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    I feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth with this game, bugs and all.
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    This is so sad. I feel for Gun as well. I don't believe that they're the soulless uncaring money hungry cunts that some people seem to think they are. They love Friday the 13th as much as any of us do - some of the people who doubt that probably aren't big enough fans of the franchise to be able to appreciate how much love and authenticity has been painstakingly poured into the game. No video game has ever meant more to me - with the possible exception of Silent Hill 2, for very different reasons. I had the worst most excruciatingly painful and traumatic year in 2016 and was still recovering from the fallout of that well into 2017... I'd been quietly anticipating this game as I'd been a Friday the 13th fan since I was like 6 years old and used to watch all the movies with my brother - constantly anxious that my mum would walk in at any moment and have the intrinsic knowledge that it was an R rated movie (in Australia anyway) and banish us to an alternate dimension where VCR's didn't exist. Having been hopelessly depressed and heartbroken for months on end, right around the time Friday the 13th: The Game released last May, things started to get a little brighter. The game was definitely a big part of that. It was one of the main reasons that things started to turn around for me around that time, and for that I'll always be thankful to the people who created it. It got me through June-July 2017, a year on from the vague horribleness I alluded to earlier... That period which I'd been dreading more than anything up until around the time of the game's release, actually turned into a really good time in my life. Obviously there were other factors in that as well but the game was a significant one, as well as the friends I'd made playing it. It may have saved my life - no hyperbole. I'd never really played multiplayer games much in the past and it's funny looking back on when I was awaiting this game's release, the multiplayer was an afterthought in my mind. I figured I'd be all about the single player (not aware that it wouldn't be added till later). Needless to say, I was wrong. I played my first game on PS4 on day 1. Counselor on random - happened to be Chad. Perhaps foreshadowing future events involving me being Chad, in hindsight - haha. Had no idea what I was doing as I walked around aimlessly. More or less unaware that objectives existed. Being in the vicinity of Jason was genuinely unnerving at that point. I somehow ended up being the last counselor alive by sheer accident, if anything I wanted J-dog to eviscerate me much sooner than he did. I pressed X near a tent and climbed inside it without even really meaning to. Jason showed up and sleeping bagged poor Chad to death. And the rest is history. For all it's technical flaws (especially lately...), I could have fun playing any iteration of this game for the rest of my life. I'm sure many others feel the same. I made some awesome friends through F13 - some of which I talk to pretty regularly outside of the game. It helped me more than anything else has in the last 12 months and I'll always be extremely grateful for the simple fact that it exists. I know other people will differ from how I feel, but I love the foundation of this game (when the gamebreaking bugs are gone anyway) and personally I'd never bore of a solid playable version of the game that didn't add any new content. I always find new ways of entertaining myself in the game regardless. I know that whether it's feasible to keep it going beyond the foreseeable future is another matter entirely, but there are people out there who love the game itself and don't need endless "new stuff" added in order for it to be worth playing. I get bored of 90% of new games that I attempt to play nowadays, but this game never ceases to entertain me in one way or another. No other video game has made me laugh as hard as this one either, and it's not even close. Whether it be the time I trolled a pair of fuckwits who were trying to team up (one of them was Chad running around with the gas, his friend was Jason) and baited Jason into slashing his dear friend Chad to death while attempting to slash me - that being his only kill in the game. Or when a party of three were teaming in a lobby I was hosting for about 90 minutes, then I fixed the car and ran over all three of them in hilariously brutal and merciless fashion. Then I picked up an injured Buggzy, drove all the way to the exit, but what's that? One of the teamers has now returned as Tommy? Well I better drive all the way back to Packanack Lodge, run him over as he attempts to shoot me through the windshield... Narrowly avoid the noob Jason trying to stop the car, drive back to the exit and escape unscathed. LOL. Then I got back into the lobby, they all readied up - eager for vengeance. You were kicked. Host has left the game. ? (sidenote: it's always a noob Jason in games like this, a good Jason would put an end to such shenanigans) That's not even mentioning the countless meltdowns I've heard on mic throughout the last 12+ months. Endlessly amusing. Thank you Gun/Illfonic for creating this game. Please work on the bugs now and have faith that there are people like me who genuinely love the game and aren't going to bore of it immediately if nothing new is added content-wise in the future.
