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    You guys deserve more than a standard form press release, and the man himself is working on that.
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    Dude, you gotta post this stuff yourself, it looks bad when we hear it elsewhere first.
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    We will still be fixing bugs and other issues players find in the game, and we are still bringing dedicated servers out for our players on consoles.
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    It's simple...you post it HERE before sending it off to bloody disgusting. That's how you control it. Everyone this news pertains to READS HERE. Posting it on bloody disgusting is just announcing it to a bunch of people who already forgot about the game.
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    I gotta say, this is shocking. It might finally be safe to say "RIP F13: the game". Without future content this game is dead in the water. Fixes or not. It's been fun.
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    Sorry, but the gloves come off when you fuck with Jason.
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    Nailed it. Just add it to the list of many, many things that make this game a fucking joke...Only these guys would post what @ShiftySamurai did up there and somehow think that's a smart/rational approach. Guess I'll go buy a couple burner accounts for hacking purposes now...Main one won't have any violations so I'll be fine. *shrug* I don't even know what to say anymore. It's like these guys want to be the laughingstock of the industry. Doesn't matter anymore. Game died when they utterly failed on the engine update and the patch that followed it. They lost any and all remaining credibility they had (and that really wasn't much to begin with). Word to the wise: If you're ever gonna back a project on kickstarter - make sure the devs involved aren't total hacks. This is why I refrained from backing Hide or Die. That game will likely turn out worse than this one...
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    Campers, You may or may not have seen the press release circling around the internet about future content for Friday the 13th: The Game. We're still sorting through the pieces while trying to shove our hearts back into our chests. Once I have a clearer picture of what details I can discuss, I will. We CAN work on bugs, balance, performance, optimizations and of course dedicated servers. That's what ILLFONIC are doing as we speak. Sorry, I don't have more to share at this time, but I didn't want total silence on this topic. This really sucks. I need a drink. -W
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    Fucking bullshit. And even more bullshit that we learn this from a random news site. Shows how much we, the backers that made this game possible, mean to GUN. We should have been informed of this long ago. Not find it out like this. More bullshitery from GUN. Also, if this game gets killed before dedicated servers are released, guess what... We will literally have NOTHING. It’s also really cool that all the hackers have Jason X. But we won’t.
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    Now at least we know what #SaveCrystalLake meant...
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    I will be on the game always. I just cant do the forums anymore. There are some very well informed knowledgeable people here. Met some great players. There is a new toxic element to it and it makes the forums not fun for me anymore. Woe is me type shit. Thank you for the Shits and Giggles.
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    So, there is really an argument in the subreddit and the forums regarding the balance of this game. I mean, you might have heard these quotes or similar things said: "Jason is underbalanced!" "Why does he get knocked down a lot?" "Counselors are too OP!" "Jason needs buffs!" "Jason is not fun to play!" This obviously proves that many people think that Jason is underbalanced. In many instances, I have heard the idea of making Jason almost impossible to stun or at least very difficult to stun. As neither a counselor or Jason main, I will do my best to present no bias and present both sides of the argument. Many people have come out to say that Jason is extremely weak. Most of the time, they bring up the fact he gets knocked around like a pinball, and that counselors are too OP, but here are my thoughts on this. I think Jason is completely balanced, although could use minor tweaking, and he is fine where he is. People often complain about counselors being too overpowered, but I disagree. For one, each are extremely good in different areas and terrible in others. In what regard is the counselor too overpowered? To me, counselors have everything to fight back against Jason and escape, but Jason can still prevent this. That's the point of the game. Some characters will be repairing escape objectives, and others will be buying those counselors time. I don't think that combat in-game needs changes. Sure, it is annoying to be stunned by a bat, wrench, axe, or pipe, but the thing that always fucks me up is that many people I have encountered have said that Jason can't do anything to prevent it. Wrong! He has the ability to block, to dodge, and the ability to just hack the counselor to death. Blocking is normally the best option in these situations, and gives Jason a chance to defend himself. Blocking completely negates stuns if he blocks. Of course, he has a set chance to block, but his chance is still fairly decent. Also, to the people that think that giving him a really high stun resistance, that would be broken. For one, many counselors are centered around buying time for their teammates and stunning Jason. If Jason could not get stunned very easily, then Jason would almost always kill everyone. Additionally, many counselors who lack speed, strength, and stamina need to stun Jason to be able to defend themselves. I saw a thread here the other day that counselors should get no stamina for knocking down Jason, but I disagree with this entirely. For one, those counselors who lack athleticism will easily die then, where they already are easy to kill anyway. It wouldn't be fun dealing with so many people playing Vanessa or Tiffany, or anyone with a high stamina stat for that matter. Nobody would want to play counselors with low stamina then because if Jason shows up, they'd be dead. They would not be able to get far at all to help themselves. Jason has everything he needs to annihilate counselors, and the counselors have the opportunities to defend themselves and protect themselves, but Jason also has counters to those. I'm tired of people saying that Jason is underbalanced. This is clearly a balance debate that won't go anywhere or be completely resolved, but here is my analysis and thoughts on combat in this game.
