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    Vince, I love your film, it's the best Jason movie since 2009, and you made a fantastic Jason, dude. I can certainly appreciate what you're trying to do here, because after all, we're all F13 fans (even Gun Media) and we'd all just like to get along. But Gun clearly knew about this lawsuit, they knew about the deadline, they knew it would affect their game, and they still continued to sell the game with the much-hyped promise of additional content in the future, content that they knew (as far back as January, and probably earlier) that they would never be able to put out. That's deceptive fucking marketing, kids. You can defend it all you want, but false advertisement is false advertisement, and it usually doesn't withstand legal recourse when properly challenged. You could make the argument that they got as far as they could on content before they realized they weren't going to be able to finish Uber Jason and the Grendel Map or any additional game modes or clothing packs before the deadline. Fine. Why wouldn't they just tell us that in the first place? Their hands were tied, I get that. But instead of being upfront and honest with the community that supported their game, they put out some B.S. about needing to upgrade the engine before they could finish dedicated servers for consoles and that all content would have to be put on hold, even though PC already has them and we're almost midway into July with no sign of dedicated servers for consoles. You could make the argument that the developers were put in a bad position by Horror INC., the current rights holders of the F13 franchise, whose lawyer Marc Toberoff told GameRevolution in an exclusive interview almost a year ago today that the lawsuit would not affect the game. Now why would he say this? Well because Horror INC. are the current rights holders of the F13 franchise and they have a financial stake in the sale of the game. Do the math. If they were to tell people that the lawsuit would affect the game, it would also have affected potential sales. We all know now that he was completely full of shit. Whether it was deliberate or not is arguable. What isn't arguable is the fact that Gun Media was definitely aware of this way before last month. You know it, I know it, and everyone here knows it. Even if Horror INC. told them not to say anything about it, they still had a choice; "Do we remain loyal to the fans who backed us from the beginning, who purchased our game and supported us financially, or do we remain loyal to some Hollywood producer scumbag who doesn't even really like Jason?" Obviously, they chose the latter. Is Gun entirely to blame? No. Personally, I think Sean Cunningham saw the beta for Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp and thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to squeeze a few final bags of money from the franchise before it went completely into legal limbo. But Gun still knew this was coming. And they were less than forthcoming about it, to say the very least. As far as I'm concerned, Paranoia, Uber Jason, and the Grendel Map are fucking vaporware. And that's not something a game developer wants to be associated with.
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    This is a good question and I will do my best to answer clearly. As we all should know by now, the legal case stipulated that all no new Friday the 13th content could be created from scratch after January of 2018. This is why the F13th Puzzle game soft launched on Jan 13, 2018. I spoke with the folks at the puzzle game sometime in late 2017 about adding Ghost Jason and Kyle to their game. They were very receptive to the idea and whipped up two quick models that they were able to insert and hide within the game before that date. I've actually been sitting on this info for quite a while wondering if we'd get a chance to see it through. Because they were able to slip us into the game before that date, we were cleared to proceed whenever ready. With Gun, building models and new content is not as simple as it is for the Puzzle Game. For instance, all of the content released this past year actually began in the early summer of 2017 and we didn't see much of it for a very long time. At the time they started that round of content, Never Hike Alone had not even been released so fan support was not really there to justify adding us to the game. For all anyone really knew, the movie could be a flaming piece of garbage so it goes without saying that the rights holders were weary of inserting a fan made design, especially prior to other franchise established characters. I actually agree with that sentiment whole heartedly. By the time Never Hike Alone released in October and starting gaining real momentum, Gun still had their hands full with all the previously mentioned content such as Part 4, Part 5, New Kills, Single Player and more. It was very much understood at the time that if GJ had a chance to be in the game, it would be during a future round of content creation sometime later this year if at all. Again, although the devs have been big supporters of ours since our crowdfunding days, this is something that would have needed to be cleared by a lot of people above their heads. Even if approved, several resources and substantial funding would be have to be dedicated to the build. The last we casually spoke about this possibility, we decided to table the discussion until after the legal case reached a conclusion so we could get real answers. I was in this for the long haul and so were they. Whatever changed along the way none of us saw coming. Knowing what we know now about the decision handed down to the devs, the only way GJ would have ended up in the game is if the legal case ended before June of 2018 and Sean (and Victor?) gave us the OK to start the process. Even then, you would not have seen GJ any time soon because it would have taken many months for him to be built and inserted into the game. With all of this said, I cannot speak on the subject of Jason X because I do not know what stipulations the devs are being held to. I just hope that you all will take my words very seriously when I say that if the devs had the opportunity to insert all of their unreleased content into the game, they would have done it without hesitation. They are just as much victims in this situation as we are and even more so because they put a lot of hard work into creating and maintaining this game. Has it been perfect? No, but what independent venture ever is? I cannot even begin to tell you all of the shit we had to deal with on Never Hike Alone and it certainly pales in comparison for what the devs have had to overcome in their journey. No matter what issues they faced, what was important was that the game was being run by people who actually loved the content and subject matter. We were lucky enough to get content and detail inserted into this game that larger developers would have never taken the time to add. As an example, I can distinctly recall Ronnie forgoing his lunch break at the mocap session I attended just so he could give notes on the in progress part 4 model. It was not just the dedication to getting it right, it was also the fact that he knew exactly what was wrong and what was missing. When I saw the unmasked Ted White Jason for the first time I smiled a little extra wide because I saw Ronnie's influence executed within that final design. At every turn the developers listened to our feedback and even dealt with a large section of ungrateful SOB's that bitched and moaned at every single corner. Along the way I even made my fair share of complaints but I never once took for granted the amount of effort that was being put into the game. Frankly, I don't know how they put up with many of the people in this forum and they deserve a lot more respect than what they have been given up to this point. I know I am off topic now but I believe this is something that needs to be said. If my words carry any weigh around here, I hope many of you rethink the toxic environment that has taken over this game and forum. There are many more important things in the world and for all its faults, it is amazing to live in a world we we can play a Friday the 13th game that actually stays true to the source material.