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    @Cokeyskunk, @TheHansonGoons, @Thatguyinktown, @The Wolf with that Toast, @Zaneygrrl, @TxJason, @HuDawg, @BrokenFattHardy, @NthnButAGoodTime, @DamonD7, @Barbara Ann, @Alien_Number_Six, @Risinggrave, @JasonSquared, @Riot_Dame, @Dr B DDS, @BionicCapo, @Kodiak Just trying to spread the word in case you haven't seen this yet. I know this section gets very little attention (especially now with all the bullshit going on) so I figured this could take your minds off the shit show for a moment.
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    Fuck me, you'd of really cried as a gamer in the 80's with actually games that were released with no way of completing them or bugged with no fixes at all.
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    You don’t deserve a refund. You don’t buy a game with hopes of “future content”. You’re buying what’s available. If I were Gun/Illfonic, id tell you to kick rocks.
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    So me and several members of my family bought several copies of the game based on the promise of future content that was on the roadmap when we purchased the game. Since this isn't going to happen due to legal issues we'd like to know how to go about getting refunds for this game. Thanks in advance.
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    I will refuse to think the game is dead, stop saying RIP: Friday the 13th Game, i will still play this game even with the glitches and bug and no more DLC, i will take this to my grave, i will fight for it even i can't do anything about the lawsuit, but guys we have to keep playing this game hoping that the court will end soon. Any things we can help just ask man, i know i can't do much but i'm willing to help !! YES ? GAWD ? PREACH ?
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    As of the announcement today, Gun and Illfonic cannot release any new content until the above lawsuit is settled. The Issue The issue at its core is whether the writer of the original movie can claim ownership over the characters of Jason and elements of the first movie; Cunningham and company claim he cannot, as he was an employee who cannot claim copyright ownership, Miller “claims to be a freelance writer who wrote the first draft ‘on spec’ prior to completing the work pursuant to a screenwriting agreement.” In other words, Miller wrote and provided a first draft to producer Sean Cunningham’s company without any contract or guarantee of payment, enabling Cunningham to raise money and attract talent to proceed with the project. The parties executed a screenwriting agreement on June 4, 1979, but newly discovered evidence suggests that Miller’s first draft was already complete prior to the date of that agreement. (ipwire) Miller claims that his work was independent of Cunningham and associates, and that he was not an employee of Cunningham or Manny at the time. The movie is 38 years old, why did Miller wait so long to file a lawsuit? In accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, authors are allowed to terminate an existing copyright after a period of 35 years, given that they were not a work for hire. A Work for hire is a work that is created by an employee as a part of their job. Miller had between June 4, 2014 and June 4, 2019 to serve a termination of copyright. So was Miller's Screenplay a "work for hire" or not? This is really the crux of the issue. While Cunningham, Manny Company, and Horror, Inc maintain that it was a work for hire drafted under a standard WGA contract, they are not able to provide the court with a copy of a contract that states that it WAS a work for hire. Further complicating matters, Miller's May 7, 1980 sale of the screenplay from Manny and Georgetown Productions, Inc does not reference the screenplay as a work for hire AND lists Miller as the sole author of the screenplay. Why and how does this affect the game now? While the developers did get the rights to the Friday the 13th series that is owned by Sean Cunningham and the company Horror, Inc, Miller's attempt to terminate the copyright agreement means that the rights for the character of Jason and elements of the first 1980 movie are currently in limbo. Miller's notice of termination lists a date of July 15 2018, at which point he would like ownership or at least credit for all works related to the character of Jason created after that date. Miller's attorney is quoted saying ""Whereas Miller will thereby recover the U.S. copyright to his original film treatment and screenplay this does not prevent the continued exploitation by Plaintiffs or their licensees of prior derivative works, including the 1980 film and its many sequels; it solely relates to new derivative works after the effective 2018 termination date,"" (Hollywood reporter article). Presumably, this includes new Friday the 13th Game Content created post July 15, 2018. But they previously said the lawsuit wouldn't affect the game? While they did mention that in a summer 2017 article, it was also assuming that the lawsuit would be decided by fall 2017 (according to Gun's statement). According to court filings, there was a motion filed in October 2017 