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    Anyone else think having the 120 second idle kick is a really annoying feature? I’m not sure if it just didn’t work properly until the last update or what, but it is happening to me way more often than it used to. Reasons I’m against it: -hiding in a one spot and not moving is a viable strategy in this game. Not possible to do now. -I’m in a really fun lobby but have to run to the restroom in the middle of a round, can be hard to do that in 120 seconds. -even if I just want to take one round off to do something, but want to stay in the same lobby, can’t do that now. Thoughts? It’s definitely been altered since the last update right?
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    Here's a very organized team of counselors who knew exactly what they were doing! This video demonstrates two things: 1.) Large Maps Are No Match for Coordinated Teams. Too many people quit the match as soon as the map loads because they're scared of anything that isn't Packanack Small. I know it's hard to find players who actually want to work as a team, but it's not impossible. 2.) Calling the Cops is Not a Meta Escape. I've seen almost as many Jasons leave as soon as the red timer appears, as if it's an automatic game over. You have five whole minutes before they show up. And if you use them wisely, you too can avoid being embarrassed at the exit. Yes, even by a Chad. Enjoy! P.S. How awesome does Part 9 look with the pickaxe?
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    Would any of these developers just so happen to be on the same developement team as the first Homefront game? They had huge server issues as well...just like the empty lobby issue going on now with this game. Um GUN...don't you think it's time to use some of that profit money to hire someone that knows exactly what they are doing and fix this game?
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    I have never heard of this technique, but it's brilliant! I will definitely have to try it, thanks for posting that!
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    I think at this point, We should be getting some form of update on the progress of dedicated servers and upcoming patches. Whether is it weekly/bi-weekly whatever but we should be getting information updates on these things consistently and as frequent as possible. The lengths of silence on these things is not helping the situation at all. The form of communication we see is via twitter when they tweet about things they bought or are watching or commenting on other tweets etc..... We the consumers should be getting responses and information on the only things that we have left to get information for. If they can get things in order and promote/tweet about the new collector editions surely they can communicate some form of info regarding an upcoming patch and dedicated server progress to us.
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    Can the owners of the official Fri 13th website finally remove the 'coming soon' weekly events from the website, on the news page it's STILL there - advertised at the bottom of the page. This is ridiculous, you've admitted on the site that there's no new content, so WHY? if the advertisement for 'Weekly Events' still listed as 'coming soon' at the bottom of the page. Are you guys really trying to still advertise content that's not coming on purpose at this point, or is someone not doing their jobs properly? Seriously, there's no excuse at this point, that should be removed from the site. I won't post a link as I assume it's against the rules but just go to the official Fri 13th game site and go to news, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you shall see what I am talking about!
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    I bet they never had it programmed correctly to count all the totals. They probably never figured out how to get it working, and quit focusing on it a while back. This is dumb as hell that its still even up. Remember when content creators of the week used to come out monthly.. how long has this one been up?
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    I would like to know as well why they're still up there. Hey @ShiftySamurai, could you please confirm that they are indeed not coming and maybe get them off the official site?
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    I think the three-month long engine upgrade was just an excuse for them to run out the clock before content needed to be stopped. I know a lot of people say that's not it at all (I believed it at first as well), but who in their right mind would delay content for three months while knowing the deadline? That said, dedicated servers aren't coming. In August 2017, Ben made a post explaining WHY they were going with dedicated servers instead of host migration. One of these reasons was, and this is an exact quote from Ben, "Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe." That was eleven fucking months ago! In the same thread, Ben said regarding dedicated servers, "We don't have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release." Here we are nine or ten months after they said dedicated servers would be released. I really feel bad for anybody that actually believes dedicated servers are still coming. Why in the absolute fuck would you still believe this after all the lies in the past surrounding this topic? It's really quite funny, actually. Keep believing, guys! When has Gun/Illfonic ever let us down? Here's the link to the thread I quoted above. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9937-dedicated-servers-update-and-why-host-migration-wont-happen/
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    Unless you're the judge overseeing the court case, the rest of that comment was irrelevant so I didn't bother quoting it. Fact is you, nor I, know the full extent of the lawsuit, what's explicitly being controlled because of it, or the inner workings of Gun Media as a company. It's ironic at the end of your post that you invite people to "speculate away", cause without any of that knowledge I just mentioned, all that can be said about the topic is the same 9-10 regurgitated speculations that have been said to death at this point, including your two options. In other words... You can't tell me that if they made a special throwable item exclusive for this version where Jason is able to throw machetes out of his ass with a rainbow trail behind them that you wouldn't at least consider dropping the dough for it. I mean, the shitchete rainbow of death would be the ultimate troll kill.
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    kso i was surfing the web for some F13 merch when i found these.https://teespring.com/brokenf13game-tee?utm_swu=5599&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=seller_campaign_launch_1&utm_source=Seller_mktauto_us#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front
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    I've seen others suggest this before, but I'm seeing it so often now that it deserves its own topic. Just watched a host kill himself within the first two minutes of the match and come back as Tommy. And what does he do when he comes back as Tommy? He kills himself again. You'll notice this problem frequently if you find yourself in the salt mines, which is really easy to do if you keep encountering this fun new glitch that leaves you stuck in the map after the game ends and you're forced to host quit by closing the application, putting you back in the salt mines, or keeping you there indefinitely.