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    From the time of the Friday The 13th game’s official release date; forum members, physical backers, and online players alike have all argued over the same topic: What is the balance between Jason Voorhees and the Camp Counselors? Having two different types of playable characters in the game, individuals were bound to pick a favorite, which of course has lead us to the two distinct groups that argue about it today. With debates over both Jason and camp counselor functions being overpowered, both characters have undergone a series of nerfs, buffs, and downright useless changes that have left those of us still playing with the balance we have today. Yet the argument has continued. Here is my personal opinion on the subject of balance, which I have come up with based on my knowledge of the game, personal experiences, and overall opinion on the matter. 1. Jason Players VS Counselor Players Before discussing which character is more powerful, it’s important to understand how both playable characters are used in-game. While Jason players are tasked with killing the seven counselors, the counselor players are given two options: escape via the car, boat, or police; or survive until the time runs out. While escaping is a multi-step process involving repair items, car keys, and a phone box; surviving proves to be just as difficult, as Jason’s power is only strengthened as the match progresses. 2. Jason Abilities VS Counselor Abilities Jason’s abilities consist of morph (teleport to anywhere on the map), sense (locate and track counselors), shift (fly over to counselors at a rapid pace), and stalk (sneak up on counselors). Jason also possesses the ability to grab and kill counselors, which once captured can be killed with a push of a button. Jason’s tools include traps (which can be used to trap objectives) and throwing knives (which can be used to hit running counselors). He is also able to slash counselors with his weapon, weakening and eventually killing them. He can also use his weapon to break down doors and break windows. The counselor’s abilities include running (limited by stamina), a flashlight, and a mini-map. They are able to loot cabins for survival items (maps, radios, sprays, knives, and firecrackers), weapons, and repair parts. Counselors are also able to lock cabins doors, open windows, and place bear traps to stun Jason. On paper, Jason’s abilities are far superior to the counselors, however, with there being seven counselors versus one Jason, it evens the playing field; somewhat. 3. Jason Strategies VS Counselor Strategies While Jason strategies are pretty straightforward, counselor tactics take many different forms. Most Jason players start the game by trapping the shack, phone box, both cars, and the boat if there is one. They then proceed to kill counselors nearest to them, trying to kill them as quickly as possible. If they hear a repair or trap being stepped on, a morph lands them near and they go in for the kill. Counselor strategies are all about timing, as splitting up objectives puts pressure on Jason. Having one counselor working on the car, one on the cops, and another on the other car or boat forces Jason to choose between them, allowing at least one to be completed unless Jason cut them off. This is where the balance really makes a difference. So now that we know the facts: which side does the current balance favor? The truth is: it depends. If a low-level Jason plays against low-level counselors Jason will have the advantage. If a high-level Jason plays against low-level counselors Jason will also have an advantage. But if a low-level Jason plays against high-level counselors, the counselors, and not the killer, will have the advantage. Ultimately, the true test of balance is between two high-level groups. The outcome of a high-level Jason playing against high-level counselors is an advantage for the counselors. This alone shows us that the counselors ultimately have the advantage over Jason, but only when working together. A counselor on their own will never have the advantage no matter what their level is. But with seven high-level cousnelors, Jason will have a hard time killing them all. And as most players are somewhat high-level at this point, I would say that the counselors do have a slight advantage. This is my honest opinion.
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    I really wish they would concisder running a finishing fund on Kickstarter and hiring a mercenary crew to wrap everything up. I knownthey said their code would take time for a new group to figure out, but why not just factor that into the scheduling and cost? Its up to the fans to support it. So let us do that.
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    Well.. the end times are upon us. Back from a bears style vacation. I knew this would happen, just didn't expect it so quickly.. there's a few things I'd like to say, and a few people I'd like to thank. First off, I want to give a special shout out to @Risinggrave. You're one of the first people I talked to on these forums and my experience with the game wouldn't of been the same without you. I've spent many, many hours in this game but most of it was with the crew. Speaking of, I want to thank @TheHansonGoons, @Brigadius, @Riot_Dame, @Tattooey, @Thatguyinktown, @Rexfellis, @Zaneygrrl, @Alien_Number_Six, @SnakeSound222, @Truth (we're waiting btw), @Slasher_Clone, @gtdjlocker311, @Deadlytaco88, @Smitty_Voorhees, @R.J MacReady, @i-cold, @Corkenstein, @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, @Splatterhouse, @DamonD7, @Cokeyskunk, @Davidt, @Nothingface, @RKSDooM, @MichaelMemers, and @Dolemite, @2moar, @Impactedmedal38, @LadySansaLannister, @Ban_All_Music I've met a lot of people on these forums and through this game. I know I'm missing a lot of people, but you'll know if you belong on this list. For each person above I mentioned, each one of you has affected my experience with the game in a positive light. And I will always be Thankful for that. These forums have devolved into a nasty beast. I want to clear something up first. I love this game. If I didn't, I wouldn't of spent this many hours jnto it. Not only in game, but on the forums. It just makes it that much more.. heartbreaking, if you will. The recipe for success was here. Fun gameplay, a huge IP, and the community was already here. Guess thats what happens when there's amateurs in the kitchen.. Before I sign off for good, I want to take a moment to thank our fallen comrades as well. There's been so many gone in a month. And even though they may not see it, I want to thank them as well. @bewareofbears, @AldermachXI, @BrokenFattHardy, @Super Ty, @Alkavian, @jameson87, @Shes.A.Rebel.88, @Freddie Mercury, @Maddogg_8121, @thatdudescott, @Ghostboy20, @AdmiralJT, @Corkenstein, @R.J MacReady It's been a pleasure guys. Maybe under a different studio, we wouldn't be here today. But this isn't the end of the road for a lot us. Can't wait for the 13th.
