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    My friends and I have been trying out something a little different just for a change of pace and so far, it's pretty fun. We made our own version of Paranoia Mode. Essentially this is a private match with as many unknowns as possible. We put everyone in party chat to get rid of the voice chat ID on screen and to make sure everyone can be heard at all times, including Jason. Everyone in the lobby has the same player and Jason selected (random/random works too) and when the match starts, you don't know who is playing as Jason. No one is allowed to look at the status screen (honor system). You have to be careful with what you say because Jason is in the same chat as everyone the entire time. Everyone is encouraged to play as many mind games as you can get away with. Jason might chat like he is a counselor or you might chat about an objective that you haven't even seen yet. We had a dead guy in the lobby keep chatting like he was Jason and did such a good job, everyone though he was Jason till the final status and score cards popped up. He was the first person killed and then was spectating Jason the rest of the match. We took it one step further this past weekend and everyone played with their sound muted (honor system again). Chat was still on, but all in game music and audio cues were off. No Jason music. No failed repair pings. Very creepy and allows for tons of jump scares. One guy in my group insisted I come here and share, so here we are. It's pretty fun and I'm always open to new ideas to make it better. Anyone is welcome to join us if you'd like to try it out. We will usually run a bit on the weekends, afternoon/evening time - eastern US. (PS4: Verontis) We are doing normal quick play most other nights. It's not for everyone, but it's something different. Try it out and let me know what you think.
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    Everyone we should at least be happy that we still by patches I mean come on gun media is doing the best they can to make us happy let's make them happy by not saying where's jason x where's grendal map ok
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    I quit watching these guys a while ago because I felt they were entirely too focused on this game, almost using it as their cash cow in a sense. I watched their recent podcast where they address the community and felt I had to start this thread. 1) correct me if I am wrong, Microsoft provided free dedicated servers before version 4.14 was even around. See 2013. So how have the requirements changed so drastically that made this system upgrade absolutely necessary? On top of that, you are believing the playerbase for this and the game itself is more than a Call of Duty(which runs on dedicated servers on Xbox)? Make sure you have researched and understood requirements and not just taken someone's word for it. Not to mention we still dont have the servers! We have heard they were coming for nearly a year now. Then a few months back it became "had to upgrade". Correct me if I am wrong again as my memory is fuzzy, but didn't Ben say they had an outside company working on it? How are they still paying for that? Coincidental that time and some other events line up with emphasizing no new content, and pushing upgrade, and the date NHA director said F13 Killer Puzzle found out their deadline. When too many things fall into place that even simple folk put together, there is usually a reason. 2) They definitely called us, the community, toxic. So as a consumer, I am supposed to accept a company that has unfulfilled backer promises, steelbooks that had stickers and lack of original art, Savini jason scandals left and right, and now the deadline question. Why should we not be upset or why should we be like "oh hey, that game that has been buggy for a year and has had entirely too many issues, and too much shadiness happening behind the scenes, we should give them yet another chance"? I appreciate they have a good relationship with the devs, but seriously, what do they want? Us to continue hum drum conversations about balance when console players barely finish QP games? Act like shit is cool? Sorry, but sometimes plethora of shit culminates and you have a mountain. That's where this game is. That's how most of the community feels about Gun and Illfonic. Sorry. GUN is lazy on their end and illfonic was inefficient for the job. Sorry. Hope that doesn't get edited out. Had Gun not been lazy, the LR release would have gone off much smoother, Skype interviews would be done, questions would have been answered in a timely fashion. etc. If they didnt have so much to hide, they would have remained transparent. 3) as soon as the lawsuit deadline was presented, the ethical thing to do is notify your community. They continued sales of a game they knew would be incomplete and broken, not to mention has limited life in it. A dramatic comparison would be selling a puppy with Parvo. Get attached to it and love it, then realize its life is limited and almost over. 4)bringing up the salt mines, which hasnt had much effect on the quitters, yet people I play with that still have dashboard errors from memory leaks, or other connection issues end up falling into the low tier due to circumstances created by the game - literally something the community forecasted. 5) Hey Nick and Riley, Gun ever mention EDITED in any interviews to you? Probably not as they continue to cover that whole shebang up. Ben knows. Dan knows. Randy knows. What was ever done about it? 6) a lot of recent negativity and outbursts stems from reddit, forum posts being removed or edited against the poster's will, manipulating it to serve what they want to be said. Most of the thread with Mr. DiSanti was posts about censorship and no one really attacked him, yet he called us toxic and said he was met with vitriol. I guess people expressing their honest criticisms is being "entitled" and "toxic". I think its great you acknowledged Illfonic was in over their head with this title, but wasnt Gun as well? Who knows how project planning went for this and how much Illfonic was rushed due to poor project planning. Besides, name 1 solid game from either company before this. You can't. Both companies had some of the worst reviewed games and failed projects under their belts. Most of us knew the French official Facebook was not official, nor did we ever read it(face it, most of us couldn't), so it probably isnt so critical to attack that site. Besides, anyone can go into the game assets and downloading the IdE run it independently and find out what is what.