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    This happens very often. Here's the loop: Quick play, Initializing, Searching for sessions, search cooldown, searching for sessions, search cooldown, searching for sessions, search cooldown, host lobby, no one joins, end lobby, Main Menu, repeat It'll search for a split second then go on a cooldown. I rarely ever am able to get into a lobby, and the only counter i know of is to exit the game and wait until it fixes itself. Any suggestions? I dont use looking for group posts because i dont like using my mic, and half the time the game wont even register that i have a mic. 99% of looking for groups have mic required or mic or kick as a tag. What should i do? I play on Xbox One S
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    The only tape I've found is the Tommy Jarvis tape #13 and I thought it was interesting that I haven't seen anyone talk about the Freddy reference. In the tape Tommy is in Ohio and at Westin Hills pyschiatric, from A Nightmare On Elm Street, and the "Nurse" in tape also mentions she is unsure on how Tommy is receiving lacerations in his sleep.
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    @The Wolf with that Toast Just let me know when everyone wants to play... on any day of the week. I can host... or anyone else that wants to host can host... whichever works. If we do not have enough people to fill a private match, I am sure someone will have a friend or two that will join in the private match mayhem.
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    There's only one definite way to avoid trolls. In the words of Joshua from "Wargames": The only winning move is not to play.
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    I was hosting a game that crashed upon loading in. I figured I’d restart my game and join my friend instead. Much to my surpise I was put on low priority queue. I had no clue why so I decided to google and then found out about the “Salt Mines”. I frequently deal with getting killed while lagging out (even though my internet is solid and fast enough), people helping Jason or Jasons quitting but still continue the lobby I’m in. I get the concept of the Salt mines but I think it’s unfair for people to get put there because of a game glitch/error. I have no clue how long it takes to get out either and it’s pissing me off to no end, being unable to join my friend or being in a lobby that doesn’t fill up! I know this is a useless plea but : FIX THIS SHIT! End of rant
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    It was more important to make emotes for the counselors and get those out. How else are you gonna epic troll jason for 20 minutes? I'm not joking; Jason and his specific content was not the primary focus, it wasn't even the secondary focus, it was the tertiary focus. Primary focus was counselors having random inane shit like costumes and 30 outfits to go through with different colors. Secondary focus was balancing in favor of the counselor. Gotta make sure those babies from dead by daylight feel right at home. Jason came after that. Why do you think we only got 3 kill packs with only 3 kills each? The bloody Jason skins were given at the same time the 101 cap was lifted, along with the counselors getting a bevy of clothes. But, oh no, more kills for Jason? Costumes for Jason? man fuck that, time for a dance party. That we won't be getting servers. We'll be lucky if they give another bug fix.
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    months and months ago was before the lawsuit. so if u had these ready for so long why cant you release them? the way i understood it was everything made AFTER the deadline cant be released, if u had those months and months before it already ingame why cant you release them?
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    The Savini complainers really crack me up. There was like an 18 month, or more, window to place your $4.99 preorder for Savini....first through Kickstarter and then through Backerkit. There was plenty of press advertising the game since day one of the Kickstarter campaign. I got my Savini, over a year before game release. If you don't have Savini, it's your own damn fault you didn't want to spend the $4.99 for the 18 months or more window you had. So why should they give anyone Savini that didn't take the ample time and cheap opportunity when they had it? Those that didn't can go spend the $500 asking price on Ebay.
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    I find it hilarious that "coming soon" is now permanantly attatched to GUN's reputation.
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    The developers are a joke. We’ve seen that time and again. Hell they can’t even keep their website updated. lol.... i will give the developers of DbD props. Consistently coming out with huge patches, listening and trying to accommodate their fan base. One look at their patch notes show how much they care as they are incredibly extensive. The game is fun. Not as fun as Friday, but still a good time. But one place they reign supreme over Friday is the developers. (And the perk system but that’s a different topic). Those developers try. These are the laughingstock of the industry
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    The first two listed from @The Wolf with that Toast. Machete and Pig splitter. I like them for how quickly he can smash doors down in combat mode, and without having to be way over to the side like when using shears.
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    This is my life.. lmfao! Last night I came back and saw I was Jason on screen. So sweet! go to grab controller and bam, booted from match., So what if them horny bastards had a 2min start, I was still going to murder all for mommy!
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    Ever heard of this technique? Helps a lot against the ring around the rosie :
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    I always go into a hiding spot now if I need to be away for what could turn into a few seconds longer than I anticipate. Only time I ever "hide" in the game is if I'm AFK - sucks that Jason players have no way of avoiding being kicked if they need to be away for two minutes/miss the start of the match etc (unless they're host, in which case it doesn't happen) I don't really feel bad for anyone who likes to stand still and do nothing in the hopes of surviving/escaping though. How unrewarding that must be? I'd rather actually play the game, have fun, and potentially die, than stand still and then run to the police exit - having done nothing all game.