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    In QP. Im sure we have all seen them. Overconfident as hell. Talking sauce and taunting Jason ASAP Is this some sort of gamer mental disease? I always run into these guys. For example last night. Calling me trash, hitting me and dancing.. Telling other friends in the game. "Lets kill him, hes trash'... All this was done in the first 2 mins of the game.. 5 mins later.. they are all dead and quit the game. I usually don't say a word when im Jason. (As much as want to). Its just so much more satisfying killing them and letting them run their mouths until it happens. I mean i want to say. " You idiots better get the objectives done NOW, or you're all gonna die". But i won't..lol
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    I may not be a huge name but i am Day 1 player, a paying customer, and a backer who was super hyped for this game. An yes I have truly enjoyed playing this game, I still play it today, hopefully I will for years to come *hint* *hint* I dont know if any of the people in my PS4 msg group "F13 Party" are still here, kindof dead these days, I know i've seen @malloymk an @gtdjlocker311 hopefully hes the same guy lol also with some of my favorite users gone, @BrokenFattHardy, @lHeartBreakerl, @AldermachXI just to name a few, but I cant be in these forums anymore. I wont give any reason, but I will say they have changed. Maybe i'll see some people when I go online as rare as that is, but I'll end with this, I may have issues with Gun/Illfonic but I do wish them luck going forward, unfortunately i will not be a part of any future products. To the rest of any forum members who may read this, good luck getting the answers you seek. Deuces-
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    On the contrary, the NHA director said they were “deeply concerned” about it, and that was months before the announcement. You also have the official statement which for some reason people overlook - “When we originally learned that the game fell within the crosshairs of this legal dispute, we tried to balance the creation of new content requested by our fans against the maintenance and bug fixing that our community expects and deserves. We attempted to do both within the limits of the legal case.” - which makes it pretty clear they were well aware of the lawsuit a long time ago, as they were apparently making efforts to balance content creation vs patches. It is honestly a no brainer that they either knew what was coming, or what was possibly coming, a long time in advance. Then all you have to do is look at their backwards decision making in the months leading up to “end of content” to see why there is so much speculation and negativity on this topic.
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    THEY. DON'T. OWE. YOU. COMMUNICATION. Seriously, do you not understand that they are likely being legally gagged? Is this so hard to understand? These guys have been a million times more communicative than most game companies. Most of them don't directly speak to their players at all.
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    Since this is a Topic regarding balance, I'll list 3 balance changes I'd like to see to help Jason dealing with Kill-squads. These changes will do nothing to alter combat itself (which I'm afraid if the devs did, it may change or break things for the worse), but give Jason with additional tools to help even the playing field, and should be easy to implement into this game as already designed. 1) Give the location to the Tommy radio (or the powerbox it's gird is on) to Jason from the start, ether with a special icon or though a icon color variation. This will allow Jason a chance to force counselors into completing the Tommy call like any other objective rather than getting it off for free as is 90% of the time in QP. This wouldn't be unfair for counselors as Jason will take more time to get around to trapping the car or fuse, so counselors can push those earlier. 2) Give All Jasons 1 extra trap (Standard 6, -Trap 4, +Trap 8). Giving Jason 1 extra trap helps all Jason more effectively protect escape objectives and the Jason kill. As the balance is currently, Jason is already overwhelmed with objectives, one extra trap isn't going to disturb the balance much but give Jason a nice extra tool. 3) Increase all Jason's HP by 20-30%. This will increase the need for a demasker counselor such as Adam or Bugzy. Currently, it is easy enough to demask with lower strength counselors such as Vanessa or Chad with Machete's, and is pretty easy if they do this in a group. Increasing the HP will make dedicated demaskers more desirable choice, while balancing out counselors with better luck stat whom can currently demask respectfully. I'll just throw in a tag @ShiftySamurai Please consider these changes and share with your developers. As is, Jason is too easy to kill up against a skilled squad. The single best change that will help Jason is the location of the Tommy Radio.
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    @Brevator - I won’t bother quoting your original post for the sake of brevity but I did read it. Thank you for the kind words about NHA, I appreciate the compliments. I also hear your theory and don’t entirely discredit it. I myself have wondered if the stipulations and deadlines of the legal case were laid out from day 1, but I think where we part ways is how I would react if I did indeed discovered this to be true. That said, I do not think Gun knew. If they did, they would never have scheduled content to be in production as long as it was supposed to be. Forget Jason X and Grendel, that wasn’t even the end of what they had in store. From the very beginning this was a dream passion project for them and never a cash grab. I could tell before I ever met them that this was the case and after getting to know some of them I now know this to be fact. The only people who would really know would be the lawyers, and like you posted, they continually told us and Gun it was never going to be an issue. They also said the case would be resolved in October of 2017 so shows how much they know. If I remember correctly, the legal case only came into play after Gun had already begun their efforts to create the game. Gun’s only mission at that point was to finish the game before January of 2018 which they did well in advance. When it came to the engine upgrade, that was an honest attempt to fix the many issues with the game and improve the visuals. It sucks that it took so long and didn’t go as planned, but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would think that move to be some over the top stall tactic. The devs listed several valid reasons for why they took that route. I don’t think Sean entered into this venture as a short term cash grab either. I think if anything he underestimated Victor and the speed of the judicial system. His lawyer certainly didn’t think much of the case when it began, but that was all before the “Tom Savini memo” entered into the fray earlier this year. At the end of the day, as someone already stated, the game exists and works most of the time. It would be one thing if they took our money and never released anything, but at this point we are arguing over luxury items. They are also still working on smoothing the game out. When that happens, we will be left with a game full of an amazing variety of Friday content and fun gameplay. No one gave up on this game, but they did give up on trying to reason with people who don’t treat them with a whole lot of respect. I don’t blame them for that and agree that they don’t need the extra headaches of an angry mob. I think maybe some of you forget that the casual atmosphere of an internet forum is not an excuse to come at the devs the way you do. If any of you actually worked at Gun and said some of the things you are saying directly to the devs, you wouldn’t be working there for long. (and you think getting comments deleted is bad) No matter how you feel, you have to check your emotions at the door if you want to be taken seriously. The devs do not owe it to anyone to be in here as I am sure they are busy enough as it is. Aside from that, I don’t know any other game I have for my ps4 that I can tweet the developers and get a direct answer back. When the level 113 weapon swap issue came up, I was one of the loudest to say it was not a great idea. I wrote directly to Randy and we had a fairly long dialogue about it. At the end of the day, I wasn’t able to get anything changed but was releived to hear they were pushing for more double xp weekends so people could quickly level up. Most importantly, Randy heard me out becuae I didn’t attack him or rake him across the coals about it. Nor did I ever intend to. I just honestly thought there was a better way spread it out. I still do, but with no new content my idea would no longer be as valid.
