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    Dear Developers, This goes out to my fellow players of F13. Don't lose hope and don't give up. This legal matter will be resolved and I hope that when it does, we will get more content for our favorite game. I see a lot of people on Steam and even here not understand what "indefinitely" means. It just means for an unspecified amount of time. All the developers are saying is they are "holding back on" not canceling entirely any and all new content. Just be patient. Have faith in the system. To the Developers, I am still behind you. Yes there are some bugs that NEED to be addressed but I haven't given up on you. I still play regularly and still enjoy. I still report cheaters and exploiters and hate them when they cheat and exploit. I understand the circumstances you are in and can sympathize. I hope this legal stuff can be resolved soon for all our sakes. Because once it is, this will draw attention again to the idea of a new F13 movie and that will bring in loads of new players. Keep it up, Developers, your game is worth it. I look forward to the first-of-many bug patches and the future-content-patch-to-be.
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    For a game that's literally in shambles, suffering intense scrutiny from across some of what's left of the community. A lawsuit that's allegedly made it impossible to pump new content into the game, even the obviously finished Uber Jason that's probably a click away from being unlocked, yet they can release a Part 2 kill pack quietly...I guess because cash incentive, when they could've easily unlocked Uber in the same quiet stroke and at least give the dying community the complete set of Jasons, not including the non canon NES Jason. There has been an absolute, staggering amount of silence. At this point, you have to say its routine. And you know what's coming next...an 'update' about the next update that might not actually come anytime soon...not an actual update or anything.
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    I think one of the biggest problems with this game is that Jason is soft, and he has been soft from day one. There is no way for an average Jason to defend himself from 7 counselors who are also average, if they decide to bully him. In the movies Jason didn't gain power as the movie went on. He always had all his abilities. He didn't need to use them all because the victims in the movies were all unaware of his existence, or too inept to do anything against him. This game allows an individual to start the match armed and ready to combat Jason, and Jason has to wait to gain power, that shouldn't be the case. In this game at the start of the match every counselor has the ability to run and eveade Jason as if they were the final girl in one of the movies. When another Friday the 13th is made I hope that instead of Jason gaining power over time it's the counselors who do. Instead of starting out with all their perks and strengths, they gain abilities for being the last one alive, and evading Jason. I think there should still be a way for Jason to be killed, but it should be impossible for anyone to go into it premeditated. The ability to kill him should be something that is earned not just a given. I think if the next game were a similar 7v1 multiplayer it should be designed where when entering the match everyone knows that the first 4 victims never had a chance, and that their deaths were just a preamble to the real match that starts as the body count rises. People shouldn't be penalized for dying early, they should be able to join another match straight away if they don't want to spectate, but if done correctly the last 2 or 3 victims would be something people actually want to watch. This is not a suggestion for this game as it's way too late for anything to be done, just a few thoughts I had on what the next game should be like.
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    Alrighty, thread's open again. Nearly everything from that second post onward has been off-topic so I've removed a lot of it. Let's keep to the thread's topic.
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    It isn't swift attacker. It has been happening almost every game. I use restful, marathon, and nerves of steel on almost all my characters now. It happens every match if you attack or use a bear trap or combat stance. To get out of it crouch and hit the attack/swing button. So, on PS4 it is circle then r2. Works with or without a weapon. You'll be able to use the x prompt again.
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    After being interaction locked in three different lobbies after stunning Jason I am done with the game until they feel like fixing it.
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    I went into this game with no knowledge of the company, Gun Media. After they were forced to announce that future content was never coming to the game because bloodydisgusting actually broke the news first, I did some research into Gun Media. Their last game titled Speakeasy was removed from the PS store after being sold for 5 months. Why? There was some copyright lawsuit going on with the title. it was a rock paper scissors game, btw. Their game before that was a top down turn based garbage fest called Breach and Clear. Both games had absolutely horrible reviews and were claimed to be unfinished messes. Wouldn't know, never played either. This game is an unfinished mess and will always remain that way...it was fun though for brief periods of time and unfortunately the people at Gun don't know how to properly patch their product or simply don't care to as every patch broke this game more and more. There is also the issue at hand where the company was extremely transparent at the start and then completely went off the grid. Not too mention kickstarters still haven't received their art or music soundtrack over a year later. Based on all of the information I read about this company and my experience with this game, I could never in good conscience purchase anything they have their hand in again. Wonder how long this comment stays up before it gets deleted....
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    I think that's what pisses me off the most; the fact that none of them bothered to poke their head in on here and say "We know the patch caused problems, we're working on it". That one little sentence would go a very long way towards easing tension.
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    We are working on bugs deemed Critical right now. There will be a listing of these up soon, but Critical would be things like the game ending when it shouldn’t, and not being the character you select.
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    There should be more horror games based off of these amazing franchises. Just keep Gun and illfonics grubby little fingers away from it.
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    Like anyone else with common sense, this mourning of the loss of Paranoia already happened in March.
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    Gonna be streaming the game all day today on my personal channel. I encourage everyone to get on social media today and show the devs that We're Still Here. We'll be here playing the game for as long as they're willing and able to support it.