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    Well never let it be said that I'm not a man of my word. I was wrong. I get passionate about this game, and I get tired of everyone bashing it at every single turn. Yes the devs have made mistakes along the way, but it doesn't deserve anywhere near all the hate that it has gotten. Even when the devs give people good news they get flooded with comments like "Your game is shit" or "You guys don't know what you're doing and the game is dead" or "You guys never lived up to all your promises, I want my money back" and I just get tired of hearing all that. It was clear that this whole story was just put out there for no other reason than to attack the devs and it's not fair to them and it's not fair to ACTUAL FANS of the game. When I say "actual fans" I mean the people that still enjoy playing this game for what it is, and not the people who have stopped playing the game months ago but just enjoy coming back and posting hate comments about a game that they don't even play anymore. Anyways, sorry for the long rant.
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    Honesty is the best policy... for better or worse, at least it is honest... It can still sting like a hot knife that slipped (I have stories you would not believe)... but it is honest at least. No one can force any one to answer a question... and demanding answers does not get answers... But neither should any of us be condemned or made to look like assholes for asking a question. Whether it be a good question or bad question is not the point. We ask questions when we do not know something that we want to know... being condemned for asking a question makes those that condemn the questioner look worse than if the answer was a lie... but the silence is almost as bad as a condemnation of the people who asked questions. Neither does any of this mean our questions will be answered... but it would be nice... even if it stings a bit. I am sorry to hear you may be leaving the forums, we have lost too many already. I will check out your guides when you post them... you always had good advice about tactics and mechanics. @Slasher_Clone That whole "Come on in, the water is fine!!"... Well... Its a trap. There is some freaky lookin' guy with a hockey mask out there waiting to drown our sorry asses... I think he is also wearing water wings.
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    I've still been searching ancient tomes about the prophecy of a golden haired hero using the ultimate weapon to defeat a cursed evil. From what I can tell so far, only the Sacred Branch has the powers to cleanse Jason's soul and put him to rest for good. The Chad is the true hero, even if he doesn't know it or refuses to accept his forgotten lineage that his Grandfather rambles about to him. So yes, the Sacred Branch should definitely be able to knock Jason down or stun him. It's just it should be stronger in the hands of The Chad. Hell, Sheriff Garris knocked Jason down with it in part 6. Sadly he gave up on it, which lead to his death. I think I remember that, but I'm gonna have to go back to the challenge so I can revel in that greatness once more. The Chad will hopefully be able to regale the followers of the Sacred Branch about this upcoming Friday the 13th where he will have his showdown(s) with Jason being guided by the Sacred Branch. It had been foretold over the ages about the destiny and fate of the Kensington line in what seems to be their never ending battle against evil. This time it is Jason Voorhees. The Chad will have to overcome his fear and confront Jason once and for all. Edit: You guys made my night. Thanks!