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    Your post is full of opinions that you are trying to pass on as facts.... You don’t know for a fact what Gun was informed about and when they were told new content would no longer be able to be produced. You can only come up with your opinion. legal proceedings change some times with the turn of a dime. We were told the lawsuit would not effect the game and as far a we actually know Gun may have been under the same impression..... up until the last court hearings. As I said things change sometimes daily.... we have been told Gun cannot speak about anything legally related to the law suit at this time so it may be a while before the full story is released. but ask yourself do you think we would have an Uber model, motion cap kills Grendel map, virtual cabin experience that lead up to that hype with no intention of putting it into this game ???? The answer is no......all of these things cost money and the details that are in the game scream love for this franchise and it’s fans. this has always been a passion project by 2 small Indy developers and it shows.... If this was a cash grab we would have seen a much cheaper/less detailed/ body of work from these guys it would just be less everything.......... shit happens bro we are all angry about how things have ended up..... but at this point pushing “conspiracies” that you don’t know the whole story of will not help this game or community move forward.
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    They just ran double xp for a week. I rolled a couple times. Still end up with the same Las Vegas style garbage perks. Totally puts me off to the whole thing despite having 300k cp. Ideas Rob Dier has been in the game for ages. He can't be considered 'new content', give him his own stats, maybe a better Kenny and make the intro having a random counselor dying. Just give him Kenny's voice actor and keep his one intro outfit. 7/10 Speed 7/10 Stamina 5/10 Composure 5/10 Stealth 3/10 Luck 3/10 Strength - Jason pinned his weakass in the basement 5/10 Repair
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    While I understand to my knowledge, Alkavian, the original creator of this thread has made the decision to move on from the forums, as well half of the people in here who contributed to this thread that have most likely done the same(or perhaps already banned) due to recent unfortunate events that took place. I've considered myself included on deciding to step away. I've decided to post/bump this thread because not only do I think it's an appropriate place, but what I am about to post feel like it's necessarily important and it also might definitely go in contrast to what Alkavian was always explaining, especially since it's related to what seemingly feels like a never ending controversial topic surrounding the issues around Gun Media. Everyone is here to freely express how they feel. I personally was never was a fan joining the flame/bash Gun Media or the developers club constantly, maybe I've had a few criticisms here and there to give out once a month, but I never had that kind of energy in me to constantly complain only because I knew it would not resolve anything for me at the end of the day. Ever since the cancellation of content and all this forum catastrophe taking place, the forums has been nothing with people showing mutual feelings of disappointment and locked threads. I think the fact Gun Media is remaining absent from this is starting to leave me with worry about a lot of things. You can't really have a fun discussion of suggesting something anymore because that's been overshadowed by the lawsuit. You're really coming here for bug reports now or unless if you have an agenda to discuss balance changes, then the forums is for you, but how long can that keep going before the devs realize any patch they release will never live up to everyone's satisfaction? Topics will continue to be duplicates and a clutter mess based on past complaints. If they keep catering to one side repeatedly, it's going to get old soon. Taking all of that into account, it gave me no more desire to come back here anymore, which means I'm likely to leave my last post off of this note. With that being said, while I'm not the most memorable person like the other veterans here. Some of you probably recognize me from the Reggie thread. I've participated in some discussions or said some things regrettable. Even though we may have not agree on everything, I still apologize if I got out of hand or didn't post in the right manner. Either way, I still enjoy the times I've spent in the threads regardless. Same goes to other people that I've met, thanks for the interesting forum experience and memories to the following people. @CPLhicks31 @tyrant666 @Alkavian @Armani? @RoyBurns @TyroneKing @Redcat345(Sucks that we couldn't make our dream of Reggie and Pamela happen for the game. It feels like we were so close, but then it just slipped away. Maybe for another F13 game for another time. I'm still hoping for it one day.) @Truth @WashingtonJones @Bropollocreed79 @Tommy86 @GhostWolfViking @Alien_Number_Six @Dolemite @Ralph_E_Fresh @J.J. @TheHansonGoons As for the others I'm missing, thank you as well. @GunMedia_Ben @wes Rest easy and be assured this will not be a bashing post. My only hope is whatever time you have available to read this, please do so. No response necessary. Just looking here is enough for me. It pains me to see the community in shambles as of late and I have the fear regarding the same fate with the game. Part of that fear could very well be related to the reasons behind backlash comments people have presented due to the fact they are uncertain about the future regarding the game. While yourselves and us as a community may have a difference of opinion or may never see eye to eye, I do believe there are a couple of other things we all can agree on. We want this game to stick around and we want it to grow. It's part of the reason we're hoping the lawsuit revolving around the franchise can settle down. While I don't expect content to resume after the court battle, you should at least try and renegotiate with the IP owners with something to keep this game title moving forward or do anything necessary to revamp it. Although I might be leaving this part of the community, I will continue to stay on the game and enjoy for what it is, especially since it really helped me cope during stressful and dark times, but it's important to know that I will be enjoying with concern as I am unaware what the future holds, but I'll be counting on you to make that concern go away, as well for other fans who enjoy this game. Take care.
