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    Notice: for the love of god this isn't a joke or a sarcastic post I have seen good players become the toxic side of the fanbase so I'm.making this thread to encourage the devs and to likely get to the regular fanbase. I have noticed a lot of complaining and a lot of people dissing on the game and the developers firstly....let me say this to everyone if they don't know..... The game and not EVERYGAME in existence will ever be truly perfect! The problem is not the developers,programmers, and or the coders! The engine should be the most to blame if anything! The illfonic team is right now looking through all these problems that we idenfity! Lets not attack them or the game because of something they didn't cause! They have lives and can't come into work 24/7! We can't expect a update EVERY single day! And let's not forget they also don't have the biggest development team either they aren't UBIsoft or the EA team! Lets give them time and our patience to let them handle everything because right now it seems everything should be done in another mega-patch to help get everything done! This shouldn't even be the blame game either! I know so many fans and people are pissed and want some justice like "Test Builds" and what not but for us let them decide what they want instead of us just trying to force or mass change! That is all!
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    People have a right be to be pissed. After months of waiting we get a patch that introduces more bugs then fixes, then we get a patch for that patch and somehow gets even MORE bugs. Plus the constant lies and empty promises (retro jason rework, car customization, paranoia basically canceled, ect) STILL no dedicated servers, the list goes on. The "They are a small indie team" excuse can only take them so far. Maybe they should have realized that this is to big a project for them. I truly appreciate the fan service and attention to detail but they have proven time and time again that they are either not ready for a game like this or just completely incompetent.
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    Well, I certainly didn't think I'd be back in my contemplation thread again this SOON. I should first probably start off with what is going right: 1. The Devs are pushing out (or have pushed out) fixes specifically for bugs. Outstanding. This is what we've needed for a very long time. 2. I see the Devs poking about on the forums a bit more. Glad to see you got your ear to the ground. So what is going wrong? Some bugs are not being fixed and the patch is bringing...yes you guessed it...MORE bugs. Devs you are finally doing what we all needed. You're getting us patches. You're addressing bugs to the exclusion of other content. You're reacting fast! THANK YOU! Please however, note what I said in #3. Play test! The simulations that @wes mentioned are not properly accounting for how players behave. They DON'T WORK well enough to find the issues that real players do. People should not be asking the Devs, "please don't send the Xbox patch, it will break the game further." I've never heard a community that is this frothy about a game beg their developer NOT to update it for fear of causing more problems. I'll close with this: 1. Keep the bug fixes coming. Stay on that shit until the fire goes out...or at least is reduced to embers. Don't get discouraged. This is a good direction you guys have chosen! 2. Keep involved. I know you guys are getting a lot of flak right now, but if you know what's good for you....don't slink off and hide. Shifty you just keep doing you. 3. Let me say this one more time. Quit letting the simulations do the leg work on patch testing. Here is a bit of tough love, and not meant to be offensive (but if you take it that way, note that I don't give a shit); you guys are fucking with my calm. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASSES AND PLAY YOUR GAME TO FIND WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT! You are doing a bunch of things right now by the community and the game, but failing at the most basic QA.
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    From what I've seen and read, this recent patch broke the game even more then it already was. Personally, as an Xbox player I was anticipating this patch. But not anymore. Is there any way it can maybe not be released until a proper hotfix is re-established? I don't want Monday to come and have to forcefully download a broken patch.
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    I can assure you I am of sound mind. I play on Ps4 daily. I have seen glitches, rubber banding, jason stuck in animation etc.......What I have not seen personally is a game breaking glitch. I have seen round ending glitches. I have seen nothing that makes the game unplayable.If I had I would atest to it. I genuinely feel 50% of the complaints are genuine issues 50% is exaggeration. I see people complaining about suicide escapes in the car(genuine problem) then I see people complain about missing noises, rainbow blood etc.... And these are laughable. Ive been playing for oh...... Well over a year, thousands of matches and at no point has the game been completely unplayable again for me personally. Now either I am the luckiest player in the history of this title, or some people are making much ado about nothing. The best thing we can provide to the devs is honest feedback, less theats and vulgarities and maybe some genuine honest info. Sorry guys but Im calling complete bullshit on any ps4 player who claims the game is "broken" it isnt I play it everyday. For hours.
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    We're not asking for a perfect game. We're asking for a game that works.
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    I stopped reading at that point ... Fucking really? So if a person goes out and shoots someone, they are not to blame, it’s the guns fault. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Because the last quoted paragraph is exactly what you just said.
