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    The players that want to stand on equal footing with Jason really need to find a different game. This should not be that game. A bat swing to get away or help a counselor get loose is one thing. But to stand around in a group of even just three, and more or less chain stun Jason is just sad. I've used this before but I'll state it here. A bad Jason should kill a good counselor 70-80 percent of the time. That's the balance this game should have. The balance should be in favor of Jason. Not even ground. The ABSOLUTE best counselors should escape at maybe 50 percent. It shouldn't be a matter of, "I'm a better player than the person playing Jason so I should win every time." You're up against Jason, he should be murdering you a solid 7/10 times. This game isn't win/lose. That's why you don't see leader boards, it's not intended to be competitive. I know it's just my opinion and others disagree but I think this was the intention of the developers before the community complained about it. *counselor preferred player.
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    No. Pretty please with cherry on top, do not rape another franchise.
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    I love the game, bugs and all. Hoping that the devs can concentrate 100% on bugs now that the lawsuit has put the kibosh on any new content for now. I don't care about a Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street game. I wanted a Friday the 13th game, and I finally got it. That said, if you hate the game, why play it? Why post here? Wash your hands of it and be done. The insane negativity here is getting old. Yes,there are bugs, but the base game underneath the bugs is well thought-out and made with obvious love and respect for the franchise. That said, finally getting the game stable/bug-free would be swell. Hopefully that will happen now that the devs can't release new content for the time being/ever.
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    Alright, I'm baffled by this and I'm sincerely asking for input - how is this poll sitting 8/11 right at the moment? Lawsuit aside, it's irrelevant, I'm thinking in terms of technical problems - since launch and following every update the game has been plagued with bugs - game breaking bugs - that seemingly get worse with each change. Why on earth would anyone look at that and think, "Hey, maybe they should get a second title going!" Not trying to be inflammatory here, I'm sincerely asking the "Yes" folks because I literally cannot comprehend that answer.
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    I have ZERO problems joining games. 10-30 seconds at the most. Always packed games.. So it must be his internet.
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    So with the possibility of things getting halted, I need to address a major concern. When the day eventually comes that the servers quit, the only things possible in this game will be offline bots and the challenges (and the cabin). I would like it if the person playing as Jason actually got to hear the music FROM THAT JASON when hunting down counselors. It's bugged me from the start that "retro" jason's music can only be heard if you're a counselor, but mroeso with the other Jasons as people kept saying Savini Jason's music is spooky but I never hear it because I almost never play with people who have him.
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    Bears, I have three questions which I hope you will stick around long enough to answer: If the lawsuit wraps up more quickly than anticipated, will you come back to the forum? If the game begins getting new content again, will you try playing with us again? . . . did you just thank Darrin Howard . . . ? On a final note, there are a few folks here who keep me coming back. Please know you were always one of them. This forum will be a little less complete without you, and I hope you at least pop back in every once in a while to say hello. You will be missed, friend. - Skunk
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    I do not know you, but I do agree with this particular post you have typed up here. Kudo's for speaking your mind. If something happens and the game goes offline "if" mind you, I think we all want to have access to everything we have already payed for offline if we cannot have the multiplayer aspect after a certain time. I guess we will see what happens in the future. Good post though.
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    Exactly, if he gets rights he has potential to be a smart investor and as insignificant as many of you believe this game is in the grand view of the whole license... it's actually spurred an unparalleled interest in the franchise and in my opinion not only made it massively relevant after a long dormant time but also has intrigued enough horror fans with very little knowledge of F13 to watch the films for context in the game. It's a GREAT modern investment. Period. However to echo myself and many others: attacking, insulting and even Threatening Miller is a knee-jerk (hurt) reaction without understanding the breadth of the suit. BUT HARRASSING IS PETTY, not to mention a DUMB ass way to make the possible licenseholder care about the game. After reading some of the hate on social media, I would not blame him if he terminated the game on shear principal (I hope not) but if this happens the game community (or bullies within, rather) are to blame... Not Gun, Not Illfonic, not even Miller... the uninformed bullies that made us as a community seem ignorant. Thank you
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    Plain and simple. It was fun, and I played it obsessively from release date until now, but the nail is finally in the coffin. Obviously we had the early issues from the opening weekend of excessive wait times to get into lobbies and people abusing the floating glitch and the Packanack roof glitch. Then we had those promises of new content after a month or two of nothing happening and all we got was the Pt 3 retro skin. The real killer was when team killing was taken away because video games have become so beta just like America. I missed the days when testosterone flowed smoothly through manly veins and men were men. And I won't even go on. It was fun while it lasted, but the death knell has rung and this game is toast. I might try to get The Sequel trophy still because of the inordinate amount of hours I've spent on this game since last May 26th, but I'm likely checking out and moving on.