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    Okay, you wanted some transparency. You really want me to tell you clearly what the problems are? Here's the problems, and I'll address you all individually. Let me start off by saying that I'm not aiming to insult any of you, but I am going to be very blunt and say it exactly as it is and how you appear to me based on your attitude as of late. @Riot_Dame, you have decided to just jump on the band wagon with everyone else. You hardly ever post here, and then when you do, you've decided to question me personally when I've decided to put the rules down, or you've just made posts about 'censorship'. Hardly anything of yours has been removed, so how does this 'censorship' affect you exactly? What you're doing is just simply falling in line with the rest of the people who don't understand the rules and decide it's 'censorship' because you're not allowed to abuse the creators of the game on their own forum. What world do you people live in where you think it's acceptable to spread rumors and demand things of people on a forum they own? Let's not get into how toxic people have been towards me and others as well; if you defend posts that say 'fuck you, prick I hope you die' and the like then I am seriously not the problem here. So is it censorship that posts like that are removed, or is it against the rules? We've never issued you any warnings, so why are you saying 'there are times when what you do is complete and utter BS'. How exactly has any of this affected you personally? What are you basing your claims on exactly? Some things people have decided to selectively edit and then show to you afterwards? A lot of people have taken examples that are easy to twist and make work in their favour, yet you've also decided to ignore the fact that there's thousands and thousands of threads and posts that haven't required any action off us. As for 'think before you delete', we always 'think before we delete'. You've decided to view us as hard asses based on what other people have done wrong. The rules have always been consistent, and we're being viewed as 'hard asses' now because we've had to enforce things a lot more recently. People keep making the same 'give us answers, now!', 'why was my thread locked/removed?!', 'I'm leaving, and oh before I go it's important that I let it be known how much I hate the mods/admins' threads over and over, and you're surprised that we've had to remove them? We're hard asses for not allowing things like that? What exactly is it we can do right then according to you? Is it censorship when we remove a spam bot's posts? @2moar, we post in topics to state that we've either taken action on a thread or we want the topic to steer back on to it's original topic. Apparently by doing that, it's a big problem for you. Would you rather that we just edited posts and removed them and said nothing, or would that be 'censorship' as well? Everything we do is censorship apparently, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that people are literally shouting censorship for stupid little things. Any opportunity to attack us. Also, if you got told to stop spamming the report button (we get notified through means other than the forum when some reports something) then stop spamming the report button. Your actions cumulatively added up, and saying 'it's all bad code' and nothing else in a post was made simply to take a subtle dig at IllFonic. It's the same thing as saying 'you guys are all bad coders'; you want to put all of them in the same boat and insult them all at once. You completely failed to put across your point in a constructive way; why didn't you just say 'there's some problems with the game/code' rather than 'all of it is bad!'? Don't even think of saying 'censorship' in this instance because it was unfair of you to brand the whole of the IllFonic staff team as bad coders. There's problems with the game, absolutely, but don't come here and make things worse by insulting them. One of the main rules is post with intent, and your intent was clearly just to abuse them. Also, stop this nonsense of 'oh you closed leaving threads because you don't like them'. Yeah, when said threads contain messages like 'fuck you guys, I'm going' (literally, not exaggerating) it'd be removed. Now, is that me not liking it, or is that someone being exceptionally abusive as they go out the door? I definitely don't like it, but that's not enough for me to act on. Being abusive however, is. If you want to PM us then PM us and don't be nasty. I've not been nasty but people have sent me some incredibly abusive messages. I've been blunt in telling a couple of people my personal feelings towards them seeing as they absolutely insisted on getting extremely personal with me, but that's just me not speaking as a mod. You won't see anyone getting any additional warning points just because I don't like them. @TheHansonGoons, I'm disappointed that you've decided we (and especially me) are like 'police in America, who shoot first'. I know what it is you're implying, and I expected better of you. You of all people should know what we've been doing here over the last few months and years. You of all people should recognize that we don't censor people's opinions, there's literally thousands upon thousands of posts and topics that've been posted. You're failing to see that we only remove things that are against the rules. People coming here and bashing Gun and IllFonic and spreading stupid conspiracy theories or aggressively demanding answers is seriously not on, so we remove those posts. Then people decide to post more posts questioning us for it or shouting at us, which then makes things even worse. It's become like a snowball of people just following suit and shouting 'censorship' just because everyone else is shouting it. There's no understanding or consideration being shown towards any of our staff here who moderate the forums. Apparently, several years of being allowed to post nearly anything you like (within reason and within the rules) is not good enough anymore, and because we keep removing these abusive, nasty or slanderous posts, we're now the worst people here. I'm disappointed in you more than the rest here, I expected better. Yes, we can do as we see fit, but don't confuse that with 'yes, we're going to do what we want'. We do as we see fit to ensure things are fair for everyone. We don't abuse our power, which is what you want the 'we can do as we see fit' bit to actually mean, rather than what it actually is. Don't twist my words into something else. There is no 'dictatorship', just follow the rules. You can't break the rules and then say we're in the wrong, that's just completely bloody stupid. @zmccain, you are aware that all the actions taken by mods and admins are reviewed by other members on the team? It's not just one person who does it all and nobody else looks. We have multiple people checking what we do. If things are found to be wrong, then someone higher up tells us. Let me make something clear to you too: this is Gun Media's forum. This is nobody else's forum, this is theirs. They own it, they make the rules. If you don't like the rules, then that is solely your problem, but we are not going to change them just because you don't like them. Everything here is interpreted as 'abusive' because you only choose to see half the picture, you don't see everything that we see. You, like the rest, have decided to ignore everything else this forum has allowed over the several years it's been up and have instead decided to make the current problem worse. You aren't even contributing anything to the forum anymore, all you seem to want to do it attack us or question everything we do. It's absolutely not the case that we just say 'that's abusive' when we find something we 'don't like'. I tell you what I don't like, I don't like the post I'm looking at off you on the first page, the one I'm replying to right now. Have I removed it? No, I haven't. I also don't like half of the things you've posted recently and most of those are still up as well. It's nothing to do with 'I don't like this so I'll remove it' and you insult us by insinuating such a thing. @Official_Adam_W, you wouldn't even allow the director of NHA his own thread because yours was so super important that it absolutely had to stay open. How disrespectful of you to keep pushing that issue publicly, mentioning over and over again 'the mods locked my thread! Favoritism!'