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    I can’t “ban” people from Twitter, but I can (and do) block people who either use profanity and/or insults when tagging my personal account, as well as people who jump on all of my tweets - not related to work - demanding I talk to them about the issues they want to talk about in regards to Friday the 13th. We have a twitter account for that. It’s @Friday13thGame, which he is in no way blocked from interacting with.
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    We don’t want to get in trouble by telling you where you can shove your apologist post.
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    The laugh reaction is all people can give?
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    I don't see how it's a comedy.
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    Nothing says fun like knowing every counselor has a knife to make the cinematic feel of F13 go right out the window.
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    Practice in offline bots before playing online. Learn how to shift grab, block, quick knife throws, and placing traps at objectives. PM me, and I'll give you some tips if you want.
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    What about releasing ten challenges down the road where you play as counselors instead of Jason? Each premise would center around 2 to 4 survivors who've escaped Jason and are banding together to try and defeat him, and with each challenge, we would have nods to the movies where there's various ways you either incapacitate Jason or "kill" him. The rewards for completing these challenges would be as I have outlined below in my mock descriptions and ideas below. Challenge 1: The Boy In The Lake As the final girl, find a way to kill Pamela Voorhees and escape. This challenge would end with you getting into a boat and kid Jason pulling you under. This would be a great way to put Pamela into the game. Challenge 2: The Child Psychologist Chad and Victoria are the only ones left alive after sackhead Jason wrecks havok at Pacanack Lodge. Your job is to discover the bodies, find a way into Jason's shack, steal the sweater, and trick Jason so you can shove the machete through his shoulder. Challenge 3: Bring Her Home to Mommy Playing as Jenny, escape from Jason after he attacks you and kidnaps you (based off the flashback from Part 3 where Chris encountered Jason in the woods) Challenge 4: Wrath of the Biker Gang Playing as Fox (with Ali and Loco as NPC), retcon the events of their deaths from Part 3 by ganging up on Jason and taking him out before he can kill your whole crew. Challenge 5: An Axe to Grind Playing as Jenny once again, work with Chad to defeat Jason as he chases you from the main house to the barn. Challenge 6: The Final Chapter Help the remaining counselors take down Jason on the Jarvis house map. A re-creation of the last several minutes of The Final Chapter, you must evade Jason, assault him with numerous objects, etc before finally killing him by doing "The Jarvis" on Jason. Challenge 7: No Life In His Eyes Help the remaining counselors take down Roy Burns in the barn at Pinehurst. This would be a great way to put in Reggie as an NPC. Challenge 8: The Uninvited Guest Stop Jason from making it off the Lazarus from Jason Takes Manhattan. Challenge 9: Final Resting Place As Tommy Jarvis, work with surviving counselors to lure Jason into Camp Crystal Lake and put him into his final resting place. Challenge 10: The Sting A recreation of the beginning of Jason Goes to Hell, work as a female counselor and assist the FBI in taking down Jason and blowing him into a million pieces. . Each map would feature several ways to kill or incapacitate Jason. It's also possible for scenarios to play out in a way in which you don't survive or only make it partially through. It's also possible for you to be unable to save other counselors but still make it to the end. . Instead of skulls, you have three patches. One patch is called "All Survivors", meaning every "final guy" or "final girl" make it to the end. The second will be called "Dance with the Devil" which is a patch you get by making physical contact with Jason in a way that either kills or incapacitates him. The third one is for XP just like on the Jason challenges. . Instead of unlocking emotes based off achievement, you instead unlock new skins and new kills for which ever version of Jason you are encountering on said map. One example of something you unlock would be a clean skin for Part VI which doesn't have the bullet holes or paintball marks and looks like the Jason at the very beginning of the movie before he received heavy damage. Another example would be a skin for Part IV Jason where you can make him look like dream sequence Jason from A New Beginning. This would have two variations, one that's clean, and one that has dirt on the mask with worms coming out of the eyes. If you manage to get 100% on all ten achievements, you unlock a new weapon for Jason, which is a hammer like the one he killed the cop with in the shack in Part II.
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    Whoah, whoah hold it there. I just received a warning for posting something similar. So let me take a moment to say..... Thanks for the warning! I see that I was wrong. And I apologize. Starting now I will have nothing but good things to say about Illfonic and their upgrades and patches.? So let me make amends by saying: I love the upgrade! Not being able to see things adds tons of mood and atmosphere! Characters freezing and actions not working like you expect adds to the suspense! Matches ending out of nowhere really keeps you guessing till the end! It's thrilling! In fact, I think Illfonic is probably one of the most talented teams out there today! They have a bright future ahead! I'm just happy I've had the pleasure to have bought and played one of their masterpieces! As a matter of fact....anyone who criticizes them or their fine work needs to be banned from this site. Seriously, I mean, they're just a small team! And they are professionals. And they are human beings. Anyone who questions their abilities or work ethic is, well, just being mean and they should be banned. I look forward to more patches and upgrades! Keep it up guys! Excellent work!?