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    Info about it on the last page as well as links to some tweets from Hobbs, co-creator of the game. They're allegedly still coming. Update soon! *hopefully* LOL
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    I said it was common? Where? In fact I said more often than not such tactics end badly for the counselors. Unfortunately the situation isn't as cut and dry as you seem to think it is. The control you have over deactivating the CS and subsequent block is not 100% and it's slow and requires time. And that's an automatic failure of the design where a counselor can exploit that. And no one said you have to stay in CS at all in fact. That's an argument you seem to have made up in order to have something to debunk. In fact, it's because of its unreliability as of late that I slash raw and only try to activate combat stance into block upon baiting a swing. It's one of the most reliable methods in a meta where even that strat is heavily unreliable in itself. But it works against scrubs and even the occasional pro player so I still bring it to the table. The other option is to take advantage of lack of spacial awareness and bait a punish swing on their end by empty slashing yourself only to punish with a slash or grab afterwards. None of that requires combat stance or block. You're missing the point here on a massive scale it seems. I never said counselors were that coordinated at all times. Again. I pointed out in the original post that USUALLY this is ends badly for them. I perform 8/8s more often that not. I generally stop teams BEFORE they even call Tommy if I really layout the setups and play the mind games effectively. But it's the occasional group that ARE all communicating and basically forming a blitz circle around you and just taking advantage of the fact that there are obvious holes in Jason's combat and unsafe moments in both his slashes AND his grabs. Literally all of his offense can be punished under average circumstances and average internet connections, and that's the real issue. The way to make this fair is to add some kind of equalization method of Jason's part. Either make his slashes MUCH safer with more of a hitsun on counselors, add the stun immunity window in for a few seconds, or add more control and less buggy mechanisms to the combat stance in general. Plus...it's Friday the 13th. It may be purely a subjective viewpoint here, but it should be frankly a STUPID option to decide to just hit Jason without trying to be smarter about it in any way other than "just gang up on him". And it should be immensely punishable, if only for the spirit of the franchise, if not balance. Also, knives being a be-all answer when they are in fact a finite resource and one that requires time to gather and stockpile, is a pretty lame bandaid over the issue of combat being garbage. A well oiled team will tank every single one of those and leave you with only your weapon, or leave you wasting precious time hunting down more. Knives should be an aide. Not a solution. (Although I'm all for headshots with knives being 100% lethal as a future change). As a fighting game player who has learned to eat his humble pie in games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken when he gets bodied, I can tell when a poor performance is due to lack of skill vs poor design/unresponsiveness of the game. If I get caught on the wakeup while trying to apply pressure, I know it's because I got too in over my head and didn't respect the invincible wake-up attack. I should have blocked and punished. A failure like that is on me, and that's something I've learned in the games I play. F13, as much as I love it is absolutely atrocious in the combat department for a variety of reasons. I know this as someone who can appreciate the intricacies of actual smooth combat in games like DMC, Ninja Gaiden, MGR Revengeance, etc. Pretending the issue is fine and there aren't any issues and it's all up to player skill is quite frankly not good for the game and in the end, we should all want the game to be better before the resources to fix things dry up and become unfeasible. End of story.
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    IMO, medic is still the best single perk, but Swift Attacker is very strong and my favorite perk. Doesn't matter what kind of build I'm running, Swift Attacker always have a open spot. Admittedly, SA had more impact in the previous build, since Jason CS-Block actually worked and the Grab wasn't a free punish like it is currently. Not necessarily to have, but you'll never know when those extra saved frames will save you.
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    Basically what @Methodicalize said... Epic Thrasher, sucker punch, and slugger on Buggzy, Chad, Vanessa, Adam, or Fox. Use axe or machete to demask.
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    @Ahab you're very much correct that it would take a lot of time to flesh out these ideas. I think the key thing would be to not make it too much like the current game. Another thought occurred to me, it might also work to not just buff counselors as the match progresses but to Nerf Jason. As people find the bodies of his victims his stealth ability could be reduced. In the movies as Jason kills people off he works himself into a frenzy when there are only a few left. This could be represented in a game by making him clumsier or reducing his "sense". This might allow him to be OP early on when he should be, but near the end it would let that final survivor to have a chance to escape or defeat him.
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    I'm going to watch Jason X while holding my controller and pretending I'm playing the Grendel map. Whilst softly weeping alone in my room.
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    I really wish they would just show us some stuff. Even if not all of it. Even if I know we won't get it, it still makes me excited/happy to see it.
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    Its' not your internet. The game is broken.
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    Back in January I stopped playing the game in disgust at how poorly everything was being handled, and was also handed a 3 month ban from the forums for being "too negative" and "too critical of the developers." In my ban message, one of the GUN team told me I knew nothing about how hard development was, and should try coming back when my ban ended in April, and maybe I'd have a more positive attitude regarding the state of the game then. It's now June, and not only is the game buggier than ever, half the new content hasn't arrived, and now never will. Absolutely nothing about this turn of events surprises me one bit. I'm just glad I saved 5 months of my life by not allowing even more of my time to be wasted by shoddy work and false promises. Please excuse my appalling negativity! It was obviously totally unfounded! You guys really showed me! ?
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    We definitely appreciate the support. I, for one, was expecting the announcement to be received more poorly, but you guys have been awesome. It's definitely an emotional time. I *might* have a browser tab open for everyone streaming F13 on either Twitch or Mixer right now. It might not be the most meaningful thing, but if that +1 to view count helps, then I'm there.
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    @Cokeyskunk, i am still trying to come up with worthy one for you, @Truth,@Risinggrave, and a couple others. You guys are like the blood stream of the forums. You guys keep it flowing and lively. THIS TIME i promise i didnt forget you. Hahaha i just spent all my shitter time this morning coming up with what i did.
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