. Give it a break and let the man have his own stage to address his audience. You all wanted to talk about him so I gave him his own thread where he can address everything that you all decided to say. I locked yours so he can speak on his, it was the most courteous and fair thing to do. You can still post on his thread if you want to talk about NHA or Mr. DiSanti's misinterpreted quotes, so what's the problem? It's not favoritism, it's called being decent. You are being extremely selfish and are caring for nobody but yourself here, and that's given you an excuse to start taking shots at us at any point you can. I can see most of the recent posts you made haven't even contributed to any discussion, they've just been the same 'censorship/favoritism' posts over and over again. I'll tell you something and then we'll see if your view of 'favoritism' still stands. I could've given you a warning for several posts you've made, and for the fact that you kept repeating the same abusive trollish comment over and over again even after they were removed, but what did I do? I sent you a private message asking you to stop, rather than immediately putting points on. You completely ignored me and instead decided to take that comment of 'we run the forums' and turn it into 'we run the forums how we like'. I quoted the rule that says 'simply put, this forum is run by administrators with moderators in place to help' and emphasized the fact that accounting for things that aren't in the rules is left to our discretion in order to make the point that I used my best judgment to let Mr. DiSanti have his own thread. Everyone wants to talk about him, but you won't allow him to address people because you have a thread up that's similar? You disrespect him and you disrespect us and yourself by doing so. How very selfish of you to not allow him his own thread because you think yours is more important. I made a judgment call, not every single thing ever is listed in the forum rules so it was my best judgment to close your thread and allow him the stage, seeing as you were all talking about him. You've made this into a problem, nobody else. Now, I've literally spent about 30 or 40 minutes sitting here writing this to address all of you. I don't want to be mean and I don't want to be viewed as being mean, but you guys have literally pushed so much that I've had to make this incredibly long response. If you wanted some transparency, here's your transparency. You can choose to read and understand what I've said, calm down and stop making silly posts and threads that get you warnings, or you can keep posting these nasty, anger fuelled comments that are making everything worse. I want you to follow the rules and have a good time, just stop posting slanderous, false information, stop screaming so loud for answers (you won't make anyone answer, you're just making the community more angry than they need to be), stop making stupid posts every time we have to enforce the rules and stop making the forums so difficult. People are choosing to make things bigger problems than they need to be, when all you need to do is just be sensible, stop posting nonsense about 'well it looks like Gun/IllFonic have been doing this and this, so they must be!' and get on with a decent discussion. If removing abusive posts, slanderous posts and posts constantly calling us out (I've said several times that you can PM us if you want to talk about problems, we don't want to see it done publicly) makes us 'hard asses' or whatever other names you want to call us, then so be it, that's exactly what we'll be according to you. That however will not change the rules at all, it will just be you choosing to fight us. Warnings are exactly as they sound; they are just warnings. It is not the end of your account on here if you get a warning point. For the few of you who know me on Xbox, if you really want to talk and refuse to PM me, then talk to me on Xbox instead.
  16. 3 points
    I'll accept that but some of you really need to hear that. I'm not hear to stroke the devs egos, I have my issues with the game, but there is no way anyone can look at some of the conversations happening in these forums and on social media and say everything is just fine. Victor Miller was receiving death threats 3 weeks ago. The devs are being roasted like a pack of Salem witches on some sort of internet kangaroo court. I mean, I get it. No new content sucks. The fact that I got grabbed through a closed door the other day also sucks. And that I lose countless points because games drop and hosts quit. It's all frustrating. So very frustrating. But never ever will I accuse Gun of not doing all they can to do the best they can for this game. Being an indie is not easy and doing your job everyday within a toxic atmosphere doesn't make it any easier.
  17. 3 points
    And that is once again an example of your skill level being greater than Jason’s. I agree with you that the counselors are overpowered when playing as a high-level group. But nerfing the counselors, or buffing Jason, would only cause the average level range player (1-60) to have less of a chance at escaping. While it would make it harder for high-level counselors, it would make it nearly impossible for the average player. That is why I believe the balance is perfect as it is. (I am a level 150 jason main so I am not trying to make it easier to escape as a counselor, just stating what I believe to be true).
  18. 3 points
    While this statement may be true, it does not prove that the counselors are overpowered. You’re right: if multiple, high-level counselors are playing against an inexperienced Jason, the counselors will most likely have the upper hand. But in a normal quick play lobby, which is what balance is designed for, Jason has the advantage over the counselors. I have killed Jason multiple times in a random lobby, with random players, and in such occasions the Jason is normally low/mid-range level. But I have yet to be killed as Jason. This once again goes back to the skill level and communication of the counselors, not the base, normal-matches that balance is necessary for.
  19. 3 points
  20. 3 points
    While I respect your opinion, this is what players flood the forums with when upset about the balance. I doubt that you kill 4-6 Jason’s every night, and if so then these players are not skilled at being Jason. And while most counselors team up with each other, most of them will die against a skilled Jason. My best analogy is if a level one Jason played against a level one counselor, Jason would win almost every time. Regardless of skill level, Jason has the advantage against the counselors.
  21. 3 points
    That’s true. Timing your repairs is very important as a counselor. I wouldn’t consider it overpowered however, just a well-timed strategy. As for the killing Jason, I have never really mastered the mask removal as I normally carry the bat to stun him. If what you say is true then yes that’s an issue.
  22. 3 points
    This happens to me all the time as well. My solution is to just start slashing them and hearing them cry on the mics about how much of a pussy I am. It makes me laugh every time. True, but the only thing that would cause Jason to morph is an objective being fixed, which means that objective is not free. I’m confused as to what you’re trying to say.
  23. 3 points
    A 1V1 is extremely favoring of Jason. I believe it’s only balanced when a full lobby is up against him. This is true. Balance is dependent upon many variables. I agree that 1V1 is overpowered for Jason, however, I think he is balanced when facing off against a full lobby of counselors. The balance between counselors and Jason is different for each match. But in the majority of them, even noob players can get a 3/8. This is also true.