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    You know, for once, I'm on the side of the playerbase and their anger at Illfonic. I started the game in October with the physical copy, a little over five months after release. The game was not perfect in any way, but, it was functional. I haven't touched the game this past week with the recent patch, but, I can attest that the major update brought on more bugs that were irritating. From what I hear, not many of those were fixed, and new ones creeped up into the game. Despite Illfonic telling us they would be fixed. I'm going to go easy on Gun Media, because they are a publishing company first, with a bare amount of employees; I think, if you include Wes, it's five. They've published a couple mobile games, later ported, with the help of another studio that actually developed it. They developed one game entirely alone, which, bombed, but, Gun is the publishing company. They are getting the least bit of my anger at the moment. Illfonic, however... Illfonic has almost no real excuse, unless you really want to use their ineptitude as a defense. They've helped work on other games with some companies next to other developers on the games, did one semi-decent MMORPG with THQ before they went under, and actually supported a game that...really is overambitious in its own right. They've been around for 11 years, fiddling here and there as assisting developers, but, this is their first development alone. Given that even the other games they worked on really weren't all that great, or even collapsed shortly after launch (THQ going under), their history is against them. I was always going to bat for them, hoping this game would be good, but, given they also have more teams working on games that have yet to be released, ON TOP of having THIS game being their biggest career move in 11 years, the odds are stacking ever higher against them. Let's not forget that this game was never meant to be a full-fledged title tied to a massive film series. It was meant to be a quick knock-off released in 2015 as homage. It has grown into something amazing, yes, and it has the DNA to BE on par with mid-tier games of old, possibly developing into a second, possibly even a AAA game if the cards were played right. As it stands, they are getting in their own way now. It's time for many apologists of Illfonic to face the facts: The game is breaking with each subsequent patch that is meant to fix older issues. If this game tanks in any major way, if they lose this player base, or, if they let this game die, their careers could be ruined permanently. It's been a year, and people suggest that the game performed better AT LAUNCH than it does now, and... I'm inclined to believe them. Illfonic has had this game for three years, they should have at least a moderate understanding of how it should work, and an idea of why it isn't. It's time to hold their feet to what's left of the fire. People are understandably pissed off, and, they're getting brushed aside at every moment.
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    I could barely get through the OP on account of the glare of the sun reflecting off the pristine white armor.
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    I think they are from the future. I totally believe the game will still not be working in September.
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    This player purchased the game multiple times and was rightfully banned multiple times for hacking. Then the player purchased the game again, and was incorrectly banned for hacking, with no proof of hacking, and the ban was overturned. Events: Player account 1 bought game. Player account 1 hacked the game. Player account 1 banned. Player account 2 bought game. Player account 2 hacked the game. Player account 2 banned. Player account 3 bought game. Player account 3 banned. I looked into it and there was no evidence of hacking on that account. Player account 3 unbanned. That player has 2 accounts that were used for hacking that have been banned, and one account that is clean, with no evidence of hacking, that was unbanned. If that account is flagged or shows evidence of hacking, it too will be banned. Each account that purchases the game must be viewed as it’s own account, with only the actions taken while using that account being used to judge wrongdoing.
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    Jason can teleport, knows the location of the fuze box and can pull multiple traps out of his ass while carrying a weapon. He can't be killed by a counselor at the start of a match as he is guarding the kill objective to start. A counselor starts at a random location, must give up the ability to carry a weapon to carry a trap, if they can find one, find the fuze house, not have time to search drawers for anything to protect themselves, can be killed easily by their superior opponent who has supernatural powers. All for the chance that it might be useful in the future. It seems like Jason got out played, he had every advantage and lost a race, get over it.
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    Wow... Way to rush the hotbreak there boys! We thank everyone st Gun and illfonic for trying to resolve issues quickly and for listening to the gamebreaking bugs we experienced. We are happy that your fixes break things more. Can you please pay a third party to review the coding and get this game fixed? Its obvious illfonic cant do it and Gun is probably rushing everything. We appreciate you trying to get things to us rapidly, seriously we do. However I have never witnessed as many hotfixes breaking more things as I have in the past year. Kudos. New record. Glad one of the most profitable crowdfunding went to lowest bidder and continues to break itself.