that was granted in May 2018. The nature of the motion is not public knowledge, so it could be that the game is enjoined as a Horror, Inc asset, or it could be that a newly unearthed memo from Tom Savini requests a copy of the completed script from BEFORE Miller entered his contract with Cunningham. Either way, this is newly discovered evidence that has extended the discovery period of the case. But what does that have to do with THE GAME?!!!! Again, any released content outside of that creation window COULD be considered a new derivative work involving Miller's creation. By stopping production on new content, Gun has decided to avoid a possible legal headache where they have to renegotiate compensation to Miller for all new content, and avoiding a separate lawsuit with Miller altogether (by my estimations). Full court docket from Court Listener: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4497508/horror-inc-v-miller/ Cunningham and Horror, Inc filed this 45 page summary judgement in June 2017: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3863746-Friday-Cunningham.html Here is Victor Miller's 45 page summary judgement from the same date: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3863745-Friday-Miller.html Hollywood Reporter article: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/friday-13th-producer-points-writers-union-membership-bid-hold-franchise-rights-1012930 World Intellectual Property Organization's "Navigating US Copyright Termination Rights" http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2012/04/article_0005.html IPwire's May 2018 article on Savini's memo: http://ipwire.com/stories/the-smoking-machete-that-could-break-the-friday-the-13th-lawsuit-wide-open/ Larry Zerner (Shelly from Part 3 and current entertainment lawyer) breaks it down: http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3504232/part-iii-star-larry-zerner-now-lawyer-clearly-explains-messy-friday-13th-lawsuit/ Slash 'N Cast video interview with Larry Zerner: I'll update this as it develops, and to correct errors.
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    I loved this game. I was never a huge F13 fan. I didn’t start playing this game because of the label. My friend introduced me to it and I fell in “love” with the intense survival aspect of the game. It offered the feeling of being in another world, one in which your only goal was to stay alive. It was probably the first video game I ever spent 31 days playing, lol. And now it looks like it may be over. The Friday The 13th Game has had its ups and lots of downs. It’s had plenty of bugs and a god-awful launch. It’s developers have had some serious communication issues, and have blatenly lied to us at times. But it has always offered me a fun and enjoyable time, and I have met tons of amazing people that I believe I will stay in contact with for years. And so I ask you, and I think I speak for all of the true fans of the game, please keep the servers up and running. Keep the game alive, and keep on updating it. You may not be able to release new content, but you can change aspects of the game. Improve the perk system. Give players new ways of progressing. Keep the game interesting and alive and I promise you that true Friday The 13th fans, as well as true F13 Game fans, will continue to play this truly exceptional video game. And if you can’t, won’t, or don’t: it’s been fun. Please listen to this forum. We still have hope. - Hugh Paul @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben
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    That's about as extreme as some of the people going off...Even the biggest dicks around here have been expressing the exact sentiment @HuDawg shared above your post. I don't really see anyone jumping for joy over this. I have no doubt that there are some silver linings to all this and that the devs can come out of it...Patch the game up, make it great, and the players will be there. It's a real "Field of Dreams" scenario. I truly believe that. People have always come and gone with this game, mostly because the experience is a real mixed bag. If they can fix that up, players will stick around, and now I really think they can (as long as they still want to). Hell, if people really wanna come together and show support, we should set up a social media rally...Get people playing again! Buy extra copies for friends. Get twitch/mixer numbers back up. Show them the community won't let it die.
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    I don't care if they add NO MORE new content. If they take whats present in game and polish it/fix it. Id be happy for the rest of this games life span. @GunMedia_Ben You Can DOOOOOO! IT! This game will have fan base for a long time..Its the only real slasher/killer game there is.
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    Well i understand they won't create new content due to what ever that stupid lawsuit is about. But really. They can fix the game. This game doesn't really need new content other then MORE kills. It only needs polish. I myself didn't care much about Jason X (Space map). Im more then happy with the content i got for $40. Fixing/polish is all that this game really needs.
