a month. @Ghostboy20 would have been proud. She must have had the Happy Camper perk where one pocket knife makes two. Wink.
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    if they are focusing on fixing the game, once a month patches aren't gonna do it. the game isn't dead, but the mask is off and someone has the sweater, and tommy has arrived
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    Not really interested in arguing about it, your opinion isn’t well thought out. You’re just stating anyone who does it differently than yourself is an idiot at this point. “There is no reason to go after sweater girl until Tommy Jarvis shows up.” I think only an idiot would say something like this, killing the sweater girl before Tommy shows up, means he never even gets to try and kill you. Seems we have very different ideas about what is smart.
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    If Chad is bullying Jason, wouldn't that still count as him contributing to the team? I mean, he is distracting Jason from the rest of the team, and allowing others to knockout the objectives. Sure it's a fine line that's being crossed there, but he's still "technically" contributing
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    I can. Because I don't play on consoles. Maybe the OP should amend his statement to saying F13 is dead on PC, but that's just semantics. It's dead on PC, so it's dead to me.
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    Simply not true... PlayStation and Xbox versions are still populated with tons of players, just because the game isn't doing well on PC. Doesn't mean the game is dead on PlayStation and Xbox as well... For example; other games like Hardline are virtually dead on PC and the last generation of consoles, but on PlayStation 4. They're over a 1,000 players playing each day... http://bfhstats.com/
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    PC gamers are so funny. They think gaming still revolves around PC gaming, how cute. I hate to tell you this PC gamers, but the PC gaming community now only represents about 10% of the gaming community, with the other 90% of gamers on consoles. Console F13 still has plenty of life remaining.
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    This game is not dead. Quit spreading gloom and doom. Hello? Police? OP is on the loose again.
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    Except that they've stated they're done with anymore content regardless, which basically means they did all that work and said "f*ck it".
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