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    From what I've seen and read, this recent patch broke the game even more then it already was. Personally, as an Xbox player I was anticipating this patch. But not anymore. Is there any way it can maybe not be released until a proper hotfix is re-established? I don't want Monday to come and have to forcefully download a broken patch.
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    Practice in offline bots before playing online. Learn how to shift grab, block, quick knife throws, and placing traps at objectives. PM me, and I'll give you some tips if you want.
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    This player purchased the game multiple times and was rightfully banned multiple times for hacking. Then the player purchased the game again, and was incorrectly banned for hacking, with no proof of hacking, and the ban was overturned. Events: Player account 1 bought game. Player account 1 hacked the game. Player account 1 banned. Player account 2 bought game. Player account 2 hacked the game. Player account 2 banned. Player account 3 bought game. Player account 3 banned. I looked into it and there was no evidence of hacking on that account. Player account 3 unbanned. That player has 2 accounts that were used for hacking that have been banned, and one account that is clean, with no evidence of hacking, that was unbanned. If that account is flagged or shows evidence of hacking, it too will be banned. Each account that purchases the game must be viewed as it’s own account, with only the actions taken while using that account being used to judge wrongdoing.
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    Jason can teleport, knows the location of the fuze box and can pull multiple traps out of his ass while carrying a weapon. He can't be killed by a counselor at the start of a match as he is guarding the kill objective to start. A counselor starts at a random location, must give up the ability to carry a weapon to carry a trap, if they can find one, find the fuze house, not have time to search drawers for anything to protect themselves, can be killed easily by their superior opponent who has supernatural powers. All for the chance that it might be useful in the future. It seems like Jason got out played, he had every advantage and lost a race, get over it.
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    Wow... Way to rush the hotbreak there boys! We thank everyone st Gun and illfonic for trying to resolve issues quickly and for listening to the gamebreaking bugs we experienced. We are happy that your fixes break things more. Can you please pay a third party to review the coding and get this game fixed? Its obvious illfonic cant do it and Gun is probably rushing everything. We appreciate you trying to get things to us rapidly, seriously we do. However I have never witnessed as many hotfixes breaking more things as I have in the past year. Kudos. New record. Glad one of the most profitable crowdfunding went to lowest bidder and continues to break itself.
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    That was a great organic kill. Not hunting, just the right circumstances and a Jason who didn't see it coming. Textbook movie moment.
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    IMHO I think it is the other way around. I think they have the talent they just don't have the heart and dedication. Shifty said himself they don't work weekends. When you are THAT far behind in literally every aspect imaginable and you can't spare some overtime then I am sorry but that is just plain fucking sad. Look at successful developers and most of them go an extra mile to smooth things out when its looking bleak. It is common practice for a successful business and they lack it.
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    @BrokenFattHardy and I killed a level 150 Savini Jason on a whim. @Alkavian noted that his mask was off while trying to get the 4 seater off. Hardy got him right when he was facing him so I can could do the 'ol whack and splat with the fresh axe from the shack nice and quick.
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    Right now the Xbox version seems to be the most stable version of the game only due to the fact we haven't had the patch drop on us yet...
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    This is Jason Voorhees, not Michael Myers. We don't need haddonfield or Leary's memorial hospital. Custom maps would be great but not a hospital or neighborhood. Keep it country. An abandoned camp needs to happen. Only after all of the messes have been cleaned up of course.
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    If you can't adjust your tactics and make every excuse for why you can't win you won't win. That simple.
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    Two different bugs are in this video, but I haven’t seen either of them. No need to click the vid unless you want to see them for yourself. One AJ gets “trapped” in front of the four-seater after installing the battery. Then, after escaping in the car, two of the four people (me being one) were “killed” by suicide when we escaped. The two-seater came along shortly thereafter, and I saw what happened for myself. I’ve only witnessed this post-patch. I reported it, but I don’t know if it existed before the update. Does anyone know how long this has been around?
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    I disagree.. Nerfing and Buffing is part of game devs Job. Its got nothing to do with crying... This is Jasons game after all. Anything in game that make him look idiotic or weak must always be fixed or altered.
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    The conspiracy theory is that they need players because of the dropping numbers in the playerbase.
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    The sweater girls lines synced up too. I think they may have changed the Jason ending animation, or maybe the low thunder made a nice low bass drum noise, but it adds a nice weight to the death scene. A cinematic sendoff for a Jason who hasn't had a film yet. Bahaha, look at your Mitch in the background. "I have a blunt weapon, get it?" http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/53023953
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    Just having a screen name like Chadface tells every Friday the 13th movie fan that you are a causal gamer , I can bet you probably don’t own a f13 movie, while other like me have everything from sets, to special editions etc. you are going to get eaten up with your stupid post, Jason is a force in the movies , not a piniata, don’t even get me started about movie detail.
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    I wonder how much of that is because people have just thrown up their hands and uninstalled. I mean, god forbid they have to work a weekend. I've been a project manager for almost ten years. I've worked nights, weekends, even scheduled holidays to keep projects rolling and customers happy. Which I guess is why I still have a job and clients after ten years. To leave this game in such a flaming turd state simply demonstrates they are not committed to their customers or product, and it speaks volumes to the integrity and dedication of the development team as a whole.
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    I sure hope there's a some type of reply from the developers soon. I'm even scared to drive outta my driveway, in fear of "suiciding" on my way to get beer
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    They shouldn't of released this patch on a Friday since they don't wanna work weekends fixing this game, so now we're stuck like it is. It's not like the new patch added small bugs, the game ending early and the car suicide makes the game broken and to some would feel unplayable. They need to get a hotfix out as quickly as possible two fix those two things, but we will probably have to wait till late next week or the week after for a fix.
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    LOL. Not all animals that use tools can actually build something useful. We'll just have to continue to observe for now.
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    Yup, I haven't played since SP challenges dropped and I don't think I'll be coming back till they fix this mess. Six, you know how it is. Working 40 plus hours, taking care of everything else in your off time. I'm a welder, I sit in a 350 degree piece of hell all day in 30 lbs of leathers to make my living. I literally come home beat to shit most days in the summer. Then you get a few hours to play, do I really need the frustration of playing a game that does not function as intended? Rubberbanding has not been fixed, the escape suicide thing now. Seriously. I love the game but I'm maxed out on lvls, only badges and good times with friends is what I play for. And right now I see all these posts, and videos of the nonsense going on. Gotta say it doesn't make me want to get back at it, hell even if they could just fix all the stuff to the point where rubberband was the only crazy shit to deal with I would log in. As of now I'll stick to watching movies and playing Diablo 3 till they fix this game, at least in Diablo it doesn't kill me when I complete a mission... Not complaining here, just laying out one person's reasoning for why I'm not playing at the moment. I'll be back. Either when they fix the game, or maybe when fall weather hits and I'm not so tortured at work. Good luck to all you brave souls still grinding, keep the info flowing so guys like me know the deal. Thanks! Red.
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    I can put up with broken stuff happening but now the game is broken. Seriously the match ending prematurely is the definition of broken.
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    Sometimes a 'glitch' isn't a glitch. So I was Jason, chasing a couple of counselors into Packanack lodge. As I'm climbing the steps, I see one of them stoop to set a trap in the open doorway. Unfortunately for him, the trap-set animation is interrupted, allowing me to enter unimpeded. This guy starts swearing and complaining about how many glitches there are in this game and how the last update sucked, yadda yadda. The real reason the animation was interrupted while he set the trap? I hit him with a knife.
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