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    Yeah I agree with what you’ve written in this post. Particularly this part since you’re correct that the silence does them no favours. More info could be for the better or possibly worse, but out of the two scenarios I think providing any info they can is the more ethical one and would show they are at least trying to communicate. But they have really addressed very little, whether that’s because they can’t or simply don’t care to, I just don’t know. Based on their past interactions with the community, I lean more towards that they don’t care. Anyway I’m not here demanding answers, I’m just putting forth the questions that have been in my mind since the announcement, and I think they are legitimate ones that people who do care enough to look into it have a better starting point. My time on the forums and with the game is nearly up, I will be releasing a series of final guides and that will be it. I don’t mind leaving a few bread crumbs on this topic in the meantime since it has understandably struck a chord with me too.
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    @JasonSlasher Welcome to the forums. As you can see a lot of people have a lot of bitterness toward the developers relating to this game. Don't let it get to you. A lot of people on these forums are happy. I am very happy with the experiences I had with this game and the people I met. I am the type of person who doesn't like to focus on the negatives with this game, and see more of the positive. I personally don't lose sight at the fact that this is just a video game. The moment it's no longer fun, I will stop playing.
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    And the bar drops that much lower.
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    Right, I've read through this and here's the problems. First, if you have issues with what some of the people from Slash 'n' Cast have said, then please speak to them directly about it. Posting all about it here is essentially airing dirty laundry in public; we don't need to see it if it's a private concern between you and someone else. Secondly, dedicated servers are still coming. I've got no idea what's happening with them, but if Gun says they're coming, they're coming. Got no idea whether it's an easy thing or a hard thing because I'm not a game coder or server hoster, but they've said the servers are coming. Just going to have to wait for more updates on that as they come. Third, once again we're getting into this 'scandal' business and more defamation of Gun and IllFonic. People don't see the entire picture and have instead started piecing together puzzle pieces that look like they fit together, but probably don't. Until you get solid proof (and I mean literal proof, not someone's interpretation of events), what you're doing is essentially making things worse. If an official statement is not issued, then nobody has the rest of the jigsaw puzzle pieces. You've got a few, you don't have them all. It's not about hiding anything, it's about them keeping things classified that should remain classified. They can't share every little bit of information with you, especially on matters that are internal. A bank wouldn't tell you how much money is in it's vault. I get all the frustration and the usual 'we want answers' type stuff, but our hands are tied. We can't make the developers or publishers share information if they don't want to, and people getting angry because they can't get their questions answered is going to just make our jobs as mods harder. We can't allow a thread like this to stay open for the reasons I just listed.
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    Literally, it’s just sounds. Fucking sounds. They can EASILY unlock him and add existing sounds. It’s just a poor excuse.
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    More posts like these, I actually feel like posting in this thread now...... I think @Ahab already said what I wanted to add, so hopefully the conversation can keep moving in this direction and I’ll have something to add.
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    How in the world did I miss you lol. We are on the same page. I don't begin to presume I understand the punishments and how and why they are administered. In fact, I don't wanna get caught up in all that. I get that the people are a little tense with everything that's going on, and the last week has been quite a mess. As I've stated before, the "people vs. the mod/dev" mentality needs to stop. The mods are under a lot of pressure here. The devs are under just as much pressure. Under no circumstances am I taking up for or judging either party. At the end of the day, they are as human as we are. We all have good and bad days. Sometimes a bad day makes someone lash out or post something without thinking. Once that's been done, you can't take it back. That holds true for mods, dev and the rest of us. Not every action taken by the mods is a bad thing. How we interpret their actions and respond to them determines how those actions look to other people. I'll share a little story with everyone. Once upon a time, I was one of the many posters who used to read through the forums like everyone else. Now and then, I'd see a douple or triple post. I'd use the report function, as that was what I thought it was there for. I thought I was helping to make the forums a bit better. It turns out I was incorrect. A mod sent me a PM. They sent a friendly message as to the true use of the report function. I respected their call. I didn't argue, get upset or break bad on them. In that instance, I had made the mistake. I cannot speak for the experiences of anyone else as far as mod interaction. I just know I had the one, and it went fine. Still no warning points to this day. Since then, I've had no other encounters with a mod. I've made over 1000 posts here, and sometimes you're gonna have a difference of opinion with someone. That could end up getting a mod involved. It might be resolved peacefully, or it could escalate. Here's a little something in the rules of the forum: Member Expectations Towards Admins/Moderators: Users are more than welcome to provide complaints/comments geared towards the moderating team. We are here to make this forum as fun and enjoyable for every single user, and will do everything to keep things livened. That does not mean users may threaten, harass or engage in trolling rhetoric to get their point across. A respectful attitude goes a long way, for both parties. I think that last statement has slipped through the cracks in a lot of instances. Everyone, try to be a bit more understanding to one another, even if you don't agree with them. Now, get back to killing one another in-game as Jason. ?
