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    I doubt this can happen since no new content... but would have been cool if they made it to where the lobby is always full. Even if you just wanna play with a buddy or two, you can fill up the slots with bots so there is a body count. Just a thought.
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    Give Jason his original grab back with current animation and people will fear him again.
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    Obviously, we can’t put these in the game as they are considered “New Content”. Either way, I wanted to share. Not to rub salt in the wound, but to show some of the art that we wanted to add in. We had been working on content for the “collectibles” that can be found in game. Some are familiar with the Pamela and Tommy Tapes within Friday the 13th: The Game. We were going to add photos to that system. In these photos (found around in drawers, etc.) the subjects were going to focus on a young Pamela and young Jason. I wasn’t sure about doing this at first. Not about adding to the collectibles, more about the subject and theme of the photos. I was afraid that by showing these that we would be humanizing Jason too much. But the more I discussed this idea and the further into concepts we got with Rachael, the illustrator we were working with, the more I wanted to do it. The idea here was to shed some light on the life of Pamela and Jason before the events of the first film. Back when Pamela worked at the diner and was then asked by the Christy family to come work at the camp. I was also interested in digging a little deeper into what life was like for a younger, more innocent Jason. Again, this is a delicate subject. So I used as much care as I could. We came up with a series of photos, and below are two of my favorites. The first shows a younger Pamela. Jason would have only been an infant at this point. Pamela seems happy working at the diner. Perhaps for the first time in her life, that is, if you follow or accept some of the semi-canon out there about the abusive relationship Pamela was in previously. I thought this was important to show her in a stable state. It solidified her as a provider and good mother to Jason. I felt it also showed that her demeanor was pleasant and that folks in town probably liked her. Which brought more power to the character when she lost Jason and with him, her mind. It showed how far she fell when she snapped. All out of love for her son. The second photo is of a young Jason, perhaps around age 4-5. He is excited because it’s Halloween. I had the artist put him in a Frankenstein costume, as a slight nod to Part 6 and Tom McLoughlin, as his approach to that film was very much a “monster movie” from the golden days of cinema. And of course, J6 was reanimated by lightning, much like Frankenstein’s monster. I also had the artist add a cute little nod to “Forest Green” on the shirt. I also researched along with Rachael, the types of costumes that would have been available at the time. I think she did a great job nailing the look. Lastly, and maybe the most important aspect of this image, was that Halloween was probably Jason’s favorite time of the year. Jason was...mentally simple. Intellectually disabled, but still full of life. A life that was full of ridicule from other kids. He probably never felt like he fit in. But on Halloween, he got to pretend. Even with a disability, he understood that dressing up, putting on a mask, and hiding what he looked like, was empowering. On that night, he just got to be another kid, getting free candy. I thought about that a lot. Perhaps, and this is a stretch, he reached for a mask later in life as a way to cope with the loss of his mother. Perhaps it reminded him of a different time. Maybe that’s too deep, LOL. Either way, it was very interesting to me and I bet some fans out there may find it interesting too. -W
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    So I got to thinking about little ways the game could change in order to change the difficulty. Some people believe that it's too easy to be Jason now, which I also agree with. So what if we could choose whether or not we start with our mask on at the start of a game? This could make it more difficult to be Jason because now counselors could immediately go to Jason's shack without alerting him, and not have to worry about getting his mask off before killing him. Just an idea!
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    I actually still love playing the game, so whichever method keeps the game playable online the longest is the route I would like them to travel.
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    Unfortunately I am on Xbox. Early days I used sweater as basically an extra pocket knife because no one cared to try killing him. It is like those who are undefeated are somehow 'never playing against experienced players', which isn't true. Was in a group in which we killed Jason 3 times in a row. My turn it didn't happen. Guess they magically got worse. I am sure it will happen but I don't really care. I find it funny how I typically play loose as Jason amd have never had it happen. I will let people hit me. Purposely step in their traps. Good times.
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    If we were getting them at all, I feel like we would have gotten them before July 13th. Like you said, we were told they were "Coming Soon" over a year ago...
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    Main as Jason, never hid, only time I quit is when the game crashes, and still go towards the sweater gal and Jarvis with no mask. Still haven't been killed. Sometimes the more counselors beating on you the better. That saved me once when like I got hit by 4 people at the same time during the sweater use. Lol. I laughed at them at how they messed up and killed all five of them. That was the closest I came to dying.