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    This explains why they rushed such a huge update out blatantly unfinished and broke the game. It was then or never. They can issue a few bug fixes over the next few months, and if the legal dispute isn't settled in good time then the game will end.
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    True, that lawsuit really screwed them over here... But, who knows! Maybe they end up getting the fixes right. I feel bad for Gun/Illfonic now...
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    It's great to know the folks at GUN and/or Illfonic think so highly of their game and playerbase that not only do we NOT get news like this in ANY of the subforums, we all learn about it through a forum members post from a different website!
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    What, no new content or emotes and any new updates can only be bug fixes. How...horrible? Ironic, a limiting lawsuit forces the game to do something it should have been doing THIS WHOLE FUCKING TIME!
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    Most of us are fine with this. People have been asking them to forget about content and focus on fixes for at least 6 months now. Nevertheless, can't be surprised this is how we're learning about this. Forget an e-mail to the backers they're failing. Forget posting this to your community before bd did... I doubt we see many more updates at all, fixes or otherwise.
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    The press release quoted is a legitimate press release that we sent out.
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    Could not agree more. Emotes contribute NOTHING to the game. Which is what happens when gaming goes from a fringe hobby to being mainstream. Back when the audience was substantially smaller, games HAD to be good out of necessity, or they failed and a company went bankrupt (and it still does to this day, under the right circumstances). Now, with installation bases in the tens or hundreds of millions for consoles globally, the margin for error is as wide as ever; developers/studios can take risks, but they can also make stupid decisions as well--and have a much larger cushion. Ask EA how Battlefront 2 is going. But to your point, gaming development is a bloated industry that is going to go the way of television. Quality will continue to deteriorate while the people at the top continue to focus on alternate revenue streams: season passes, loot boxes, micro transactions, etc... even this game is falling prey, as we're on our third kill pack and have had multiple clothing packs. Perhaps the rubberband glitch in the game is a metaphor for the development process. I literally spent the entire weekend trying to force myself to play and just shrugging my shoulders and saying to myself "why"? If you think they give two shits about what we want, you're sadly misinformed. Game development isn't about giving "the fans" what they want, it's about one person's singular vision. Back when it was indisputable Jason needed buffs (I'm too lazy to figure out which patch it was), this community provided a veritable tsunami of feedback and suggestions. What did they do? Ignore us completely and marginally buff Jason's running speed and the number of traps/knives he had. Meanwhile, they've continued to tinker with the grab reach/range, making it difficult for anyone not playing for multiple hours a day to adjust and master the new timing and mechanics. You can claim "Offline bots!" all you want, but the fact of the matter is, there's no substitute for playing against a team of well coordinated human opponents. Again, they continue to whiplash around, vacillating between the blind eye towards addressing valid bugs, issues, and concerns, and remaining content to focus on distracting us with shiny baubles of no practical value (Virtual Cabin 2.0, Uber Jason tease, clothing packs, emotes, single player challenges) all while ignoring the largest contributing factor to replayability and player retention, the asymmetrical pvp. Additional Single Player Challenges or buffs to the Offline Bots are only papering over the gaping holes in the product. The pvp needs to be fixed first and foremost. It has more bugs than a crackhouse on the edge of a swamp, and as pvp is the only means of gameplay that retains any sort of social component, I find it borderline disgusting that the focus continues to be elsewhere. If they were to magically make the pvp disappear from this game, what's left of the playerbase would all but vanish overnight. Using your little kitchen analogy, when you order medium rare steak, and they send you out a salad, you damn well better start complaining, or else the next course will be a barium enema followed by yoga.