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    I want to say somehow meaner, but I don't feel like being banned again, so I'll just say that this "gentleman" has no idea what the hell he's talking about and should be completely ignored by one and all.
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    Since Friday will no longer be getting new content. I would just like to thank everyone at GunMedia, IllFonic and everyone who backed the game. I can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences I ever had with a video game. Especially a multiplayer one. That is very high praise from someone who has been playing video games from the age of three years old and generally can't stand online multiplayer games. The environments, the characters, the Jasons are all so authentic and the gameplay was so fun. Thank you so much for all the great content. In a lot of ways this game took me back to my childhood. I was born in 1978 and I grew up with the Friday the 13th series. I was actually the cool kid at school because my awesome parents let me watch awesome films. I would tell the kids at school the gruesome details of Jason Voorhees' adventures and they would wish their mom and dad were awesome enough to let them watch those scary movies. Last May I was driving to work with the classic 80's music station blasting tunes dialed to eleven down the dark and lonely highway 195 near Austin Texas. I put quite a lot of time in at work you see. And for a solid year when I had time to play Friday the 13th was the game I chose to play. Thank you to all the wonderful people here on the fourms who I played with and argued with and agreed with. You guys helped me pass the time on my long and boring security shifts. And when we play together it's a ton of fun. And lastly I want to thank @ShiftySamurai for being the community manager here on the fourms. Thanks for putting up with us and our many gripes. And @wes I think I speak for everyone when I say that I want you to keep your promise to update the game and polish it up and get us console players those dedicated servers. That's all I really ever wanted from the game at this point anyway. Jason Ayotte aka Alien Number Six
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    Which is what we (as fans of the franchise in general) should be doing. Not going to war with each other over how we feel about the dev team. We need to stay strong here and show them how much we care. I don't want the game to die, I don't think you do either. I doubt anyone here does. Instead of being at each other's throats over this whole ordeal, we need to show our support. Us being assholes here isn't going to motivate the dev team to stick around. The only reason they would abandon the game is if we abandon them.
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    The doomsayers are definitely not helping anything. Funnily enough, they seem to be mostly assholes who feel like the game should just go ahead and keel over and die. Which, if that's how they genuinely feel, then why are they still commenting on the forums for said game? That's the million dollar question.
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    I'm with you, man. Right there with you. I have faith, and a lot of patience, something a lot of these so-called "veterans" don't have. If the game goes down, yeah, that's a real shame. But you better bet your bottom dollar I'll be going to each person on here who said dedicated servers would never happen, and when they do go live I'll be like, "you may now eat your words."
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    But that's what we do best. Fucking sad, isn't it?
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    I don't get why there is vitriol here and on Reddit and Twitter directed at Victor Miller. If you were Victor Miller, you'd likely sue for the same thing he is. Even if it doesn't benefit you directly, it benefits your children and your childrens children. It's a smart business decision on his part, that frankly he should have done years ago. It sucks for all of us and it is also why the F13 movie that was slated to be released last year never happened but it is what it is. Unfortunately these type of lawsuits drag on for years in the courts until there's some kind of settlement reached with the usual NDA attached. For the franchise itself, we'll eventually see another F13 movie but this game is for all intents and purposes dead.
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    They didn't promise me heaven....... They promised me a fully working game. I ain't ever seen proof that heaven exists but I've seen many a working game, so I know it's possible. All I want is a working game. Not content. Not Space Jason. Not Muffin the dog. Not the Pamela. Not 21 Jump Street. Not Magic Daggers. Not Reckless. Just a working game with minimal glitches. That's all. It ain't as hard as they making it look. If it was, there wouldn't be 40,000 games to choose from.
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    (I don't want to pay the $.10/page to view it, but I am REALLY tempted to, just to see what it says and if it does involve the game)
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    This sounds like the most frivolous lawsuit in years.
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    Hey! Illfonic are the most hard working, dedicated, skilled professionals in the business! How dare you!?
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    We will still be fixing bugs and other issues players find in the game, and we are still bringing dedicated servers out for our players on consoles.
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