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    That was a great organic kill. Not hunting, just the right circumstances and a Jason who didn't see it coming. Textbook movie moment.
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    IMHO I think it is the other way around. I think they have the talent they just don't have the heart and dedication. Shifty said himself they don't work weekends. When you are THAT far behind in literally every aspect imaginable and you can't spare some overtime then I am sorry but that is just plain fucking sad. Look at successful developers and most of them go an extra mile to smooth things out when its looking bleak. It is common practice for a successful business and they lack it.
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    @BrokenFattHardy and I killed a level 150 Savini Jason on a whim. @Alkavian noted that his mask was off while trying to get the 4 seater off. Hardy got him right when he was facing him so I can could do the 'ol whack and splat with the fresh axe from the shack nice and quick.
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    Right now the Xbox version seems to be the most stable version of the game only due to the fact we haven't had the patch drop on us yet...
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    This is Jason Voorhees, not Michael Myers. We don't need haddonfield or Leary's memorial hospital. Custom maps would be great but not a hospital or neighborhood. Keep it country. An abandoned camp needs to happen. Only after all of the messes have been cleaned up of course.
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    I have to say, despite the rest of this game being in a sad state, I'm still (mostly) enjoying offline bots. Playing them on Hard (at least on Small Maps) is invigorating. Mostly because they are they have been buffed to up godlike levels. They start with items already in their inventory. I have grabbed numerous bots on first morph, only to be stuck with knives. Speaking of knives, if you go for grabs, expect anywhere between 4 and 8 knives to get stabbed into you over the course of a match. Want to swing kill? Most of them will have some level of Thick Skin. And Med sprays. And fireworks. They are capable of performing while still grabbed, including throwing fireworks, closing AND bolting doors, and opening windows. Since they start with items in their inventory, odds are they will have the phone box repaired by the time your initial morph recharges. They do not require parts to repair cars. Or, alternatively, there are more than enough parts. I've seen Foxy wandering around several maps, carrying the propeller. Even though boats don't spawn in offline matches. Likewise, I was playing Packanack Small this morning. I was chasing Shelly away from the phone box. He was carrying a battery. Before I could kill him, both cars had been started. WHILE HE WAS STILL CARRYING THE BATTERY! When I stopped the 4 seater, AJ got out, carrying a GAS CANNISTER! It's complete and utter chaos. I love it. I've even finally had a counselor escape. She stunned me with her bat while I was shifting, and managed to get to the exit before I could get back up and get after her. Whatever else I might say or think about this game, Offline Bots (on Small Maps) (on Hard Difficulty) is still fun. Even if Random Jason is broken (at least for me - I can only get Part 3 or Part 5 from "Random"). No sarcasm. I am 100% stoked about this. I've been playing at least 15-20 matches a day since the update. Who needs Quick Play?
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    @Thatguyinktown and @BrokenFattHardy killed Jason last night in our lobby on Xbox. They used an axe to drop him and finish him. The axe still works fine.
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    So ..im still not sure why this engine upgrade was needed? Just for dedicated servers? Games on the current engine had dedicated servers at one point im sure. What I'm getting at is , before the update the game ran pretty smooth, aside from rubberbanding and some occasional wtf moments, it was working as intended. This upgrade has put the game back to square 1 ,after all the patches over months fixing bug issues on old engine. Honestly I prefer the old engine , playability ,graphics . i have to turn my gamma up insanely just to play the game currently ! And as we all know, I don't think this upgrade fixed any of the bugs from old engine. On top of all this, took months off with no content, to let many drift away and most likely not come back....not a good decision all of this in my opinion. Why was this supposedly necessary?
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    All survivor patch sounds bloody hard. That would be interesting, I think challenges would be a good place to test FPV. Hearts for everybody, I'm sick of reading bitching.
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    A year since release is more than enough time to get the game in working order. I'm not interested in another year (the game should be so lucky) of this "please, please, please, just another week we promise" fuckery.
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    Well this is a joke post, right? No game is perfect. You're right about that. But very few games have THIS many problems. Not many games can actually be declared "broken". This game can be. It's broken. Every patch these ass hats release makes the game WORSE. As a backer, I actually wish we could go back to the game we had a launch. It was much better than the piece of shit we're left with now.
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    I’ll give you that much. The Devs do indeed seem to have no control over the quality of their game.
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    only for you. you should understand whats going on with f13. what was promised and what was delivered.