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    A set chance to block damage, not stuns. The only stun you will receive if you are blocking will be the stun off the demask, which means two things - you would've taken a ton of damage already (with the tiny amount of block damage being enough to finish your HP) or Buggzy was laying into you with a machete when one of your blocks failed. This is because block damage is so miniscule, even with 10 Str. To give you an idea, a heavy machete with 10 Str deals 80 damage but on block it only deals 5 damage max. They are not demasking him off stuns, as actual stun damage even off a heavy axe hit is between 2-5. This is why machete is the only reliable weapon for demask, not only does it deal more damage vs axe but axe also has high stun chance. You can break axes on Jason and still not demask. But regarding Jason mask HP, I absolutely agree it needs to be buffed. That is a no brainer and something I've been saying for months. That is because you do not understand how to use combat stance. Majority of players don't and it's something I am constantly explaining. Combat stance shouldn't be thought of as a "stance", it should be thought of as aim assist. Because that's exactly what it is. Combat stance should always be activated before a swing, either as counselor or Jason, because that will lead your swing directly at the target. The players that don't use combat stance for attacks are the ones you see wildly swinging and whiffing in the opposite direction for example. Both light and heavy attacks can be performed in CS even on console, with light being the better option unless you're trying to demask, as heavy has bad tracking (but more range and roughly double damage as counselor). As Jason, combat stance can be used for a variety of things. Not only attacks, but also perfectly centering targets prior to a quick toss knife, chasing after a counselor which will automatically rotate you if they change directions suddenly, strafing, and even laying traps precisely. It should always be used as a quick in/out in combat, to perform its function and exit out after, so you are retaining your full mobility. Blocking should be used in the same way, quick block the attack and exit out of CS after. That is one thing that did not need to be tied to aim assist however, as block already has full 360 coverage anyway. That is because the Jasons you are playing against do not know how to block. They know the controls, but they don't know how to use it effectively to both pressure counselors and defend themselves at the same time. The technique is to bait the counselor into hitting you, and the way you bait is by draining stamina and/or dealing damage with knives. 1 knife deals 30 damage, if you throw 2 that is now 60 damage and instant cripple for a non-thick skin counselor which means their mobility advantage is gone. Only thing that will save them is spray and they need to do that in your face which is a risk. Stamina can be drained quickly with Shift, as counselor needs to run or they get grabbed. For this reason it is best to run your Shift to its limit instead of trying to grab at the first opportunity, since good players can evade it easily. Once you put counselor in a position where they need to hit you to regain stam or buy time if crippled, you keep good spacing, watch for their swing start up and that is when you block. Once they start they are locked into swing animation, you take the hit and then you grab off the block to punish. Not even a dodge cancel on hit can escape a perfect block grab, as dodge is a teleport (counselor stays at point A until they reach point B, regardless of animation). Alternatively you can throw knife during their swing start up instead of blocking, and interrupt the recovery with grab. Only the inexperienced Jason is going to be slowly walking after you in combat stance holding his block up, which is very foolish since a counselor can simply slowly jog ahead and outpace him. They can also turn and burn simply to regain stam, as they still gain it on a blocked hit. If you aren't host, yes combat stance now has longer entry time and that is not intended. It is just another bug. They can block knives at the cost of losing weapon durability. For that reason, blocking knives is not worth it unless it is close range, as even mid range they can be easily dodged. I mean dodge through movement, not the dodge mechanic which costs more stam and should only be used on hit to avoid punish off a non-stun. Lot more to say on this topic but that's enough for this post.
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    I did and it did. They will fix it. Give them time. Or they wont and people will be forced to pick another game and flame on that games forum. But no matter what happens world keeps on spinning brother. Sun will rise, birds will chirp and time will march on. People are to vested. Im leveled out have been playing this game for a looong time. There has always been shit wrong with it. Remember when you would get sucked into outerspace? Could get on top of cabins?Anybody who ever expected this game to run like a mainstream game set themselves up for dissappointment. It was a good game created on the cheap with money from fans by a smaller studio. It did extremely well, probably surpassed the creators expectations. Since I was like 10 I wanted a game where you could play as Jason they brought that to me. I never did much if any online gaming until I heard this was available for download because of this title I purchased a ps4,the psn, purchased the download, and a bunch of D. L. C. Because of this game I have found other games. Enjoy it while you have it, cause it aint always gonna be here. Quit making winning rounds life or death. Play it or dont, but you will be much happier if you make an attempt to enjoy it. Ive liked my time on the forums. Getting news, bullshitting with people etc... Even met some good players but some of you guys are fuckin toxic. Im out. Ill be on the game(F13th) but not the forums. Later guys.
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    And I'll bet 95% (being generous here) of the posters of this thread don't even realize how much work goes into development, bug fixing, enhancements, rework, testing, etc. I do it on a daily basis. It's unfun, tedious, frustrating, and gut wrenching. And imagine doing this work for ungrateful customers who are slamming their fork and knives on the table, making a loud enough rant/crying to be heard from the kitchen just adding tons of more stress to their already stressful environment. If you guys think you can do better, try it. I triple dare ya.
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    Maybe? He seems pretty smart with his Steiner math: Also... people would DEF not be bad mouthing this patch if he wrote it haha.
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    99 bugs in the game code 99 bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 437 bugs in the game code
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