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    Greetings Friday Fans. I would like to take a moment to address some comments that have been floating around the internet regarding myself and the Friday the 13th video game. In a conversation thread on the Friday the 13th game subreddit, fans asked why Ghost Jason was not included in Friday the 13th: The Game. In an attempt to answer the many questions that were being asked on the subject, I made a comment regarding the developers of the game being worried about a “deadline” that has since been taken out of context to promote toxicity in relation to the recent and unfortunate work stoppage. During the spreading of this “news,” not one of the many persons spreading false information contacted me in order to clarify or expand upon my comments. If they had, they would have been informed that I was speaking in regards to the legal proceedings of the rights battle and not the work stoppage to which I was never aware of until it was formally announced last month. Let me make this very, very clear. At the time of my conversation with folks at Gun, they had no intention of a work stoppage and were planning to release content that was already in progress throughout the entire year and possibly even beyond that. The reason the subject of a deadline came up was because in order for Ghost Jason to even be considered for the game, the legal case must first to come a close. Until that happens, Gun was unable to provide a definite yes or no on whether Ghost Jason could be included. I completely understood the position they were in because their hands were ultimately tied by something beyond their control. Prior to the conversation mentioned in my now famous Reddit comment, I was tipped off to an upcoming court deadline that predicted an end to the legal proceedings. The developers were the ones who informed me that a decision was unlikely to be rendered by that date and that they were “deeply concerned” about it coming to an end any time soon. I hope this clears things up and puts this matter to rest. I would also like to sincerely apologize to the good folks at Gun Media and Illfonic if my comments have caused them any headaches in the past few days. I also acknowledge that my wording could have been much more clear in the answer I gave and apologize to anyone who misunderstood what I was trying to convey. Thank you to anyone who has read all the way through this and I hope to play with many of you on the game in the near future. If anyone wants to discuss this matter further, they can do so by reaching out to me at contact@wompstompfilms.com. Sincerely, Vincente DiSanti
  25. 2 points
    Can we please stop suggesting more kickstarters for these people? I understand financing, licensing fees and overhead both as an attorney and a business owner myself. But to suggest we should throw money at them to fix a shoddy product when we already purchased the product and others funded the project to begin with is a bit much. This game made them millions of dollars and I’m sure those profits are being funneled into the new game they are developing and not the game that made them the money to begin with. Enough is enough.
  26. 2 points
    Really? You don't know that. Nothing about this is "clear." No we don't. When it comes to lawsuits like this, things can change very quickly. What was true then might not be now. Does not mean he was full of shit at the time. That's a mighty fine conspiracy theory you got there! Well, you're factually wrong, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. I think you mean "The Cash Grab Conspiracy Theory". Nailed it. They have been a helluva lot more patient than I would be, that's for sure. People also forget that most game devs don't speak directly to the gamers at all. Gun has been a million times more communicative than most devs out there.
  27. 2 points
    For $40 and a handful of DLCs, I'm pretty happy with the amount of content I got for my money. I sometimes spend more on a single Uber (no pun intended) ride, or two days' worth of lunch and lattes. Would have been very happy for more, but when I dropped my $40, I wasn't promised anything beyond what was already available, other than vague ideas of "future content." I think, in total, I must have spent... what are all the DLCs worth? $10, if that? So $50. Still, it would have been nice to have gotten Uber Jason, but I still got an incredible amount of content for $50. Now if it can just stabilize with smooth gameplay and ensured longevity.....
  28. 2 points
    For those of you who have responded or looked through my original post on this topic, my opinion on the matter has changed causing me to edit the original. If you would like to take a look at the updated version, it is on the first page of this topic. Thank you.
  29. 2 points
    I would love to play more with you guys. It’s a cool group. I’ll be on most weekends.
  30. 2 points
    It’s been discussed at length that it woild require minimal effort and re-usage of old assets to simply “refurbish” him and make him fully complete. As he exists now, he is already playable and is very close to being done. The list of fixes Wes stated are, in my opinion, an unsatisfactory excuse.
  31. 2 points
    Excellent post, couldn't agree more. The short version is a game with this license shouldn't be dead already one year after release. Like I said earlier in the thread. This isn't the 1980s anymore when gaming was in its infant stages and there was no such thing as internet, post launch expectations, etc and all games were released in a state that's finished regardless. All those things exist today and actually in some ways let developers off the hook by releasing a game not finished only to work on it post launch. Either way, that era of gaming doesn't exist anymore and in today's world, its considered a failure for a game to be dead a year after launch regardless of initial sales.
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  33. 2 points
    I'll go first. I can't speak for the world, but for me personally -- it was the root of the story. Most "killer" characters either didn't have much background development, or were just "evil" to begin with. They could still tell a good story, but they were always "the bad guy" and you were supposed to hope for their victims to survive. With Jason, though -- it was sort of the other way round, wasn't it? Both Jason and his mother started off as victims. They became statistics of a society who either didn't care enough about them to help, or turned an intentional blind eye to their sufferings. Society killed Jason -- the only thing that really mattered to Pamela. So, she snapped. In F13, often the victims are people we AREN'T supposed to like. Then we cheer when Jason RISES again and extracts vengeance for himself and his mother. If we know the whole story, we feel for JASON. As parents, we feel for PAMELA. They are not lashing out because they are evil. They are lashing out because they were forced there by society. Does that make Jason/Pamela sort of "anti-hero" characters? That's open to interpretation. But in these films, we often enjoy seeing Jason clean house, and THEN get to a point where we're ready for him to be stopped. And he is. At least for a while. The formula works, and it's an emotional payoff. That's why this story will always be my favorite.
  34. 2 points
    Exactly. It's like people are fishing for "please don't go" comments. If people aren't satisfied with a forum to this extent, just leave without saying anything. Then you won't look like a liar when you come back, which they almost always do.
  35. 2 points
    I'm getting sick of these "I'm leaving the forum" posts. If the simple act of posting posting has become such unbearable agony and you want to leave, then just leave. Stop with the attention whoring. I am bummed that @BrokenFattHardy flew the coop, however.
  36. 2 points
    You saw the Point where it told me to die? Yeah. But Slash it , otherwise it will leave mid-grab. And since you´re new here…... Welcome to the Forum and don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to welcome you!.......Well , atleast most of us!