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    Yeah. (lol first time going on here in a while) It looks more realistic than now. But eh.
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    …..Why not make it like that for every Jason? Part IX Players would really appreciate it. It is something that we all want but doesn´t get enough love….But damn would it be awesome to hear as Retro-Jason , since he is also one of my mains.
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    The only time when the game crashes for me is when it's loading in a match...currently, it crashes about 40% of the time. And when the match DOES load in, 50% o the time we get the spectator glitch. I beg of you, Gun/Illfonic...before you wipe your hands of this game (whenever that day comes), please, please, please just leave it in a stable state with the ability to save locally.
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    No, only thing that needs to be restored is client side responsiveness of block. As host it still works as normal. A Jason who is susceptible to turn and burn is not a good Jason. After enough playtime you should not only be aware of this counselor technique, but anticipate it and even bait it out. Pressure their stamina till counselor is required to hit, watch for swing start up then block + grab or knife (during swing start up) > grab.
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    You're always so over dramatic about everything. You're like a try hard QP player who seems to not enjoy the game, yet still wants to play it in QP. First off, theres no such thing as Jason players picking Packanack or Crystal Lake in QP. Thats not how shit works. (Jason is random and the host picks the maps) Second, for a Jason player to tell you to SHUT UP and put on hypochondriac and get over it.. Must of been due to you complaining about med sprays after Jason killed you. So i agree. SHUT UP and get over it...? What do you expect? And seriously, No one should be hitting Jason through a door. So dealing with it is simple.
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    Just going by the track record. Every patch more problems then fixes. Every single one. At that point I have to question their skill. It wouldn't be an issue if they would some quality assurance. But they don't bother. The interaction lock has been in the game since October of last year. So I have to question if they even want to keep the servers up and running let alone get dedicated servers. And that is a fair question.
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    Offline bots intro scene is now horrifically out of sync. Four matches in a row ended less than 5 minutes in because the host quit, and the 5th one timed out on the loading screen. Two more went smoothly, but then the 8th one literally froze my PS4 and forced me to just shut the power off and restart it. Why the fuck lllFonic thought getting into game development was a good idea is beyond me, but clearly they were mistaken.
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    I've yet to see the problem with games ending when they start up until this last patch. It's happening about 1/3 of the time for me. It loads up on a screen as if you've died and just hangs there. No one spawns in. That on top of zero change to random spawning and combat lock the game is fucking unplayable. 1. Is the match even going to start? 2. Am I even going to be who I chose? 3. Am I even going to be able to play?
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    And it all turns out to be bullshit. Killer Puzzle confirmed the cutoff date was actually January. Not June. Coincidentally, Gun announced in January that they wouldn’t be working on any new content because of this engine upgrade. That would take 3+ months to complete. Then, right after the engine upgrade, they claim they just found out about the content deadline. But now we get confirmation that they knew MONTHS ago. Why would their deadline be different than the other game? It wouldn’t be.
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    we should really do something, like someone in reddit said: "I think we should all message Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, and other gaming outlets so they can cover this. Its pretty shady for Gun to do something like this and blatantly lie to its consumer base. This is borderline false advertisement."
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    That would be in their best interest, but their individual names are still associated with Gun and ILL. Unless they wanna change their legal names as well.
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