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    #1 The melee swing is too low. Before the update you could smash windows at any time no problem. No you have to deal with the prompts. And the prompts suck ass. It's a return to the days where you can't break the window until the councilor is through it. Intended? Not intended? Who gives a fuck it sucks and you need to fix it. #2 The grab kill stutter. In a game where the main draw is to see Jason kill teens and young adults in intresting ways the grab kill stutter sucks ass to have to put up with. Fix it! #3 The goddamm interaction lock. Jason is pretty weak already and then you add the interaction lock. It can happen to you in so many ways and Jason is just screwed. He's a joke already and with the interaction lock he's a toothless joke. #4 Grab (again). As developers Illfonic just can't let Jason's grab be. It was in a good place after the Pinehurst update. But we can't have nice fucking shit I guess. I actually like the current grab animation but it needs to be quicker so Jason can have something to deal with groups of shitheads. #5 Blocking. Fix this shit. It's one of the good things in Jason's bag of tricks and it sucks right now. You become unblocked after every attack. Fix this stuff. Or y'all are going in the corner for awhile. And no dinner before bed. Your already grounded don't make me take away your stuff. And P.S. we want the meat shielding of counselors put back in the game. Listen to @The Wolf with that Toast or your not going to go on a date with your girlfriend.........ever.
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    Working towards servers are to "save face" and make them look like they are doing whatever they can given the current situation. Nothing more. @lHeartBreakerl hit the nail on the head in his post earlier. At the risk of being banned again, I'm gonna say that Gun Media & Illfonic have done the best job they could (and their best has not been very good). The only thing they successfully accomplished was the Kickstarter campaign and exciting the Friday the 13th fanbase in the months leading up to the game's release. They failed at launch, they've repeatedly let down the playerbase, they've fostered a community of gaming trolls by not banning Teamers, they've consistently released untested patches/fixes that have only further broken the game, they've made promises and not followed thru and ultimately they turned fans of this game (and this franchise) against one another. This forum is proof of that. Dedicated Servers mean nothing in a game with a few thousand players. With no more money coming in from new sales or DLC and current players leaving in the wake of last week's news, I think the only hope left for this game is Client Side Saving (for our account info, XP Level, Unlockables). This would ensure, at the least, some level of replayability. Maybe not the game we've come to love, but something. In the end, all I can really say is I believe what I believe, and what I believe is this....... They "do" care about the franchise. The attention to details on the Jason models, the maps and the "F13 look" of the game prove that to me. They "did" care about the game because it really did have a great following and real potential when we are talking about horror genre games. Not to mention the insane amount of money it could make. They "don't" care about the playerbase. If they did they wouldn't go quiet all the time. Before last week they would always use the "We are busy creating" excuse but now there is no more creating, so where are they? Not being able to create new content should free up a little time but from what I've seen it's still silence from them, really. They could say "Now all of that time will be spent fixing the glitches" and that may be true but as long as they run simulations to test these builds, we're just gonna get more of the same stuff we've been getting.........more glitches. This post should meet all specified guidelines dictated in the rules. All the above is simply my opinion and should not be taken as fact. If this post is deemed as unfit or not allowed, please remove it and contact me via PM to address what I've done wrong this time. Thank you for reading.
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    Yes, and Jason X IS in the game. I can hack the files and freely play as him right now. Due to the precedent set by the "Hot Coffee" scandal, anything found within the game's code/files/whatever, regardless of whether it is accessible or not, as long as it is in fact actually there, legally counts as content. Since you can hack the files and not only find him, but fully play as him, he counts as content. And not just content, but content that was delivered before the official cut off date, meaning that gun media has already given us Uber Jason as far as the law is concerned. By their own admission, they can legally modify pre-existing content, meaning they could, in fact, unlock him if they really wanted to. But they don't want to. They aren't just lazy and incompetent, but they are assholes, too.
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    The end of new content was definitely a hard blow, but a non client slide save will be the ultimate middle finger to the fans/ backers and hardcore/ casual players of this game....the amount of hours to accumulate the level ups and not be able to use The Jasons and kills and weapon swaps...... between Wes thread and this one we have nearly 400 post asking for this to be supported by the developers.... it should be the next priority.
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    Well seeing as this is the Friday the 13th forum, yeah it's a pretty big deal about the content here. And you can go ahead and move on to the next game. We will all have to. The problem is it won't be Friday the 13th and Jason. Is this a hard concept for you to understand? Or do you lack the emotion? As a fan, it's a little thing called passion. I am curious as to how it's fun "placing" the game. Since I got the digital, I can't really place it anywhere. Might be tempted to get a physical copy and see if the fun is for real.