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    Yeah I'm really liking them too! Hard bots are actually hard to kill. It makes up for the gaps in the AI. Speaking of the AI it's getting better too. I stepped in a trap the other day and I said out loud "what the fuck a trap?" I had my mouth open like Admiral Ackbar in astonishment. Maybe one day they might actually escape me! A little more work and they just might be able to drive the car out. Right now they just sit in it most of the time like they have a learner's permit instead of a driver's license.
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    If you can't adjust your tactics and make every excuse for why you can't win you won't win. That simple.
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    Two different bugs are in this video, but I haven’t seen either of them. No need to click the vid unless you want to see them for yourself. One AJ gets “trapped” in front of the four-seater after installing the battery. Then, after escaping in the car, two of the four people (me being one) were “killed” by suicide when we escaped. The two-seater came along shortly thereafter, and I saw what happened for myself. I’ve only witnessed this post-patch. I reported it, but I don’t know if it existed before the update. Does anyone know how long this has been around?
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    I disagree.. Nerfing and Buffing is part of game devs Job. Its got nothing to do with crying... This is Jasons game after all. Anything in game that make him look idiotic or weak must always be fixed or altered.
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    The conspiracy theory is that they need players because of the dropping numbers in the playerbase.
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    The sweater girls lines synced up too. I think they may have changed the Jason ending animation, or maybe the low thunder made a nice low bass drum noise, but it adds a nice weight to the death scene. A cinematic sendoff for a Jason who hasn't had a film yet. Bahaha, look at your Mitch in the background. "I have a blunt weapon, get it?" http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/53023953
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    Just having a screen name like Chadface tells every Friday the 13th movie fan that you are a causal gamer , I can bet you probably don’t own a f13 movie, while other like me have everything from sets, to special editions etc. you are going to get eaten up with your stupid post, Jason is a force in the movies , not a piniata, don’t even get me started about movie detail.
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    I wonder how much of that is because people have just thrown up their hands and uninstalled. I mean, god forbid they have to work a weekend. I've been a project manager for almost ten years. I've worked nights, weekends, even scheduled holidays to keep projects rolling and customers happy. Which I guess is why I still have a job and clients after ten years. To leave this game in such a flaming turd state simply demonstrates they are not committed to their customers or product, and it speaks volumes to the integrity and dedication of the development team as a whole.
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    I sure hope there's a some type of reply from the developers soon. I'm even scared to drive outta my driveway, in fear of "suiciding" on my way to get beer
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    They shouldn't of released this patch on a Friday since they don't wanna work weekends fixing this game, so now we're stuck like it is. It's not like the new patch added small bugs, the game ending early and the car suicide makes the game broken and to some would feel unplayable. They need to get a hotfix out as quickly as possible two fix those two things, but we will probably have to wait till late next week or the week after for a fix.
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    LOL. Not all animals that use tools can actually build something useful. We'll just have to continue to observe for now.
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    Yup, I haven't played since SP challenges dropped and I don't think I'll be coming back till they fix this mess. Six, you know how it is. Working 40 plus hours, taking care of everything else in your off time. I'm a welder, I sit in a 350 degree piece of hell all day in 30 lbs of leathers to make my living. I literally come home beat to shit most days in the summer. Then you get a few hours to play, do I really need the frustration of playing a game that does not function as intended? Rubberbanding has not been fixed, the escape suicide thing now. Seriously. I love the game but I'm maxed out on lvls, only badges and good times with friends is what I play for. And right now I see all these posts, and videos of the nonsense going on. Gotta say it doesn't make me want to get back at it, hell even if they could just fix all the stuff to the point where rubberband was the only crazy shit to deal with I would log in. As of now I'll stick to watching movies and playing Diablo 3 till they fix this game, at least in Diablo it doesn't kill me when I complete a mission... Not complaining here, just laying out one person's reasoning for why I'm not playing at the moment. I'll be back. Either when they fix the game, or maybe when fall weather hits and I'm not so tortured at work. Good luck to all you brave souls still grinding, keep the info flowing so guys like me know the deal. Thanks! Red.
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    I can put up with broken stuff happening but now the game is broken. Seriously the match ending prematurely is the definition of broken.
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    Sometimes a 'glitch' isn't a glitch. So I was Jason, chasing a couple of counselors into Packanack lodge. As I'm climbing the steps, I see one of them stoop to set a trap in the open doorway. Unfortunately for him, the trap-set animation is interrupted, allowing me to enter unimpeded. This guy starts swearing and complaining about how many glitches there are in this game and how the last update sucked, yadda yadda. The real reason the animation was interrupted while he set the trap? I hit him with a knife.
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