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    Jason should just start the game with all of his abilities except rage.
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    You would lose that bet. I've been set to Jason from the beginning aside from the time when Packanack roof glitching was a thing. I don't hide in the water, or in any other way try to play unfairly, although I wouldn't say that kind of play is unfair. It might be cowardly, but it is fair. I have morphed away at times to regroup and get a better bearing on player tactics, but that's just strategy. Xbox, by the way. User name on forum is my gamertag.
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    They revealed the maps were supposed to be even bigger in Alpha and they shrunk them down even from what they were on release. I do feel the lake is too small even on the regular maps. I wish they had kept the ultra size of the maps so the lake could have more scope.
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    I am really interested now! Seems to have some similarities but not that many.
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    Underlined and Bold means it is : Very important. Only Underlined means it is : Pretty important. Italic means it is : Minor but everyone would appreciate it. -Jason should be able hear the same score as the counselors (Part IX hears his own Part IX theme and not only the counselor , Part VI hears his own theme…..) -Make Jason's Slash less punishable (Make the counselors flinch longer after getting hit , they shouldn't be able to hit Jason after directly getting hit by him or atleast give Jason enough time to run away from the hit). -Fix the Party glitch. -Fix the spectator glitch. -Increase Jason's Health drastically. -Fix the invisible window barrier. -Being able to bring more kills with you (You can only bring 4 kills with you? You can't even choose all weapon kills if you have a DLC kill pack. Make it like , that you can map it on PC on 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and on PS4 press R1 [and whatever it is on Xbox] while you grabbed someone like when you activate Jason's abilities.) -You should be able to block outside of Combat stance as Jason. -Fix the interaction lock. -You shouldn't spawn in as a random counselor or a random Jason. -Since so many People want it , The door should be broken if you rage through it. -If you rage through a door , you shouldn't be immediately punishable. -There should be more throwing knives on Crystal lake , Crystal Lake small and Packanack small. (I hope that those can be added , if not due to the lawsuit , Forget this Point) -Make Jason's recovery from a whiffed grab finally much Shorter. Or make it like you can trick a counselor into hitting you but you can turn away and grab again. -Give every Jason one more trap (instead of 3 Traps with -Traps , you have 4 , instead of 5 Traps , you have 6 and instead of 7 , you have 8 with +Traps) or just give -Traps Jason's one more trap , so that -Traps Jason's have 4 traps instead of 3. -Fix Jason's block. -Let Jason start with Stalk. -Fix the Jason ticket System (For every completed match as a counselor you get one ticket. The Person with the most tickets gets to be Jason. If multiple Players have the same amount of tickets , it will be random. If you are Jason , all your tickets get depleted). -Fix the Top Popper kill. -Give the spear the Overhead swing back. -If someone suicides , they can't be Tommy anymore. -If someone suicides , Jason gets 100 XP for the kill and 50 XP for driving them insane (This will encourage Players not to suicide Right in front of Jason). -Fix the issue , where you get automatically kicked out of the Lobby after some Point. -There is a glitch now , where when you heal yourself and Interrupt it (from a hit from Jason , stumbling…..) , you still get healed. Please fix this. -Give us more perk Slots! We can't even have all of them because we don't have enough room for them. And for fucks sake , bring back MEAT-SHIELDING! PLEASE! -If you grab a counselor , this counselor now can be used as a Shield for Incoming Damage. I know , this sounds very Jason favoured (look at the other Posts and you can only see one guy who suggest something for the counselors) but I can't think of something bad for the counselors (except the Sprays but they are just at more random spots now but People can adapt easily) but it is because they have it so much easier now. The onliest Thing hindering them is the glitches. It is far too counselor favoured Right now , please , this game is supposed to be Jason favoured. Jason is a joke now , my Friends (who just began playing the game) don't even want to Play as Jason because they know , they will be destroyed by the counselors. And please , don't break anything else. I don't want to lose more Players. And I know you guys don't want to lose them either. And if you devs read it , this isn't meant in an offensive way , I just love the game but we really Need those Things fixed.
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    All jasons unlocked in offline if internet is down Uber Roy added to virtual cabin Original grab back Meat shielding back Original window smash back
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    I just want to be able to play the game for more than two rounds without some sort of catastrophic glitch ruining my experience.