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    Same name? Mine is the same, you look me up, lol. ?
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    Don't worry guys. Dedicated servers are coming soon lololol.
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    I'm on Twitch with the same name. I've finished entire lobbies in under 5 mins with Part 2.
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    Why? Why would they give anyone Savini Jason? It was a backer exclusive. I hate that I missed out on him, but it is what it is.
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    @The Wolf with that Toast With the group kicking bug... I guess this would be for private matches? Count me in.... just message me whenever you want to play. Whether I am in game or not... If I am able to play, I will play.... I just have not been playing much recently due to that pesky bug. I have a few friends in my list from the EU... when I invite them to the NA servers, the ping is normally acceptable. I have seen worse pings from friends that live in NA... but I think they might be playing on a commodore 64.
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    A Freddy vs group game would be awesome, IMO. It would differ from this game because the players could have "dream powers". Plus, in a dream world, we could get some pretty crazy graphic visuals.
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    No, anyone but gun or illfonic. Id rather EA have the game and fill it with loot boxes and pay to play mechanics before I support another project from this group. We cant even get gun to give us an update on dedicated servers or even what build of the game will be released with the slasher version. I just cant justify funding another project that will surely end up unfinished.
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    Gun doing the useless engine "upgrade" in favor of finishing and releasing Uber and Grendel was the biggest mistake in the history of big mistakes. By their own admission, an engine upgrade would fall under the technical maintenance they would still be legally allowed to do, as opposed to creating new content that would have perpetuated an original storyline set in the Friday the 13th universe. By all accounts they knew about the upcoming deadline, so it was stupid to do the engine upgrade first. So Gun exchanged new content that was very much in demand in exchange for more bugs and glitches than ever before (I love Chad's black hair and lack of eyebrows now) and dedicated console servers (that will probably never materialize). Oh, and where all these bug fixes that the devs are supposed to have all of this wonderful free time to be working on now? Where are the updates? The Communication? Anything? I've been one of the biggest defenders here of Gun and Illfonic, but my patience is pretty much gone at this point.
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    I have been supportive of Gunn and illfonic in all of my posts to date. However today was the final straw! Ok so first let’s start with the most accurate screen model mask statement. Not even close! Yes Neca is a known replica company but, what’s w the yellow tinge? You want a real close replica? $75 on Etsy.com. Second of all, REALLY you missed it? The kills in the trailer that would never see the light of day. Ball after ball has been dropped on this game. Please just fix all current bugs and give us independent servers like promised! Anything and everything else at this point needs to be taken w a grain of salt. Your lack of throughput has left your credibility in the salt mines!
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    Block from coming back as Tommy would piss off the hunting parties, so I’m all for it.
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    I think people deserve to complain with that developing no new content why can't they simply give us an update? It's not like they're busy, right? It's also ridiculous they haven't said anything about fixing the party feature for PC. I'm on console but I feel for PC players because if party was broke on consoles I wouldn't play unless I had enough friends to get a private game going. They were sure fast to give us an update on that Ultimate Slasher edition.....
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    That's the whole thing though, THEY CAN'T. Like I just said in the exact post you quoted. There's a lot of nuances in an intellectual property court case, especially an IP as large as this one. Unless you have access to some court transcripts or a personal relationship with the judge hearing the case, there's no way you can know for sure what's explicitly allowed and not allowed as far as them releasing things for either game. This game is probably under even heavier scrutiny from the lawsuit's rules than the puzzle game since Sean Cunningham is directly involved with this game. I tend to be more of a realist in this topic, meaning that if they spent all that time building the character model and map up to the point that they had, it certainly wouldn't make any sense for them to just randomly say "f*ck it" and decide to quit on it so close to completion. That would be like spending months building a car and deciding to just quit when all that's left to do it paint it. No one does that unless they're forced to.
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    Here is a great Video for it but I'll explain it too. You basically shift into an object and wait how the counselor reacts. Example : You just broke down a door and the counselor waits for your move. Now you shift into an object near the door and wait for him to be in your reach. I would still recommend watching this Video (and his other Techniques) but I also use it to outplay People who like to Play ring around the rosie. I learned it from an awesome Jason Player when used it against a Tommy. If the tedious ring around the Rosie Game Begins , you just shift into the object where he wants to walk around. Almost everyone will now run arond the table. Just Keep shifting into the place until he runs near you and you should be able to grab him. I would also recommend activating stalk because otherwise he could see you on the map.
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    Dedicated servers were “close to being done” almost a year ago.... They’re never coming.
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    Wow. I never thought retro Jason would translate well to a real world costume, but Kane looks fantastic in purple and blue! In my opinion, it's the best costume of this bunch.
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    Nope; and as I stated before, I will steer everybody I know away from it. You’re talking about giving more money to a group of people that knew about the deadline, and deliberately chose to stop production on content for three entire months to upgrade the engine; something the lawsuit would’ve had zero hindrance on. No thanks.
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    Saving money for the NECA F13 figures instead.
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    It's been two months since the engine update and as far as I'm aware the game is still plagued by huge, "new" bugs. I don't think we'll ever see stability.
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