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    Cool. So, If I post this as proof that he's in the game, along with his six kills, albeit "bugged" by lacking some sound files, this isn't really a problem, is it? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=DfIf894Ls7A I'm sure we'd be happy getting this. Sure, they would have to use assets and things already in the game for music and sounds, but he could be perfectly functional. They DID say they could adjust things already in the game.
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    R.I.P. Vinnie. At least you can jam with Dime again. Story here.
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    And please bring back meat shielding counselors!
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    Come on man we can't be negative! The game has the highest potential out there! We can't let it die we have to push to Gunmedia/Illfonic that we want the game alive!
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    They don't want to man or they would. They got the money now they want the game to be over. They will patch it up if we are lucky and if we are really lucky we get dedicated servers. But don't waste your breath. The game is over man. We the fans will be here to play it. But GunMedia and IllFonic are out. In a way I'm glad the game is done. I just want them to fix it and tweak Jason so he is a threat again. Everything else is done. I will say that GunMedia and IllFonic did a shitty job with the code but the assets looked great. That being said I won't buy another game from these guys again. This shit has been really shady and if I want shady there are plenty of other publishers and developers that are better at their jobs. They may be shady too but at least they can code.
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    So now with weapon swapping , what is the best weapon for Combat , Overall use and Breaking down doors? For Combat I think it´s the big Splitter since it is now as fast as the machete with the range of the Fire axe which I think are the best at Speed and length (if you don´t include the Spear and Trident). I don´t know but Maybe the spear and Trident are the best for Combat? Lemme me know and share your experiences! Well , now it seems like the weapons get stuck much easier so off-camera hitting came a lot more better now. I actually break down doors best with the Battle Axe (and with the Pick-Axe but not as good). With the other weapons are longer I have to Position myself a Little more specific , but Maybe the Spear and Trident are the best if you aim at the door and hit something so you that you have a faster recovery time. But Overall the best? I think Overall the best is the Pig Splitter with the Points mentioned at the second Paragraph. It is still Pretty easy to Position yourself. The Spear and Trident are Maybe the best at Combat and destroying doors but because it doesn´t have the Overhead swing it got a huge disadvantage. They now can barely use some really good techniques (but he actually gained some which Pretty much negates it [but the other weapons have all These techniques]) and can hardly destroy Windows without the button prompt now. So tell me your Thoughts (and Maybe Facts)! Thanks for reading!
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    The thing is not only did miller get paid off in 1988, but Sean Cunningham actually did try to settle with him, and he refused. People keep jumping to Miller's aid like he's just a man who wants he just dues, but he isn't. He got paid for writing the script, he got some sort of settlement payday in 1988 and continues to receive payments to this day, and now he wants to try to gain hold of the Friday the 13th Franchise. Or at least as much of it as he can. He's not just an asshole, but a damn dirty greedy one, too. He doesn't give one fuck what he's doing to us fans. Not one.
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    Now that I think about it the best way you can sum up this news is you start off finding two pocket knives firecrackers you get the sweater you know where the fuse house is the fuse on the map and the host quits...
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    Well, I did confirms things with an actual lawyer the other day about what I said. I can go ask a Judge. legal precedent is everything to the law, and the precedent was already set by the Hot coffee scandal, as I said. If something in a game is there in any way, doesn't matter what way, it exists. and if it exists, it is content. And we were given said content with the engine update. We're right about Uber Jason. Absolutely right, but the fight is rigged against us. The bad guys win.
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    They're out of print, they will soon be collectors items, as valuable as those super Mario Bros./duck hunt disks that came with the NES.
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    I'd be surprised if this game got support into August before they just shut everything off. You'll never get the console dedicated servers. You'll never get Jason X OR his weapon OR his kills. You'll never get your profile to be saved offline, so you'll be stuck at rank 0 with Part 3 and Part 5 jasons (and savini if applicable), the choke kill and one weapon kill. They have made it apparent that they don't give a damn and questions to serious topics, such as the legal situation of just UNLOCKING Uber Jason before June passes, are being locked and closed so that no one has to actually answer it ( @Kodiak I mean you). And yeah, I read that bit: "We can't add one tree or one rock." That's fine, I get that, but what if the "rock" or "tree" is already there, but invisible? They said it themselves that they can "modify content that is already in the game but they can't ADD anything new." Well, I want an answer to that, and if I have to start piggybacking on every hot topic we got here to bring it up, so be it.