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    I like what @Pazuzu said about "vague hints". This way there is some sort of a back story, but a lot of "let your imagination run wild with it". Here is an example, Halloween one, Loomis describes Michael as having the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes. Basically says he doesn't know why he is what he is so he spent years trying to contain him. Then in Curse we are introduced to "Cult of Thorn" and it was freaking cheesy as Hell. The Friday the 13th series is another one that the more backstory they try to implement, the less scary Jason becomes. Backstories are great for furthering a plot, developing characters and creating audience attachment to the characters. Overall though, the unknown is one of the most terrifying factors. I think the best way to add backstory is subtle clues along the way. Make the audience work for it. If they can pick up on what is in the shots, in a line or two of conversation and such then they can build their own theories, stories, interpretations while the horror continues around them.
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    I've said it many times before, if you're playing with a group of friends rather than a room of randoms and most not even using a mic, killing Jason is nothing to brag about. It's not all that hard to do if each person knows the various requirements to do it and can plan beforehand and communicate in party chat. Some of you wanting to take this guy on, I wanna see it in a randoms lobby.;)
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    To me that isn't a matter of a character's origin or backstory being told but instead being revamped by adding new material to make the sequel more interesting when otherwise it might have suffered without that reveal (and lets be fair with most of those sequels suffered regardless). When a movie series is still pretty fresh its easier to toy with a characters history but once a series has been going on for a few films it feels to me that the lore established in those earlier movies sort of becomes bible as far as lore goes. Sure you can still add small details but huge revisions to me just seems to be taking lore that fans have invested in and like (hence part of the reason they kept coming back) is thrown out the window just so a sequel in the series later years can say they re-invented the wheel. To me it just seems like a last ditch attempt to rejuvenate a series that is way past its prime as a cash cow. Though is it surprising that with Jason Goes to Hell (where they said Jason was a demonic slug), Freddy's Dead (Where Freddy made a deal with dream demons) Return of Michael Myers and Curse of Michael Myers (Introduction to the Thorn Cult) that the subsequent movies of the franchise completely nixed those new story elements? Heck instead of dealing with demonic slugs New Line just shot Jason into space. After Freddy's Dead New Line brought Wes back who in turn saw the series had gone so far off the rails his "Freddy" movies would take place outside the movies. Finally with Halloween after the Thorn cult stuff they decided to ignore those things happened in exchange for a return of Laurie Strode in a movie that was supposed to be the end of the Halloween franchise.
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    If we're picking a title from my last post, I would prefer the title Mullets For Days. Everyone, including the killer could have mullets. Which would mean that Kane Hodder could still participate.
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    Hey guys, first post here. ? I have to share what happened just now. Ok, so I was playing as Jenny and got locked in open drawer animation. The room had 3 desks and I got locked when opening the first drawer, leaving 5 unopened drawers in that room. I coulden't move or do anything, I could move around but was locked, you know what I mean. When everyone was dead or escaped all I could do was wait for Jason to hit me, soon enough he showed up and grabbed me. I knifed him and jumped out of the window, running to the next cabin, he followed and I ran back to where I was before. The very first drawer I opened had a Tommy tape in it. ? Same room I've been locked in all match. lol Then I just waited for Jason to kill me, haha that was pretty crazy. Only 3 Tommy's to go now, can't wait to get them all so I can stop running around looting and actually start doing some useful things. Cheers!
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    Thats what drew me to Jason in the first place @wes. How he is corrupted innocence. To me thats what sets him apart from the other killers.
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    I'd like to see them up the number of councilors that can start in an offline match. Would be fun to run a game with 30 councilors!!! Maybe someday have a customizable offline game menu were we can select which councilors and they're cloths and perks. Thanks for the update!
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    Freddy will never be in the game. Not just because getting the rights would probably be difficult, or because of the massive amount of resources and development time it would take to implement him to the same standard that they have implemented Jason, but because it would be nearly impossible to do Freddy right in a game that is built around Jason. Freddy would require his own game and it wouldn't play anything like this one. Look at Dead by Daylight. If you ignore the whole "hooking instead of killing" aspect then they managed to implement Michael Myers and Leatherface pretty well, but Freddy in that game is just a standard slasher who is invisible and unable to interact with you until he "puts you to sleep" which just causes the map to get a visual filter. Just a standard slasher with a lazy sleep gimmick, because you can't just put Freddy in another game and have him work properly. I'd set your sights on more attainable stuff like a game mode with playable Pamela. I don't think she could be plugged into the main game, but they could make it a separate mode with different rules like Paranoia, whatever that turns out to be.
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