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    The game isn’t even half done. This isn’t a criticism, it’s my opinion, I can think of dozens of ways to keep making money off what they built. There’s more room to grow than most people think. We have barely any items, no new objectives, missing maps that were fully funded and a handful of characters ie. Pamela, wheelchair Counselor, or a new hero. So much isn’t in the game that should be, it’s actually ridiculous. This is pathetic, I’m so utterly disappointed in the pubs. People, fans have given the hundreds of pages of suggestions, and their just done, what a waste.
  38. 2 points
    Wes has some explaining to do on a lot of things (why Uber Jason cannot be refurbished and put in the game is perhaps my favorite question). Not that it matters now, but I wouldn't have really cared if Grendel was the last map. It would have offered the biggest change of pace.
  39. 2 points
    Everyone here has a right to express their views. The problem is how they are expressing those views. A lot of people could do with cooling down a bit before posting anything more. There's a lot of anger, and people don't always write the most appropriate posts when they can't see things clearly. I'm saying this about both sides. Each side should try to see where the other is coming from, rather than pointing fingers, exchanging insults, and trying to make it like one side is right and the other is wrong. If you want the "us vs. them" mentality to go away, think less of it being the mods/devs vs. the forum users, and more of us all being fans of Friday the 13th. If that doesn't help, get in the game and kill a few counselors. It always works for me. If that doesn't work, find something else you love to calm you down, then come back and speak from the heart. You'll be glad you did.
  40. 2 points
    lol... You play with newbie counselors. ... You also play against newbie Jasons. (Jason is random). Newbie Jasons are the one that you're 'winning' against. And good Jasons seem to get your panties in a bunch because they slaughter your ass. Buffing Jason is always a must. Its to keep people like you in check. Your complaining falls on mostly deaf ears because most people know exactly what this game is about. You whine about not being able to HIT Jason through doors for fuck sakes. Also the only thing i see hosts doing is picking counselors as their preference and then picking small maps. That way they can find everything faster, beat on Jason quicker or kill him. While praying Jason is a newbie and can be toyed with. Face it Baby Cakes.. You're to high on yourself. Theres tons of people like you who think they are awesome.. That when they do go up against a Jason player that knows what they are doing. End up blaming the game instead of just accepting their damn fate.
  41. 2 points
    Even I appreciated that Kodiak. This is why I've always had respect for you. You go above and beyond. Sometimes you take it too far (as we all do), but you say what's on your mind and keep it respectful (enough). You've taken the time to explain your take on things and shown some members why these things are happening. I'm still not sure how I feel about the forums anymore. This place turned into a shit show really fast, and the silence from the only people that CAN change it has only made things worse. I'm still not too fond of the devs right now, but I've calmed down a bit. You can thank @NthnButAGoodTime for that (really glad I talked to you).
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    In our film Jason has been dormant for almost 30 years and then is set up against a character who is actually aware of his surroundings and equipped to fight back. I mean, Jason has had is ass whooped by girls and children half his size for over 30 years. I think it’s OK for an experianced outdoorsman to give him a little bit of a challenge. That was the point of the film, to show what it would be like to go toe to toe with Jason and we did it on a 40K budget. If we had more tools and toys, we would have pushed that further. I wrote scene where Kyle stabbed Jason mutliple times but that element had to be removed. If the budget was there, we would have increased the danger and level of stunt work. You should try listening to one of the interviews I’ve done where I go into these details a little more. Just did one with Will I Like It Reviews that talks about this aspect.
  43. 2 points
    We will get the most metal gift of all.........Nothing.
  44. 2 points
    If I do that for every single post, then people will start posting whatever they like and they'll assume 'oh it's okay, Kodiak will just edit it for me anyway even if I post something abusive'. It's appropriate in some circumstances but it's not for all. Also as a side note, I've literally taken hours out of my busy day today to try and address everyone's problems. I didn't have to, it's not part of my job, but I've chosen to. Hopefully someone will appreciate that.
  45. 2 points
    I find this happens if they successfully call the cops, since its the only get out of jail free card besides the time limit win. I wiped a lobby last night that thought they were hot shit getting the cops called. They all died before they came, even during the attempts to kill me. I find most Vanessa's are tryhards, especially those in the wonder woman outfit. They are only there to see how long they can get away with trolling and if they get grabbed without a knife or someone to help, they quickly disconnect and of course they hog all the knives from other counselors since all they do is speed loot. Part of why the latest update has actually freshened things up. No more fixed health spawns in bathrooms anymore.
  46. 2 points
    Yes, because my words were taken out of context and posted across multiple social media platforms in the blink of an eye, so you could bet I was unhappy with the way things played out. What bothers me is that folks decided to run off with my words and twist them into their beautiful mind conspiracy boards with not one person reaching out to me directly to get clarification. When I did follow up with some of the posters, I was met with a lot of attitude and vitrol. All I was trying to do was have a civil conversation and set the record straight. Ultimately, they were using and promoting toxicity to gain attention and that's what really set me off. That said, there were a few people like Ianthony on youtube who were very considerate of my request to clear the air. My expression towards the the collective was a direct result of the actions I experienced over the last few days and have been witnessing for some time now. I believe my statement is a factual description of actual behavior. If you have not been for lack of a better term, a complete dick to the devs, then you should have nothing to worry about and should take no offense to my statement. If you have, then maybe its time to rethink your strategy on whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. If it's to make the game better, negativity is not the way to do it.
  47. 2 points
    January. Not June. For 6 months they hid it. From backers. From consumers. Wouldn't it be reasonable, given the deception, to offer a refund to anyone who bought the game between January and June (when they finally disclosed the content issue)?
  48. 2 points
    Why are we getting statements from everyone but the devs?
  49. 2 points
    I would definitely be on board for this. Matchmaking players based on their level would also be a good solution, but we all know Gun won’t change anything players actually want. They only change things no one asked for; like window-breaking, the grab, and car physics, lol.
  50. 2 points
    I’m down. My gamertag is X Hugh Paul X, I’ll add you. I have yet to be killed and would like a challenge.
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