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    I would definitely take that bitch to court, that’s like taking your child away from you.
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    It needs to happen before "they" pull the plug
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    It's either a coincidence but every person that replies to me respond with "so" at the end.
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    Bot Kenny somehow picked up the propeller on Higgins Haven Small Xbox. This is odd for two reasons.
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    The devs are most likely able to address such an issue since now they got more time with fixing bugs and other such things.
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    "THEY" refers to gun and illfonic. It got a laugh because it points out their failures and what a horrible job they have done lately without coming out and saying it directly.
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    Shut the fuck up, I've read these forums everyday since December 1st. You have been here for 2 weeks. How the hell are you an authority on how much more communication is coming from the devs? You made a statement and when asked for proof your response is to tell someone to do the research? That's not the way it works. I know your easily confused but if anyone is trolling here it's you. All I have asked for is for you to show evidence to corroborate your claims. It shouldn't be so hard if there if you're so sure of it.
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    Engaging Jason in combat should NEVER be a viable option, IMHO. It should be a last-ditch desperation move used to buy time and get away. Any game where counselors feel that running TOWARD Jason is a good idea is, frankly, doing a disservice to the characters and the films. If stun cooldown can correct that, then I'm all for it.
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    Hmm. Good franchise/IP licensed games? * Alien Isolation * Goldeneye 64 * Star Wars Arcade * Rambo II on Sega Master System * Rambo III on Sega Genesis * SNES Star Wars * Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction * Nightmare on Elm Street NES
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    Now that you're not introducing any new content.... I hope all your efforts are being put on fixing the game
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    Hey @bewareofbears, hate to see you go man. Like some of the others, I've seen this coming for a while. I still got ya on YouTube. We've had some really good conversations on here. Some subjects we agreed on, and some we didn't. I'll miss the movie convos most of all. I'm not on here much anymore myself, and I hardly even play the game right now. I just have too much going on. We'll see ya around man. Take care.
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    ❤️ ya @bewareofbears. At the time,you were the only one around here who proved that I wasn't going crazy. Keep lurking and stick to the "shadows."
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    Couldn't agree with you more, @bewareofbears. I too saw the update as a make or break and break it did. It broke stuff that I didn't even think they could break. I hoped they would put out a good build but as most are aware I was extremely doubtful. The thought that they could rebuild the entire game flawlessly(or close to) in six months when it took 2 years for the first buggy release was a pipe dream. I'm not here to rain on Gun's parade but I feel they chose the wrong developer for this endeavor. I also feel the creative direction was way off. It started good but went awry quickly with the goofy outfits and excessive emotes. With the no new content for the foreseeable future I hope they actually get the game to a stable state. But, with no new content also just means the forum will just be a bug reporting service for the most part. Posting ideas when nothing is gonna be added is sort of a waste of time but it's kinda been like that since day one really. They were never really interested in players ideas anyway. Wes said it himself, he made the game he wanted. Our ideas for improvements and additions were never really ever gonna be taken too seriously, but we hoped and might have made some headway on occasion. But, in the end it was always came down to one person. For the most part it's a good community. I have met some solid people here and that has been the best part of this gaming experience. Also, been one of the worst experiences dealing with a company. I find Gun to be less than forthcoming about issues and progress and often punting serious issues. More thoug, I see the lack of care for their community. Without their community they have nothing and neglecting, to try intimidating, or putting down your community members is a poor way to conduct a business, amarite? I will stick around for a bit, assuming I'm allowed that is. I really do hope the game gets the fixes it deserves and eventually hope when all is said and done with this lawsuit that content starts flowing again.
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    It's really bizarre to me when people try to inject politics or insult political opponents over completely unrelated things. There's got to be some kind of underlying insecurity in a person, or just a real ideological obsession, to try to bring politics into something like this. Pretty hilarious. Don't you have better criticisms of actual viewpoints that make it so you don't have to pretend someone's opinion of how a video game's dlc is handled is indicative of their political allegiances? Weird.
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