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    Listening to some Pantera, after finding out Vinnie has passed away... Was also listening to Headlong earlier:
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    I think using a low composure councillor as a meat shield against a group was one of my favourite things.
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    Definitely. At this point, the community should be focused on "needs" not "wants".
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    Some of us are still on the same page, and just want this question answered. Most around here are still crying and asking for Uber/Grendle and Savini Jason, but a few of us have accepted the fate and just want this taken care of so we can at least not get completely shafted out of a game we payed for.
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    Damn! That fucking sucks to hear. R.I.P. Vinne.
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    This. And everything @Alien_Number_Six said.
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    Wow! Let me ask: which of your magical AAA developers can put on an invisibility cloak to a avoid a lawsuit?? This is a shitty turn of events no Dev/Pub team could've avoided. Say what you want, but it was CROWD FUNDED project that literally gave away 85% of new content free. This definately sounds like money hungry scoundrels (that was sarcasm, in case any of the geniuses here missed it). Play while you can, hope for a change in future plans for the game, but for Christ's sake quit using the forums to insult the Publisher (hint: won't help anything). "The game is so broken it's unplayable?"... then move along and get your toxic troll asses outta the forums... Obviously you've stopped playing the game right?... then quit sulking in the forums ?
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    I'm not being sarcastic. They are going to work this whole thing out with Victor. The fans will have to come up with what? 1 million or something to keep DLC's coming. The future looks bright guys! Don't give up the fight! How do you start a "Pay Victor off" Kickstarter anyway? Lets go that route 1st! Get H20 Delirious involved too. He makes bank being a youtuber. Maybe tweet to Trump to sign an executive order to allow new DLC's?
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    Yeah, right, no more DLC's? FAKE NEWS! #1 I want to say that this game has been perfect even with the bugs etc. The only really annoying thing was the host quitting or connection issues. That was all they truly needed to focus on fixing. Yeah there were roof glitches etc way back when and other little issues but the team always listened to the complainers and tried to appease them ( team killing). I'm sure this was mentioned before but this is the SOLUTION TO THE LAWSUIT dilemma: FIND OUT HOW MUCH MONEY VICTOR MILLER NEEDS TO ALLOW GUN/ILLFONIC TO KEEP PRODUCING DLC'S AND START A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. IF money is what this is all about, lets give him money. I'm really surprised that GUN/Ill are giving up on the battle. This game would have never died since it's freakin FRIDAY the 13th - THE GAME! It's the only one. And every generation loves the franchise. Therefore it can't ever die, just like jason in the movies, he comes back and so will this game, you'll see. Remember part 4? Jason was soooooo dead. That was it, the final chapter! But whoa!!! Then came part 5!! YOU SEE? This is all part of what Friday the 13th is all about! DEATH AND REBIRTH! Stick to the script GUN/ILL I've been addicted to Fortnite lately but i will always be loyal and play FRIDAY the 13th. Looking forward to playing as Pamela in one of the future updates! ( BTW, I totally wish they made her a playable killer before working on Uber Jason) Uber jason doesn't have that Crystal Lake vibe guys! Why didn't you push for Pamela!
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    Oh God, f**king spare me. You act like him and his cohorts haven't pulled that same trick before. F**k up the game with a dumb patch or get caught up in some PR snafu that they get flamed for, then one of them comes out with a "this is our dream, how could you even suggest we'd mean wrong?!", and then the apologists/enablers like you come out and shun the people that were (rightly) handing them their ass on a platter and holding them accountable for thier mistakes. Its the same damn cycle everytime, except this time, there's less apologists/enablers as even the most stanchest supporters of the devs can't find it in them to defend this dumpster fire of a company anymore.
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    Did you miss Gun Media's announcement that Steam had Friday the 13th (and most dlc) on a 1/2 price sale? That could explain it. #makethatmoney
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    "Thank you" to the people who kept this post bumped. It needs to be answered.
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    I'd rather the devs sink all their remaining resources into making a Jason bot AI for single-player mode.
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    Exactly. A year ago I was all aboard the dedicated server train. I was expecting them at launch (as it was promised) and I gave the devs shit for them not being implemented. Here we are in June of 2018. Games been declared KIA, but they're still working on servers. Amateurs, man.. It'll be marked under the "big promises we kept" category. I had a list of all the promises they didn't keep, but the thread was deleted. Go figure.
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    "Heartfelt" It sickens me to see you defend so hard. Many have accepted reality. The problem is the state of current game, the future of the game, and what could have been if it was handled/developed better.
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    You aren't the only one who wished for a Jason AI.
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    They never wanted to bring dedicated servers to console. If they really wanted to we would have already had them a year ago. So, yeah. They're just trying to look good.
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    I hope they keep the supernatural aspect of it with no explanation. Just that Michael is evil incarnate and "The Shape". No thorn, no bad childhood, just complete mystery.
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    Because of all the glaring problems introduced when you tried to "fix" or add something new to the game. The peak sales being behind you as you have everyone's money already, the constant brow bashing from fans as your dev team continued to fail handling the game repeatedly or the long silences on important issues in the forums. It's okay that you're scapegoating the lawsuit but don't make it out like you want to continue. If you did you would have pushed out the finished content before the July 15th cut off date that you have been promising for about 6 months. How hard would it would be to shit out a patch to make Jason selectable. He was 'revealed' in VCab 2.0 so don't give me that he's unreleased bullshit. You wanted as a team to call it quits because of how monumentally you proved incompetent in supporting this game.i say this as a backer from your kickstarter btw. I've defended you in the past but don't piss in my face and tell me it's raining.
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    I'm still not backing down on my two demands before this game is 100% dead. Flay me and treat me like a villain for not bending over and taking every inch, but if Uber Jason was not functional and only the incomplete cabin model existed, then I'd just have to suck it. But it's not the case, he's in the game. He's finished, he's functional, and all that's "locking" him is a line of code rather easily broken as PC players are using him and swapping his weapon and using his kills. Will the excuse be "they are accessing non-legit content"? Well I again point to hot coffee where a company was sued over content that was "locked" in the same manner. So no, I won't back down and I'll only get worse the more I'm told to.
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    I'm cool with this, as long as it gets done. There's still plenty of life in this game if the problems can be addressed.
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    Well there goes the optimism... Thanks for clarifying @wes. It's not what we wanted to hear, but we needed to know. Tough call, but it is what it is...
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    Jason has to walk into them to work. They don´t work if you throw them into him while he is already stunned. And don´t be a dick with Chainstunning him. They also still do their original Purpose : making Sound blips to destract Jason. How exactly are they not working? How do you use them?
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    They stopped adding new content. Thats not the end of the world....
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    We can´t let a lifechanger just go away. This game has soooo much potential. Just think of what it could have evolved into……... Freakin' fuckin' S @He's Killing Me , could you please tell me why?
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    It is pretty simple to explain why dedicated servers are still coming. It is not just about saving face, but also a low cost solution to test out the servers which will be in place to support their next game. It is low cost because the number of players that will be online by the time the servers arrive will be peanuts. You think they care what this tiny amount of players will think now that they’ve severed all ties to the game? Obviously they are putting in servers for a different reason. It is no coincidence they waited this long, especially long enough to announce “end of content” which was sure to delete much of the remaining playerbase which = lower running costs for servers when they do finally come.
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    Don't worry, it's all bullshit. You aren't getting dedicated servers.
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    It is one thing to be rightfully pissed, angry and dissapointed with the state of this game and it's current affairs. It is completely different thing however to scream nonsense, baseless accusations and bullshit conspiracy theories without any proper knowledge or understanding of the whole situation, often outright purposely ignoring known facts that would otherwise not support the crap they are posting. I am dissapointed with the state of this game. I cannot even play it since the engine update, because it crashes every time I use any grab / context kill as Jason in any mode of the game. But I already played this game for 200 hours, which is about 10x more than I spend completing any other game in this price category. I also kickstarted it, bought every DLC and also bought an additional PS4 copy with all the DLCs and spend about 50 hours playing that. I still say I got my money's worth. So yeah, am I dissapointed we will not see any additional content? Yeah, I am. Am I dissapointed that the game is very bugyy and crashes on my every time? Hell yeah. But I am much more dissapointed in this community and in the clusterfuck of childish meatheads it has ended up being. I do not know if I am done with this game yet, but I am deffinitely done with this community. F13th fans on the internet were generally supportive, understanding and smart. This is anything but that. I sincerely hope some of you people are not like that in real life, because if you are, then we are definitely fucked.
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    I'm out of work myself, HOWEVER I do get a monthly Army Disability, that's coming in on the 29th. Can I still donate then?
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